25 Psychic Signs that Someone is Thinking About You

Sometimes, individuals experience phenomena that transcends physical limitations. They sense some sort of interweaving of psychic energy that enables them to know if they’re in someone else’s thoughts.

Psychic signs that someone is thinking about you include sneezing out of the blue, feeling your cheek or ears burn, getting hiccups or goosebumps, sudden twitching of the eye, and feeling discomfort mid-meal. The signs can also be in the form of dreams, unexpected emotions, unexplained physical contact, an extraordinary connection, or a white feather.

The intent coming from the source of these psychic signs can be positive or negative. Therefore, once you recognize any of these signs that hint that someone is thinking about you, it’s best to try to be more perceptive and study the energy thrumming between your shared psychic connection.

Signs that Someone is Thinking About You

1. Sneezing Out of the Blue

flowers woman sneezing

In many countries, especially in Asia, there’s a belief that one will sneeze continuously when they’re the center of someone else’s thoughts. It’s said that two consecutive sneezes mean that someone is thinking or talking negatively about you.

Sneezing three times or more in a row is a sign that you’re being regarded positively. It might mean that someone (perhaps your soulmate) is missing you or thinking of you dearly.

2. Getting Random Hiccups

Randomly getting hiccups is a sign that someone is thinking of another person negatively. Over the years, getting random hiccups has been believed to mean that someone constantly complains about you.

Sometimes, people are unconscious of the negative energy they’re sending to the subject of their vexation. It’s probable that they aren’t doing it on purpose. However, if the issue is not properly addressed, it can become a form of psychic attack.

Hiccups are often seen as a sign of negative energy. If you get random hiccups when in the company of a specific person, it’s highly likely that they’re the source of that negative energy.

3. Feeling Your Cheeks or Ears Burn

flushed face woman

If a person feels a slight burning sensation in their face without a discernable reason, it might be a sign that someone is thinking of them. Most of the time, it signifies negative thoughts because burning cheeks can be the result of a distant (psychic) slap.

Intense negative thoughts of someone can turn into a psychic attack. Therefore, it’s best to determine the source and make amends if necessary.

Feeling your ears burn out of the blue, on the other hand, usually means that someone is thinking loving thoughts about you. This can be a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you somewhere.

4. Getting Goosebumps

Getting goosebumps typically mean that a person is having emotional and intensive thoughts. Getting goosebumps at unlikely times with no apparent reason hints that someone is thinking of you, but these thoughts can be positive or negative.

Goosebumps can be perceived as an energetic aura as it brings a tingling sensation to the body. The electromagnetic aura that surrounds you can get more intense when you have a strong psychic connection with the person thinking of you.

One can determine if these thoughts are positive or negative depending on how they feel. If the goosebumps bring feelings of assurance and solace rather than discomfort, then it’s most likely positive energy coming your way.

5. Feeling Discomfort while Eating

person choking eating

Suddenly experiencing discomfort while eating like choking or coughing on your food can be a sign that someone is thinking about you. This tension is the subconscious’ way of saying that a person (probably close to you), is having you in their thoughts.

6. Sudden Eye Twitches

There’s a well-known superstition that a sudden twitching of a person’s eye suggests that someone has them in their mind. Moreover, there’s a belief that sensations in each eye mean different things for men and women.

For women, an itch on the right eye implies that someone is talking behind their back. If the sensation is felt by the left eye, it means that someone is thinking highly of them. The meanings associated with each eye is the complete opposite for men.

7. Receiving Messages Through Telepathy

telepathic woman bright

If you receive messages in the form of thoughts or ideas from someone, this person is trying to openly connect with you. This extraordinary connection (also be called psychic connection or psychic link) is the easiest sign to recognize because this is only possible through telepathy.

8. Feeling Unexplained Physical Touch

You can feel some sort of physical contact even without a visible source if the person thinking about you has strong psychic abilities. Transmitting thoughts into the feeling of physical touch is only possible if one is thinking intensely of someone.

This experience can either be pleasant and beautiful or outright strange and appalling. It all depends on the person receiving unexplained sensations.

One may also hear a person’s voice. This occurrence is most likely only going to happen to individuals with the ability of clear hearing or clairaudience.

9. Feeling Unexpected Emotions

emotional person sitting

Experiencing emotional changes out of the blue, like feeling happy or euphoric one second and then feeling a knot on your stomach all of a sudden due to a heightened sense of sadness or fear, can be a sign that someone is thinking of you.

It might feel like experiencing emotions that are not your own. This is proof that someone is having some fierce thoughts about you to the point that their energy interfered with yours.

In essence, energy can be good or bad, positive or negative. Energy has the property of displaceability, meaning it can flow from one person to another.

10. Dreaming of Someone

There are numerous documented cases of people dreaming of someone else’s acts and emotions. These cases are only possible when energy is flowing between two people that are linked telepathically.

Dreams are mysterious and enthralling phenomena that have various meanings and interpretations. Dreams are connections to the subconscious, and the subconscious is synonymous with a person’s Higher Self, which is responsible for telepathic communication.

When a person appears in your dreams, there’s a high chance that this person is having intense thoughts of you. Their thoughts are strong enough to manifest in visual form in your dream.

11. Finding a White Feather

white feather

White feathers are divine symbols from the angels. People usually find a white feather after the passing of a loved one. Feathers can be perceived as a reminder that nothing in life is a coincidence.

A white feather appearing out of nowhere might be a sign from your loved one. They might be sending you a message of comfort and reassurance.

White feathers also symbolize miracles and dreams. It’s highly likely that the person you’re thinking of is also thinking about you.

Other Signs that Someone is Thinking of You

  1. You feel a burning or ringing sensation in your ears.
  2. Your chest feels heavy, and your mind feels tense.
  3. You find it hard to focus and get things done.
  4. You feel like someone is calling your name.
  5. You hear songs that remind you of them.
  6. You find yourself smiling out of nowhere.
  7. You feel chills down your spine.
  8. You keep seeing the same numbers.
  9. A butterfly landing on you.
  10. Things that remind you of them keep popping up.
  11. You feel a sudden burst of positive energy.
  12. Synchronicities occur.
  13. You just know.
  14. A real psychic confirms it.

Final Thoughts

People usually approach the concept of psychic connections or psychic links with skepticism or apprehension. When you have doubts about interpreting the signs you experience or feel, it’s best to consult an intuitive advisor. Psychics on this website who specialize in anything psychic can help you understand more about the psychic information you receive.

It’s best to remember that when it comes to psychic connections, it helps to listen more to your intuition. Intuition is a thread that connects you to everything that is beyond the physical. Listening to your intuition can guide and help you to recognize signs that someone is thinking about you.


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