When a Leo Man Is Done With You (5 Suspicious Signs)

When a Leo Man Is Done With You (5 Suspicious Signs)

Dating used to be considered quite cumbersome and tedious because getting to know a person needed so much time, but these days it has become easier due to the rising prominence of Astrology and Zodiac Signs. Now, you can immediately know if the Leo man you are dating is compatible with your sign. However, this also means that you will know when the both of you are incompatible.

Leo men are known to be the and always want to be the “star of the show” in every aspect of their lives, he will always want to seek your validation and approval. The moment he becomes passive, jealous, and most of all does not want your opinion about himself, it is a telltale sign of the worst for your relationship.

Leo guys are self-assured and generous. Their zeal and prominence allow them to advance in their careers. Furthermore, they are open-minded, foresighted, and capable of overcoming obstacles and controlling the entire scenario. As a result, it is simple for people to respect and adore them.

However, they also enjoy having a sense of power. They do not necessarily desire to be worshiped or revered. They simply want to be acknowledged for being their true selves. A Leo man might be torn between putting you or himself first.

Suspicious Signs That Tell You He Is Done With You

1. He is always silent and docile when you are together

 silent man

Those born under the sign of Leo are well-known for their “presence”.  They have the characteristics of a musical singer combined with the performing expertise of a Las Vegas magician. Their intriguing personalities have a way of mesmerizing anyone who crosses their path as the moment you talk to him about anything under the sun, he will almost always have at least one controversial opinion.

When he isolates himself and avoids engaging in conversation when you are both together, that is truly a cause for concern.

2. He does not give you much spotlight

You have probably observed that the Leo guy in your life likes being the center of attention, he may even readily forget about the people around him. But, when he cares about someone, he always remembers to share a small chunk of his light with them. He will brag about your triumphs or emphasize how you supported him.

Leos have a reputation for being conceited. This is not ‘flaunting’ to them; it is sharing. Making their achievements known to others makes them feel connected, so they want their friends to react. They want to be celebrated, but they should also be thrilled to brag about you.

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When he keeps neglecting to do this, it is a hint that he does not want you anymore. Where he formerly saw you as something inside his world, he may suddenly perceive you as something beyond it.

3. He reduces his romantic activities.

Leo guys are extremely passionate. They enjoy the adventure as well as pampering the person of their affections. As a result, no matter how long you have been together, you can expect romantic gestures from them on a frequent basis. They are faithful and honest to the person who holds their love, and they cherish the sensation of being in a loving relationship.

Leo men are masters of good old-fashioned romance, so ladies who have their adoration should prepare to receive tons of flowers, chocolates, selfies together, and public kisses. If these abruptly stop, alarm bells should go out in your brain. This might imply that this Leo man is playing with you or is unhappy about something.

4. He does not want to argue

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Leo people, like most men born unto a fire Zodiac, like a ‘close match’. They do not keep things cooped up; instead, they let it all out. When he is in a great spot with someone in a relationship, he is inclined to argue with them constantly. This is because he understands you two can work things out and not hold it against one other afterward.

However, if he appears to be walking on eggshells around you and not picking up on things you know he dislikes, this is not a good indication. This signifies that he believes there is something wrong with the relationship and that you will be unable to bear the quarrel.

5. He is less possessive of you

As established, Leos are known for their unrelenting need to be the center of attention. They want to be in the spotlight, and they want the people around them to value them. It frequently causes Leo to be ignorant of someone else’s feelings as they seek all the affection and attention of everyone else around them. If you are dating a Leo, they will probably appear jealous, but it’ll be because they want you!

But, when that invigorating feeling of ‘possessing’ you within a relationship fades and pops like bubbles, this is a clear-cut sign that he may not be that much into you anymore. Though, you might have dodged a bullet if you are dating someone that possessive.

6. He Stops Sharing Things with You

Leo men can be very arrogant and self-centered. They like talking about themselves and making people admire them. When a Leo man stops sharing details about his life, it’s possible that he’s already beginning to detach from you.

7. He Seems Annoyed at Everything You Do

While Leos are notorious for being overconfident and cocky at times, they still try to be kind and loving to their partner. When a Leo man keeps lashing out at you, picks out on your flaws, or gets easily annoyed at everything you do, this is a definite sign that he’s done with you.

If you find yourself constantly walking on eggshells with your partner, it might be time to have an honest discussion about his behavior and the trajectory of your relationship. 

8. You’re at the Bottom of His Priority List

You can tell a Leo is done with you when he stops making you a priority. Leo men are highly driven individuals who are committed to achieving their goals. If a Leo man wants you in his life, he would never do anything to make you feel like you’re not important to him. If you feel he’s taking you for granted or not investing in your relationship, this is a clear sign that he’s done with you.

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9. He Asks for Personal Space a LOT

Leo men place a high value on their independence. However, when they’re in love, they’d want to spend as much time with the person they care about. When he tells you he wants to take a break or starts needing more time away from you, this is a sign that he’s already detaching himself from you and would probably break things off soon.

10. You Feel it in Your Gut

When intimacy wanes, and you feel that something’s off about your relationship, chances are, there is. If you feel out of sync with your partner, your subconscious may be picking up on signals your conscious mind can’t comprehend yet. In this case, the best course of action is simply to talk to your partner and be honest about your feelings.

11. Passionless Sex

Infamous for being self-centered players, it’s no surprise that Leos prioritize their own pleasure in bed. However, if a Leo is enamored by you, he’d want to make you happy in any way he can. When a Leo man stops initiating sex or makes you feel like he’s only using you for sex, this is a strong sign that you need to end the relationship and move on.

12. He’s on Dating Apps

If you caught your Leo man using dating apps, this is a big red flag. Unless you’re in an open relationship, this is a serious breach of trust and is downright cheating. It’s time to pack your bags and leave his sorry ass.

13. He No Longer Makes an Effort

When it comes to something they love, Leos always go all in. If he stops exerting effort into your relationship, he may already be checked out emotionally. Communicate your concerns to him and if he’s not willing to meet you halfway, find someone who will.

14. He’s Avoiding You

Leos like to be the center of attention. In their relationships, they need to be showered with constant attention, compliments, and affection. If a Leo man starts avoiding you, it’s possible that you did something to hurt his self-esteem or he’s thinking about breaking things off with you.

15. He Doesn’t Include You in His Plans

Leo men are renowned for being extremely strategic and intentional about their life decisions. When they know what they want, they don’t let anyone or anything get in the way. A Leo man’s refusal to discuss the future or his failure to include you in his plans clearly indicates that he does not want you to be a part of it.

What If I Want Him To Stay?

Be the woman a Leo man wants

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Leo men may be tough and have a nasty temper in love, therefore a soft and caring woman who can take care of their feelings and treat them tenderly may be more suited for them. Because Leo men are generally upbeat, they like gals who are upbeat as well. Furthermore, an uninterested woman is usually appealing to male Leos since they embrace challenges and have a great attraction for rugged females.

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Be more proactive

Taking the effort to rekindle the relationship might be a wonderful idea. Plan a romantic weekend away to show him how very much you still care about him. While it may appear trivial, increasing your allure and attractiveness might benefit both of you if he has a “knack” for other women.

Be confident in your self-image

One of the most attractive things you can do for your Leo man is when you exude self-confidence. This will seem like a parallelism between your personalities leading to the Leo man thinking that you are his equal or at least a ‘subsidiary’ of his own strong personality. When arguing with him, make sure to always stand your ground.

Try to frequently compliment him rather than bombard him with a series of complaints. Although a Leo man enjoys a good debate or argument, complaints will only frustrate him and shall lead to resentment.

Be the best looking in the room

A gorgeous lady cannot keep a Leo man away. Tap on your ex’s yearning for the good things in life by frequently displaying your feminine side at all circumstances. Create an impression when you intend to run into him or when the both of you meet up to speak. Indulge yourself to some new stylish clothing, maintain your make-up, and get your hair and nails fixed.

Making an effort to keep your look is a surefire method to attract the attention of other guys. But because a Leo man desires to be in the front of everything, he will make every attempt to be the only one who is able to be with the gorgeous woman that many other pursuers wish to get for themselves.

Be honest with him

A Leo man hates someone beating around the bush more than anything, this includes dishonesty. Due to their nature of being straightforward, they despise anyone who is dishonest and keeps to themselves when they have or want to say criticisms towards the Leo man. In light of this, do be more open to your Leo man especially if you need to discuss something about your relationship.

Be sincere when asking for forgiveness

being honest

If your Leo man is done with you due to a fault on your part, the first thing you ought to do once you get him communicating is to give a genuine apology. No matter how badly he has failed you in the past, it is critical to avoid contempt, insults, or finger pointing. Insensitivity is something that this zodiac sign would never forgive.

When making even the tiniest of mistakes towards a Leo man, the most ideal way of reconciling with them is offering a genuine apology. These people deeply appreciate honesty and, even without considering the magnitude of your faux pas, will still forgive you in a heartbeat once you offer the most genuine of apologies.

Final Thoughts

Leo men are, as mentioned, highly self-centered and critically focused on self-gain and pride. As such, going out with them is seemingly counter-intuitive, but surprisingly, having a relationship with them might be one of the best “mistakes” you will ever make in your lifetime. The chase is worth the price when you try dating a Leo man, though the journey to walk and traverse is quite tumultuous.


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