Psychic Sensitivity Explained: Discover How ‘Psychic’ Are You?

Human beings are inherently sensitive to the energies around them regardless of whether they are aware of it or not. One of the types of energy all individuals possess is called psychic energy.

How ‘psychic’ a person is will depend on their level of sensitivity to the energy they receive. There exists a psychic sensitivity spectrum that runs from the conscious to the superconscious. Some people can be classified as a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP), an empath, or a clairsentient.

The Universe is comprised of abundant energy. Human beings themselves are brimming with energy. The resonance that all these energies bring has different impacts on different people.

Psychic Energy and Psychic Sensitivity

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Psychic energy, the product of the Higher Self, is the source of one’s thoughts, visualizations, and sentiments. As souls travel from one lifetime to another, they actively communicate with the Universe through their energy systems.

One can look at psychic sensitivity as part of a spectrum that runs from the conscious to the superconscious. The strength of one’s energy system contributes to their natural ability to both send and receive psychic information.

As previously stated, the impact of psychic energy is different for different people. One can be highly sensitive to the resonance or almost not at all.

Psychic energy can be felt either subtly or on a deeper level with more complex effects. Some individuals can be extremely affected by positive or negative surroundings.

Sensing other people’s feelings effortlessly, instantly getting uplifted or drained by others’ presence or actions, having premonitions, and randomly experiencing strange visions are signs that a person is on the more extreme side of the psychic sensitivity spectrum.

The Highly Sensitive Person (HSP)

Coined and popularized by psychologist Dr. Elain Aron, the term highly sensitive person or HSP refers to those who have a unique and heightened sensitivity to their environment more than that of an average person.

This heightened sensitivity is a response to an internal or external stimulus that might be physical, mental, or emotional. Being highly sensitive is entirely normal.

According to Aron’s research, about 15 to 20 percent of the population is highly sensitive. It’s also innate, as proven by scientists who found out that over 100 species have the same trait.

HSPs can be sensitive to themselves, other people, or their environment. Some signs can be seen in the list below.

  1. Having difficulty in letting go of negative thoughts and emotions
  2. Having intense feelings when receiving news
  3. Being overwhelmed by bright lights and strong scents
  4. Being deeply moved by works of art
  5. Being stressed or having physical symptoms like headaches due to emotional events
  6. Easily getting startled by loud sounds
  7. Easily getting affected by other people’s mood
  8. Getting agitated in loud or busy settings
  9. Getting anxious when completing tasks
  10. Getting bothered by overwhelming situations

The Empath


Empaths are different from HSPs despite having many shared characteristics, although they are not mutually exclusive. Empaths share all the traits of HSPs, but they take the experience much further.

Empaths not only sense psychic energy but also absorb it either from other people, their immediate environment, or both. Empaths internalize the energies they receive and make it feel their own.

There is something called the Empathic Spectrum wherein the narcissists, sociopaths, and the likes are at one end and the empaths at the far opposite end. The HSPs are placed before the empaths in this spectrum.

Because empaths share both positive and negative energies with other people, they need to learn basic shielding techniques. Absorbing energies, whether from other people or the environment, is exceptionally exhausting.

Most times, empaths need to control their empathic abilities, seek isolation, talk to someone, or work with a mentor. Empaths are great listeners. Once a person shares their problems or frustrations with an empath, the empath can carry the weight of the burden even after several days of their interaction.

Empaths can connect with others on a deeper level and read other people or the environment. Having full control of their empathic gifts helps them to achieve a more stable state of mind.

The Clairsentient


Clairsentients (loosely translated as “clear-feeling”) are people who have a psychic radar all the time. They can sense the past, present, or future physical and emotional states of other people without using any of the five senses.

Most, if not all, clairsentients are both HSPs and empaths. The most apparent difference is that clairsentients can sense the energies and get immediate information from them.

Clairsentients have a sixth sense that enables them to feel a physical sensation after getting information from the energy they absorbed. They have an extrasensory perception which they can relate with the actions of feeling, touching, and sensing rather than seeing, hearing, or smelling.

A strong clairsentient might feel a physical manifestation in their body after noticing other people’s emotions. There are also other psychic abilities aside from clairsentience.

Other Psychic Abilities

psychic abilities


Clairvoyance means “clear seeing.” Clairvoyants use their spiritual eye, also called third eye or sixth chakra (located in the mid-brain behind the forehead). They see energy in different forms, such as in the form of images, movement, colors, or light.


Clairaudience is the gift of hearing. As simple as it sounds, it can be quite confusing.

Clairaudients receive information from an external source directly to their minds (similar to mental telepathy). They sometimes have trouble in determining whether what they are receiving is psychic information, or they are just their personal thoughts.


Clairalience can be described as the gift of smell. People with clairalience can smell things that are not physically present.

Developing Psychic Abilities

Even with varying levels of sensitivity towards psychic energy, one must be able to control and strengthen their psychic abilities. The first step is to be open to tapping into one’s psychic skills.

Fear of the unknown hinders people from exploring their psychic and intuitive abilities. One should accept their intuitive nature to receive psychic impressions more clearly.

One way to do this is through active listening. Similar to meditation, the purpose of active listening is to let inner thoughts and emotions flow by training the intuitive self to respond to callings.

Meditating daily helps in sustaining and nourishing the soul. When feeling overwhelmed, practicing grounding exercises might help.

One can also try to develop the psychic third eye chakra. Being in the center of one’s head increases spiritual awareness. Tuning in one’s throat chakra can also give access to psychic awareness.

It’s also beneficial to practice reading other people’s energy. Try to interpret the energy of people passing by tuning into their energy. To practice clairvoyance, try to predict how places will look before seeing them.

To develop psychic abilities, one can also get in touch with their spirit guides. Spirit guides are beings that have chosen to become guides to others instead of reincarnating.

Final Thoughts

Although human beings inherently possess the ability to sense psychic energy, the levels of sensitivity may vary from person to person, and understanding this might be confusing.

Developing your psychic abilities will help you to understand better the energies surrounding you. It can also be beneficial in protecting yourself from negative energies or psychic attacks.


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