40 Spiritual Lizard Dream Meanings & Scenarios

Lizards are spirit animals that are known for their ability to blend in with their surroundings and adjust to the current conditions. There are numerous positive and negative meanings behind the presence of lizards in dreams.

Dreaming of lizards is often a negative omen that signifies a betrayal. These dreams manifest your reactions and basic instincts to food, sex, and surrounding. It’s a reminder for the dreamer to appreciate the people in his life, be prepared for changes ahead, and stay away from risky activities that may cause harm to himself or the people around him.        

Additionally, dreaming of lizards is a sign that you will soon explore new endeavors in life. These dreams represent renewal, creativity, and revitalization. They symbolize the discovery of new ideas and approaches to deal with different people.

There is a wide range of dream interpretations when lizards are involved. These depend on the variety of colors, sizes, appearance, and dreamer’s interaction with the lizard or how it appears in his dreams.

Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism of Lizards

lizard on a leaf

In Greek mythology, lizards represent good fortune and divine wisdom. Certain Native American tribes used lizards as a sign of strength while other Native American traditions associate them with intuitive psychic abilities. Most African and Middle Eastern cultures associate lizards with goodness. In New Mexico, the people believe that these creatures are reincarnated souls of medicine men.

Christians associate lizards with uncleanliness and evil, while Egyptians generally link these animals with abundance. The Japanese see these reptiles as a symbol of sexual activity. In Mayan culture, a lizard in dreams signifies a dream world beyond space and time while the Romans believe that lizards mean death and destruction.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Lizards

Lizard Falling on Your Body

Dreaming of a lizard falling on the dreamer’s body can be a sign of rough times ahead. It’s a sign for the dreamer to be prepared for what will fall upon him in the future. This dream should be taken seriously as a notice of what is about to come.

Lizard Falling on Your Hair

Dreaming of a lizard falling on the dreamer’s hair or head can be a positive sign. It can denote that the dreamer will encounter difficulties in the future, but will eventually overcome them. It means the dreamer should not worry but instead prepare himself for the problems that might come his way.

Lizard Crawling on Your Body

A lizard crawling on the dreamer’s body represents a person that the dreamer should be careful with. This person can bring negativity and disruption to the dreamer’s life. It should also be a warning for the dreamer to keep his ideas and plans to himself. If the lizard is crawling on the dreamer’s back, this can be interpreted that the dreamer should watch his back for possible betrayal.

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Catching a Lizard

catching lizard thumb

Dreaming of catching a lizard is a positive sign. It denotes the dreamer’s joy and positive well-being. It could also be a hint for a new relationship. If the dreamer already has one, this signifies a possible marriage.

This dream could also suggest that the dreamer needs to focus on the positive aspects of his affiliation with other people.

Failing to Catch a Lizard and Injuring it

In contrast to successfully doing it, failure in catching a lizard and leading to its injuries denotes a period of setbacks in the future. It could also represent relationship problems and misunderstandings. The dreamer should take extra precautions and prepare for challenging days to come.

Being Chased by a Lizard

Dreaming of being chased by a lizard represents possible bullying, especially in the workplace. Being chased by a lizard represents that your enemies are closely monitoring your actions. This may result in uneasy feelings and a serious amount of stress.

The dreamer should not tolerate this and must take the necessary steps to address it even if the person involved is someone superior to him.

Running Away from a Lizard

This dream is different from being chased by a lizard. In this dream, the dreamer is running away from the lizard, but the lizard is not necessarily chasing him. This symbolizes the dreamer’s fear of someone. The person involved can be someone the dreamer finds powerful or intimidating.

Attacking a Lizard

Dreaming of attacking a lizard is a positive sign. It represents the dreamer’s determination and eagerness to achieve success. It’s a manifestation of inner strength and a positive self-image.

This is an indication of an appropriate time for the dreamer to pursue his endeavors, start new opportunities, or complete unfinished tasks.

Getting Attacked by a Lizard

If the dream is the other way around, in which the lizard is attacking the dreamer, it becomes a negative omen. It’s a sign of hindrance and betrayal. The dreamer should be wary of his enemies as well other people close to him. This could be a sign that someone he trusts will hinder him from achieving an important goal.

It’s suggested that the dreamer should be extremely careful when he comes across this kind of dream.

Getting Bitten by a Lizard

Dreaming of being bitten by a lizard is also not a good sign. It represents possible financial setbacks. It is a warning for the dreamer to pay attention and be mindful of his spending.

Eating a Lizard

Although it may seem dangerous, having a dream about eating a lizard is a good sign. It could mean an abundance of wealth and other positive things relating to his finances.

Killing a Lizard

Dreaming of killing a lizard denotes conquering struggles. It represents the successful attempts of the dreamer to face his problems. It could also symbolize the dreamer’s desire to regain control and fix his reputation.

Alternatively, this dream could have a negative interpretation. It could be a sign of an injury caused by a person who will challenge the dreamer. It also suggests that the dreamer is overly sensitive to criticism from other people.

Having a Lizard Inside Your Body

Dreaming of having a lizard inside your body represents a person who plans to abuse or take advantage of you. This is a reminder for the dreamer not to easily trust, be observant, and be extra careful with the people around him.

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Transforming into a Lizard

Dreaming of transforming into a lizard has a spiritual context. This signifies that the dreamer will acquire a higher spirituality.

Different Characteristics of Lizard in Dreams

Baby Lizards

baby lizard on branch

Baby lizards in dreams denote some kind of trouble at home or work. These could just be minor disagreements but should be dealt with properly. This represents future events in life that may cause the dreamer distraction and challenges.

A Large Lizard

Seeing a large lizard in a dream is another bad omen. This dream represents trouble that will make a significant impact on the dreamer. This dream usually presents itself during stressful times.

The other interpretation of this dream is the occurrence of an event in life that will give the dreamer abundance and wisdom. This may suggest a positive turning point in the dreamer’s life.

A Beautiful Lizard

Seeing a beautiful lizard in a dream is a good sign. Dreaming of an eye-catching lizard represents self-understanding. This dream usually appears after self-reflection and actualization.

A Dead Lizard

Dreaming of a dead lizard represents a negative omen. It symbolizes deception and disappointment. It could even be a warning of cheating. The dreamer must prepare himself for an unpleasant event that may take place in the future.

Interpretation of the Specific Color of Lizard in Dreams

still lizard colorful

A Red Lizard

The presence of a red lizard in dreams symbolizes passion and courage. This is usually attributed to the work-related aspects of the dreamer’s life.

A Blue Lizard

Seeing a blue lizard represents peace and relaxation. It symbolizes the calmness in your life. The dreamer is encouraged to indulge in this moment of his life.

An Orange Lizard

Dreaming of an orange lizard symbolizes conquering the problems and hindrances in your life. This is a sign that you will be able to finally overcome the struggles that may have been causing you anxiety and distraction.

A Yellow Lizard

A yellow lizard in a dream is a manifestation that you are surrounded by good people.

It could also symbolize jealousy and fights with your partner. The presence of a yellow lizard in a single person’s dream is an indication that his attempts to start a romantic relationship are likely to be unsuccessful.

A Green Lizard

Dreaming of a green lizard signifies that the dreamer will encounter many problems in his waking life which he will be able to overcome.

A Black Lizard

The presence of a black lizard in a dream signifies the darker side of your being. This represents negative things that are about to come into your life.

A Multi-Colored Lizard

A lizard with many colors represents a new beginning or phase in the dreamer’s life. It may also help if the dreamer can remember the predominant color of the reptile that appeared in his dream and refer to the corresponding message behind it.

Lizard Species in Dreams

A Bearded Dragon Lizard

Seeing a Bearded Dragon lizard in a dream represents a fresh beginning and new opportunities. This is a period that the dreamer should not put to waste.

An Iguana

Dreaming of an iguana is a sign that the dreamer will have a good relationship with his partner. If the dreamer is single, this is a sign that he will find new connections.

An Anole

These are small agile lizards that can quickly climb trees to hide and escape from predators. Seeing them in dreams is a signal for the dreamer to be cautious and to keep his feelings to himself.

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Other Dreams Related to Lizards

A Single Lizard

Dreaming of a single lizard suggests an alarm for an attack. It could also represent someone who the dreamer finds cold and rude.

It’s suggested that the dreamer must take caution in trusting and interacting with different people.

Multiple Lizards

Dreaming of multiple lizards is a negative sign that signals the dreamer that there are people around him who might take advantage of him. It is a warning for him to be extra careful with whom he surrounds himself.

A Sleeping Lizard

sleeping lizard

A sleeping lizard denotes the arrival of people into the dreamer’s life who come with pure intentions. It is a safe time for the dreamer to be vulnerable and let his guard down just like how a lizard is vulnerable when it sleeps.

A Still Lizard Under the Sun

Dreaming of a lizard staying still and laying under the sun represents laziness. The dreamer might be taking things a little too easy. It’s a reminder that is okay to relax once in a while, but taking time off for too long can cause serious problems in the future.

A Lizard on a Rock

lizard on rock

Dreaming of a lizard sitting on a rock can be a dangerous sign. It could be a warning of a strike from an enemy. It’s recommended that the dreamer should keep an eye on people with who he had a misunderstanding.

A Lizard Hiding Under a Rock

Seeing a lizard hiding under a rock in a dream symbolizes the things unknown to the dreamer. This could symbolize the mysteries that the dreamer has been pondering on for a long time. It might be time for the dreamer to explore and uncover their meaning.

Lizard Crawling

A lizard crawling in a dream can go either way for the dreamer. It represents a person who is longing for an emotional connection with him. It’s up to the dreamer to reciprocate this desire or to politely turn him/her down.

Lizard Crawling into a Hole

lizard crawling into hole

A dream about a lizard crawling into a hole can represent disappointment in the dreamer’s sexual life. This dream appears when the dreamer does not feel intimately satisfied or passionate. It might be the right time to reignite and find ways to fuel intimacy.

Lizard Changing Colors

Some lizards, like the Chameleon, can change colors. Dreaming of this is an alarm for a possible disturbance or strike. This is a sign for the dreamer to be careful and prepared.

Lizard Moving Fast

Dreaming of seeing a lizard moving fast represents how fast things are happening in the dreamer’s waking life. It’s suggested that the dreamer should take things slowly and indulge in the good things that life has to offer.

Lizards Mating

lizards mating green

Lizards mating in a dream is a negative sign. It’s a warning that someone in the dreamer’s waking life might strike him down. This symbolizes a possible attack from enemies or rivals. The dreamer should keep an eye specifically on those who are suspicious to stay away from trouble.

A Lizard Losing its Tail and Growing a New One

Some lizards can regrow parts of their body (usually the tail) when they lose them. When this appears in a dream, it’s a symbol of a new beginning or new plans for the dreamer.

Final Thoughts

Dream interpretations can differ from person to person. What one perceives as a negative interpretation can mean the opposite, given their specific dream. To decipher its precise and personalized meaning, it’s best to seek the help of psychics who specialize in dream meanings, as they can provide readings that are specifically tailored for you.


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