What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like? 7 Types Explained

Known as the most sentimental and romantic sign of the zodiac, most Cancer men are more concerned about someone’s personality than their body type. However, due to cultural influences and evolutionary impulses, there are still certain body types they’re naturally drawn to.

Ruled by the moon, Cancer men are generally attracted to curvy women. Their ideal body type preference for the opposite sex is someone with an athletic build and a lovely hourglass figure. They’re also magnetized women who know how to take care of their bodies and who are confident in their own skin.

Because Cancer is a feminine sign, they’re drawn to women who are soft and feminine. Cancer men also prefer women with fuller and more vibrant features, which means they’re attracted to women with a perky figure, glowing skin, and good childbearing hips.

What Body Type Does a Cancer Man Like?

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Cancer men are known for being natural nurturers and caregivers. However, they can also be very clingy and needy for affection. When picking a partner, the physique isn’t a significant factor in their decision. More than anything else, they want comfort, love, and support.

Cancer men want someone they can be vulnerable to and who’d accept them as they are. Although having a great figure is a plus, physical appearance doesn’t matter much as long as you’re healthy and confident in your own skin.

Even though they like taking care of others, consciously making poor diet and life choices is a major turn-off for them. They don’t necessarily seek out gym rats women with chiseled abs and a strict diet, but they’d want to know the person they’re with has a healthy BMI and knows how to take care of their physical well-being.

Shorter Than Them

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Cancer men can be very self-conscious and insecure. Therefore, when choosing someone to date, they prefer women who are of the same height or shorter than them. However, if a Cancer man is truly into you, he’ll pursue you even if you’re a bit taller than him.


As for body dimensions, Cancer men are typically inclined toward women with an average physique. They don’t usually go for women who have enormous chimichangas, and they also tend to veer away from scrawny manchester women.

Because Cancer men can be very sensual and clingy, they want someone who they can comfortably cuddle with. However, for most of them, it doesn’t really matter what kind of body type you have as long as you have an emotional connection with them and you know how to rock with what you got.


Because Cancer is a feminine sign, Cancer men are naturally drawn to women who exude feminine energy. They prefer women who are sensual and nurturing. They don’t usually go for jockish women with almost manlike features. They fancy women with long hair and hourglass figure.

Soft Skin

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Another physical feature that Cancer men admire in a woman is their soft skin. Cancer men are very sensual creatures. They simply enjoy basking into a woman’s velvety skin and exquisite touch.

However, Cancer men don’t really mind if you have rough and sweaty palms. If a Cancer man is truly into you, he’ll make you feel like the most beautiful woman on the planet even if you have skin imperfections.


More than anything else, Cancer men want a woman who’s comfortable in her skin. In bed, they want a lot of intimacy and eye contact. They’re also visual creatures, so they don’t really enjoy being with someone who’s uncomfortable with being seen and who always wants the lights to be turned off when they’re having sex.


Even though Cancer men appreciate the artistic work and additional confidence brought on by doing your make-up, they still prefer things to be simple and natural. They don’t care much about the standard notion of beauty, but they want their partner to be confident and healthy.

To entice a Cancer man, you don’t need to have huge breasts and gigantic booty. Cancer men don’t like excessive amounts of anything. Wearing too much make-up is also a turn-off for them because it looks unnatural and shows that you’re not confident in your own skin.

Why Cancer Men Like Women with Healthy, Average Body Type

Personality is More Important

Cancer men place a higher value on personality than looks. They want a woman who’s kind, intelligent, and have a great sense of humor. They’re not really drawn to women who obsess over their looks. More than anything else, Cancer men want emotional connection, love, support, and intimacy.

They Like Flaws

Known as the best lover of the zodiac, a Cancer man will make you feel beautiful regardless of what body type you have. When a Cancer man is genuinely into you, your acne marks, scars, and blemishes will not put him off. Instead, he will make you feel loved and special despite these perceived imperfections.

Cancer men like to experience the raw reality of their partner. They don’t like it when women go out of their way to look like another woman. They prefer women with unique features and who know how to carry themselves well regardless of what body type they’ve been given.

They Respond to Healthy Energy

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Ruled by the moon, Cancer men are drawn to women who radiate vibrant energy. Cancer men can also be extremely moody, so they need someone who’s understanding and who has an upbeat attitude.

Weight and body type don’t play a major role on their decision when picking a partner, but they want a woman who takes care of her health and overall well-being. Cancer men are also known to date for marriage, so they want someone they can grow with and who’ll bring out the best in them.

Good for Cuddling

Cancer men love cuddling. Therefore, they want someone with a little bit of meat to squish on while cuddling. For more comfortable cuddles, they prefer women who are not too bony but not too overweight either. It also makes them less self-conscious if their partner doesn’t have the standard model physique.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, the body type of a woman doesn’t really influence a Cancer men’s decision in choosing their partner. They’re naturally drawn to women who are vibrant and healthy but what they’re looking for is an intense emotional connection, confidence, and a great personality.

If you want to attract a Cancerian man, simply work with what you’ve got. Whatever body type you have, own it and rock it. If you know how to carry yourself boldly and confidently, men will naturally be magnetized by your presence.


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