Animal Communicator: 6 Things You Must Know Before Hiring

People might want to communicate with their beloved animals to understand them better. Before hiring an animal communicator, one must know some critical things for them to receive the most benefit from a professional consultation.

One should know what animal communication is and what it’s not. It’s of utmost importance to understand how it works, when to seek help from an animal communicator, and what to expect from consulting them.

There are various benefits of animal communication. Through the help of animal communicators, owners can discover and resolve pet behavior problems, find lost or stolen pets, connect with deceased pets, and more.

What is an Animal Communicator

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Animal communicators (also called animal telepaths) are gifted individuals who can empathize and understand the feelings of animals.

Animal communicators don’t merely pick up on an animal’s body language or behavior. They communicate with the animal telepathically to get information and learn about the animals’ needs, desires, feelings, experiences, and memories.

Good animal communicators serve as clear channels that translate messages from animals to people in a positive and helpful manner. As previously mentioned, animal communicators aren’t animal behaviorists. They offer advice based on the animals’ perspectives.

When owners discover that no veterinary care can help their pets, they seek the help of animal communicators. Sometimes animals have emotional issues or management issues (exercise, diet, training, etc.) that need to be addressed.

To understand what an animal communicator is, one must also know what they are not. Animal communicators don’t control animals. They can’t make animals do things they tell them to do.

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It’s also best to remember that animal communicators can’t solve everything. There are problems and issues they can’t fix, especially if the animal concerned isn’t cooperative.

How Does Animal Communication Work

Animal communication works using telepathy. Telepathy (from the Greek words tele and pathos meaning “distant” and “act of feeling” respectively) is a type of extrasensory perception (ESP) wherein information is perceived outside of the five basic senses.

Animal communicators have unique abilities that help them hear and understand the innermost thoughts of animals. They communicate with animals in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, or feelings to find out about the animals’ wants, needs, and issues.

Locating Lost or Stolen Pets

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The animal communicator will ask the pet owner general questions like what type of animal the lost pet is, as well as the pet’s name, age, sex, and color. They might ask the owner for a photo of the pet where their face and eyes can be seen clearly.

Other important information that should be provided by the owners includes the date the animal went missing; the time of disappearance; details of the event that transpired; and the place where the pet was last seen.

As stated above, a pet psychic can communicate with animals in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, words, or visualizations. After gathering the necessary information, the animal communicator will meditate and then try to connect with the lost or stolen pet.

Once a connection between the psychic and the animal is established, the animal can describe its surroundings while the psychic acts as a translator.

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They can share the information they received from the pet (in the form of images, words, or visualizations) to the pet owner. Some animal communicators can see through the eyes of the animal.

An animal communicator can use tools such as reiki infused crystals for map dowsing. Map dowsing involves using crystal pendulums and holding them over maps to determine the location of lost or stolen pets.

When asking for assistance from an animal communicator, one should remember that animal communication isn’t the same as human communication.

Benefits of Animal Communication

Gaining Understanding

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Animals have feelings just like humans. Human emotions tend to affect them significantly and when their owners are in stressful situations, they also get distressed.

When owners want to know their pets’ needs and concerns, to understand their feelings and thoughts, to get their questions answered, and to send a message to their pets, they can seek the help of animal communicators.

Owners should make an effort to know their pets’ perspective on things such as health issues, therapies, dynamics in multi-animal households, changing family structures (brought by divorce, death, pregnancy, etc.), traveling, and moving houses.

When owners know and understand their pets, appropriate measures can be taken to help them. When people try to understand their pets, the bond between them will naturally strengthen.

Addressing Concerns

Through animal communication, behavior concerns can be addressed and resolved. Behavior issues mostly originate from the animals’ past and current experiences. Some animals have phobias, anxiety, and emotional disorders.

Animals that experienced neglect, abandonment, and abuse are most likely traumatized and need to be healed. Animal communicators can assist owners in guiding their pets towards healing and recovery.

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Receiving Support

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When a pet is dying, animal communicators can assist both the owner and their pet in the process. People can be overcome with grief when their pet passes away. It might be difficult to cope, especially if one shares a deep attachment with their deceased pet.

Animal communicators can help owners communicate with the spirit of their pets who have passed over. They can also provide owners emotional support, comfort, and reassurance.

Skepticism Towards Animal Communication

Some might say that animal communication doesn’t exist. It helps to be skeptical, but people should also approach the concept of animal communication with an open mind.

What ruins the experience with animal communicators are the people’s prejudices and expectations. People should understand that an animal communicator (and anyone who has unique abilities such as telepathy) can’t always provide accurate readings or results.

What to Expect from a Session with an Animal Communicator

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In an animal communication session, the animal communicator will ask for a photo of the animal and some necessary information like the animal’s name, age, and how long the owner and the animal have been together to make sure that they are connecting with the right animal.

Sessions with animal communicators can be done via phone. There’s also an opportunity for a face-to-face meeting, and the client has the option to bring the animal concerned or not.

A session with an animal communicator can be an emotional and personal experience for some. It’s the responsibility of the animal communicator to answer the questions and respond to concerns with respect and sensitivity.

At the end of a good session, everyone involved (the communicator, owner, and animal) will feel heard and understood.


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