5 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Tomatoes

After having a vivid dream, piecing together the bits and pieces can be quite confusing. Oftentimes, we may find utmost importance in minor details or completely forget a part of the dream altogether. If you’ve been spotting this red vegetable in your dreams, there’s a range of meanings.

Tomatoes in dreams symbolize upcoming successes. This could be a promotion, extra cash in the bank, or just a new trail of discovery leading to a positive upswing. Tomatoes are considered good luck in spirituality, as the color red is tied to luck in Chinese history. Your life is destined to be lighter, and full of lessons very soon!

There are two ways to interpret this tomato dream: positive and negative. Although it’s commonly related to good luck, other ties connect it to something that’s sadly unfulfilled. Perhaps you’ve dreamt of something/someone out of reach. You could be misdirecting your efforts and thereby missing the mark on something important. Regardless, there’s an answer for everything.

Spiritual Dream Meanings About Tomatoes

fresh tomatoes

1. Fertility

For those trying to conceive- dreams with tomatoes are a great sign!

Tomatoes are known throughout science to boost fertility in both men and women. The substance, lycopene, is commonly found in tomato variations and is linked to curing endometriosis in women. This disease forms abnormal growths inside the womb, making it extremely difficult to have children.

Since tomatoes produce this substance naturally, there may be a fertile future on the way.

2. Versatility

How many types and variants of tomatoes are there in the world?

Wikipedia claims over 10,000 tomato species exist today, but we only really ingest around 45 of them. If your dream contained many types of tomatoes or any at all, this can signify future routes in work, life, and happiness.

We use tomatoes for everything, from A-Z; they complement every dish tastefully. Apply this versatility to your future endeavors and watch yourself take off.

3. Luck

This belief stems from Chinese spirituality and the deep color red. The color itself signifies prosperity, good wishes, and a constructive boost in productivity. Luck is surely on your side as it transitions into success following the proper mindset.

If you come from a troubled past, tomatoes in your dream reflect a brighter future incoming shortly. Hardships in your past made your current reality seems more chaotic, this is a sign of upcoming stability.

4. Strong Negative Emotions

Just like in the plays and movies, throwing a tomato at someone causes havoc and embarrassment. This also translates over to the dream realm. Just as the color red signifies a good life and happy future, it could be perceived differently depending on your current feelings.

The color of tomatoes, especially ripe, healthy ones, is the same color that people associate with “anger.” If you’ve felt like your emotions have been getting the best of you- this dream is a friendly warning to absolve some of that negative energy.

5. Love

old couple dancing in the living room

Red is a powerful color. You’ve seen so far how it can signify anything from anger to luck to even love.

It’s the color of passion. You see people wearing red dresses, drinking red wine, and lining their lips with ruby red lipstick, all for this reason. It’s the heat of a moment in a simple color. Seeing tomatoes in your dream may tell you that there’s a secret passion lingering somewhere in your life. Any idea who it might be?

Commonly Related Tomato Dream Scenarios & Their Interpretations

In case you’re wondering what emotion emits strongly from your most recent tomato dream, this list is more precise. If you don’t see your dream listed here, please let us know.

Seeing a Tomato

This is one of the hardest dreams to analyze since it’s the vaguest; however, seeing a tomato in your dream somewhere in the background could reflect any of the aforementioned emotions.

For a simple dream about tomatoes, consider it a good sign. Your mind is focused on prosperity, luck, and variety going forward in whatever ventures you have up next.

Keep in mind that if a personal memory from the past involving tomatoes is negative, tied to a specific person, or extremely positive- it all manipulates the dream outcomes. For example, you fondly remember picking tomatoes with your grandmother in her garden before she passed away. This could be a token of her telling you in the dream realm that she’s with you in spirit.

Eating Tomatoes

Crunching on tomatoes in your dreams means that your current problem in life will soon be resolved. You’re closing the door and swallowing the last part of the tedious cycle and moving to better and bigger things.

If you’ve been feeling alone, and catch yourself indulging in tomatoes in your dream- you may have a new love approaching.

It depends on the state of the tomatoes for the outcome:

  • Fried Tomatoes: you need to do something or make a change in order to revamp your life and achieve your goals.
  • Pickled Tomatoes: if they taste sweet, you may have positive reinforcement incoming from someone you strongly admire. This could be a partner, family member, friend, or even a business acquaintance/boss.

Growing Tomatoes

man offering tomatoes

Growing tomatoes reflects psychological unhappiness with your present lifestyle. You may be missing a part of your past life, or feeling unfilled in general. Either way, it signifies emotional compensation.

Growing a tomato plant in your dream tells you to invest in the parts of your past you’ve been leaving neglected.

In addition, people who have repetitive dreams about growing tomatoes may have unhealthy eating habits or negative body image.

Cooking with Tomatoes

Cooking tomatoes is linked to unbalance in your life with a lust for new adventures. You feel burnt out of the mundane routine and are ready to spread your wings and fly. Try a new hobby or experiment with something new. It’s time to spice it up.

Contentment is peace, but long-term contentment can trap you in an endless loop of movement. There’s always room for more lessons, trials, and errors. When’s the last time you tried something new?

Chances are you’re feeling a bit detached from life or your current partner. You can feel as though you’re drained emotionally by trying to control everything around you. Instead of taking effort and emotion away from your goals, hyper-fixate on an efficient way to the top. Take the balance back into your hands.

Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are some of the fastest-growing, [most] luscious, and full [fullest] plants. With direct sunlight, they sprout like weeds. With correct love and nurturing, they expand beyond their reach.

Seeing a tomato plant in your dream means you’re growing, transforming positively slowly [slowly but positively] in little steps. Your spiritual journey is progressing just as it should, in its own time. However, there is a rock left unturned that needs addressing.

Is someone, something, or someplace holding you back from your full potential? This is a vital time to do some unpacking and see where your roots are being blocked.

Tomatoes in a Garden

tomatoes in a garden

This dream explanation is identical to spotting a tomato plant in your dream, minus one small detail; the garden reflects joy and complete fulfillment.

Tomatoes growing in a garden reflect the joy in the here and now, but also to come. You are promised it, and you deserve it. You’ve done the work and towed the fields to plant the seeds of your now overflowing garden. Bask in it.

Red Tomatoes

Red tomatoes in your dream mean that you’ve matured spiritually and intellectually. You’re sure of yourself now more than ever. You can trust that whatever path you set foot on, you’re able to embark on it with success and a positive outlook.

If your dream transitions to you eating a red tomato as you’re focused on a set outcome- you’ve just completed this objective in the dream world.

Green Tomatoes

The opposite of seeing a red, ripe tomato in your dream is to see a green tomato. Green tomatoes aren’t fully ripe yet. Just as the tomatoes are immature in growth, you are in attitude.

Green tomatoes throughout your dream tell you that it’s time to take responsibility past, present, and future choices. No more dismissive behaviors and shifting blame.

Ripe Tomatoes

Collecting, eating, and seeing ripe tomatoes in your dream signals you’re reaching your shell. Either you will spill out of it, like water in an overflowing glass, or you will harness it and ride the wave into future success.

Ripeness in a dream reflects self-actualization, a vital sense of the right and wrong decisions that make sense to you. You know how you will react under circumstances and understand the directional outcome of future choices you’ll make.

Unripe Tomatoes

There are two meanings for seeing unripe tomatoes in your dreams:

  1. Family matters need resolution.

Unripe tomatoes are linked to buried family disagreements, something not settled in the total sense. They may be resurfacing from your childhood, or condensing into a bigger matter now; either way, both will need direction and reflection.

  1. Moving on.

You’ve been suppressing emotionally taxing issues in your domestic life. No matter how someone has wronged you, there is no reason to stay stuck in the past. At this point, it’s only affecting your psyche. Allowing the past harm to flow like water under a bridge allows you to have more room to be happy and open to others.

Rotten Tomatoes

rotten tomatoes

Rotten tomatoes in your dreams show guilt related to money, exhaustion, or a feeling of powerlessness.

For the money, this has been ongoing and needs addressing. It could be linked to someone who owes you or vice versa, as well as mishandling your expenses lately.

For exhaustion, you’re feeling tired from overexerting yourself. Think of an outlet to automate whatever tasks are weighing you down. Take more vitamins to make up for deficiencies in diet and nutrient intake. After a week, see if you feel a better body/mind balance.

In terms of powerlessness, analyze where the pain point is sprouting from. Only then can you gain back that energy and power in your life.

Tomato Juice

If you spot tomato juice in your dream, there’s a power imbalance somewhere.

This imbalance comes from stress, miscommunication, or misdirection. The good news is that it is changeable and a symbol to change your path. Think of it more as security instead of a threat.

Lower your defenses, and increase your drive for prosperity. You’re already on the path, but it’s time to start walking towards it rather than watching it unfold from a distance.

Giant Tomato

A tomato that’s disproportionate in size signals a mental or emotional wall. You are manipulating the present in your favor, but it won’t pay off in your odds.

If you’re worried about small issues throughout your life, this is your sign to cease this behavior. Discomfort is part of growth. As you expand, so will your mindset. Although this period is a bit dismal, there is a brighter future ahead.

Tomato Trees

Tomato trees bring new opportunities in work, love, and life. You have a chance to improve upon the given odds with a career change or promotion.

Be open to new possibilities. They will alter the current reality with only positive changes.

Cherry Tomatoes

A dream featuring cherry tomatoes is a sign of warmth and love. Cherry tomato dreams are lighthearted by nature, expressing a need to let your emotional walls down.

You should take this as a signal to show love to the people around you more often. Even if it’s a difficult task, they’re looking for that extra validation.

Final Thoughts

Tomatoes in dreams can mean a variety of emotions, resolutions, and opportunities- all depending on how you view them. If a meaning strikes a chord with you, it could be the sign and interpretation you’re meant to receive.

Take every chance to view these messages as positive changes to navigate you to new borders in both the dream world and real life.


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