31 Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Pigs

Spirit animals like pigs appear in our dreams to guide us in making the right actions and decisions in life. Dreams about pigs can have different meanings and you need to analyze them thoroughly to successfully unveil their message.

Pigs in dreams signify wealth, hard work, patience, and honesty. The presence of domestic pigs in your dreams could mean prosperity, good luck, and fertility.

On the other hand, dreaming about wild pigs is linked to lust, greed, selfishness as well as lack of balance in your life.

Dreams involving pigs will differ on how the dreamer views the animal. The specific pig that you saw in your dream, its gender, color, and condition have its corresponding interpretation.

Symbolism & Meaning of Pig in a Dream

A pig in a dream usually alludes to the “piggish” qualities of the dreamer such as gluttony, greed, lasciviousness, hedonism, and slothful behavior. It may also reflect the dreamer’s bad habits and resistance to change.

From a biblical perspective, pigs are also considered to be a symbol of evil and misfortune. In some cultures, however, they are considered to be an emblem of success, prosperity, and abundance.

In order to decode the correct interpretation of your dream, it’s important to consider the details of your dream as well as your current circumstances and personal associations with this particular creature.

As Jung’s diagnostic criteria for analyzing dreams tells us, “dreams are a spontaneous self-portrayal, in symbolic form, of the actual situation in the unconscious”. Jung believes that a person’s brain constructs its own symbols which means that only you can accurately translate the symbolic meaning of the pig in your dream.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Pigs

Male Pigs

male pig black

Pig genders can be distinguished easily by the presence or absence of their visible mammary glands. When male pigs are seen in dreams, it’s a sign to take notice of traits that are traditionally related to masculinity, like strength, power, courage, etc.  The dreamer may need to work on improving these attributes to affirm his dominance and superiority.

A Sow

sow pig walking

Seeing a sow in a dream symbolizes fertility, motherly nature, and family. It could also denote that change is up ahead of the dreamer’s path. The dreamer will finally arise from their unprogressive state. This suggests that abundance is on its way.

An Unhappy Sow

Dreaming of an unhappy sow represents family issues. There might be unresolved conflict in the family that is bothering the dreamer in his/her waking life. This is the reason why it is manifested in their dreams. It is encouraged that the dreamer takes steps to help in the resolution of this conflict.

This dream could also denote that the dreamer has been ungrateful or unappreciative of the things he/she has in life. The dreamer should learn to be grateful and recognize that these things are temporary and can easily be taken away.

A Piglet

piglet asleep hay

Small piglets seen in dreams are connected to certain positive gains and financial benefits. This represents a good time to invest during this period in the dreamer’s life. In line with this, these piglets could also represent side projects that could be of benefit to the dreamer.

Another thing it could signify is the possibility of love and marriage. It could also be associated with the achievement of personal growth.

A Large or Fat Pig

large pig asleep

Seeing a large or fat pig in a dream represents an ill-gotten wealth that is rooted in greed. This gain is acquired in a way that is unfair to others. This dream should be taken as a warning for the dreamer to reassess and change his/her ways as it is not the right thing to do.

Healthy Pigs

healthy pigs playing

Seeing healthy and good-looking pigs in a dream is a good omen. It signifies success in endeavors that either the dreamer is unaware of or one that is hidden from others. It is a sign of financial breakthrough and a reasonable period for risks and investments. It could also denote the birth of a baby.

Unhealthy Pigs

This dream symbolizes insensitiveness and irresponsibility. The dreamer might encounter this dream in a period of neglect when they let their life control them instead of the other way around.

This dream tells the dreamer to get it together and take charge of his life. This may be a sign that minor issues will soon be experienced at work and that you will need help from your colleagues and friends to overcome them.

Clean Pigs

clean pigs resting

Dreaming of clean pigs is a manifestation of the dreamer’s feelings towards a specific person. The dreamer might be referring to a person who is changing for the better and trying to “clean” themselves. However, the dreamer remains unconvinced of these changes and still believes that “pigs will always be pigs.”

A Pink Pig

pink pig baby

Dreaming of pink pigs represents the dreamer’s partner who has been acting negatively in their relationship. This may also be interpreted as a warning that you have to be careful with your interactions with people. A person you trust may end up stabbing your back due to jealousy and selfishness. You have to be sensitive with the choice of words and display of confidence.

A White Pig

White pigs represent new relationships. The dreamer may meet new people and form new connections and friendships.

This may also denote a sign of stubbornness and a reminder to take caution when dealing with various personalities.

A pregnant woman who dreamt about a white pig is a sign that she will give birth to a baby girl.

A Black Pig

This symbolizes greed within yourself and your family. This is a sign that you have to be content and be satisfied with the blessing that you receive.

An expecting woman who dreamt about a black pig means she will bear a baby boy.

A Dead Pig

pig feet fence

Dreaming of seeing a dead pig represents that the dreamer is lowering his standards. This dream could be a good thing if the dreamer has unrealistically high standards. It could also be a sign of the end of a bad phase or a wrong decision that has been affecting significant aspects of your life.

Interactions with Pigs in Dreams

Feeding Pigs

Dreaming of feeding pigs denotes that the dreamer feels confident about their success regarding their possessions. It could also symbolize that the dreamer might do something different to help in the resolution of financial issues. This means that you are currently putting something away for future use. This could be in the form of money or other resources that you will be needing in times of crisis.

Selling a Pig

Selling a pig in a dream is a positive sign. It means that you will be able to afford something that you have been planning to buy for a while. This means that your hard work and patience will eventually pay off.

On the other hand, this dream could also denote complicated and confusing situations. This might be a sign that the dreamer needs to find clarity.

Slaughtering a Pig

A dream about slaughtering a pig is a good sign. It symbolizes that the dreamer will be rewarded for his hard work. It could also be interpreted as a sacrifice.

Strangely, in some instances, this could mean disaster, separation within the family, and that resolution of outstanding issues will be cumbersome.

Riding a Pig

Dreaming of riding a pig denotes the dreamer’s need to take control of a particular person’s negative traits. These traits have been bothering the dreamer to the point that it appears in his dreams.

This could mean good luck and success in career and investments. It also suggests that a relationship might blossom but you have to watch out for a possible love triangle.

Running After a Pig

A person dreaming about running after a pig needs to assess his/her current plans and efforts as these may fail. It is best to reevaluate the options and change the current direction promptly.

This dream is also an omen for courage, protection, and confidence. This signifies confidence about achieving your goals and doing good things without expecting anything in return.

Holding a Piglet

Dreaming about this specific scenario means profitability from stock or real estate investment. This is a representation that you should take your chances in a venture that you have been considering for quite some time.

Other Pig-Related Dreams

A Pet Pig

Generally, pets give feelings of happiness and fulfillment to their owners. In connection with this, dreaming of a pet pig also represents these positive feelings that the dreamer will experience in the future.

Several Pigs

several pigs pig pen

Dreaming of numerous pigs is the manifestation of the dreamer’s difficulties in life. This could come from the feeling of being overpowered or from feeling small and seeking comfort in the indulgence of excessive food.

Alternatively, this could represent the dreamer’s ruined reputation. This will happen because certain people will take advantage of the dreamer’s words, actions, or past and use these against him.

Pigs in Mud

pig in mud

Dreaming of pigs in mud represents an unsettled feeling. This could be linked to how the dreamer feels unappreciated or disrespected by their partner. The dreamer should speak out about this issue to prevent it from worsening. Dreaming of pigs in mud could also mean that the dreamer feels scrutinized by a person close to them.

A Biting Pig

Dreaming of a biting pig represents abundance and gain in the future. This is a positive dream, especially if the dreamer is investing in financial ventures. This is an indication that you will have good luck and your recent plan will soon materialize.

A Pig Attacking

A dream about an aggressive and attacking pig denotes an unclean environment that the dreamer surrounds himself with. This is an encouragement for the dreamer to declutter and clean his home or work environment. It could also be a manifestation of greed which has adversely affected his character as a person.

A Running Pig

Dreaming of a running pig is a notice of how you have been treating other people. It signifies that you are selfish and rude. It is a sign that you should reassess yourself and fix your behavior.

A Squealing Pig

A squealing pig in a dream represents a bad sign. This is a reminder that the dreamer needs to act fast in making decisions because the odds are currently not in his favor, and an opportunity might vanish soon. It may also mean that bad news related to any of your friends whom you have not seen for a while is on its way.

A Talking Pig

If the pig in the dream is talking and the dreamer understands what it is saying, he should take note of these sincerely. These words could be useful wisdom applicable to business ventures.

A Flying Pig

Flying pigs in a dream means that you will overcome your biggest struggles and challenges will soon go away. However, if your dream has a negative connotation to it like flying pigs and simply falling from the sky, it is a sign that you will not be able to reach an ambitious goal.

This may also represent certain people in your life who are pursuing unattainable goals. This is a manifestation of your disapproval of the path that they are taking.

A Pig Giving Birth

Dreaming of a pig giving birth symbolizes the conception of fresh ideas. This is a period of imagination and productivity, and the dreamer must take advantage of it. This is a sign that your luck will continue, everything will go smoothly, and that it is the perfect timing to work on self-improvement.

A Pig Going Wild

A pig going wild in a dream is the manifestation of an unstable emotional condition. The dreamer could be going through a difficult time and is finding it hard to control his emotions. A dream about a pig going wild can also suggest financial setbacks.

A dream about a pig going wild can also suggest financial setbacks.

A Pig Becoming a Person

A person dreaming about a pig becoming a person needs to address existing issues and work on resolving possible conflicts. It may also represent forthcoming dealings with superiors. He might be involved in a situation where help and support from other people and agencies will be needed. This could be a sign that the dreamer may be involved in a lawsuit.

A Pig Pen

pig pen pigs peeking

A pig pen seen in a dream symbolizes peace of mind despite filth and turmoil.

It could also be a sign that you need to regain control of something. You need to work on strengthening your emotions and expand your knowledge. This dream is a manifestation of helplessness and that you are working on self-improvement.

Final Thoughts

Dreaming about pigs is associated with ignorance, uncleanliness, gluttony, stubbornness, greed, and overindulgence. It has something to do with your financial progress, sexual life, relationships, and overall personal development. This dream is a reminder to be careful, patient, and receptive to several changes that will transpire in your life.


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