50 Crystal Clear Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Soulmates possess a deep connection, which is a product of their high affinity to each other’s feelings and emotions. Sensations will resonate between soulmates when one is thinking of the other.

Crystal clear signs that your soulmate is thinking of you include sneezing out of the blue, sudden twitching of the eye, getting hiccups or goosebumps, dreaming of them, and sensing their ‘presence.’

Soulmates have an all-embracing bond that is both authentic and powerful. Your soulmate’s emotional expression while thinking of you catalyzes the same emotion in you.

Signs that Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

1. Sneezing

woman sneezing

The belief that a person’s nose will itch and eventually lead to continuous sneezing when their soulmate is thinking of them is widespread in some Asian countries. Sneezing three times or more in a row is a sign that your soulmate is regarding you dearly.

2. Getting Hiccups

Over the years, randomly getting hiccups has been believed as a sign that someone is thinking of another person negatively. Contrary to popular belief, this can go both ways.

Someone can receive psychic energies that trigger hiccups from a person thinking about them either positively or reproachfully. Getting hiccups can be a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you and sending you positive energy.

3. Getting Goosebumps

goosebumps arm

Goosebumps commonly imply significant emotional thoughts. Getting goosebumps at unlikely times with no apparent reason hints that one’s soulmate is thinking of them, especially when it brings with it feelings of assurance and solace rather than discomfort.

Goosebumps bring a tingling sensation to the body, which can also be perceived as an energetic aura. The electromagnetic aura that surrounds a person can get more intense when their soulmate is thinking of them.

These tingling sensations are the body’s way of expressing excitement, nostalgia, or anticipation. Experiencing this entails that two people are deeply connected, and these can be signs that your soulmate is sending their energy and emotions towards you.

4. Eye Twitches

There’s a well-known belief that the twitching of a person’s eye suggests that someone is thinking of them. Psychics suggest that a twitch in the left eye connotes positive thoughts while a twitch in the right eye infers the opposite.

It’s highly likely that uncontrollable twitches in your left eye mean your soulmate is thinking of you. It’s also believed that sensations in each eye mean different things for men and women.

For women, an itch on the left eye suggests that a person is thinking highly of them, and an itch on the right eye implies that someone is talking behind their back. The meanings associated with each eye is the complete opposite for men.

5. Having a Smile on Your Face

grass woman smiling

Probably the most subtle among the signs is a person having a smile on their face with no apparent reason. Suddenly feeling happy suggests that your soulmate is thinking of you.

A smile on your face is a product of good energy. Soulmates transfer energy to each other consciously or unconsciously.

6. Feeling Unexpected Emotions

Soulmates tend to share their own emotional experience with each other. This openness is only possible because of their deep and significant bond.

Sometimes a person feels happy or euphoric with no apparent reason. Other times they feel a knot on their stomach all of a sudden due to a heightened sense of sadness or fear.

Feeling unexpected emotions is also a sign that your soulmate is thinking of you. Ultimately, energy can be good or bad, positive or negative. It flows from one person to another, and soulmates are more sensitive to such uncalled surges of emotions.

7. Dreaming of Them

women dreaming

Perhaps the most powerful among all the signs that one’s soulmate is thinking of them is when they see them in their dreams. Dreams are an enthralling phenomenon that has various meanings and interpretations across cultures.

According to Sigmund Freud, dreams are manifestations of a person’s inner thoughts and hidden desires. Simply put, they are connections to the subconscious. The subconscious is synonymous with a person’s Higher Self, which is responsible for telepathic communication.

There are even numerous cases of two people with a close bond sharing the same dream. These cases only happen when energy is flowing between two people that are linked telepathically. There’s a higher chance that your soulmate is thinking of you when they appear in your dreams.

8. Sensing Their ‘Presence’

One of the many indications that the bond between soulmates is strong is the ability to feel each other’s presence despite not being physically there. One may hear the other’s voice or feel their touch during an uncertain situation. Their soulmate’s positive energy mainly soothes their soul.

9. Feeling a Sudden Surge in Energy

jumping joyful woman

Soulmates share the strongest energy cords. The mind can emit and receive both positive and negative energies regardless of the distance. Psychics and empaths are more sensitive to this sensation.

An abrupt surge in energy may be due to your soulmate thinking of you. Receiving positive energy from your soulmate can help you to be more productive. It can also give you the strength to step out of your comfort zone or socialize with other people.

10. Your Mind is Filled with Thoughts of Them

As mentioned above, the Universe is all about balanced energy. What is put forth to the Universe will inevitably come back to the source. When a person is having overpowering thoughts of their soulmate, their soulmate is probably having the same thoughts as them.

11. Finding a White Feather

white feather

White feathers are divine symbols. Feathers serve as a reminder that nothing in life is a coincidence. A white feather appearing out of nowhere might be a sign that a soulmate you may have lost is sending you love and protection.

Other Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

  1. You experience abrupt mood changes
  2. Sense of a metaphysical touch
  3. Desire to be close to them
  4. You have a sudden drive to become a better version of yourself
  5. Your special song keeps popping up
  6. Inexplicable sense of excitement
  7. Getting clarity on what you want out of life
  8. You feel a strong urge to reach out to them
  9. You have a strong desire to go out and track them down
  10. Stumbling upon angel numbers
  11. You feel inspired and motivated
  12. You keep bumping into each other
  13. You hear their voice even they’re not physically around
  14. You finally made peace with your past relationships
  15. Heightened awareness of love
  16. Sudden desire to watch romantic movies
  17. Your cheeks are flushed
  18. Shivers down your spine
  19. You feel like you’re missing something
  20. A sense of déjà vu sets in
  21. You keep seeing their face in strangers
  22. Feeling a sense of urgency to get your life in order
  23. You find it hard to concentrate on a task a hand
  24. You keep coming across butterflies
  25. Their face keeps resurfacing in your mind
  26. You feel an aura of soulful warmth around you
  27. Sudden desire to play with yourself
  28. You feel connected to them
  29. New doors of opportunity are opening up for you
  30. They surprise you
  31. Their initials keep popping up everywhere
  32. You keep coming across things that remind you of them
  33. Tingling sensations in your intimate parts
  34. You can’t help but think about them
  35. You smell their signature scent
  36. You just know
  37. They like your old posts on social media
  38. They tell you outright
  39. A real psychic confirms it

Final Thoughts

Throughout history, there are different usages of the concept of soulmates, and there’s more to it than what is generally known by people. To better understand the idea of soulmates and relationships, it helps to seek the advice of a psychic advisor. Psychics on this website who specialize in love and relationships can help you explore your connection with your soulmate.

Whether inspired by Plato’s soulmate theory, religious texts, or other contemporary thinking, the thought that there exists a person one can share a deep relationship is remarkably gratifying. A link you have with your soulmate is different from your karmic relationships or relationship with your twin flame. If you’re interested in learning more, here  are the other types of relationships and signs that they’re thinking of you.


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