WingMakers’ Mythology

The Story of the Central Race Its Origins, Relationships, Metaphysics & Explorations

Even though humanity progressed in various areas, and our knowledge has advanced significantly, we remain uncertain about the origin of the human race. Many theories attempt to explain the biological roots of human consciousness, such as the Theory of Special Creation and the Lewis Theory of Human Exile. Another theory is presented in The Wingmakers’ Mythology: The Story of the Central Race.

This mythological story aims to touch the hearts of the readers and encourage them to reach their superconscious to discover their spiritual origin and nature. The myth focuses on the Wingmakers, members of the Central Race (the first beings created by God), who are responsible for human evolution.

James Mahu, the pioneer and creator of the WingMakers Materials, introduced the very concept of WingMakers in his work Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1. This idea is quite similar to the notion of Lightworkers, Earth Angels, Starseeds, and Crystal Children.

An Introduction to the WingMakers

The term WingMakers pertains to humanity’s creation of new states of consciousness that allows them to form a new identity. The word is derived from two words, wing and makers, which refer to the ability to set states into motion and the core of humanity, respectively. Essentially, James Mahu believes that humans are undergoing a process to become WingMakers.

He produced the WingMakers Materials as a response to what he then called an energy field. He grew to understand this so-called energy field (which he later on named WingMakers), including their purpose and how universally linked it is to himself and the world at large.

Mahu received visions during his early teens. These visions made him understand that the purpose of the WingMakers as a concept is to be acknowledged and expressed by the global community through various types of content, including (but not limited to) visual art, music, poetry, philosophy, and mythological storytelling.

He believes that humans possess an essence, which he calls spiritual equality. This spiritual equality is difficult to define by words or described by movement, music, or art. This essence is wordless, imageless, and hidden deep beneath the hearts of all human beings.

According to Mahu, humanity will evolve and become WingMakers. This transition means that the human instrument, which is composed of a psychical body, emotions, and mind, will turn into a new vehicle, one that possesses spiritual consciousness. This spiritual consciousness will set the essence of spiritual equality in motion.

Humans will gain new perspectives and will no longer be driven by their greed nor their lust. Instead, they’ll make decisions and live a love-centered life with the help of their spiritual consciousness.

Mahu created the WingMakers Materials to assist individuals in their journey towards attaining spiritual consciousness. He emphasized that these materials are in no way forcing anyone to believe what he believes in.

These materials were produced to encourage people to unveil what needs to be revealed, and hopefully acquire and share the essence of spiritual equality in the process. He hopes that people can open their minds to the limitless possibilities presented to them.

WingMakers’ Mythology: The Story of the Central Race

What is the Central Race?

The light beings of the Central Race, said to be the First Source or the first beings created by God, are symbols of love, power, and wisdom. They’re perpetual souls who have bodies made of radiant, pure light and are also referred to as God fragments or children of God.

The Central Race is divided into seven families called the Tribes of Light. The Tribes of Light are mentioned in literature on Earth, albeit rarely, and they take the names of Elohim, the Angelic Hosts, and the Shining Ones.

These light beings are regarded as Gods. However, it’s argued that they are us. More specifically, they’re the past and the future selves of humanity.

The Structure of the Physical Universe and the Home of the Central Race

It’s believed that the Central Race dwells in the Central Universe, which is at the core of the Grand Physical Universe. Outside the home of the First Source are seven Super Universes, which are the home of the seven Tribes of Light families. Within the Seventh Super Universe is our galaxy, the Milky Way.

The homes of the Central Race are believed to be realms of mystic beauty that radiate love. In their homes, their souls are one with God and each other, enabling the place to vibrate with harmonic cosmic symphonies.

The souls of the Central Race are aware that they are the First Source, and that they exist in non-time and non-space. They identify themselves and each other as a Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe or SECU.

The WingMakers as Makers of Soul Carriers

The souls of the Central Race have a purpose, and it’s to explore the vast realms of the Super Universe where all of them dwell. To fulfill this purpose, they created the body, which is mobile and can interact with terrestrial surroundings.

From here onwards, the body will also be referred to as a soul carrier. A soul carrier is an instrument that can see, feel, and interact with different environments. To bring life to the soul carrier, a conscious part of the soul of the First Source should be placed inside it.

Because they’re a limitless entity, the members of the Central Race only need to place a particle or a tiny fragment of their consciousness in the soul carrier. They can animate a thousand soul carriers with the small portions of their essence and send them to various places at once (all while the greater part of their consciousness remains in the Central Universe).

These soul carriers are called WingMakers, and they’re the exceptional faction of the Central Race who are behind the evolution of the human race. Soul carriers are temporary instruments created by the members of the Central Race to explore the vast universe.

The soul carriers are bound to grow, die, reincarnate, and continue their exploration of the different realms. To summarize, we’re all WingMakers, descendants of the First Source who originally came from the Central Universe.

The Journey of Exploration as a Cycle

As soul carriers travel and explore across different universes, they’re given the freedom to create their very own realities. Once settled in one place, they can adapt to their surroundings and learn its cultures. Eventually, after hundreds of thousands of years, the soul fragments will return to their origins.

Although the soul carriers are bound to return to their native homes, the path of return is unknown to them. The knowledge on how to return home is hidden from them because if they possess the know-how, they’ll have the urge to return as soon as they face ostensibly unsolvable problems.

Soul fragments tend to seek the comfort and security of their homes. To prevent them from running back, they were disillusioned that they got separated from their source.

Although the path homeward is hidden, the soul fragment only needs to reach within to gain access to it.  Soul fragments can only gain access to the course of return once they attain the highest state of authentic awakening.

The Lyricus

The beings who are responsible for guiding the soul fragments to their journey home are called the Lyricus Teaching Order, or simply the Lyricus. They provide the means and the course for the return journey.

The Lyricus are only there to guide. It’s the personal decision of the soul carrier to return home that starts the journey. One sign that they’re about to return to their origins is when they begin to combine their thoughts, sentiments, and aspirations with other beings around them.

The first obvious indication that the soul fragment is about to return home is when they get to know about the myths of the WingMakers (as told by the Lyricus). Once you, a soul carrier, read the myths and stories, the energies within you that are connected to the Wholeness Navigator will instantly awaken. The path homeward will then be available to you.

At this point, it’s necessary to highlight that the path of return isn’t a physical route or location. The home referred to here isn’t a physical destination and isn’t limited by space and time. It’s omnipresent, infinite, and is at the very center of your being.

The myths and stories presented by Lyricus aim to help you become aware of your origin and to remind you that you are a pure being connected with everything that exists. You’re not a separate entity, but a part of the Central Universe.

The Merging of Your Personal Story with the Great Story

After learning about the WingMakers’ mythology, you’re now aware that you’re not an egocentric being, but a conscious soul fragment of the First Source, the beings of the Central Race. Your actual home is located on the edge of the Central Universe, where the WingMakers dwell. This process of increasing awareness is called the Grand Portal discovery.

It’s important to note that you haven’t left home at all. The greater part of the soul of the First Source (which you’re part of) never left. Instead, you were sent as some sort of envoy to explore the physical universe.

With a body, heart, and mind, you have the freedom to identify yourself as part of your immediate environment. Everything you experience on Earth is embedded in your Personal Inner Hologram.

Whatever is ingrained in your Personal Inner Hologram would be absorbed by your Quiet Center of Stillness. This input is naturally received by the greater part of your being that resides in the Super Universe through the Soul Connection Network.

As indicated earlier, beings of the Central Race can give life to a thousand soul carriers with the small portions of their essence and send them to a multitude of places at the same time. At present, other soul carriers that came from the same First Source might be on Earth at the same time as you.

In summary, your soul is intertwined with many other soul fragments. Moreover, all of you are sending your experiences and knowledge to your original soul, creating a central hub for its hundreds or thousands of conscious fragments.

The Sovereign Integral: The Purpose of It All

The ultimate goal of everything mentioned above is the attainment of the Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is a state of unified, conscious wholeness. This wholeness can only be achieved by allowing soul fragments to explore the physical world through incarnations that can last for hundreds of thousands of years.

By attaining the Sovereign Integral,  all souls can transform to reach their optimal forms. Only when the souls achieve their optimal forms they could finally be able to become adequate conveyors of the divine goodness of the First Source. This unification will only end once the seven Tribes of Light come together to bask in their completion.

Individuals on Earth who think they have attained the Sovereign Integral call it nirvana, enlightenment, or cosmic consciousness. The ultimate bliss that humans experience is only a limited fraction of the actual Sovereign Integral.

The soul carrier can’t sense its complete transformational experience because it’s beyond the capability of the human instrument.  Simply put, you can be slightly aware of the transformation, but you can’t fully experience it.

Although the human instrument has limited abilities, it’s existence is vital in initiating the start of the transformational experience.

On Mythological Narratives

Many origin stories that are available to us today are known through studying language, traditions, folklore, legends, and myths. It’s incorrect to say that mythological stories are real, but they do contain elements of the truth.

WingMakers might be considered as contemporary mythology, but it reveals certain truths about the human soul and its relation to the multiverse. The purpose of the WingMakers’ mythology is to open people’s eyes, help them regain their sense of truth, and awaken their intuitive faculties.


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