Are Libra Men Jealous 13 Clear Signs You’re Dealing with One

Are Libra Men Jealous? 13 Clear Signs You’re Dealing with One

Ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, Libra men are often deemed as hopeless romantics. They are highly intelligent, diplomatic, and loving souls who dedicate their lives to creating harmonious relationships and upholding justice. They also have an exquisite taste, remarkable way with words, and bewitching charm that draws a lot of women to them.

In general, Libra men are not the jealous type. Being fair-minded individuals and shameless flirts themselves, they know that it’s unfair for them to be jealous. Moreover, even if they suspect you of betrayal, they’re not going to confront you about it in order to preserve the stability of your relationship.

As an air sign, Libra men can be very rational and analytical. They have a proclivity to intellectualize their emotions. When a Libra man is jealous, he won’t act on it. He knows that he has many options, and if he feels like you’re interested in other men, he will just look for someone else.

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Common Traits of a Libra Man

1. Hopeless Romantics

Dating a Libra man can be an exquisite experience. They’re the type of men who would take you out on a candle-lit dinner with a five-course meal and huge bouquet. When a Libra man falls in love, they go all in. Even though Libras are notoriously good in bed, they have no interest in meaningless hookups and superficial love. They crave warmth, stability, and intimacy.

They have an intense desire to be seen and cared for. They want to be loved and appreciated. When a Libra man truly commits to someone, he will do anything to keep her in his life. When he falls in love, he has a propensity to see the person he’s dating through rose-colored glasses. Because of this, they often find themselves staying in a dysfunctional or unhealthy relationships.

2. Shameless Flirts

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Libra men also have a reputation for being shameless flirts. With their superb way with words and dashing demeanor, they can make any girl swoon. Even when they’re not even trying, they can seduce anyone inadvertently. Engaging in flirtatious banter is like second nature for them.

Because they are infamous for being casanovas, Libra men rarely get jealous. They’re fully aware of their flirtatious nature and thus don’t think it’s fair for them to be jealous when they can’t even control their own flirtatious tendencies.

3. Self-indulgent

Because of their innate sense of elegance and expensive taste, Libra likes to surround themselves with the finer things in life. They enjoy gormandizing in fancy restaurants and living in high-end houses. Because of this, they have a penchant for spending a lot of money on unnecessary extravagances. This usually causes a lot of disagreements in their relationships.

Aside from overindulging in luxuries, Libra men also have a tendency to be extremely lazy. Albeit smart, Libras have trouble kicking up their own ass. When Libra men are lacking purpose and clarity, they tend to lounge in their bed all day or distract themselves with pleasurable and mindless activities.

4. Desire Stability

Symbolized by the scales, Libras always seek balance, harmony, and stability in their lives. They like to avoid conflicts and confrontations at all costs. Libra men are diplomatic, and they’re usually the ones who neutralize disagreements in their home or workplace. Because Libra men are highly intelligent and emphatic individuals, they have the ability to see both sides of the argument.

5. Great Leaders

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As a cardinal sign, Libra men have excellent leadership skills. What makes Libras great leaders is that they’re not seeking power and control. They do it to create a more harmonious, peaceful, and much better world.

With their incredible oratory skills, Libra men can also communicate their vision to others with confidence, conviction, integrity, and passion. Libra men are also endowed with the ability to step out of their own agendas and see things from different perspectives. Moreover, because of their calm demeanor, they don’t easily bend in stressful situations, making them a great pillar for their community.

6. Loyal

Another distinguishing characteristic of a Libra man is their loyalty. Even though they can’t control their flirtatious nature, sometimes Libras fully commit themselves to their relationships. Once they’ve chosen you, they will stick with you come hell or high water. When a Libra man falls in love, they will do anything to make you happy.

However, once a Libra man is deeply committed and emotionally attached to someone, he can become extremely possessive. Because of the time and efforts he invested in the relationship, a Libra man might find it hard to let go even if the relationship is no longer working.

7. Values Honesty

Libra men are drawn to honesty and authenticity. They can’t stand manipulative and deceptive behaviors. Once you’ve lied to a Libra man, it’s very hard to earn his trust. If you’re no longer interested in staying in the relationship, a Libra man would rather hear the truth than figure out later on that you’ve been cheating on him.

8. Self-assured

The majority of Libra men have a secure sense of self. Because of this, a Libra man doesn’t get easily jealous. He knows what he’s bringing to the table, and if that is not enough for you, then he will just simply look for another match. Libra men ooze high levels of confidence that allow them to charm their way to just about anything.

However, if a Libra man falls in love, he tends to lose himself in the relationship. They have a proclivity to rearrange their whole life to accommodate the person they’re in love with. They get so caught up in the intensity of their infatuation that their world becomes centered around their lover. This also makes them more prone to feelings of jealousy and possessiveness.

When a Libra man is deeply attached to a person, he will do anything to keep them in his life. Because he has tied his sense of identity to one person, he will be more likely to be devastated when his partner decides to leave him.

9. Extroverted

Libra men generally have an extroverted personality. They’re great at socializing and are always seeking new adventures and connections. They love partaking in social gatherings and hosting social events. Because they exude confidence, vitality, and positivity, people are naturally drawn to them. 

Libras usually have a wide circle of friends and can easily connect to people from all walks of life. This allows them to have a variety of potential partners. Because they have plenty of options, it’s rare for a Libra man to get jealous. However, when they’ve grown emotionally attached to the person they’re with, a Libra man is still susceptible to jealousy.

10. Balanced Masculine and Feminine Sides

Libra men have the ability to strike a balance between their masculine and feminine energies. Even though they’re confident, wickedly charming, and a bit egocentric at times, they can also be receptive, nurturing, and sensitive. Aside from being extremely logical, pragmatic, goal-oriented, and protecting, Libra men are also intuitive, empathetic, and heart-centered.

11. Calm

As mentioned, Libra men are diplomatic and peace-keeping souls. Even if you provoke them, they’re not easily angered. They are one of the signs that are carefree and have a laid-back attitude to life. They live in the present moment and don’t let anything stress them out. They flow with the subtle currents of life and always direct their energy towards more positive things.

A Libra man will do anything to keep the peace and harmony in his relationships. He’s usually the one who controls and neutralizes the situation whenever there’s a conflict between his friends and family. Even if they’re upset, Libra men don’t easily give in to their natural urge to react. They take their time to process their feelings and then calmly communicate them.

12. Artistic Type

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Another defining characteristic of Libra men is that they have a unique artistic style. Having a peacock as their spirit animal, Libras have an innate appreciation of beauty and harmony. They are great innovators, and they take pleasure in applying their creative touch in every project they take on. They’re also interested in music, painting, poetry, and other forms of art. Libras also enjoy creating handmade gifts for their loved ones.

13. Hates Being Alone

Libras thrive in social environments. They crave connection, intimacy, and validation. They can’t stand being alone for long periods of time. A Libra man will actively look for opportunities to socialize. They’re the type of people who initiates get-togethers and plan adventures.

However, this particular trait also makes them jump straight into another relationship after their breakups. They are infamous for being serial monogamists. This is one of the reasons why Libra men don’t get easily jealous. When they feel like you’re interested in other men, they will simply pick a replacement from their roster.

Signs That a Libra Man is Jealous

1. He Will Detach Himself from You

When a Libra man is jealous, he will start withdrawing himself from you. He will stop keeping you in the loop on his everyday activities. The messages get shorter, and he will get colder. Once you lose the trust of a Libra man, he will stop being interested in you and probably start exploring his options.

Because a Libra man veers away from conflict and confrontation, they won’t confront you about their feelings of jealousy. When a Libra man is jealous, he will slowly detach himself from you. The ending of your relationship won’t be filled with fights, catastrophe, and hatred; it’ll be a cold, emotionless ending.

2. He Starts Flirting with Other Women

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When you start to notice your Libra man ogling other women and liking their photos on social media, this might be an indication that he’s jealous and trying to mirror your behavior. If a Libra man suspects that you’re cheating on him, he will just start reaching out to the roster of women on his prospects.

3. Suddenly Gives You Attention

Another telltale sign that a Libra man is jealous is when he starts giving you more attention. When a Libra man feels like you might be interested in other men, he may take it as a sign that you’re dissatisfied with the current trajectory of your relationship.

Because of their emphatic nature, he will try to see things from your perspective and may think that it’s his fault that you’re unhappy with your relationship and thus, he will try to be more present in his interactions with you and will make an effort in involving you in his life.

4. He Will Try to Make You Jealous

When a Libra man is jealous, it’s highly likely that he will mimic your actions and try to make you jealous as well. If you’ve recently broken up and started dating someone else, he might begin parading his new relationship on social media and do things with her that you’ve never done together.

5. Suggest Open Relationship

One surefire sign that a Libra man is jealous is when he starts suggesting an open relationship. If a Libra man feels that you’re interested in other men but is not ready to fully let you go, he might joke about trying out a polyamorous relationship. When he starts acting like this, it’s crucial to have an honest discussion on why he felt the need to suggest it.

Final Thoughts

Libra men are romantic and nurturing souls. If you’re dating one, you’re certainly in for a treat. They exude a youthful vigor and wicked charm that’ll definitely make your dark thoughts drift away. They love making the people around them happy and maintaining peace in their communities.

Libra men rarely exhibit jealousy, and even when they do, they’re not usually the type to act on it. Because it’s easy for a Libra man to get what they want and entice any woman into loving them, they wouldn’t dwell too much on their ex-lover’s betrayal. They will move on and find another partner.


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