Pet Psychic for Lost Pets

When a pet goes missing (and worse, stolen), it can be a very difficult time for the owner. If worse comes to worst and pet owners feel that searching everywhere their pet might’ve gone and hanging missing posters seem futile; they might need additional assistance from a pet psychic.

Pet psychics are gifted individuals who can assist with lost pet cases by doing pet readings. They can communicate with animals in the form of impressions, thoughts, images, or feelings.

Pets go missing for different reasons. Sometimes they leave home because they have an instinctive need to explore, and other times they run away because they’re frightened or under stress. Regardless of the reason, pet psychics can find lost pets by using their unique abilities.

How Can a Pet Psychic Locate Your Missing Pet?

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First, a pet psychic will ask the owner general questions like what type of animal the lost pet is, as well as the pet’s name, age, sex, and color. The pet owner should also share additional information like how long the pet has been with them and if there are other animals at home.

The pet psychic might also ask for a photo of the pet where their face and eyes can be seen clearly. The date and time of disappearance, as well as the place where the pet was last seen (at home, friend or pet sitter’s house, a veterinary clinic, the park, etc.), should be provided.

Owners should share all the details of the event that transpired and provide specific answers as much as they can (exact date, time, address, etc.). The pet psychic might also want to know if there are any changes in the pet’s behavior before they went missing.

It’s advised to provide any other information or details that they might deem helpful in the search for their missing pet like if the pet had been missing before and if the pet has a preexisting medical condition that might endanger their life.

After gathering the necessary information, the pet psychic will meditate and then try to connect with the lost or stolen pet. This process involves them trying to gain the lost pet’s trust. It might take longer if the lost or stolen pet is frightened or is under stress.

As stated above, a pet psychic can communicate with animals through images or visualizations. This psychic ability is called clairvoyance or clear seeing.

Clairvoyance has something to do with the sixth chakra (also called the third eye), which is the key to accessing higher consciousness. Once a connection between the psychic and the pet is established, the animal can describe its surroundings while the psychic acts as a translator.

The pet psychic can share the information they received from the pet (in the form of images or visualizations) to the pet owner. Some pet psychics can see through the eyes of the animal.

Tools such as reiki infused crystals are used for map dowsing. Map dowsing involves using crystal pendulums and holding them over maps to determine the location of lost or stolen pets. This method helps in narrowing the search location.

In a map dowsing, crystals can pick up the life energy of an animal. This method doesn’t always provide the best results because the crystal can pick up energy traces from other locations where the animal usually spends its time.

A Few Reminders

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When asking for assistance from a pet psychic, one should be reminded of a few things. First, animal communication isn’t the same as human communication. The pet psychic won’t receive information from a pet like the exact location they’re at.

Second, the primary responsibility of the pet psychic is to translate the visions or sensations they received from the animal into words and share them with the owner.

Third, one should contact a pet psychic immediately after they realize that their pet has gone missing. It would be more difficult for a pet psychic to establish a connection with the lost pet if they were already missing for several days.

Lastly, there might be a reason why a pet leaves their home. They might just want to go explore and go on an adventure. But there are also instances when they leave because their environment at home isn’t favorable to them, and they prefer to be left alone.

Finding a Pet Psychic

Pet readings can be beneficial when dealing with lost or stolen pets. Ask the help of a pet psychic who already has experience working with lost pet cases.

It’s better if the pet psychic makes use of other methods such as map dowsing alongside a pet reading. Map dowsing allows them to narrow the search location so owners can find their missing pets faster.

Aside from finding lost pets, pet psychics also help owners understand their pets’ behavior, including their phobias, anxieties, and emotional disorders.

Pets go missing for different reasons. To prevent this from happening, it helps to know what pets are feeling or thinking. Pet psychics can be of great assistance because they can empathize and understand the feelings of animals.

Pet psychics can also perform pet energy healing and assist pet owners who want to communicate with their pets that are dead or are close to death.


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