What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart 6 Things To Know

What Happens When Soulmates Are Apart? 6 Things To Know

There may come a time when the inevitable happens where we have to be apart from our soulmates. A relationship with a soulmate is believed to last long and that you are meant to be together forever. Nevertheless, separation may come about and both of you will have to deal with the effects of being away from each other.

Going through a soulmate separation can be a struggle as you have to endure the emotional pains and anxiety it brings. However, as you desire and strive to pick up the pieces you will experience a renewal of the soul, gain a different perspective in life, and manifest a re-energized spirit.

Being aware of the consequences of soulmate separation can help you know how to best handle this difficult situation, whenever it happens to you. It is also valuable to note that these experiences are lessons meant for a higher purpose in your life.

Soulmates and Soul Connections

soulmates connection

A soulmate is someone with whom you share a deep connection, who influences your soul, and has a lasting impact on your life. There is a soul-level bond that is safe, stable, and reassuring. They are someone with whom you can be yourself and be true to your emotions. The genuineness of the relationship is manifested among soul connections.

Contrary to popular belief, relationships among soulmates are not always romantic. Sometimes they are platonic in nature. They could be a friend or a family member.

You may have encountered your soulmate briefly, yet there is a feeling of familiarity—that you have known each other before. You might instinctively sense that you are meant to be together and that there is a reason for your relationship.

Soulmates are brought together to fulfill a higher purpose in each other’s lives. They are the people who inspire you, motivate you to work on improving yourself, and can help you awaken your soul to grow and reach its highest potential. They spur you into self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment.

Soulmates Separation

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There will come a time when soulmates need to be physically apart. You may have to separate, but do not necessarily break up. Your soulmate may need to relocate to a different city for work, visit family or friends, or just wants to detach oneself for some time.

Alternatively, this separation could lead to a breakup. The relationship between soulmates oftentimes becomes too intense that they may struggle to keep up with being together for a long time. This may eventually cause them to end their relationship and part ways.

When you separate, it is most likely that you and your soulmate are not meant for each other. Moreover, the timing is probably wrong and you are not yet ready to be together.

Whatever the reason is, dealing with soulmate separation is difficult and painful. Because of the intensity of the love and connection you have for each other parting from them will be unbearable.

6 Things That Will Happen When Soulmates Are Apart

Detaching oneself from a profound soulmate connection is distressing. It is all the more upsetting when you inevitably decide to split up and end your relationship. Regardless, keep in mind that there is a reason and a higher purpose behind this circumstance.

Here are a number of things that can happen to you when you get separated from your soulmate.

  1. You Will Experience Separation Anxiety

separation anxiety woman

Being physically apart from your soulmate can trigger anxiety. It can make you feel fearful and nervous to be away from them. Dwelling on these feelings and thought patterns lead to reduced confidence in yourself, your partner, and the relationship.

Maintaining a consistent presence in your soulmate’s life will be difficult to achieve when distance separates you. You will feel anxious and afraid that your deep connection will slowly dwindle. You may have trust issues and worry that your soulmate will not be as communicative as before and that they might meet somebody else along the way.

Separation, leading to a split up, can also trigger feelings of abandonment and hopelessness. Indeed, being on separate paths with your soulmate is upsetting. Nevertheless, keep in mind that soulmate connections are eternal. You are bound by the heart and soul, whether it is in this life, in a previous life, or in the succeeding lives to come.

  1. You Will Endure Pain

woman crying

Being apart from your soulmate will cause you sadness and despair. It will even be more devastating when the relationship has ended and you are finally parting ways.

The deep and intense love and connection between soulmates make separation extremely painful for both individuals. You may experience physical pains, lack of energy, or even bouts of depression.

However, this pain can propel you to change your situation. Soon, you will have the desire to bounce back, rise up from your afflictions, and be able to manage your emotions. Experiencing and enduring the pains will also help you develop your inner strength.

  1. You will Go Through Personal Transformation

person transformation

Parting ways with your soulmate can bring about changes in some areas of your life, regardless of how substantial or seemingly subtle these changes are.

The emotional distress, dejection, and loneliness you endured during the separation can awaken your consciousness and cause a shift in your perspective of things, whether it is about love, relationships, priorities, and so on.

This experience can bring about a phase of soul reflection, inner healing, and spiritual growth. You will try to seek out answers, understand what happened in your relationship, and focus on self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment.

  1. You Will Pursue Individuality and Balance

alone man balance

Taking a break from a relationship, whether for good or just for a period of time, gives you a chance to contemplate on yourself as an individual.

Being caught up in a soulmate connection may have caused you to neglect your other relationships, your spiritual needs, or even your life mission.

This period of self-reflection is an opportune time for you to assess your character, address your problems, meditate and rebalance your energies. Regain control of your emotions and self-confidence. Nurture existing relationships that you may have overlooked in the past and establish new connections.

  1. You Will Undergo Inner Healing

inner healing person meditation

Soulmates who have separated deal with the emotional pains caused by the breakup. They will try to heal themselves from the heartaches. This period of separation will give them their much-needed personal time and space for self-reflection, which will eventually lead to their inner healing process.

  1. You Will Learn to Move On and Move Forward

man moving forward

Accept and welcome this time of separation from your loved one. This might just be a temporary setback in order for both of you to work on individual endeavors. Have faith in your powerful soul connection and be hopeful that you will reunite someday. Wait constructively until you both are ready to be reconnected.

On the other hand, when getting back together is not likely to happen, you must learn to let go. Acknowledge that we could have more than one soul connection in our lives. You will find love again when you are ready, though it will not be the same kind as the one you just lost, and will meet another soulmate whom you will treasure deeply.

Final Thoughts

The separation phase will be a difficult journey. Because of the intense soul connection, parting ways with your soulmate will bring about anxiety, sadness, and despair. Nevertheless, enduring all this pain and embracing this experience will propel you towards enlightenment, inner healing, and self-improvement.

Recognize that separation is not a bad thing but is an essential part of the process for self-growth. These experiences are life lessons meant to illuminate and guide your soul. Meditate, reflect on your inner self, and make the necessary changes for your soul transformation.


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