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4 Major Twin Flame Dream Meanings You Need To Know

Twin Flames are two people that have developed a deep spiritual connection, becoming each other’s “perfect match”. Whether the bond be platonic or romantic, both parties would have changed their partner’s lives for the better.

Dreams play a big role in the twin flame journeys. While asleep, the body may be stuck in the physical world, but the spirit leaves and is attracted towards future plans and desires, revealing what you are subconsciously yearning for.

Because of this, it becomes possible to meet your twin flame in the dream world. Since they are naturally connected to your soul, you are drawn towards them. 

The dreams don’t stop once you both have physically met. Twin flame dreams may also happen due to separation, or a lack of communication. 

There are multiple meanings that can be given to Twin Flame dreams. Generally, it is done as a way to find your twin flame, deepening your bond, or simply a sign that they are thinking of you.

Different Meanings of Twin Flame Dreams

twin flames meeting

1. Identification

Your twin flame can be anyone. It does not take prior meetings to have them show up in your dreams- they could have been a random passerby on the street, or someone you have never even crossed paths with. But if they show up repeatedly, more than any other person in your life, then that is a sign that they are your twin flame.

Another sign is a feeling of euphoria mixed with sadness when seeing them, but not knowing their name or where they are. This comes from finally meeting your twin flame, but also knowing that you are not together with them yet.

2. Future Possibilities

Since twin flame dreams happen later on in life, if they show up early, then that indicates a future meeting between you both.

The nature of dreams, which brings up parts of your subconscious and unconscious mind, revealing innermost thoughts and desires, may also help you overcome blocks that prevent you from meeting your twin flame.

The dreams help to mentally and emotionally prepare you for when you and your twin flame finally meet.

3. They Are Thinking of You

thinking person

Sometimes, you get a twin flame dream simply because you or your partner is thinking of the other. It could be because you two were not able to meet after a time, and find yourselves longing for the other.

4. They Need You

One of you could need the other’s support and encouragement during an ordeal, but couldn’t find a way to ask in the physical world. Your partner may be able to reassure you in the dream, or become more aware of you to help in real life.

Different Reasons for Twin Flame Dreams

separation dream couple

  • Separation Dreams

Even when they are physically far apart, the souls of twin flames are connected. During a separation you will subconsciously be yearning for each other, making you appear in each other’s dreams as a way to make up for the lack of physical closeness.

  • Reunion Dreams

Reunion dreams are a part of the separation dreams, happening when you and your twin flame are about to come in contact again.

These dreams with your twin flames may become more frequent, and include more touching or talking. Some issues and scenarios can also be staged before you two will meet again.

  • Connecting on A Deeper Level

Since the dreams bring with it an opportunity to better communicate with your twin flame, they are also a way to further deepen the bond.

Trust and support are created when sharing your feelings and thoughts within the dream, since your partner is able to experience your secrets, fears, thoughts, and ideas in a more intimate way. Especially since your dreams are linked to your subconscious, making them difficult to censor or hide.

Through these, you can help reassure them with a worry, or be there while they process a problem. In return, your twin flame may do the same for you.

Secrets can also be shared, things you have a hard time speaking about, or even acknowledge, in the waking world.

More on Twin Flame Dreams

Real v Fake Twin Flame Dreams

There are two types of twin flame dreams: The Ego-driven and the Real.

couple betrayal

Ego-driven dreams are fueled by your fears and anxieties, playing out scenarios that place your twin flame in a hurtful light, such as them betraying you, or cheating. Even though they might feel real, there are no spiritual messages inside these dreams.

However, ego dreams help in making you aware of any insecurities or fears you may be suppressing.

Real dreams have messages coming from your twin flame, and do not fill you with negative feelings. You may wake up happy to have seen them, or sad that they are separated from you.

False Twin Flames

fake twin flame fighting

While dreams may be a way to find your twin flame, it can also help you distinguish them from a false one.

A false twin flame is someone that may seem like your twin flame, but in reality isn’t. While twin flame relationships are meant to enrich your life, helping you grow and become the best version of yourself, a false one will only hurt you in the long run.

Since dreams are used to help share parts of yourselves to your twin flame, further intensifying the bond, it will not be the same for a false twin flame. Your souls would not be able to connect in the dream journey. Either that, or your dreams will hint that you have found the wrong person.

What to Do After Finding Them in Your Dreams

Once you have dreamt of and found your twin flame, it would help to:

  1. Be Calm

calm person

Do not immediately scare them after learning who they are, or try and force a connection while you two are still strangers.

  1. Go for it

Even if you two will eventually be pushed together, it would also help to be open-minded and take the opportunity presented. Passively sitting back and waiting for them to talk to you will only prolong the waiting.

  1. Start Small

Find a way to casually get to know them better, and see what it would be like to speak and spend time with them.

Final Thoughts

There are many aspects to the Twin Flame dreams – they appear as a way to find, or connect with, your twin flame. It is an opportunity to communicate your innermost desires and flaws, making the bond grow deeper. They also indicate that your twin fame might have been thinking of you, or that you were missing them.

Twin flame dreams can also help you identify what is false in your life and relationships. They reveal signs, showing whether or not the person you are with is a false twin flame.


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