Dream about Levitation

Dream About Levitation: Psychological Interpretations

Levitation defies the laws of physics in the real world, but in dreams, anything is possible. Whether it’s hovering over the ground or drifting through the skies, levitating in our dreams abounds with implications for our innermost thoughts and feelings.

Dreams of levitation often denote freedom, control, and self-transformation. Floating upwards suggests rising above our challenges and elevating our perspectives. These dreams also signify satisfaction and joy in waking life.

Levitation in dreams overflows with many other potential insights. Hence, mindful dream interpretation can be superbly helpful in uncovering relevant meaning. With this, we may attain a more thorough understanding of our innermost thoughts and emotions.

Dream About Levitation: Psychological Overview

woman floating in the sky

The subconscious mind is drawn to levitation. Records of gravity-defying dreams piquing the mind go as far back as Ancient Greece. In the Greek Oneirocritica, one of the oldest dream books in history, dreams of ascension were listed as fortunate signs.

Levitation in dreams is as pervasive as it is timeless. Dream research has found that gravity-resisting dreams (climbing a ladder, flying, riding an airplane, etc.) are one of the most frequent dreams, alongside being attacked and teeth falling out.

As such, psychological approaches to dream interpretation have accumulated many insights into the meaning of levitating in dreams. According to these approaches, dreams of levitation generally signify:

  • one’s sense of freedom and control
  • self-fulfillment
  • willpower and determination
  • self-exploration
  • a carefree and cheerful attitude
  • a need to be recognized or more socially appealing
  • detachment from others
  • a desire for relief and escape from stress

Dreams about levitation can manifest in uncountable ways. The unique details and scenarios of each levitation dream can dramatically influence their meaning:

  • Dreams of levitating over our homes may signify comfort, security, and control within our social environment and relationships. This indicates confidence in our stability and direction in waking life.
  • Rapid levitation in dreams denotes sudden positive changes in our relationships, careers, or social standing. This can reflect both anxiety and excitement over these sudden changes.
  • If we dream of seeing ourselves levitate in a third-person perspective, then this signifies an outsider’s view of one’s inner growth and transformation. This distant perspective can mirror our desire for others to recognize our self-progress.
  • Dreams of levitating to cross difficult terrain (dense forest, mountains, flooded lands, etc.) may reflect overcoming major obstacles and reaching goals that once seemed unachievable. It reflects determination and resilience.

Levitation in Dreams and Modern Dream Research

man levitating from his bed

Modern dream research approaches dreams as reflections of waking life experiences. Dreams continue from our preoccupations in waking life, influencing their content. Looking into our dreams allows us to see the sources of peculiar or recurrent feelings.

Intense emotions, in particular, can often manifest in dreams. These emotions may be positive, such as elation or thrill, or negative, such as deep frustrations and unresolved traumas. Moreover, certain dreams carry unique emotional meaning.

Gravity-defying dreams like levitation are one example. Not only have they been found to be quite common according to modern dream research, but dreams of levitating in various ways also bear special personal and emotional insights.

Psychological Implications of Levitation in Dreams

Dream scenarios that resist gravity such as levitating have been given special attention in dream psychology. Studies in modern dream research have been conducted on these dreams and their potential psychological implications.

For instance, a study noted that unaided flight in dreams is a common lucid dream experience. Lucid dreamers often experience flying once fully conscious in their dreamscapes, with some even voluntarily activating flight to induce thrill and fun.

Another study proposed that dreams involving gravity defiance like levitation are simply caused by real-life experiences of flying. For example, the study noted that dreams of unaided flight positively correlated with the growth of airline flights since the 1950s.

However, one study found a more interesting connection. Assessing the factors surrounding the occurrence of gravity-defying dreams in over 400 students, the study found that these dreams were highly related to:

  • low neuroticism
  • openness to experience
  • boundary thinness (creativity, vulnerability, artistic ability, etc.)
  • creative activity, like playing an instrument

Dreams of levitation may thereby point to our positive emotions, traits, and experiences in waking life, as well as our creative and social abilities. This can signify recent feelings of euphoria, excitement, and happiness involving ourselves and those around us.

While the general insights of levitating in dreams tend to be positive, noting specific narrative dream details can further clarify its meaning and help us achieve a better understanding of its causes within ourselves and waking life:

  • If we dream about levitating while singing, this can reflect feelings of joy, harmony, and free creative expression in waking life. These may be rooted in artistic inclinations within us.
  • Dreaming about making someone else levitate signifies empowering others, instilling hope, or helping lift their spirits emotionally or socially. It relates to support for others’ growth and the positivity of our relationships.
  • A dream about levitating while being in a car may indicate a sense of direction and control over one’s path in life. This can be linked to our confidence and decisiveness in pursuing personal goals.
  • Dreams of levitating to escape a disaster like a flood or an earthquake can denote points to resilience and overcoming trauma or upheaval. This may be an echo of our inner resolve and poise in facing the trials of life.

In essence, dreams of levitation are opportunities for us to appreciate our positivity within our relationships, behaviors, and traits. By recognizing these in real life, we can maintain and be more grateful for these sources of joy and fulfillment.

Dream About Levitation in Jungian Analysis

man with glasses floating in the sky

Jungian analysis places great importance on dreams, seeing them as messages from the unconscious mind. These messages are often wound in symbolism which, when unraveled by the conscious mind, reveal profound insights.

As these insights are often related to our psychological self-development, decoding our dreams may aid us in realizing unrecognized aspects of ourselves that may be aiding or impeding our self-growth.

Certain dream experiences may be especially revealing about our journey toward self-progress and self-integration. In Jungian analysis, this journey is known as individuation, which is closely connected to levitation in dreams.

Levitation in Dreams and Individuation

Individuation refers to the lifelong process of integrating the conscious and unconscious mind to become the fullest expression of one’s whole self. Interpreting our dreams allows us to garner inward perspectives that can aid in the process of individuation.

According to Carl Jung, founder of Jungian analysis, dreams that involve flight and other forms of ascension signify prevailing over life’s challenges. Levitating in our dreams is thus generally a transformative sign, marking victories in self-progress, such as:

  • a turning point in our relationships with ourselves or with others
  • prevailing over our egos
  • attaining new perspectives and knowledge
  • breaking old limits and bad habits
  • achieving a higher stage of enlightenment

Dreams of levitation may thus indicate we are undergoing an inner shift as we realize and confront the darker sides of ourselves. The specific circumstances and details of such dreams offer clues into their meaning for our path toward wholeness:

  • If we dream of levitating alongside family members like our children, fathers, or mothers, then this can be a sign of integrating once conflicting aspects of those close relationships, reflecting inner unification.
  • Dreams of levitating to succeed in a fight can denote summoning the inner strength and willpower to face down our inner conflicts and unify disparate elements of the psyche.
  • Levitating while being shot at in a dream may be an indication of rising above external judgments or threats that could undermine our developing sense of self. This reflects resilience and courage.
  • Parts of our bodies (such as our eyes or hair) levitating in our dreams can mean specific expressive abilities or facets of our identity are becoming liberated and integrated into our whole self.

As levitation in dreams is greatly connected with individuation, relating ourselves and our inner struggles to its meaning unlocks a trove of insight. This can prompt us to reflect on our progress toward realizing wholeness and attaining our fullest potential.

Dream About Levitation in Freudian Psychoanalysis

woman levitating from her bed

Freudian psychoanalysis sees dreams as expressions of unconscious desires and struggles. By uncovering the hidden meaning in dream symbols, we can illuminate the landscape of our minds and point to areas causing subconscious tension.

This is often done by attempting to uncover the true desires beneath our dreams’ symbolism and relating them to circumstances and events in life. These wishes can often be sexual and aggressive, and some dream experiences are particularly revealing.

In Freudian psychoanalysis, this phenomenon is known as wish fulfillment. Levitation in dreams is one example of a dream that expresses profound wishes concerning our feelings toward our youth and individual agency.

Levitation in Dreams and Wish Fulfillment

Wish fulfillment refers to the disguised satisfaction of wishes and urges that are repressed or unmet in waking life. Discernible symbols within our dreams manifest to gratify these subconscious desires without consequence.

According to Freudian psychoanalysis, dreams of levitation indicate a desire to be young and carefree again, free from adult concerns and responsibilities. Levitation thus often gratifies wishes for freedom, control, and relief from our burdens in waking life.

More precisely, the unique narrative circumstances surrounding dreams of levitation provide clues for deducing the specific underlying wishes being expressed. For example:

  • Levitation while panicking in our dreams denotes wishes to escape or avoid overwhelming emotions and mental duress in waking life. The specific source of anxiety provides deeper insight.
  • Dreaming of levitating while indulging in pleasurable acts like eating sweets, dancing, or sexual activity can symbolize unfulfilled cravings for release, gratification, and freedom from restraints imposed by society and authority figures.
  • If we dream of levitating while half-dressed, then this can signify wishes for admiration, validation, attention, or being seen in a flattering or desirable light by others. It may reveal deeper insecurities and dissatisfactions.
  • Dreams of levitating to escape supernatural creatures such as demons, vampires, or witches may symbolize the desire to avoid confronting our frightening inner flaws, problematic qualities, or threatening unconscious drives we deny or repress.

Carefully interpreting the unique symbolic circumstances surrounding levitation in our dreams can reveal the true and often contradictory nature of our wishes. This allows us to address our inner conflicts regarding our freedom and control in life.


From cultural symbols of enlightenment and transcendence to psychological signifiers of beneficial traits and emotions, dreams of levitation are complex and multi-layered. Nonetheless, they provide elevated viewpoints to better grasp the mind’s terrain.

Though the deeper meanings of levitation dreams will vary by individual, decoding them grants invaluable glimpses within us. Harnessing insights from these uplifting dreams thus enables us to gain altitude over life’s challenges and achieve new perspectives.


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