Elephant Dream Meaning

Elephant Dream Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

Elephants are symbols of honor, tenacity, stability, power, and strength. Seeing elephants in dreams can signify different things. Dreams are fascinating phenomena because they are products of our unconscious minds, and they give a glimpse of what can happen in our waking life.

In general, elephants in dreams symbolize wealth, profit, inheritance, and dividends. Taking control of an elephant can mean being in control of your financial assets, while a long ride on an elephant can signify your journey towards achieving success.

Depending on the context, elephant dreams can have positive or negative meanings. The details of the dream such as the actions or circumstances to which you’ve seen the elephant in can give you more insight when interpreting and analyzing its meaning.

The Symbolism and Meaning of Elephants in a Dream

elephant in a dream

Elephants are viewed differently across cultures. In Christian symbolism, the elephant is considered as a symbol of moderation, hard work, temperance, and patience.

As a Chinese symbol, the elephant is an icon of good luck, happiness, success, and longevity. In India, elephants are associated with protection, blessings, and luck.

In dreams, elephants symbolize steadfastness, stability, and power. They are signs that you’ll be able to face any difficulty that’s about to come your way.

In general, elephants are perceived as symbols of positive things. If you observe these gentle giants in their natural habitat, you’ll discover that they take great care of their offspring as well as the older elephants in the herd. Because of this, they’re also considered as a symbol of responsibility.

They always defend each other when facing a predator and they express an emotion akin to grief when someone in the herd dies. This also makes them known for their loyalty and sensitivity.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Elephants

Dream About Riding an Elephant

Dreaming of riding an elephant can be a sign that at present, you’re in control of your internal thoughts. Certain issues might be plaguing your mind that you once thought were too difficult to handle. If the dream is about riding an elephant for war, it’s a warning that you should be cautious of possible conflicts.

riding an elephant

Dream About Killing an Elephant

To see an elephant getting killed is a bad sign that entails financial troubles. Your security and stability might be at risk. It’s best to prepare yourself for possible instances where you might be forced to give up your possessions.

Dream About Eating an Elephant

In the case of a dream about eating an elephant, the elephant symbolizes monetary assistance. If you’re the one eating it, you might receive funding from the government or an authority.

Dream About Feeding an Elephant

feeding elephant

Dreaming of feeding an elephant might be a sign that you’ll rise in status because of your innate kindness.

Dream About Being Afraid of an Elephant

Being afraid of an elephant suggests that there’s a significant problem that you’re not courageous enough to confront.

Dream About Caressing an Elephant

caressing elephant

Caressing an elephant is associated with planning a startup. If the elephant enjoys your caress, whatever you’re planning will achieve great results. On the other hand, if the animal shows displeasure, then you should reevaluate the plans you’ve made.

Dream About Training an Elephant

Training an elephant represents striving to gain a leading position. If the elephant listens to you, it’s highly likely that you’ll get the position you’re aiming for.

Dream About an Elephant Being Friendly

friendly elephant

If an elephant approaches you with a friendly attitude in a dream, it suggests that you or someone close to you is being introverted. It’s a sign that you should consider reaching out to other people to create beautiful friendships.

Dream About an Elephant Chasing You

Dreaming of an elephant chasing you can be a sign that you’re a victim who’s running away from something dangerous or threatening. It’s best to always put your guard up because the danger might be posed by someone you least expect.

Dream About an Elephant Attacking You

An elephant attacking you signifies the madness deep inside you. You might be having dark thoughts or perhaps you’re hiding your unkind side. Slowly let go of evil and negative thoughts to prevent yourself from displaying unpleasant behaviors in the future.

Dream About An Elephant Dying

An elephant dying is a sign that you’re holding on to painful or negative memories and emotions. You might want to consider letting go of the pain and start your journey towards healing and recovery.

Dream About an Elephant Giving Birth

A dream about an elephant giving birth suggests that you need to express yourself more. Your thoughts and ideas aren’t unworthy of attention. Try to make your views and opinions known.

Dream About an Elephant Running

running elephants

If an elephant is running to chase something, it might mean that you’re prepared to attain victory. If the elephant is running away from a predator, it might signify betrayal, deceit, and divorce.

Dream About an Elephant Swimming

swimming elephants

Dreaming of an elephant swimming signifies grace and wisdom. It’s a sign that you’re able to handle several tasks and coordinate them well instead of letting your emotions get the better of you. An elephant drowning, on the other hand, is a sign of death.

Dream About an Elephant Flying

In a dream, a flying elephant is a sign that you neeed to gain courage and face your fears. Don’t let your negative thoughts hinder you from reaching your true potential. Other people might ridicule you for following your dreams, but you should start believing in yourself instead of listening to others.

Dream About an Elephant Head

elephant head sunny

An elephant head symbolizes adversities. Something might be pulling you back or slowing you down. If the elephant head is presented as some sort of trophy, then it’s a sign that you’ll be successful at the expense of certain people (most likely authority figures).

Dream About an Elephant Tusk

elephant tusk

Dreaming of an elephant tusk is a sign that you need your sexual needs to be satisfied.

Dream About an Elephant Trunk

Similar to the elephant tusk, an elephant trunk symbolizes sexual desires.

Dream About Elephant Bones

Dreaming of elephant bones is a sign that you need to practice being patient and try to be more understanding of others.

Dream About an Elephant Feet

elephant feet

To see elephant feet in your dream suggests that you were able to lay a solid groundwork for success. It’s best to remember to slow down and take one step at a time when achieving your dreams and goals.

Dream About an Elephant Dung

Seeing elephant dung in a dream signifies financial gain. It’s important to note that this gain can’t be attained easily. You might experience hardships and difficulties along the way.

Dream About an Elephant in a Zoo

elephant in zoo

An elephant enclosed in a zoo represents your conservative view. Enlightenment is just a few steps away from you. Try to test the waters and go out of your comfort zone.

Dream About an Elephant in a Circus

elephant in circus

Dreaming of an elephant in a circus is a sign that you might be taken advantage of by other people. Take caution and beware of people who might try to extort you for their own financial gain.

Dream About An Elephant in a Room

An elephant in a room signifies you choosing to ignore your problems. Try to remember what kind of room it is because dream meanings depends on the context.

Dreaming of an elephant in a bedroom means you might be having issues in your private relationship, whereas dreaming of an elephant in a bathroom can be about problems with the digestive system.

Dream About a Red Elephant

Red is primal color that’s usually associated with the element of fire, blood, and survival. A red elephant can be a foretelling that a horrible event will happen in the near future.

Dream About a Orange Elephant

Orange represents high energy and emotional balance. Seeing an orange elephant in a dream, however, might signify that you’re being unproductive and irresponsible at times. It’s a sign that you shouldn’t take your tasks and responsibilities too lightly.

Dream About a Yellow Elephant

Yellow symbolizes logic, happiness, and hope, but it also represents cowardice and indecision. To see a yellow elephant in a dream is a sign that you should avoid spending money on things that are unnecessary.

Dream About a Green Elephant

Green is a symbol of healing, faith, and nature. It’s also associated with moving forward in life. A green elephant in a dream can be a sign that you’ll change places or residences. You can look at this sign as an opportunity to relocate somewhere with a positive environment.

Dream About a Blue Elephant

Blue represents tranquility and peace. It’s also associated with the element of water, which is associated with emotions and spirituality. In a dream, a blue elephant signifies radiant and glowing wisdom.

Dream About a Purple Elephant

Purple is a symbol of grandeur, extravagance, and nobility. A purple elephant represents material possessions that you maintain just to keep up with appearances. It’s best to stay away from unnecessary and senseless competition against your neighbors or coworkers in your waking life.

Dream About a White Elephant

Just like the color white itself, a white elephant symbolizes clarity, spiritual protection, and connection with the Divine.

Dream About a Black Elephant

Black is associated with the unknown and the shadow side of the dreamer. Dreaming of a black elephant is a sign that hidden memories you’ve buried a long time ago are resurfacing.

Dream About a Gray Elephant

Gray is a neutral color that’s associated with depression and indecisiveness. A gray elephant signifies the difficulties that you might encounter along the way.

Dream About a Gold Elephant

Gold is a symbol of glory. Dreaming of a gold elephant is a sign of good luck. You might soon be rewarded for the hard work you’ve done.

Dream About an Elephant Herd

elephant herd

Elephants are social animals. Dreaming of elephants in a herd might mean that you belong in a healthy community and you’re making social decisions that benefit you. A herd without direction or supervision might suggest that you’re letting other people’s opinions affect your decision-making process.

Dream About an Elephant Stampede

A stampede is a chaotic situation. Dreaming of an elephant stampede is a sign that you’re caught in the middle of a messy situation and you might be in danger of getting stepped over. It’s best to stay calm and analyze the situation you’re in to prevent putting immense damage to your well-being.

Dream About an Elephant and a Snake

Dreaming of an elephant and a snake suggests that someone is trying to harm you and they might strike when you’ve got your defenses down. You should consider being more aware of the people you keep close.

Dream About a Baby Elephant

baby elephant

In a dream, a baby elephant is a symbol of growth. Growth is a two-edged sword. You might find yourself doing a project that’s continuously growing much bigger, but there’s also the possibility that it can grow into something you can’t handle.

Final Thoughts

Dreams about elephants can have different meanings. The above dream interpretations are general, and your understanding of the symbolism behind elephants might mean differently in your dream.

To decipher its precise and personalized meaning, it’s best to seek the help of psychics who specialize in dream meaning, as they can provide readings that are specifically tailored for you. You can get in touch with professional dream interpreters on this website for a more in-depth interpretation of your experience.


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