13 Meanings When You Dream About Piglets & Pigs

Due to the unhygienic, greedy, and gluttonous nature of pigs, their symbolic cultural meaning is often used in a derogatory sense. However, in some cultures, they are revered as a symbol of success, fertility, abundance, and financial prosperity.

In dreams, the spiritual meaning of pigs can have both positive and negative interpretations depending on the content of the dream as well as the personal circumstances of the dreamer. Generally, they are associated with foolishness, impure desires, ignorance, selfishness, and overindulgence.

Dream about piglets may allude to the personality traits of someone in your life, or it could also be a reflection of your own character. Reflect on your personal circumstance and take what resonates with you.

Spiritual Meanings of Dream about Piglets & Pigs

piglets feeding off their mom

1. Desire for Attention

Dreams about piglets or pigs could signify that you have been obsessively trying to solicit attention and validation from the people around you. You spend most of your day planning your next social media post, tracking your likes, views, and comments, and hoping a particular person will see it.

This might give you a temporary ego boost, but this desperate need for external validation could ruin your self-esteem and self-worth in the long run. It could also cloud your judgment and distract you from building a wonderful life for yourself. If a pig pops up in your dream, your celestial guardians urge you to be mindful of what kind of energy you’re tuning into.

2. Bad Influences

A dream about pig and piglets could also be a warning sign from your spirit guides that you’re surrounded by people who may be too identified with their bad habits and limiting beliefs.

The people you spend time with can heavily influence how you live your life. It might be time to right-size your life and let go of all the negative aspects that are holding you back from reaching your fullest potential.

3. Inner Turmoil

Dreaming about piglets or pigs may also be symbolic of the feelings of guilt, shame, and self-doubt you’re currently struggling with. It could also mean you’re having trouble making an important life-changing decision. Your celestial guardians are reminding you to listen to your inner GPS and follow the path that feels right to you.

4. You’re Monopolizing Someone’s Time

tattooed woman latching on a man's arm

Having pigs or piglets in a dream could also mean that you’re hogging someone’s time and draining their energy. If this is the case, you need to stop and give them space.

Alternatively, it could also signify that someone in your life is taking advantage of you and depleting your physical, emotional, and financial resources. Your celestial guardians are urging you to set strong boundaries with this person.

5. Untamed Sexual Desires

In some cases, dreaming about pigs or piglets denotes that you have some intense sexual desire that you can’t quite tame. Perhaps you’re lusting for someone you know you can’t have a sexual relationship with, or maybe you simply can’t think of anything other than sex.

Your guardians are reminding you that there’s nothing wrong with having these desires. You’re human, after all. Honor the needs of your body and satiate your desire with consenting adults.

However, sometimes these thoughts are simply a distraction from trauma or emptiness. If this is the case, try to write down your thoughts, channel your energy on other tasks, and fill your life with meaning and purpose.

6. Embrace Change

Pigs & piglets in a dream could also be an indication of resistance to growth and change. Change can be scary, but it is the only way for you to grow and reach your dreams. Stop being paralyzed by comfort and fear, and start living the life of your dreams.

7. Listen to Your Intuition

Coming across a pig in a dream could also be a divine message for you to listen to the voice within. Your celestial guardians are prodding you to honor your instincts and follow your guts. Your intuition is your best compass when you don’t know what to do.

8. Disorganized Nature

A pig in a dream may also be a reflection of your disorganized personality and somewhat chaotic life. Your spirit guides are urging you to organize your life and clear away all the non-essentials. This will free up bandwidth in your life and make room for miracles, clarity, and new opportunities.

9. Gluttony & Greed

woman eating spaghetti

In the bible, pigs are a symbol of ungratefulness, selfishness, and greed. You have a tendency to take advantage of other people’s kindness and discard them when they’re no longer of any use to you. You also have trouble feeling empathy for other people and seeing through their lens.

10. Fertility

In Native America, dreaming about pigs or piglets portends rain and fertility. It could also augur financial prosperity, spiritual evolution, or a new relationship. If you’re a woman having this dream, it’s possible that you’re pregnant or dealing with someone with a childish personality.

11. Growth & Success

In China, dreams starring pigs or piglets are a sign that you will be successful in your business or creative endeavors. It could also signify that something good is about to happen to you. If you’re facing some issues with your personal or professional life, having pigs in your dreams means brighter days are coming.

12. Total Freedom

Pigs in dreams could also be a symbol of stoicism. It means you’re at a period of your life where you’re learning to care less about what other people think and living your life in alignment with your values, virtues, and vision.

13. Stay Out of Trouble

Dreaming about pigs could also be a warning sign from your spiritual support system that you should stay away from things that you know will get you in serious trouble. If you have this dream, it’s possible you may be involved in some illegal dealings. It could also mean that you’re having difficulty managing your stress and anger.

Common Pig-Related Dream Scenarios

Dream about Squealing Pigs

To hear squealing pigs in dreams foreshadows betrayal and disappointment from people you trust. It could also presage the death of a loved one or an ending of a relationship. Other interpreters also suggest that this could be a sign that you will come across an old friend whom you haven’t seen for a while.

Dream about Pigs Swimming

Such dreams symbolize your desire to cling to a person or an idealized idea. You tend to create made-up scenarios in your head and plan out every detail of your life. Your celestial guardians are urging you to create some space in your life for magic and serendipity to happen.

Dream about Flying Pigs or Piglets

Seeing flying pigs or piglets in a dream could be symbolic of your fear, worries, and self-doubt. It could also mean that you may be struggling to make ends meet, living paycheck to paycheck, and barely living your life. Your spirit guides are reminding you that life is not meant to be endured but enjoyed. Take some time to breathe, relax, and do things that truly bring you joy.

Being Chased by a Pig in a Dream

happy piglets running

To be chased by a pig symbolize your commitment and desire to reach your goals. It could also be a divine message prompting you to gain clarity on what you truly want out of this life. Once you’re clear on where you want to go, the universe will send you all the things, people, and circumstances necessary to help you get there.

Dream about Pigs Fighting

This dream scenario reflects your desire to get your ducks in a row and streamline your life. Some dream interpreters also suggest that this could be a sign of a love triangle or a complicated love affair. Your guardian angels are urging you to extinguish this fire before it wrecks your family.

Dream about Being Bitten by a Pig

If you get bit by a pig in your dreams, this could be a sign that you’ve been making fiscally irresponsible decisions. You need to learn to manage your finances better, practice self-control, and stop trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Dream about Getting Eaten by a Pig

Dreaming about getting eaten by a pig expresses your desire to gain the approval of someone. It could also mean that you’ve been comparing yourself to other people. Your celestial guardians are urging you to embrace your authenticity and stop putting your nose in other people’s business. This is your life you’re creating, not theirs.

Dream about Being Attacked by a Pig

Being attacked by a pig in a dream means that you need to disown and relinquish all your outdated beliefs, toxic traits, and unhealthy coping mechanisms if you want to improve your life.

This dream also urges you to let go of all the worries, stress, shame, guilt, anger, and resentment that are only holding you back from living your life to the fullest.

Dream about Guinea Pigs

cute guinea pigs cuddling

This dream urges you to take the driver’s seat of your life. The time has come for you to stop playing the victim, organize your finances, be honest with yourself about your shortcomings, reprogram your mind, and push yourself outside your comfort zone.

It’s time to take full responsibility for your life and build the life of your wildest dreams. As Peter Drucker famously said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” Show up at the doorstep of your dreams and sculpt yourself into the best version of yourself you know you can be.

Dead Guinea Pigs in Dreams

If you see dead guinea pigs in your dreams, this is a sign for you to start working on the things you’ve been putting off and do it with grace, flow, and ease. This will allow you to finish your task more efficiently and without stress.

Dream about Many Guinea Pigs

To dream about being surrounded by many guinea pigs indicates that you will soon receive positive news. It’s also a reminder from your guardians to stop doing things half-heartedly. Strive to do your best in everything you do and never settle for a mediocre life.

Pigs Mating in a Dream

This dream is a seal of approval from the universe that you’re in the right relationship. It could also be a reminder from your guardians to practice gratitude and show appreciation for your loved ones.

Running Away from Pigs in Dreams

If you find yourself running away from pigs in your dreams, this is a clear indication that you’re feeling lost. You’re facing a big decision, and you’re not quite sure what to do. You’re receiving conflicting advice, and you still don’t know which path to take.

Stop putting your life in other people’s hands and start taking responsibility for your life. Once you get clear on what you want, Providence will move to support you every step of the way. It’s time for you to bet on yourself, act on your vision, and set your ideas in motion.

Watching Someone Run Away from a Pig in Dreams

This dream suggests that you might be feeling overly conscious and insecure about your body. Your spirit guides are urging you to let go of your attachment to how you think you should look and celebrate your body for allowing you to taste pizza, do cool sh*t, and experience sex.

Catching Pigs in a Dream

This dream alerts you to stop trying to please everyone. You can’t be truly happy if your self-worth is contingent on other people’s opinions of you. Instead of trying to get everyone’s approval, redirect your attention to working towards your dreams and creating golden moments with the people that matter to you.

Dream about Pig or Piglets Crossing Your Path

When pigs or piglets cross your path in a dream, this is a sign that you might encounter some tough hurdles. However, your celestial guardians are urging you to persevere and keep pushing through. Stop beating yourself up about your past mistakes.

Your past you is no longer you. Shift your attention towards the present moment and focus on what you can do today to become a better version of yourself.

Feeding Pigs or Piglets in a Dream

man feeding piglets

If you see yourself feeding pigs in your dreams, this is a message from your higher self urging you to pick your battles wisely. Stop wasting your energy on things that are not worth your time. Prioritize your peace and save your energy on things that actually deserve your attention.

Dream about Starving Pigs or Piglets

This dream is a sign that you haven’t been working on your dreams. Take one small step towards your dreams and fully commit yourself to the process. Stop putting off something you know will take your life to the next level and start creating the life you want and deserve right now, not later.

According to some dream analysts, this could also be a sign that you haven’t been taking care of yourself. You’ve been so focused on being the light to other people that you forget to tend to your own needs first. It’s time for you to put yourself on the top of your priority list and give yourself the same love you freely give unto others.

Dream about a Pig with Piglets

This dream portends financial success or new opportunities coming your way. Perhaps you’ll get a promotion, an increase in salary, or an innovative idea that will alter the course of your life. This is also a reminder from your spirit guides to stop putting off living your life and inject some adventures into your calendar.

Riding a Pig in Dreams

Such a dream is a message from your divine support team that everything will work out in your favor. Stop worrying and simply be present in your life. According to some dream books, this could also be a sign for you to start doing things you’ve always wanted to do and stop caring so much about how other people perceive you.

Eating Piglets in a Dream

If in the dream, you find yourself eating live piglets, this is a sign that you’re stuck in a vicious cycle of misery and emptiness. You’ve been trying to fill the void inside with alcohol, meaningless sex, and mindless TV. It might be time for you to kick yourself up your own ass and break this cycle.

Slaughtering a Pig in Dreams

To slaughter pigs in a dream means that you need to stop relying on other people to bring you joy and fulfillment. You need to be okay with being alone and learn how to make yourself happy. It could also be a call from your higher self to start making a conscious effort on building the life you want for yourself because no one else is going to do it for you.

Cooking a Live Pig in Dreams

Your dream reflects the transformation you’re going through. Your life is currently undergoing major reconstruction. You’re learning to let go of all the toxic elements in your life, prioritizing your peace, gaining new perspectives, and raising your state of consciousness.

Dream about Roasting a Pig in a Skewer

This dream is a positive omen. It means better days are coming. You will find people who will shower you with love and support, and you will step into the most successful decade of your life. However, you need to fully commit yourself to your growth and release everything that’s standing in the way of that.

Stealing a Pig in Dreams

To steal a pig in a dream means that you may be tying your self-worth to your productivity. You’re burnt out, miserable, and disconnected from the things that you genuinely enjoy. Having this dream is a reminder from your celestial guardians that it’s okay to pause and work on putting yourself in a healthy state of mind.

Dream about Having Your Pig Stolen

Such dreams forecast unexpected expenses that will force you to spend your emergency fund and all the money you’ve saved up. Other interpretations also suggest that this could be a warning sign from your spirit guides to cut toxic and disrespectful people out of your life.

Dream about Pig & Piglets inside Your House

If you see pigs or piglets inside your house in your dream, this is a sign that you need to be mindful about the kind of information you’re feeding your mind. This is also a reminder for you to speak your truth and stand up for yourself.

Dream about Having Pigs in Your Backyard

This dream is generally deemed as a positive sign. It means you will overcome every obstacle you face and come out wiser and stronger. However, if, in the dream, the pigs in your backyard are sick and skinny, this could be a sign that you will encounter very tricky people who will try to put you down and question your abilities.

Buying a Pig in Dreams

Having this dream means that there are people in your life who are only keeping you around when they need something from you and disappears when you need them. It might be time to weed out these kinds of people in your life and surround yourself with people who truly got your back.

Selling a Pig in Dreams

This dream implies that you will soon be able to buy something you’ve been eyeing for quite a while. It could be your dream house, a new car, or a telescope. Stop feeling guilty and enjoy the fruits of your labor. You worked hard for this.

Chopping Off Pig’s Head in a Dream

Decapitating a pig in your dream could be a warning sign that you need to avoid some potentially risky situations. It could also be an indication that someone close to you will betray and disappoint you. You can’t control how the behavior of other people, but it’s up to you what you’re willing to tolerate in your life.

Dream about Receiving a Pig as a Gift

To dream about receiving a pig as a present means you will soon receive monetary rewards and new opportunities. You might even receive an unexpected inheritance or win the lottery. If you’re struggling with your finances, this is a sign that you will be able to figure things out.

Dream about Giving a Pig to Someone

Such dreams represent your fear of abandonment and loss. It could also be reflective of your desire to be cherished and respected by your significant other.

Another interpretation also suggests that you need to stop waiting for other people to give you permission to go after your dreams. As Goethe puts it, “Whatever you dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.”

Dream about Pig Head on a Plate

This dream scenario is a reminder from your angels not to get too caught up in making a living that you forget to live your life. Do things that make your soul dance. Your life is not meant to be a drudge. Bask in life’s delights, make time for things that make you feel alive, and don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

Dream about Pigs Eating

If you see pigs eating in your dreams, this is an indication that you’re surrounded by high vibrational beings who uplift you, challenge you to grow, and raise your internal frequency. Make sure to show gratitude to these people and don’t take them for granted.

Looking at Pigs in a Dream

This dream is a reminder that it’s not your job to fix and save everyone. No matter how much you want to, there are things that people should face on their own. Focus on living your best life and let yourself be an inspiration to the people around you.

Dream about a Litter of Pigs

Having this dream is a reminder from your spiritual support team that it’s okay to give up on things that don’t resonate with you. It’s okay to leave relationships, jobs, and lifestyles that don’t feel right for you and only make you miserable.

Sometimes, this redirection will be exactly what you need to figure out who you are and what you truly want out of this life. People might throw insults at you for quitting, but this is never enough reason to stay. Stop trying to live up to other people’s expectations of you and start living a life that’s in alignment with your vision, values, and voice.

Dream about Muddy Pig

muddy piglets

If you see a pig covered with mud in your dreams, this is a sign for you to let go of toxic people. Stop bending over backward for people who wouldn’t do the same for you. No matter how much you love them, if they’re draining you and making you feel unlovable, it’s best to cut the cord.

Dream about a Clean Pig

On the other hand, if the pig in your dream is clean, this is a reminder to stop chasing love and affection. If it’s not given freely by someone, it’s simply not right for you. With the right person, you won’t have to chase; it will be given freely and generously to you.

Dream about a Healthy Pig

If you dream about a healthy-looking pig, this is a positive omen. It’s possible that you will get promoted in your workplace or receive monetary rewards. It’s also a reminder from your subconscious that you need to tend to your inner child and honor its demands.

Dream about a Sick Pig

This dream presages upcoming issues you might encounter at work. Perhaps you will get into a disagreement with a colleague or make an honest mistake.

Another interpretation also suggests that this could be a reminder from your guardians that you might not be able to control other people’s behavior, but you can always control your response, actions, and choices. Make sure to pick your battles wisely and let go of everything outside your locus of control.

Dream about an Injured Pig

If you see an injured pig in your dream, this is a wake-up call from your guardians that you can never love someone into changing. They have to do that on their own. Instead of trying to change someone, focus on your life and the improvements you want to make to yourself.

Dream about a Giant Pig

To encounter an enormous pig in your dream foretells upcoming challenges coming your way. It could also be a nudge from your higher self to quiet your ego and communicate from the deepest part of you.

Dream about Skinny Pig

A skinny pig in dreams represents your fears, unmet potential, and unrealized dreams. Your celestial guardians are urging you to believe in yourself and be brave enough to show up for your dreams.

In some cases, this dream could also be a sign that you’re having trouble with your finances or your career.

Dream about Baby Pigs

Stumbling upon baby pigs in dreams symbolizes peace and new beginnings. This dream may also be trying to bring your attention to a creative idea that you haven’t been working on. Beings from the metaphysical realm are inviting you to co-create with them and dance with the gods.

Dream about Roasted Pig

roasted pig

This dream is a reminder to respect other people’s journeys and allow them to grow on their own terms. You can’t force people to open their eyes if they’re more comfortable being asleep. Other interpretations also suggest that this could be a sign of abundance, wealth, and good times ahead.

Dream about a White Pig

Dreaming of a white pig represents your stubbornness. Your spirit guides are reminding you that you live in a dynamic world. Everything is transitory and constantly evolving. Release the chains of your ego and learn to be open to other viewpoints and possibilities.

Dream about Red Pigs

This dream promises material rewards and good fortune. In other dream books, this is a reminder to stop expecting other people to understand your perspective. People operate based on the level of awareness they’re in. Some people can’t meet you where you are. Calmly explain your point of view and listen to theirs with an open mind.

Dream about Black Pigs

A black pig in a dream represents all the negative aspects of your personality. Perhaps people are constantly calling you selfish, stubborn, and difficult. You speak with unwavering authority and self-righteousness. Learn to put yourself in other people’s shoes and acknowledge other viewpoints.

Dream about Pink Pigs

To dream about a pink pig could be a sign that someone you trust will betray, cheat, or stab you in the back. Another interpretation also suggests that you need to stop trying to plan everything in your life and make room for some magic, serendipity, and synchronicities.

Dream about Gold Pigs

Seeing gold pigs in a dream means you need to stop making impulsive decisions out of temporary emotions. Take some time to sit with it and think through the choices you’re making. No matter how good it may sound right now, you owe it to yourself to carefully consider your options, especially when it comes to making big life decisions.

Dream about Cute Pigs

cute pigs

This dream urges you to stop wasting your precious life. Stop pouring your love into a vessel that can’t contain it. Stop trying to live according to other people’s expectations of you. Live for yourself and give yourself the love you endeavor to give others.

Dream about Hairy Pigs

This dream warns you of financial losses and career setbacks. This could also be a divine message urging you to commit to your heart’s desires and follow your sixth sense. Tuning into your inner GPS is a stepping stone to a more aligned life. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t be afraid to pull the plug and head in the other direction.

Dream about Newborn Pigs

Coming across newborn pigs in a dream signifies fertility, spiritual awakening, and major transformations. It could also be a sign that you may be rejecting some aspects of your personality because of shame and low self-esteem.

Dream about Killer Pigs

This dream is a reminder that failures are not fatal; they are a vital part of the process and a stepping stone to success. Failing means you tried and took a chance on yourself. It’s the best teacher there is because it will give you first-hand experience and insights on what worked, what didn’t, how to avoid making the same mistakes, and how to move forward.

Dream about a Boar

A dream featuring a boar means you need to be mindful of how your words and actions affect those around you. Everyone is dealing with something you know nothing about. Be sure to exercise kindness and radiate positivity as much as you can.

Dream about Hunting Wild Boars

Hunting wild boars in a dream mean you may be procrastinating on a project because of self-doubt and fear of failure. Your celestial guardians are urging you to detach yourself from the outcome, start taking action, and simply enjoy the process of creating something.

Dream about Someone Else Hunting Boars

If you see someone else hunting boars in your dreams, this is a sign that you will receive a new job opportunity. You may find yourself passing up on this opportunity because of your lack of belief in your abilities. Your spirit guides are urging you to bet on yourself, bravely jump into the abyss of unknown possibilities and figure things out as you go.

Dead Pig in a Dream

Seeing a dead pig in dreams means you’re inflicting limitations on yourself. If you want to live an extraordinary life, you need to learn how to trust yourself more. Stop doubting and second-guessing yourself. Capacity is a state of mind. Stop arguing for your limitations and start betting on yourself more.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, dreams about pigs generally signify foolishness, greed, obstinacy, selfishness, and gluttony. However, the interpretation of this dream can vary based on the personal circumstance of the dreamer and the context of the dream. When decoding the meaning of this dream, pay attention to the details of the dream as well as your emotional state as you were having this dream.


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