9 Spiritual Meanings of Green Snakes in Dreams

In dream interpretation, snakes are archetypal symbols that have both positive and negative meanings. On one hand, they are thought of as evil predators who prey on the weak. On the other hand, they are seen as symbols of healing. Snakes also come in different sizes, colors, and shapes. Being so common in the real world, green snakes can also inhabit our dreams.

Green is the color of nature and life. Thus, it represents balance and harmony. In dreams, it signifies a new beginning, transformation, renewal, and hope. Seeing green snakes in your dreams could indicate physical or emotional healing that has begun or is about to begin in your waking life. It could also mean that you are entering a period of renewal and change.

While snakes are seen by many as a fearful symbol, dreaming of a green snake is associated with more positives than negatives. This type of dream holds hopeful signs such as joy, happiness, and satisfaction in the near future.

Specifically, the color green symbolizes growth, prosperity, wealth, and abundance. So a green snake might be a portent of an upcoming generous flow of income and positive development.

Spiritual Meanings of Green Snakes in Dreams

green viper

1. Growth

Green is the quintessential color of nature. Being the primary color of plant life, it represents growth and development. Most green snakes are harmless in the real world, so when they appear in our dreams, they often symbolize growth instead of destruction. The presence of green snakes is sign that there will be substantial growth in your life, whether it be in your relationships, career, or spiritual life.

A green snake in your dream could mean that your friendships will grow, your career will progress, or your relationship with a significant other will mature. You will experience personal growth in terms of your own skills, talents, or abilities.

2. New Beginnings

Green is the traditional color of new beginnings. It stands for springtime and new life after winter. The arrival of green snakes in your dream might be a signal of the start of something new in your life. If you are stuck in a dead-end job and find yourself dreaming of a green snake, it could be a sign for you to leave and start anew. A new relationship might be right around the corner.

If you have a personal fear of green snakes in the waking world, the presence of one in your dream might be alarming. This could mean that you are unsure of a new beginning, or you are anxious about one because you feel that you are unprepared. Since any beginning is unfamiliar ground, this is a normal reaction.

3. Healing

woman dancing in the meadow

The Greek god Hermes (Mercury, in Roman mythology) was the patron god of medicine. One of the symbols associated with him is the caduceus, two snakes winding around a staff. Since ancient times, snakes have been associated with healing and restoration. Nowadays, the caduceus is a symbol of doctors and medical practitioners.

The same meaning is attributed to the appearance of green snakes in a dream. If you are feeling ill or unwell, a green snake means that healing is on the way. You will soon recover from your illness and go back to healthy living.

4. Transformation and change

Snakes shed their skin regularly as part of their growth process. Some cultures recognize the spiritual and medicinal properties of a snake’s shed skin and incorporate them into their religious and healing customs.

In dreams, this makes the snake a symbol of transformation and change. When you see a green snake in your dream, especially if it sheds, it could be a sign that change is coming, or that a transformation is imminent.

Perhaps it is a warning that significant change is imminent. It could alternatively mean that you need to undergo a transformation soon, or else you will not be able to reap the rewards of upcoming development in your workplace or personal life.

5. Wealth

Green has become a symbol of money. When we dream of green, it is our subconscious’s way of telling us to be mindful of wealth. As the snake is also a symbol of growth, a green snake could indicate the growth of our income by way of a pay rise or a new opportunity for our business.

As a symbol of healing, a green snake may also signify a recuperation of any loss of wealth. However, green can also stand for envy. Be careful, as others might be envious of the income you produce.

6. Sexuality

Sigmund Freud saw the snake as a phallic symbol representing sexual urges, so a green snake could symbolize the connection between sexuality and new beginnings. You might be on the lookout for a new sexual partner.

Conversely, dreaming of green snakes could mean that you and your current sexual partner may be entering a new phase of your carnal life. The healing symbolism of the snake could indicate recovery from an illness or disorder that is affecting your sexual life.

The snake is also a symbol of man’s most primitive energies, of which sexuality is part. The snake also represents feminine energy. The presence of a green snake in your dream could mean that you are losing touch with this energy which can affect your sexual experiences. It pays to be mindful of this aspect of your sexuality to make the most out of your relationships.

7. Embrace Your Darkness

In Chinese culture, the snake represents the yin part of the Qi energy, which is often associated with qualities such as mystery, darkness, earth, and intuition. The green color, on the other hand, signifies wealth, harmony, and success. If you see a green snake in your dream, this is a mandate from your spirit guides prodding you to embrace your darkness and leverage it for your success.

8. Connection with Source Energy

A green snake may also appear in your dream as a messenger from the metaphysical realm prodding you to focus on your inner growth, tune into the energy of the divine source, and rediscover your life’s true purpose. This dream also serves as a call from your subconscious, encouraging you to let go of your self-limiting beliefs, stop procrastinating on your dreams, and tap into your unlimited wealth of abundance.

9. Obsession with Money

On a negative note, green snakes also signify the dreamer’s obsession with material accumulation. If the snake in your dream is coiling itself around you, this is a sign that you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of overconsumption and overwork. This dream also serves as a warning sign about upcoming financial setbacks or serious health issues.

Common Individual Dreams Involving Green Snakes and their Meanings

Getting Bit by a Green Snake

As it is a symbol of negative forces, getting bitten by a snake in a dream might be a warning to have more caution in our actions. If it is a green snake, perhaps it is a reminder to be careful amid new beginnings, like a new job, a new city, or a new relationship. Specifically, this dream could be predicting financial troubles on your horizon. Getting bitten by a green snake in your dream might mean that you will experience a pay cut or have some trouble with your business.

The presence of a green snake could also symbolize hidden fears or worries associated with an anticipated change. Getting bit on the hand might represent the end of a significant phase in your life, like a job, a project, or an important relationship.

Speaking of relationships, a green snake biting you in a dream could mean that you are stuck with a problematic person, and you are unsure of how to handle them. It could be a difficult friend, an abusive partner, or a tricky co-worker. It is a warning to form better relationships and to be careful of who to trust.

Killing a Green Snake

Killing a green snake in a dream, while unpleasant, could be a sign of good luck. If you are about to pursue a life project or a new career in the near future, this could mean that you will be lucky and find great success in that endeavor. It might be a good idea to try your luck after having this dream. Go ask that person out, play the lottery, apply for that job, or hit the slots at the casino.

If you are feeling unwell, the act of killing a snake in your dream is a sign of a recovery on the horizon. If you are suffering from a chronic illness, the death of a green snake indicates that you will overcome your sickness and that you will soon enjoy a better, healthier life.

Getting Attacked by a Green Snake

green snake on grass

Getting attacked by a green snake in real life is a frightening situation. In dreams, it could mean that you are trying to overcome something scary or troublesome in the waking world. It symbolizes a difficult period you are going through in life.

Specifically, it might refer to an upsetting situation with a person. You might be suffering emotional or physical separation from a loved one, such as a quarrel with your significant other, a disagreement with a family member, or a falling out with a friend.

This dream scenario could also mean that you are feeling fearful. The difficult situation or troubled relationship you are experiencing is leading you to be afraid. Perhaps you are afraid of the outcome of the situation, or you might be afraid of getting stuck in it without the possibility of relief.

Regardless, getting attacked by a green snake means that a change is needed in your life. You need to conclude this current phase of your life and move on.

Dreaming of a Green Snake while Pregnant

While dreaming of a snake during pregnancy might sound horrifying, it means that good things are ahead for you and your baby.

Seeing a green snake in particular while pregnant indicates that the baby’s development is healthy. This again is based on the ancient symbolism of the green snake as one of health and wellness. This dream means that the fetus is growing in a healthy way, there are no complications or cause for concern regarding the baby’s health in the womb, and there is nothing to worry about the mother’s health.

In addition, being pregnant and dreaming about a snake represents beauty and elegance. As the snake also symbolizes feminine power, one’s beauty is amplified during pregnancy, and this is indicated by the appearance of the snake in the dream.

Furthermore, because the green snake is associated with prosperity, dreaming of one while pregnant could mean a life of wealth and prestige for either the mother, the baby, or both. It could mean that the mother or the baby may soon come across great success and that the pregnancy will be prosperous.

A Green Snake in the Water

When a snake attacks you in water in a dream, it is an indication that you seek control in your life. You want to overcome every challenge and rise above any obstacle. Perhaps you are going through something difficult in your waking life that you fear but dreaming of a snake in water means that you are not letting that fear stop you from achieving your goals.

If you are currently experiencing emotional pain or suffering, a snake in the water is a sign that your struggle is nearing its end. The green snake not only represents physical healing but also emotional recovery. You will soon know peace.

On the other hand, dreaming of a snake in the water could be a warning about your friendships. Like dreaming of a snake in the grass, it might mean that someone is planning to betray or hurt you. This is a sign to be careful while choosing your friends.

Being Chased by a Green Snake

This seemingly alarming dream is a sign to be mindful of the opportunities that come to you. Something you might have been looking forward to is right around the corner. It could be that promotion you’ve been hoping for, that proposal you knew was just a matter of time, or the house you’ve been eyeing going up for sale.

This dream means that you need to take chances and maximize your potential, or else you will miss the opportunity entirely.

The green snake chasing you could also mean that there is an opportunity that you find challenging in your waking life. Perhaps it is an unexpected change or an unforeseen development in your career, relationships, or personal life. The green snake is a sign that you need to be brave in the face of these opportunities. If not, they might pass you by and you’ll regret it down the line.

Even graver, the green snake could indicate that you are afraid in reality. The new opportunity could be causing you some panic, or you might be in a threatening position, and you are anxious about what might happen. This dream is your reminder to be in control of your emotions; now is the best time to think clearly and avoid panicking.

Meanings of Different Colored Green Snakes

Green and Yellow Snake

A green and yellow snake is a sign of positivity. Green is the color of prosperity and growth, while yellow is the color of happiness and joy. The appearance of a snake with these colors in your dream means that you are on an upward trajectory in your personal life. A relationship may be developing and about to enter a new phase.

It might do you good to be at home or with your loved ones as much as possible around the time of dreaming of a green and yellow snake.

In terms of your goals, the green and yellow snake indicates that determination is what you need. Being determined is the key to the success you were hoping for. Now is the perfect time for growth and you are highly motivated. This dream is a sign of prospects and opportunities. It pays to be more open to these possibilities, but make sure to be honest about your feelings at the same time.

Conversely, a green and yellow snake could be a sign of being involved in harmful relationships or being associated with toxic behavior. You might already be aware of this, or perhaps your dream is trying to warn you about it. It could be a repressed memory that is trying to bring itself into your consciousness or a feeling of guilt or regret that wants to be resolved.

The snake is a sign of new beginnings, but its green and yellow appearance could signify feelings of limitations or boundaries. You might be feeling that you are not in control over how your life is going. As a result, you may be having some anxiety about a new situation, such as a new job or a new relationship.

Green and Blue Snake

The combination of green and blue in a dream is a sign to be gentler and more considerate to someone you are in a relationship with.

You might be expressing some hidden anger or aggression without your conscious knowledge that is hindering your relationship. This may be stemming from a feeling that you can no longer depend on someone, or perhaps it is coming from your own feelings of inadequacy and frustration with yourself. The green and blue snake could symbolize your low self-esteem.

It could also represent youthful curiosity and innocence. Coupled with self-confidence, this can be the key to your ambition and success. You might have the spark that a lethargic group or an aging company needs to be re-energized.

However, this could easily be misunderstood as inexperience or immaturity, hindering you from progress. You sometimes might find that you are not being taken seriously or that your opinions aren’t valued.

Green and White Snake

green and white snake

Jung believed that a snake’s color in our dream denotes deep and powerful meanings.

Darker colors are associated with the unconscious while lighter colors such as white are connected to the human consciousness. The green color of a snake could also stand for envy and lust. Coupled with white which symbolizes light and purity, the appearance of a green and white snake has mysterious meaning.

It might denote that you are slightly envious of something or someone, but not to the point of contempt. Since green also signifies money and success, perhaps you are feeling envy over someone close to you, such as a friend or a loved one, being wealthier or more successful than you.

The combination of white and green may also symbolize playful lust that you feel toward a potential lover or significant other.

Green and Black Snake

The green and black snake is a sign of a new thought process or a shift to a new perspective. It is a sign to take on a new way of seeing things stemming from a recent change. It could be a portent of positive news. Perhaps the need for a new perspective is related to progressing your career through a promotion or a pay rise. The presence of this colored snake in your dream indicates status and accomplishment.

Relatedly, you might be feeling some anxiety in relation to problems at work. Instead of moving on up, you are being too passive in your role. This could apply to things outside of work, too, like in your family or friendships. It might suit you to take a more assertive role.

A snake of this color could also be a warning of jealousy around you. A black and green snake in the grass is a common sign of betrayal, deception, and deceit. Be careful of the people who are closest to you as their jealousy might lead them to betray your trust.

Green and Brown Snake

Consisting of two natural colors, dreaming of a green and brown snake often signifies peace and harmony. As two of nature’s primary colors, they represent tranquility. You may be in the throes of feeling deep affection for someone or something. You may be in a situation of great peace, and you are enjoying harmonious relationships with your friends or your co-workers.

Additionally, if you are currently enjoying life and reveling in the rewards of being successful and prominent, you may find yourself dreaming of green and brown snakes. They represent a connection to the physical world and materialism. If you’ve recently made a big purchase because of a huge pay rise or a large inflow of wealth, expect to be visited by these colorful snakes in your dream.

Green and Gray Snake

Gray is not a common color that snakes come in, but they nevertheless represent something when it appears with green in your dream. The color gray is associated with depression and loss. Coupled with green, it could mean that you are feeling depressed about a recent change in your life.

Dreams are often a representation of our emotional state in the waking world; therefore, the presence of a gray snake could be a manifestation of your feeling of loss.

Alternatively, gray might also be warning you of deception in your future. It is a sign to be careful of who you trust as someone might be thinking of double-crossing you soon.

Final Thoughts

Snakes are seen by many as frightening animals and a symbol of evil and deception. When they appear in our dream, many of us may instinctively interpret it as a sign of bad times. But they can be good omens too, especially green snakes. They are symbols of life, healing, and new beginnings. But to fully understand your dream involving them, you need to look inward and take into account your current situation in life. How you personally feel about snakes can also come into play, as do how you felt when seeing the snake in your dream.


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