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23 Clear Signs an Aquarius Man Testing You (+Best Response)

Renowned for being astute intellectuals, Aquarius men can be pretty meticulous and extremely pragmatic when choosing a partner. They are innovators and idealists who have big dreams for themselves. They’re not the type to settle in a relationship for the sake of romance. They want a smart woman they can build a life with and with whom they can have intellectually stimulating discussions.

An Aquarius man will test you by monitoring your actions, asking bizarre questions, and engaging you in a debate. He will test your intellect, loyalty, self-reliance, patience, clinginess, sexual openness. He will also observe how you socialize with others and the way you carry yourself in a conversation.

As an altruistic philanthropist with a strong sense of justice, he will also check your moral and political leanings. He will want to know if you share the same values and if you’re willing to support him in his quest to improve society’s future and elevate humanity’s level of awareness.

Signs an Aquarius Man is Testing You

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1. He Engages You in an Existential Dialogue

As a fixed air sign, the Aquarius man doesn’t pay much attention to a person’s looks. Enticing him with your physique will likely not work. As a cerebral guy, he is more interested in having a deep and meaningful conversation.

If an Aquarius man is interested in you, he will test you by asking strange hypothetical questions. He’s also likely to quiz you on topics such as philosophy, ethics, mythology, astronomy, and metaphysics.

An Aquarius man will also test you by assessing your mindset and outlook on life. He may ask you questions such as “What do you think is the meaning of life?”,  “Do you believe in God?” or “When was the last time you felt alive?”

Notorious for being the quirky and eccentric sign of the zodiac, an Aquarius man might also talk to you about aliens and otherworldly stuff. He may also ask you stupid questions just to see how you respond. If he thinks you can handle yourself well in any type of conversation, he’s likely to keep you around.

2. He’ll Check If You Can Call Him Out of His Bullsh*t

Before an Aquarius man commits to you, he will want to know if you can stand up for yourself and call him out on his bullsh*t. He’s not likely to be captivated by a submissive woman who agrees with everything he says and reinforces his stupid behavior.

An Aquarius man likes to be challenged, so he wants someone who’s not afraid to pinpoint which aspects of his personality need improvement. If you want to pass this test, you need to remain authentic and true to yourself.

3. He’ll Test Your Level of Enthusiasm on Things that He’s Interested In

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Another sign that an Aquarius man is testing you is when he brings up random things he’s interested in. He might ask your opinion about a particular movie, author, or musician. He does this to check your compatibility. Basically, he wants to know if you like the same shit he’s into. When answering his questions, simply be honest. Aquarius men can smell lies and inauthenticity from miles away.

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Stop trying to contort your character to fit whatever you think he wants you to be. Creating a fake persona to get him to like you is not sustainable, and he’d likely see through it. If you do this, you’re setting yourself up for a very hard life, and your relationship is likely to have poor foundations. Instead of obsessing over how to get him to like you, see if you even like him.

4. He Puts You in Uncomfortable Situations

An Aquarius man may also test you by putting you in unpleasant situations. He will assess if you can maintain your cool in a high-pressure environment, and he’ll try to see if you can remain calm under stressful situations.

Because Aquarius men tend to be cold and condescending, he needs a woman who doesn’t get easily frustrated by his behavior. Infamous for being cocky and self-righteous, an Aquarius man may also test you by suddenly putting you on the spot and asking difficult questions. He wants a woman who can think on her feet and knows how to respond in a composed and rational manner.

5. He’ll Ask Your Opinions on Certain Issues

As value-driven philanthropists, an Aquarius man will test you by asking about your political leanings and moral viewpoints. Before he commits to you, he’ll check to see if you share the same values. Aquarius men have a lot of plans geared towards the betterment of society. Therefore, he’s likely to choose a civic-minded woman who genuinely cares about the future of society.

Aquarius men tend to veer away from uninformed, lazy, and superficial people. As a cerebral sign, Aquarius men are drawn to women with high intellect, insatiable curiosity, and an open mind. They want someone they can learn from and who will also challenge their thinking. To pass this test, you must be informed about the current issues in the world and be able to think for yourself.

6. He’ll Question Your Viewpoints

Another thing that an Aquarius man does to test if you’re a good fit for him is to challenge your beliefs and worldview. He wants a woman who has a solid foundation on why she believes in the things she believes in. If you can’t back up your viewpoints and merely swallow the myths society throws down your throat, he’s likely not going to be interested in pursuing you.

7. He’ll See How You React to His Jokes

Aquarius men are also drawn to women who have the same level of humor as them. An Aquarius man may unconsciously test you by spewing out jokes to get a feel of your sense of humor. He does this to see if you’d get along. If an Aquarius man feels like he can’t be himself around you, it’s not likely that he will pursue you.

Some men under this sign also find it absurd when people take things too seriously. They find it tragic to see people getting too sucked into the drama of their lives and getting overly sensitive when their egoic identity is threatened.

Aquarius men like to have fun and live their lives to the fullest. When looking for a partner, he wants to be with someone who makes a conscious choice to make every moment of their life fun-filled and surreal.

8. He’ll Try to Find Out if You’re Self-Reliant

Aquarians live a purpose-driven life. They also have big dreams for themselves and a burning desire to make the world a better place. Thus, they require solitude and freedom to fertilize their creative and innovative ideas. They’re independent souls who are very protective of their space and mental energy.

An Aquarius man may test you by checking your level of clinginess. While Aquarius men don’t mind being in the presence of other people and being cared for and loved, they tend to prefer it in short bursts. If you’re the type of person who constantly needs to be updated on whatever your partner is doing, an Aquarius man may not be the right fit for you.

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Aquarius men are drawn to women who don’t depend on anyone for anything. They are attracted to women who are self-sufficient in all aspects of their life. If you’re overly clingy, needy, codependent, and financially dependent on your parents, an Aquarius man might see this as red flags and drive away.

9. He’ll Test if You Can Think For Yourself

When it comes to choosing a partner, Aquarius men prefer someone who doesn’t conform to society’s traditions and merely swallows hand-me-down belief systems. If you’re just repeating ready-made slogans and quotations from dead philosophers, it’s not likely that your Aquarius man will be impressed. They want a woman who challenges the status quo and who’s capable of independent thought.

To capture an Aquarius man’s heart, you need to be able to be in tune with the infinite wisdom within. You must also be well-read, confident, emotionally intelligent, and have your own thoughts and opinions on certain issues.

10. He’ll Observe How You Socialize with Other People

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One way an Aquarius man will test you is by observing how you interact with other people. He will monitor you like a hawk and watch how you converse with others attentively. When he introduces you to his social circle, it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s already fully committed to you. It could just be a ploy to see if his friends and family like you or not.

11. He’ll Test Your Patience

An Aquarius man may also test your patience by taking his time before he text, call, or respond to you. He might even make plans with you and suddenly bail at the last minute. It might seem immature, but it’s possible that he’s only doing this to see how you’d react and check how clingy you can be.

If dating an Aquarius man stresses you out and drives you crazy, learn to set healthy boundaries and stop abdicating your power to get someone to like you. If your Aquarius man repeatedly tests your patience beyond its limits and doesn’t seem to care how his behavior affects you, it might be time to walk away.

12. He’ll put Your Loyalty to the test

Because Aquarius men don’t really place a high value on romantic relationships, they are notorious for playing games in the dating arena. It’s possible that they’re conducting these tests due to trust issues garnered from their previous relationship.

Modern dating is a minefield littered with liars and cheaters. It’s no wonder so many people go crazy conducting loyalty tests before they commit themselves to someone. Despite being intellectuals, Aquarius men are no exception. Because they can be extremely picky on who they let in their lives, they will conduct a thorough assessment of your character before they commit to you.

If you’ve just started dating, he may ask about how your previous relationship ended. He may also ask other people about you to find out any red flags skeletons in the closet you might be hiding.

An Aquarius man may also test your loyalty by setting up a fake social media account and flirting with you under a different name. Some people even go as far as using their friends and family members to see if you’d cheat on them. If your Aquarius man is doing this, drop him. People don’t play games with the ones they love. If he doesn’t trust you, your relationship doesn’t have much to stand on.

13. He’ll Try to Find Out if You’re Rebellious

Known to be the rebels and outlaws of the zodiac, Aquarius men don’t like being pigeonholed into boxes of identities. They like to dance around the boxes and embrace the full spectrum of life. They don’t like being told what to do, and they also don’t do well in the presence of authorities.

When picking a partner in crime, an Aquarius man might test you by engaging you in a debate and playing the devil’s advocate. He wants to know if you can boldly and confidently speak up and express your viewpoints. He might also encourage you to do reckless and morally questionable activities to test your defiant nature or to see if you’re a puppet who’ll always let him get his way.

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14. He’ll Check Your Level of Spontaneity

Another thing that Aquarius men look for in a woman is spontaneity. They want someone they can go on adventures with at a moment’s notice. If you’re a stickler for perfection, it’s highly unlikely that an Aquarius man will be a good fit for you.

Because Aquarians tend to have scattered minds, incorporating new and diverse things into their life is essential in fostering their creativity. They don’t like falling into predictable, regimental, and constraining schedules. Monotonous routines tend to suffocate them. Therefore, when looking for a partner, they want someone who’s carefree and willing to dive headfirst into the unknown.

15. He’ll Try to Test Your Jealousy Level

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Another definite sign that an Aquarius man is testing you is when he tries to make you jealous. He’ll do this by excessively talking about his exes or female friends. He might even flirt with other girls in front of you.

 Aquarius men can be pretty hard to read, so it might be tough to decipher why he’s doing this. If you’ve just started out dating, he might be trying to get a feel on how you’d react when jealous. If you’ve been dating for a while and he acts like this, do yourself a favor and dump him.

16. He’ll Ask About Your Future Goals

As humanitarian philanthropists, Aquarius men dedicate their lives to elevating the level of awareness of humanity as well as the quality of their lives. When it comes to relationships, they prefer a woman who shares their values and who also works on improving society in her own way.

Aside from asking about your dreams and aspirations, an Aquarius man might also test you by talking about major societal issues and asking how you think you can alleviate these problems. Your first date with an Aquarius man will be like going on a job interview for Bill Gates. If you want to pass this test, you need to be well-informed on the current ills pervading society and have a genuine desire to serve humanity.

17. He’ll Check Your Attitude on Sex

An Aquarius man might also test your sexual openness. Are you a conservative or a freak in the sheets? Aquarians tend to have a very high sex drive, so they tend to prefer women who are open-minded, wild, and adventurous. To put it simply, they want a woman who is “Obama in the streets and Osama in the sheets.”

Other Signs

18. He’s unreliable and flaky.

19. He talks about other females (be it his friends or otherwise) a lot.

20. He’s very controlling and tries to dominate you.

21. He’s always trying to make you wait for him.

22. He often bails on you on the last minute and then apologizes.

23. He often shows up unexpectedly.

These are all the signs of an Aquarius man testing you.

Final Thoughts

With their astute, idealistic, and picky personality, Aquarius men tend to conduct a plethora of tests before they fully commit to someone. He might use all types of tests there is to make sure you’re a good fit for him intellectually, spiritually, and emotionally.

These tests can be draining and stressful, so if you don’t want to go through all these hoops, remember that there are 7.7 billion people on the planet, half of whom are men. Relinquish the need to uphold your importance to anyone else but you.

Stop expending too much energy contorting yourself into a persona to prove you’re worthy of love and admiration. Reclaim your power by asking yourself if you even like this person.


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