Top 8 Psychic Attack Signs And How To Protect Yourself

8 Psychic Attack Signs & How to Protect Yourself (A-Z Guide)

The Universe is an intricately complex mechanism composed of unseen forces that are both positive and negative. Psychic attacks involve unseen forces and beings leaving negative and harmful effects on people. Individuals should know how to protect themselves from these hostile forces.

Depression, feelings of anxiety, disturbed sleep, chakra sensations, bad dreams, and sudden physical pain with no apparent reason are some of the signs of a psychic attack.

To protect yourself from these phenomena, you can walk away from the source of negative disturbance, strengthen your mental defenses, or seek advice and healing from psychics or spiritual healers.

Psychic attacks come in many different forms. Before combating them, it’s fundamental to first determine their source of origin and analyze their nature.

Nature of Psychic Attacks

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Unseen forces, both positive and negative, are everywhere. The Universe is made up of energies and entities that are beyond the comprehension of the conscious mind.

Psychic attacks don’t typically occur. There are times, however, when human beings themselves make way for unseen forces to become evil and hostile because of their dissolute actions and activities.

People are usually protected by their ignorance of such phenomena and their incapacity to perceive them. However, at times, a person willfully allows malevolent forces to influence them, which automatically lowers their natural defenses.

The human mind is extremely powerful. Psychic attacks proceed from the malicious thoughts of other people. These kinds of attacks might be non-deliberate, but their effects can be harmful nonetheless.

There are also instances when one catches themselves in the middle of a place that’s heavily influenced by unwanted, malevolent forces. Highly sensitive people are more prone to this.

In a psychic attack, the vital organs of the “energy body” called chakras are the ones usually targeted. It’s best not to let unseen negative forces access one’s chakra system.

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8 Signs of a Psychic Attack

A psychic attack can be in the form of a neighbor’s malicious look or a negative comment from a colleague that brings negative energy. On the other end of the spectrum are curses, possessions, and attacks from discarnate entities.

Whatever the source is, psychic attacks bring illness and despair, and they hinder a person’s spiritual growth. To protect oneself from a psychic attack, one must first learn to notice its signs or symptoms.

1. Inexplicable Fear

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A person perceives something unconsciously before they consciously realize it. A psychic attack penetrates the subconscious, which brings forth feelings of fear and oppression.

More severe is a direct psychic attack wherein a person’s fears, compulsion, and unnatural thoughts cause cold-tingling, loss of body heat, and even paralysis. This occurrence usually happens before dawn breaks, when the negative forces are at their strongest.

2. Fatigue and Exhaustion

When a person feels physically, emotionally, or mentally drained when around certain people or specific environments, they can be under the effects of a psychic attack. A psychic attack can drain the victim’s energy to the point of nervous exhaustion and mental breakdown.

3. Unusual Ailments

Malevolent forces don’t only cause fatigue and exhaustion. They can also manifest as body pains (like a stab in the back) and a variety of ailments such as allergies, stomachaches, and unusual skin conditions.

Dizziness and difficulty in breathing can also be experienced. These types of symptoms are usually the result of psychic attacks caused by other humans.

People with strong personalities exert negative energy when they feel extreme jealousy or anger. These negative feelings can become psychic daggers that fly straight to people they harbor ill feelings with.

4. Magnified Weaknesses

Negative forces tend to exploit a person’s weaknesses, which makes them more attracted to people that are already weak in body, mind, or spirit. These negative forces may be low level spirits that feed off of people’s energy.

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This negativity can also be something that is within the person, like a collective thought pattern that nurtures negativity. Malevolent forces exploit a person’s weakness (like their addiction to substances) to make them more susceptible to psychic attacks.

Without protection, a person under a psychic attack will most likely succumb to their addictions and continue their bad habits. In turn, the negative forces will continue to use them for their benefit.

5. Nocturnal Interference

Nocturnal interferences like nightmares, lucid dreaming, and sleep paralysis are also signs of a psychic attack. One type of psychic attack is an incubus nightmare wherein victims feel pressure on their chest that makes breathing difficult.

6. Strange Occurrences

orbs of light

Unusual occurrences like hearing strange noises (disembodied voices, knocks on doors, taps on windows, etc.) are one of the many signs that a negative entity is present. Poltergeist activities are more intense during a psychic attack.

Other strange occurrences that can be signs of a psychic attack include smelling strange odors, seeing phantom footprints, and seeing astral lights (sparks or blobs of light). Hearing astral bells (faint clicks, bell-like notes, etc.) and witnessing inexplicable outbreaks of fire can be experienced as well.

7. Bad Luck

Negative interferences can affect everything and everyone around a person. Continuous or random spurts of bad luck can also be an indicator of a constant presence of negative energies or entities in one’s immediate surroundings.

8. Unexplained Behavior of Animals

Animals are more sensitive to psychic energies. When animals behave strangely (especially in areas contaminated with evil energy), they might be warning people about negative forces or entities. Sensitive animals react aggressively or defensively when they sense unwanted energies.

How to Protect Yourself from a Psychic Attack

Defuse Identified Attacks

If one can identify the source of the psychic attack, it’s best to defuse the situation immediately. Try crossing bridges, resolving conflicts, and making amends with the attacker that harbors ill feelings with the victim.

If the source of the attack is the immediate environment where there’s a possible accumulation of negative energy, move away from such places if possible. Don’t challenge unseen negative forces or entities by forcing them to leave.

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Build Natural Defenses

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Fortunately, psychic attacks caused by evil forces can be prevented if one doesn’t permit it to interfere with their life. To revoke permission and to prevent oneself from unconsciously giving them, it’s best to build natural defenses.

Meditate and do grounding exercises to build mental defenses against psychic attacks. Chanting affirmations, directing commands, and repetitively reciting prayers can also serve as protection.

When a person is feeling vulnerable to the energies surrounding them, it helps to build psychic shields. One can visualize themselves surrounded by a huge transparent bubble or an eggshell without cracks.

Work with Your Higher Self

Working with one’s higher self can banish negative attachments through manifestation. Manifestation is the spiritual act of working with one’s higher self that is wise and all-knowing to make things happen.

When manifesting, one must be vigilant and open to coincidences or synchronicities to recognize guidance that may come in different forms. Acknowledge the help of one’s higher self as well as other higher spiritual beings that provide guidance by expressing gratitude.

Use Running Water

It’s believed that negative forces can’t cross running water unaided because water counters them. When under a psychic attack, one should find any running water (like rivers and streams) and cross over it.

One can also grab a garden hose, let the water gush over the ground, and step through the gushing water. Other methods that make use of water as protection from psychic attacks include taking a bath with running water, soaking the feet in a bucket filled with heavily salted water, and placing bowls of saltwater under the bed.

Final Thoughts

The signs and symptoms of a psychic attack can differ from person to person. Psychic attacks happen in numerous, unsuspected ways. Other ways you can do to protect yourself is by applying protective herbs and oils, observing cleanliness, bathing in sunlight, and wearing protective crystals.


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