Can Soul Ties Be One Sided And What To Do If They Are

Can Soul Ties Be One-Sided? And What To Do If They Are

There’s a belief that a deep emotional and spiritual bond is formed between two people, usually after sharing physical intimacy, and this bond is called a soul tie. This type of bond is powerful, and it can affect a person’s overall well-being.

Since a soul tie is a spiritual connection between two people, it can be one-sided just as how one can have a one-sided physical, mental, or emotional connection with another individual. If you find yourself having an ungodly one-sided soul tie with someone, it’s best to break it as soon as possible.

Soul ties can serve many functions, and they can be good or unhealthy. To better understand the concept of soul ties, one must examine its nature.

The Nature of Soul Ties

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To be spiritually linked to another person means to cling to or to be closely attached to that person. Having a soul tie with someone means being one with them in flesh, mind, and soul. In the field of psychology, the concept of soul ties is similar to “mind control,” soul-links,” or “mind links.”

The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word tie as “to fasten, attach, or close by means of a tie; to unite in marriage.” Another definition is “to restrain from independence or freedom of action or choice; constrain by or as if by authority, influence, agreement, or obligation,” which leaves a negative connotation.

The concept of soul ties originated from Christianity. It’s believed that it exists because God wanted His people to have close godly bonds, wherein the linked parties engage in a two-way flow of love.  However, some of these godly bonds can develop into ungodly or unhealthy soul ties.

A healthy soul tie enhances one’s life. The bond will provide you love, strength, and support. An unhealthy soul tie, on the other hand, does the complete opposite as it can negatively affect your life in many different ways.

There are three main categories of soul ties. First is intellectual or “platonic” soul ties. An example would be a relationship between disciple and mentor. Such relationships are based upon shared ideas, beliefs, and understanding.

The second category exists on an emotional level. There are soul ties that are based on common feelings of love, hatred, or fear. This relationship can be between husband and wife, parent and child, or between friends.

The third and last category of soul ties is that which is formed because of physical love attachments. This bond can also be a product of something sinful, such as rape or molestation.

More often than not, soul ties don’t form overnight. They are formed through close friendships, vows, commitments, promises, and physical intimacy. Soul ties are a result of numerous decisions to submit to another individual over some time (except in cases where sinful acts are involved).

5 Common Types of One-Sided Soul Ties

Soul ties can be either mutual or one-sided. The latter occurs when a person feels mentally connected to someone in many ways (or when someone invokes an emotional response in them), but the other party doesn’t reciprocate or feel the same. Below are some types of one-sided soul ties.

1. A One-Sided Soul Tie with a Significant Other

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Soul ties with significant others can be godly or ungodly, and a one-sided soul tie with a significant other is usually ungodly. This type of soul tie is formed when one becomes overly attached to the other, which can be a sign of toxic relationships.

Some ties begin godly because it’s formed by marriage, but it can become broken, distorted, or perverted later on. This change can be the result of broken vows or promises.

2. A One-Sided Soul Tie with a Family Member

One can also develop soul ties with their family. These can exist between brother and sister, and parent and child. A soul tie between family members can become one-sided and ungodly when the feelings between them become unnatural.

An example would be a child who hates their father or mother because of their over-controlling and dominating tendencies. The opposite can also be likely. The parent and child can also form an idolatrous soul tie, which is just as ungodly.

3. A One-Sided Soul Tie with a Friend

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Healthy soul ties between friends can become one-sided and ungodly when there are betrayal and abuse in the relationship. One might continually be using their friend to meet their needs, which naturally spoils the soul tie between them.

4. A One-Sided Soul Tie with a Stranger

Individuals can form one-sided soul ties with people they’ve never met. This bond is even more possible because of the internet, where people can freely establish connections and relationships despite the distance.

5. A One-Sided Soul Tie with a Sexual Partner

One of the most potentially disastrous types of one-sided soul ties is that which is formed because of a one-night stand. Sex is an intimate act done by two human beings, and it can connect them not only physically but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Sex between two people that don’t love each other becomes disastrous when one (or both) of them forms an unhealthy soul tie.

Why One-Sided Soul Ties Can be Harmful


One-sided soul ties can lead to obsession. One might have obsessive thoughts about a person even though they already parted ways. Some symptoms of obsession include not being able to stop thinking of the other, which affects their productivity and daily life.


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One might already be feeling entrapped in a one-sided soul tie, and yet they’re unable to walk out of the emotionally or physically obsessive relationship they’re in. The person feeling entrapped might feel lost because their “loyalty” binds them to their soul tie, and they can’t seem to find the strength to leave the toxic relationship.


One-sided soul ties become harmful when one builds an unhealthy attachment to the other. This occurrence is most common in soul ties with a significant other, although it can also happen between parent and child.


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A one-sided soul tie becomes ungodly when one plays on another person’s emotions and hardships to manipulate them into loving them. Some people manipulate the individual they’re tied with to help them achieve a personal desire or to ensure that they don’t leave them.


Deception usually occurs in a one-sided soul tie between two people who have never met each other personally. When one makes vague statements or tells half-truths, it’s highly likely that they’re withholding feelings or information from the other party.

Simple Ways to Break an Unhealthy One-Sided Soul Tie

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  • If the soul tie is formed through fornication, then one needs to repent.
  • If the soul tie is formed because one made hasty vows or commitments, then these vows should be undone verbally.
  • Forgive the other person even if they should be the one asking for forgiveness.
  • Dispose of any physical object given to you by the other person because these things can hold a soul tie in place.
  • Write a letter to your soul tie (or do journaling). There’s no need to send the letter to them. What’s important is for you to be able to vent your feelings and release your frustrations.
  • Talk to a spiritual advisor or a therapist if needed. They can help you break unhealthy one-sided soul ties and move on completely.

Preventing Further Harmful Soul Ties

  • Learn to be independent. You should develop a healthy mindset and avoid dependency on another person.
  • Resist when someone tries to control you. You are your own person, and no one has the right to exercise their power of control over you.
  • Replace the ungodly soul tie with a godly one.

Final Thoughts

Soul ties can be godly or ungodly, and mutual or one-sided. It’s crucial to be free from ungodly one-sided soul ties because these can be extremely harmful. However, the process can be difficult and overwhelming.

Professional advisors on this website who are experts on emotional and spiritual wholeness can walk you through the whole process of knowing why you have soul ties, determining how negative soul ties develop, and breaking free from ungodly soul ties.


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