What is a Psychic Medium? Here’s What You Should Know

It’s believed that there exists a plane of existence separate from humanity where the souls of our departed loved ones remain. There also exist realms where light beings like angels, spirit guides, and ascended masters dwell. Some gifted human beings are aware of this spiritual world and they’re called psychic mediums.

Psychic mediums are individuals that can connect and communicate with a deceased loved one or with other higher spiritual beings. They receive information from the spirit world by using their abilities such as clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience.

People seek advice from psychic mediums when they have questions about the afterlife. Before seeking spiritual guidance, one must know the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium, as well as the abilities that help them communicate with the spiritual world.

What is a Psychic Medium?

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There’s a notion that psychics aren’t necessarily mediums, but all mediums are psychics. To better understand the similarities and differences between the two, one should look into how they use their psychic abilities for a specific kind of guidance.

A psychic learns about a person’s past, present, and future by working with energy. Psychics use their perception and intuition by tuning into one’s energy field and reading it. Sometimes they use divination tools such as tarot and astrology birth charts.

A medium, on the other hand, uses reception. Instead of tuning in to a person’s energy to receive psychic information, a medium seeks the guidance of higher beings like angels, spirit guides, and loved ones in spirit.

Mediums act as a channel between spirits and human beings. Often, people ask them to connect with the soul of their departed loved ones.

Primarily, a psychic medium uses both perception and reception. Psychic mediums can tune into higher beings for spiritual guidance and divine wisdom. They can offer a more holistic approach when relaying information from a spirit to an individual because of these abilities.

During a reading with a psychic medium, a person can ask questions that they would like the spirits they want to communicate with to answer. Psychic mediums not only communicate with spirits already in the hidden realm but also with the spirits that are still bound on earth.

Different psychic mediums also have different levels of power. Some can do several things, while others can only master two. As mentioned above, psychic mediums can serve as channels between the spirit world and the physical world.

As channels, psychic mediums can talk with spirits in their minds. Others can relay the message from the spirits right away fully lucid, while others have to undergo a state of trance before being able to convey information to the client. It all depends on the abilities of the psychic medium.

7 Ways Psychic Mediums Communicate with Spirits

1. Clairvoyance

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Psychic mediums have different psychic abilities. Most possess clairvoyance (loosely translated as “clear seeing”). Experienced psychic mediums may receive mental images from spirits that can be subtle or vivid.

Clairvoyance has something to do with the sixth chakra, also known as the third eye. The third eye is the key to accessing higher consciousness. It strengthens one’s perception and foresight.

Clairvoyance is the ability to see the truth. Clairvoyants see what is hidden to the naked eye, and they receive messages through colors, numbers, symbols, or visions. They can read people well, acquire information about the past or the future, and find missing people or objects.

In readings, clairvoyants will be above their emotions. Their feelings and emotions will only be reflections of what the client is feeling during the reading.

Psychic mediums train to enter a clairvoyant state faster by doing clairvoyant techniques exercises. These techniques involve centering, grounding, meditating, and visualizing.

2. Clairaudience

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Another way a psychic medium communicates with spirits is through hearing sounds, words, or music that can’t be heard by normal ears. This is called clairaudience or “clear hearing.” Clairaudience and telepathy are often used interchangeably, but they are two different things.

Clairaudience is the ability to receive information through inner hearing, inner thought, or a combination of the two. Telepathy is a specific type of clairaudience that involves the exchange of thoughts from one person or spirit to another.

3. Clairsentience

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Clairsentience (loosely translated as “clear feeling”) is the ability to receive information through touch, or generally on a physical level. People who have this ability can sense the feelings or emotions of spirits when communicating with them.

Clairsentients are more sensitive to their environment than ordinary people. They can feel other people’s emotions, or even physical sensations such as pain, as their own.

People with clairsentience should be cautious not to become psychic sponges. They should make an effort to protect themselves through grounding and meditating exercises.

4. Clairgustance

Clairgustance or “clear tasting” involves getting a taste of something without putting anything physically in the mouth. Some signs of clairgustance include a highly developed sense of taste, sudden salivation, and getting a taste of something one can’t identify.

People with this ability can taste something that is being eaten or being consumed by someone else. Psychic mediums use clairgustance to communicate with the spirit world by perceiving their essence through taste.

A psychic medium with clairgustance can receive intuitive information like the taste of a departed loved one’s favorite food. Psychic mediums can identify the way someone died by obtaining clues from what they can taste (poison, vomit, blood, etc.).

5. Clairalience

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Clairalience (also called clairolfaction or clairessence) means “clear smelling.” It’s a powerful psychic ability that involves extrasensory perception through scent.

Clairalience connects with the fifth chakra (located at the throat) and the root chakra (located at the bottom of the tailbone).  Scents have a significant impact on people regardless of whether they are psychic or not.

Scents can affect a person’s mood. Some smells can soothe both the body and the soul, which allows one to enter a meditative state. Certain scents also allow one to recall memories that are otherwise difficult to access.

The gift of clear smelling can also enable one to “read” other people because scents also have energies attached to them. It can stick to a person, an object, or space.

Sometimes, one can also sense danger or sense spirits with clairalience. With this ability, one can receive information from the spirit of the departed through smell. Certain scents carry meaning, and they can evoke memory and emotion.

Unlike other psychic abilities, clairalience just occurs to a person unconsciously. Most times, it’s a sign from a loved one in spirit or guidance from a higher spiritual being.

6. Claircognizance

Claircognizance is the ability to know certain things even without reason or logic. People who have this ability have an “inner knowing.”

Claircognizance enables one to sense when a situation is right or wrong, or when someone is lying or not.  Claircognizant messages can take the form of a “gut feeling,” and most times, one can receive these messages out of the blue.

Sometimes people with this ability just randomly wake up from their slumber knowing that something is wrong or that something is about to happen. Psychic mediums can receive claircognizant messages from angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, or loved ones in spirit.

7. Remote Viewing

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Remote viewing is a psychic ability that’s somewhat similar to clairvoyance. Psychic mediums with this ability can obtain information about an object, a person, or an event from a distant place without using any of the primary senses.

Remote viewing is like watching television inside one’s mind. Remote viewers can describe a missing person or a lost object’s shape, color, and form.

Remote viewers receive information through visual imagery. They can also sense past, present, and future events in specific locations.

As conduits, they draw or describe their impressions of the information they received. Remote viewing can help in evaluating various alternatives when making decisions, locating people or objects, diagnosing medical problems, and forecasting.

Individuals with this ability not only gather information from anywhere in the world but also experience them. Most times, remote viewers can also perform distant healing, wherein they can send their intentions to heal a person that is far from them.

Five Types of Mediumship

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Psychic mediums do what is called psychic medium readings. Each psychic medium has different methods of communicating with the spirit world. People usually ask psychic mediums to do mediumship readings for healing and guidance.

Mental Mediumship

Mental mediumship is the practice of raising one’s vibration to tap into the same frequency as those in the spirit world. By doing this, one can receive the messages that the spirits are trying to convey.

A psychic medium can use one, two, or all of the psychic abilities mentioned above. They can relay the information from the spirit world to the person asking for a mediumship reading.

Trance Mediumship

Trance mediumship is seen as a form of mental mediumship. Both trance mediumship and mental mediumship have a similar process of connecting with the spirits.

The difference is that in trance mediumship, a psychic medium goes into a deep, altered state wherein the spirits can influence their mind. Here, a psychic medium allows the spirit world to use their physical body to communicate.

It’s important to note that spirits don’t control the psychic medium. The psychic medium purposely allows their ego to step aside and lets the spirits communicate in the physical world.

Physical Mediumship

Physical mediumship is the rarest and most challenging to perform. It requires psychic mediums 10 to 20 years of practice and skill to do this type of mediumship.

The psychic medium becomes a conduit for the spirits to manipulate energies and perform physical manifestations. These manifestations can be in the form of knocking, bell-ringing, or loud noises.

Direct Voice

In this type of mediumship, a psychic medium becomes the facilitator, while the spirits speak directly through the medium. Many are skeptical about the validity of direct voice mediumship.


Here, a psychic medium allows the spirit to enter and control their physical body. Often, people ask psychic mediums to perform this type of mediumship so they can overcome grief and get closure by directly talking to their departed loved ones.


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