Dreams About Wasps Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

Dreams About Wasps: Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

Wasps are spirit animals that are associated with efficiency, communication, teamwork, development, challenges, intelligence, and fertility. Seeing them in a dream denotes a variety of interpretations depending on their number, people involved, situation, etc.

A dream about wasps symbolizes envy, misfortune, evil, jealousy, and hatred. It denotes that some people in your life are taking advantage of you. This dream reminds you to be careful of people with ill intentions against you and your loved ones.

Dreaming of wasps signifies feelings caused by setbacks, conflicts, hardships, pain, or temptation. It could also represent your negative emotions towards your enemies. It encourages you to improve your communication and relationships with the people around you. 

Different Meanings and Symbolism of Wasps

wasp on flower

Some cultures associate these creatures with progress, development, order, evolution, and control over the circumstances in your life.  Seeing a wasp is viewed as an encouragement to stop dreaming and start taking action to achieve your dreams. It could be a sign that things happen for a reason and that you are likely to fulfill your goals sooner than you expected.

This spirit animal is a positive omen for strong family connections. Wasps are believed to be capable of bringing clarity and guidance to our lives.

Ancient people associate a wasp with unrelenting torment. In some African traditions, a wasp is associated with evolution. Certain Native American Indian tribes viewed this insect as a symbol of productivity and order while the Ancient Europeans recognize this spirit animal as a sign of fertility. They valued these creatures for their significant contribution to the process of pollination.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Wasps

Seeing a Wasp

wasp hand

Dreaming of seeing a wasp is a manifestation of the dreamer’s angry feelings and thoughts. It could mean that some people have negative feelings towards you. Wasps are generally used to represent evil friends. This dream is a reminder for you to work on improving your relationship with other people.

Seeing Wasps Flying

Wasps flying in a dream signifies a very dangerous situation. It encourages you to take extra precautions as your detractors are thinking of possible ways to harm you or your loved ones.

A Swarm of Wasps

swarm wasp

Seeing a swarm of wasps descending on you in a dream denotes that your superiors and bosses are delighted with you. It means that the people who are hostile against you will not succeed in obstructing the progress of your career. It could also be a sign of special recognition or promotion soon.

Seeing Tons of Wasps

Having this dream is associated with an overwhelming burden and that you are on the verge of an emotional breakdown. The massive number of wasps in your dream implies stress and burnout. This dream is a call-out for you to take a break, spend some time to relax, and take things easy.

Being Stung by a Wasp

wasp bite

Dreaming of being stung by a wasp is an indication of an imminent attack from enemies. It signifies that you should not trust people easily for you not to be a victim of deceit and betrayal. This dream is a reminder for you to be cautious as the envy, jealousy, and hatred of some people towards you will soon cause you harm.

Frightened by a Wasp

Having a dream where you saw yourself frightened by a wasp implies that you have to be wary of the people you associate yourself with. It also suggests that you might be in danger of having an accident or injury. The other interpretation of this dream is that you may be suffering from physical or emotional pain in your waking life.

Being Attacked by Wasps

Seeing wasps attacking from all directions in a dream is associated with overwhelming anger and rumors against you. It is a reminder for you to be prepared for the challenges coming your way and to not trust people easily as some of them may have hidden motives.

Being Chased by a Wasp

chased wasp meaning determination

This dream denotes a positive omen. It is a representation of your determination and passion in life. This dream encourages you to be more expressive of your feelings and work on improving some aspects of yourself.

Alternatively, this dream may also be a sign that you are trapped in an unhealthy relationship.

A Wasp Circling Your Sibling

Seeing a wasp circling your brother or sister symbolizes a deteriorating relationship with your sibling. If you saw yourself killing and knocking the wasp to the ground, it is an indication of rough times ahead between you and your sibling.

After waking up from this kind of dream, it is best to remain composed and assess things carefully on how you can fix your relationship with your brother or sister.

Seeing Your Spouse or Child Being Attacked by Wasps

Having a dream about your partner or child being chased and attacked by wasps represents disturbing thoughts inside your head. This dream signifies the concerns and worries that you have regarding your loved ones.

comforting family

It could also mean that your loved one, is experiencing difficult times that will lead to serious consequences. It is best to reach out to your family member, communicate properly, and check out how they are doing.

A Stranger Getting Stung by a Wasp

Dreaming about an unknown person getting stung by a wasp is an indication that you will experience a difficult situation with other people soon. It encourages you to observe diplomacy and sensitivity when dealing with people.

Killing a Wasp

dead wasp

This dream represents that you are not daunted by anything and that you are ready to face the trials coming your way. It is an encouragement for you to remain strong for you will soon overcome the ordeals in your life.

It could also represent the conflicts and inner anger that you want to get rid of in your waking life. This dream also symbolizes a situation where people will spread gossips around you.

A person below 20 years old who dreams about killing a wasp may find himself committing to a new romantic relationship. On the other hand, a married individual having this kind of dream may find himself disagreeing with his spouse.

Wasps Buzzing

If you had a dream about hearing the buzzing of the wasps but they did not attack you for some reason, this means that you will be able to stay away from threats and other unpleasant situations.

sick family member

This dream could also be a sign that a friend, family member, or special someone will suffer from an illness or injury. This event may affect you negatively as the person involved is very close to you.

Turning Into a Wasp

Seeing yourself in a dream turning into a wasp is a sign that you have been carrying a lot of negative thoughts and energy. This strange dream is an indication that you lack self-confidence and appreciation of self-worth. It suggests that you work on improving yourself for you to unload some of your burdens and be successful in fulfilling your goals.

People You Know Are Turning Into Wasps

This dream denotes that the relationships that you once had with the people in your dream have changed. It is an indication that these people contribute to the toxicity and unpleasantness in your life. This dream encourages you to avoid them to live a healthy and happy life.

Wasps in Your Hair

woman touching hair scared

In this kind of dream, your hair symbolizes your ideas and intellect while the wasps signify your aspirations in life. If you saw yourself unable to get the wasps out from your hair, it is a sign that you need to stay focused and determined in reaching your goals. This dream symbolizes that there will be certain challenges in your journey to finding success.

The other interpretation of this dream is that you are resistant to the changes happening around you.

A Wasp’s Nest

Dreaming of a wasp’s nest is associated with a lot of suffering that will come your way. It symbolizes disappointment, frustration, and unhappiness. It may also be a sign that you will lose someone or something very important to you.

If the wasp’s nest in your dream is near your home, it is a sign of a possible argument with a family member.

A Wasp Inside Your House

wasp indoors bottle

This dream implies good news. Seeing this spirit animal inside your house in a dream signifies that you are about to experience improvement in your life.

However, if your dream is about killing the wasp inside your house with an insect spray, it could mean relief, satisfaction, joy, and excitement.

In addition, if your dream showed that the wasp is unable to leave your house, it denotes that you will have problems with someone in the future.


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