Do Soul Ties Affect Men What Guys Secretly Think and Feel

Do Soul Ties Affect Men? What Guys Secretly Think and Feel

Many people believe in the concept of soul connections, such as soul ties. A soul tie is a deep attachment to another individual on a spiritual level. However, the notion regarding soul ties is full of misconceptions, especially when it comes to men.

Contrary to popular belief, soul ties do affect everyone, including men. However, how men define and view such a concept differs from most women. It’s believed that men are rather subtle and have a logical or cynical approach when dealing with soul ties.

Soul ties can be formed in different ways, and they can be one-sided or mutual, godly or ungodly. Men might have some other way of identifying a soul tie, and they might also experience the symptoms of the connection much later than usual.

How Soul Ties Affect Men

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There has always been prejudice regarding spiritual, psychic, or esoteric concepts, such as soul connections. Over the centuries, popular media has portrayed soul connections (like soulmates and soul ties) as a topic reserved for little girls waiting for their prince or women who are hopeless romantics. In reality, soul connections, specifically soul ties, affect everyone regardless of sex or gender.

The root of the concept of soul ties is debatable. Some believe that the idea of soul ties originated in the Bible. Once a man and woman engage in sex, they’ll form a spiritual connection called a soul tie (described in the Bible as “knitting of souls”).

Others argue that the concept of soul ties came from Greek mythology, wherein humans were believed to have four arms and four legs. Zeus, angered by the arrogance of humans, cut them in half. They then need to go on a journey to find their other half.

Each soul tie (and soul connection in general) has a unique nature, and each person experiences soul ties differently. Men, in general, tend to believe that their current partner is their soul tie. This is because they naturally form a bond with someone that they consider to be ideal.

Men define a soul tie slightly differently from women. Most men are calculative and logical when finding their soul ties. They tend to look for specific qualities in a woman and then think of them as their other half.

On the contrary, women are more inclined to assess their emotional connection with someone to determine if the other person is their soul tie. They trust their intuition more and make a conclusion based on their intense feelings of connectedness.

How Men Know They Have a Soul Tie

Before delving into how men recognize a soul tie, it’s significant to understand first how soul ties are formed. One could create a soul tie with someone if they had an intimate physical, emotional, or spiritual connection with another person.

The deeper the relationship, the tighter the soul tie. Once men learn how the soul tie was formed, the next step is to determine whether it’s mutual, one-sided, godly, or ungodly. If the soul tie is deemed healthy, men might experience the following.

Feeling Exceedingly Excited and Curious

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If the soul tie is godly or healthy, a man will feel giddy with excitement to know more about their subject of interest. They might even feel nervous because of the unexpected intense feelings of curiosity.

Feeling More Energized than Usual

Another sign of a healthy soul tie is a sudden urge to grow and become the best version of themselves. All kinds of soul connections have one similar purpose, which is to attain spiritual development. One’s soul tie will help them gain more confidence and bring positive energy to their life.

Feeling an Unexplainable Intense Connection

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A soul tie is more intense than any other soul connection (aside from the twin flame connection). If you have a soul tie with someone, you’ll feel like you’ve known the other person your whole life. You might even think of them as your missing puzzle piece.

Just like women, men will feel unusual strong emotions towards their soul ties. Although they might be more subtle than women, being physically or emotionally distant from their soul ties will gravely affect them.

What Men Should Do If the Soul Tie is Ungodly or Unhealthy

If you recognize signs of an unhealthy soul tie, it’s best to break it as soon as possible. Unlike healthy soul ties, an ungodly soul tie will leave you emotionally, mentally, and spiritually exhausted.

1. Acknowledge the Soul Tie

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The first step in breaking a soul tie is acknowledging it. Unhealthy soul ties will fill your heart with hate, regret, fear, anger, shame, guilt, or sadness.

Experiencing such pain might drive you to deny your soul tie. It’s significant to note that if you refuse to acknowledge the soul tie, you won’t be able to start the process of breaking it.

2. Maintain Distance

Once you’ve admitted the deep connection you formed with the person, the next step is to set your intentions and act accordingly. The more you connect with the person, whether physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually, the stronger the soul tie becomes.

It’s best to cease all communications with them and dispose of all objects you possess related to them. Not meeting and talking to them is somewhat easy. Breaking the emotional and spiritual connection you have is the tricky part.

3. Meditate

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Meditation allows people to center themselves and connect with their Higher Self. As mentioned earlier, it’s hard to break the emotional and spiritual connection you have with your soul tie.

Doing meditation exercises can help you sort out your thoughts and feelings and make sound decisions. Moreover, you can seek guidance from your guardian angels and spirit guides through this method.

4. Choose to Forgive

The energy you put forth to the Universe will eventually come back to you. Therefore, it’s best to let go of all the low vibrational frequencies you received because of the ungodly soul tie. One way of doing this is through forgiveness.

Forgive yourself and the other person regardless of whether both of you deserve it or not. Letting go of all the negative emotions can help you find peace in yourself and help you break the soul tie.

Final Thoughts

Many believe that soul ties don’t affect men because of the prejudice surrounding this subject. Because of this, men tend to have a more difficult time dealing with their soul ties, especially ungodly ones.

Severing a soul connection as strong as a soul tie can prove to be arduous, not just for men but most people. Spiritual advisors can help you break an unhealthy soul tie and let go of unwanted negative energies brought by it.


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