Scorpion Dream Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

Scorpion Dream Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

The nature of dreams is highly subjective and personal. However, some dreams are so distinct that a general interpretation of their meaning is possible through the help of experts and those proficient in the field of psychology.

Scorpions are a symbol of death and rebirth, passion, defense, domination, and influence. When they appear in dreams, they point to the status of one or several of your relationships, be it a family member, lover, child, parent, or coworkers. Depending on the scenario and the form of the scorpion, it will have several meanings, both positive and negative.

The Spiritual Meaning of Scorpions

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The scorpion is a venomous insect that has a powerful connection with the spirit world, ancient cultures, and civilizations. It captivated and mystified our ancestors and often appears in works of art and depictions of gods and goddesses. Several goddesses from different continents are associated with scorpions. A few examples are Ishara from Mesopotamia, the Aztec goddess Malinalxochitl, and various Egyptian goddesses like Hedetet, Ta-Bitjet, and Serket.

The ancient Babylonians consider them as guards of the gods and heralds of men. They appear in the Epic of Gilgamesh as Scorpion-Headed Men or Scorpion Men. The epic is known as the earliest surviving literature and shows us a glimpse of our ancestors’ beliefs. Moreover, scorpions were significant enough to be included in the ancient Babylonian zodiac, the origin of the modern zodiac signs.

In Egyptian mythology, the scorpion adorns the goddess Serket’s crown. Serket is the goddess of fertility, nature, animals, medicine, magic, and healing. Furthermore, earlier artifacts depict the goddess as a scorpion. In more recent cultures, the scorpion is seen as a symbol of guardianship, danger, sex, and fertility.

The Meaning of Scorpions in Dreams

The scorpion does not always appear in dreams, but when it does, it reveals significant hints on the dreamer’s status in life and their various relationships. It is often thought that to dream of a scorpion is a bad omen. However, this is not always the case; the scorpion indeed represents death, but it also represents life. It is a multifaceted symbol that is both good and bad.

What is important to understand is that to accurately interpret dreams with a scorpion, one must diligently correlate them with their past and current experiences in life. Additionally, the different colors and scenarios in which the scorpion appears will also carry a different interpretation.

Encountering a Scorpion While Travelling in Your Dreams

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When you encounter a scorpion while traveling in your dream regardless of its color or size, it represents betrayal or an enemy. Our mind is capable of subconsciously gathering data and a valid interpretation of it. As such, it can pick up various hints of betrayal which may or may not be apparent to you.

More often, if the hints and pieces of evidence are not apparent to the dreamer, our mind finds a way to make it visible. A scorpion, a sign of danger, is one of the symbols along with a snake used by our mind to send this message across.

Dreaming of Seeing or Observing a Live Scorpion

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Compared to encountering a scorpion, if you only dreamt of seeing a scorpion from afar without crossing paths with it, then it represents a subconscious feeling of anxiety and worry. You may have an issue from your waking life that is causing you stress. It can be from a relationship, work, or business venture.

Additionally, the size of the scorpion that you observe directly correlates with your level of worry. Smaller scorpions suggest a minor burden, while giant ones imply a more alarming issue may be present. True to our ancestors’ beliefs, spiritually, scorpions are known as messengers that warn travelers of any incoming dangers.

Dreams of Killing a Scorpion/ Seeing a Dead Scorpion

The act of killing a scorpion in any way corresponds to the person’s desire to face the challenges and adversities from their waking life. It may also mean that the dreamer has successfully addressed any issues that may have been bothering them, and this is their mind’s way of confirming or reinforcing that belief.

Additionally, if you dreamt of killing a scorpion right after it harmed you, then it signifies your will to retaliate against your enemies or anyone who has wronged you. In any case, this is a positive dream that should be taken advantage of to improve your daily life.

However, if you see a dead scorpion, it means that you subconsciously feel that you have already won. This subconscious feeling of victory can make you feel complacent and reckless. It might impair the quality of your work or the amount of effort you put into achieving your goals.

Failing to Kill a Scorpion/ Attempting to Kill a Scorpion

If you attempted to kill a scorpion in your dream but failed, it implies that you recognize a problem from your waking life and are currently in the process of addressing it. It is the attempt of killing the scorpion that holds significance rather than the result of killing it. It is a positive dream, and the dreamer should keep working hard to deal with the problems they encounter. It also describes the dreamer’s quality of being a hard worker.

However, if you attempted to burn a scorpion but it lived, then it suggests a sense of defeat and loss of control over your life. If you have this dream, it might be sensible to take a step back and reassess your approach to dealing with your current issues.

Dreams of Getting Stung by a Scorpion

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Scorpions hunt by ambushing and stinging their prey. It often causes paralysis rather than instant death. Similarly, to dream of getting stung by a scorpion suggests an unconscious fear of facing the issues troubling you. Sometimes, these issues are not obvious to the dreamer and are reflected by dreaming of scorpions.

These problems that are causing stress may have been slowly impairing you from enjoying day-to-day life. Since our subconscious process and collect all the information we encounter, it is no surprise that it is the first to recognize the effect of these problems. As such, it sends us signals in the form of dreams— in this case, getting stung by a scorpion.

Dreams of Getting Pinched by a Scorpion

Scorpions cannot bite you due to the physiology of their mouth. However, they can pinch you with their pincers, which may seem like getting bitten. This kind of dream is a warning from your subconscious mind. Your mind is telling you that it is worried over something from your waking life, which can be a problem soon.

Most of the time, it can also mean that you are surrounded by toxic people that worsen your current situation. It is a sign that problems may appear if you do not cut them off. They can be coworkers, family members, or significant others. If you dream of this, then it may be wise to reassess your current relationships.

Dreams of Devouring a Scorpion/ Choking on a Scorpion

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Similar to dreams of killing a scorpion, eating scorpions in your dream can be a positive sign. It symbolizes a looming victory over your troubles and a change for the better. Moreover, if you dream of aggressively chewing a scorpion, it signifies your drive and devotion to improving your life.

However, if you dream of eating a scorpion and then getting hurt in doing so, then it is generally a negative sign. It can mean that you are creating problems for yourself and those around you. Additionally, if you choke on a scorpion, then it implies that you often hurt others with your words, whether it is intentional or not. Furthermore, it suggests that you are reckless with your words and it might be prudent to think carefully about what you say to others.

Dreaming of Accidentally Stepping on Scorpions

A dream of accidentally stepping on scorpions is a warning. It suggests that you may be facing troubling times. If you are currently in the process of making a decision, it is wise to re-evaluate the risks involved. It is also wise to conduct additional investigations and gather more facts to help you make the right decision.

Dreams of Catching or Taming a Scorpion

The meaning behind catching a scorpion differs depending on what color of scorpion you caught. On one hand, if you caught a golden or yellow scorpion, it symbolizes wealth, fortune, prosperity, or your desire for it. On the other hand, if you caught a red scorpion, it is a sign that you have wronged someone, and they are angry at you.

However, catching a black scorpion is generally a bad omen and implies bad luck, illness, and even death. It can happen to you, a family member, or a close acquaintance.

Dreams of Becoming a Scorpion

If you dream of transforming into a scorpion, it symbolizes self-loathing and self-pity. You may see yourself as a burden to others, especially to your family. Additionally, it also suggests that you are subconsciously sabotaging yourself, whether at work or with your current relationship. It may be related to your bad habits that prevent you from succeeding, and your mind is telling you about it through this dream.

Dreaming of Scorpions Floating on Water

A scorpion peacefully floating on water suggests that it is time to move on from your traumas. The dreamer may have repressed traumas, burdens, or painful feelings that they might want to let go of or address. Most of the time, it also involves relationship issues that are causing pain and suffering. In this context, it is wise to re-evaluate the current relationship.

The Significance of the Scorpion’s Color

Aside from the above scenarios, the color of the scorpion appearing in them may also change or add new meaning to the dream. For example, if you dream of killing a golden scorpion, it symbolizes a successful business venture and good fortune. Contrastingly, if you dreamt of killing a black scorpion, then it implies success over adversaries and enemies.

Dreaming of Golden or Yellow Scorpions

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The golden scorpion is a symbol of wealth, good fortune, status, and respect. It is a sign of victory and good luck. Frequently, it reflects the dreamer’s desire to earn money or to be successful in general. However, the scenario in which the golden scorpion appears will impact its meaning. Any negative dreams mentioned above will affect the interpretation of the golden scorpion. For example, if you dreamt of choking on a golden scorpion, it implies a possible business failure and financial ruin.

Dreaming of Red Scorpions

The red scorpion is a symbol of passion and desire or chaos and anger. In general, red scorpions represent a negative sign and will have a negative impact when interpreting your dreams.

Dreaming of White/Translucent Scorpions

A white or translucent scorpion can mean peace, tranquility, or the feeling of ambiguity or indecisiveness. However, it is generally a peaceful sign. It suggests that the dreamer is at peace and content over the status of their life or relationships.

The Black/Nightmare Scorpion

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The black scorpion by itself is a bad omen. It represents bad luck, illness, conflict, ruination, failure, and death. These things are not exclusive to the dreamer and may also affect significant others and acquaintances.  Moreover, if you had a nightmare about a black scorpion, it implies a toxic and stressful lifestyle. It also means that you are surrounded by the wrong kind of people. Additionally, it may also suggest that you have bad habits that need to be changed immediately.


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