Can A Psychic Bring My Ex Back Answered

Can a Psychic Bring My Ex Back? Here’s What to Expect

There are times when love could neither mature nor travel, and there’s no other choice but to part ways. However, you might feel like your love can take a new form and bloom once again. Not knowing what to do and where to start, you might wonder if a psychic can bring your past lover back.

A psychic won’t be able to get your ex back for you, but they can see if there’s a possibility. They can guide you on how to move forward after the breakup and give insight into why the relationship ended and what steps should be taken next.

Gifted love psychics can help you figure out and understand your emotions as well as get your romantic life back on track. Psychics have unique abilities that allow them to know what goes on behind the scenes that you might not be able to discover on your own.

What to Expect in a Psychic Love Reading

psychic reading sign

A psychic love reading can be an incredibly enlightening experience. A professional psychic can help you make the right decisions and take the right course of action by receiving information from the spiritual realm.

There are many types of love readings. Most psychics, for example, are clairvoyant. Clairvoyance is the ability to see what’s hidden, and psychics with this ability can use their strong intuition to discern the sequence of events that led to the breakup.

Some psychics use palm reading. Palm readers can see the course of your life in the details of your palm. They can show you your love path and let you know if getting back with your past lover is the right thing to do.

Other psychics use tarot cards (for a tarot reading) or a regular deck of playing cards (for a cartomancy reading) to map the past, the present, and the future. The cards allow them to see the roots of all misunderstandings and know the possible ways to bring your ex back to your life.

Numerology and astrology are also common types of psychic love readings. These two can show the strengths and weaknesses in your past relationships as well as pinpoint the mistakes you (and your ex) did that led to the both of you going separate ways.

Psychics who want yes-or-no answers use the pendulum in their readings. The pendulum can give straight to the point answers to questions about love.

4 Spells to Win Your Ex Back

Sometimes, psychics suggest a good love spell to help people reconcile with their exes. Psychics only suggest this solution when it seems that their relationship was healthy and positive. They will warn their clients not to use a love spell if their relationship was toxic or filled with negative emotions such as jealousy or obsession.

It’s best to remember that you should never attempt to do a spell out of spite or for selfish reasons. Every action has its consequences, and you should remind yourself to look before you leap.

Most importantly, before casting a love spell to win your ex back, know that you shouldn’t start what you don’t intend to finish. In summary, you must only cast a love spell if your relationship was healthy, you have good intentions, and you know the consequences of your actions.

1. A Spell To Reunite Old Lovers

reunion old lovers view

What You’ll Need:

  • Two small candles in gold and silver. If there’s no gold and silver, you can substitute them with yellow and white candles.
  • A lighter or a match

Note: The perfect time to cast this spell is during the late afternoon when both the sun and the moon are visible in the sky.


1. Prepare the materials needed.

2. Go outside and light the gold (or yellow) candle.

3. Hold the candle up to the sun, and say:

“Sun of gold,

As you burn,

Man (or woman) of mine,

Soon return.”

4. Light the silver (or white) candle next, hold it up to the moon, and then chant the following:

“Moon of silver,

I who yearn,

Moon to sun,

To you I turn.”

5. Place the two candles side by side (do this slowly, as if you and your ex are slowly getting back together), and say:

“Old, old flame: new, new, flame.

Gone is sorrow, gone is blame.

What was undone, again has begun.

Two were split, again are one!

Heiros gamos!”

6. Close your eyes while the candles are burning.

7. Envision yourself getting back together with your ex again.

8. When the candles burn out, initiate communication with them.

2. The Rosemary and Coin Spell

rosemary in basket

What You’ll Need:

  • A sheet of paper
  • An envelope
  • Red thread
  • Some fresh rosemary
  • A coin (any coin will do)


  1. Prepare the necessary materials.
  2. Write the name of your past lover on the paper and then fold it.
  3. Anoint some rosemary on the coin.
  4. Hold both the rosemary and the coin, and then say the name of your past lover four times. You must look at the cardinal points (starting at the south, followed by north, then west, and lastly east) each time you repeat their name.
  5. Put the coin inside the envelope and then roll it.
  6. After rolling the envelope, give it a kiss and then tie it with the red thread.
  7. To conclude the spell, keep the envelope in a safe box and then throw the rosemary in the wind while visualizing your past lover returning to you.

3. The Red Velvet Ribbon Spell

red velvet ribbon heart

What You’ll Need:

  • A red pen
  • A piece of paper (preferably in pink)
  • One piece of fresh lemon
  • A red ribbon (a ribbon made of velvet is best for this spell)
  • A flowerpot

Note: Get a freezer ready before doing this spell.


  1. Prepare all the materials needed.
  2. Write your name and the name of your former partner on the paper.
  3. Cut the lemon into two (must be equal).
  4. Fold the paper in half and make sure that the names are sort of touching each other while folded.
  5. Place the paper between the two cut parts of the lemon.
  6. Tie the lemons with the ribbon.
  7. Store the lemon in a freezer while visualizing you and your ex getting back together. You can only take the lemon out of the freezer after a month.
  8. Once a month has passed, bury the lemon in a flowerpot.

4. The Full Moon Spell

full moon

What You’ll Need:

  • A sheet of paper (white)
  • A marker (preferably red-inked)
  • Two candles (1 white and 1 red)
  • A match or lighter
  • A picture of your past lover
  • A piece of cloth or any rag that’s color black
  • A red-colored tape (or thread, whatever’s available)

Note: This spell works best when done during a full moon.


  1. Prepare all the materials listed above.
  2. Write your ex’s name on the sheet of paper three times.
  3. Light the candles.
  4. Get the sheet of paper. Place the white candle on its left and the red candle on its right.
  5. Burn the sides of the paper using the candles.
  6. Get your ex’s photo and the paper and then wrap it with the cloth (or rug).
  7. Tie the cloth or rag using the tape (or the thread).
  8. Hold it over the red candle, visualize your ex’s name, and then chant this three times:

“Oh gods of the holiest trinity, bring my lover back to me.”

  1. Repeat the eighth step but over the white candle this time.
  2. Bury the black cloth (or rug) outdoors (make sure that all the contents of the cloth or rug are intact).

Finding a Good Psychic

A good psychic will help you understand what’s in play in your romantic life and give you necessary insight into how you can regain the power to begin, maintain, end, or move on from a relationship. Professional psychics on this website who specialize in love readings can answer your love questions and give you advice on what you can do next.

The role of the psychic is extremely important, but intuitive guidance can only do so much. Keep in mind that you’re responsible for the decisions you make and the actions you take in regards to your reading and your situation.


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