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How To Cut Soul Ties Forever – 7 Effective Ways Explained

True to its word, a soul tie is a restricting and limiting bond that occurs on a spiritual level. To have a soul tie with someone implies that you’re bound to that person, which often brings harmful results to one or both parties.

Negative or ungodly soul ties must be cut, and one can do this by, first, acknowledging that a soul tie is indeed ungodly. Afterward, one must repent, forgive, and undo the vows that created the bond in the first place. Disposing objects related to the soul tie and talking to a spiritual advisor also significantly help.

One forms several different soul connections in their lifetime, and it might be challenging to identify and deal with unhealthy soul ties. Therefore, it’s best to understand its nature, know the harmful effects such bonds could bring, and discern how to break them.

How to Cut Soul Ties Forever

1. Acknowledge Your Soul Tie with This Person

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The first step to cutting a soul tie is acknowledging and defining the problem. Admitting the issue and proceeding to address it will empower you and make you feel more in control of the situation.

A problem can only be solved once you acknowledge that there’s indeed some issue that needs your attention. Therefore, you must determine why the bond was formed and discern the consequences that come with it.

2. Determine the Nature of the Soul Tie Formed

The Cambridge dictionary defines the word tie as “to fasten together two ends of a piece of string or other long, thin material, or to (cause to) hold together with a long, thin piece of string, material, etc.” Hence, a soul tie indicates that two people are bound not just in a spiritual sense but also in body and mind.

Having such a tight bond with someone means clinging and being closely attached to them, often negatively. Thus, it’s not surprising that soul ties are called “soul-links,” “mind control,” and “mind links” in the field of psychology.

Not all soul ties bring harm. In truth, a soul tie can enhance a person’s life, especially when it’s apparent that it brings them strength and support. This is why it’s highly significant to determine the nature of the soul tie (whether it’s healthy or ungodly) before choosing to cut it.

3. Figure Out How the Soul Tie was Formed

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Soul ties aren’t created in just a snap. It’s the outcome of continuously submitting yourself to another person over a long period. This deep and spiritual bond requires considerable time to form.

A soul tie can be formed by engaging in physical intimacy or making a vow, promise, or commitment. Healthy soul ties, for instance, are created through marriage or friendship.

An example of a healthy soul tie is that of mentor and disciple, which is based upon shared thoughts, philosophies, and beliefs. This kind of soul tie is called a platonic or intellectual soul tie.

On the other hand, ungodly soul ties are based on negative emotions, such as fear or hatred. This type of soul tie can be a result of a sinful act like molestation, abuse, or rape.

An emotional soul tie is another kind of bond that can be either positive or negative. This link can be between parent and child or husband and wife. For example, a bond becomes ungodly when parents tend to take control of every action their child takes.

More often than not, a soul link is formed because of a vow or a commitment. Therefore, soul ties with significant others are quite common. It becomes an unhealthy one when the relationship becomes toxic (i.e., obsessing over each other, making the bond broken, and sometimes even perverted).

If the soul tie was created through fornication, you must find the courage to forgive for you to regain peace. If you were the one responsible for committing fornication, you must repent and atone for your sins.

You can also form an unhealthy soul tie with a friend, a stranger, or a mere sexual partner. Essentially, determining how the soul tie was formed will allow you to figure out what course of action you should take.

4. Throw Away Any Object Given to You by This Person

If there are objects in your possession that are given to you or related to the person you have a soul tie with, it’s of utmost importance that you discard or destroy them. Holding on to such items can strengthen the bond because it proves that the other party still has a considerable influence on you.

5. Visualize Cutting the Soul Tie

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One other way to cur a soul tie is to visualize the bond as a physical tie or energetic cord that connects you and the other person. It helps if you not only imagine the link but also feel it binding you together. The next step is to envision yourself cutting the cord with any sharp object like scissors, a knife, or even an ax.

6. Release Negative Thoughts

You can release your pent-up frustrations or any negative thoughts by writing a letter or message to the other person (it depends on you if you’ll send it or not). If a letter doesn’t work for you, writing in your journal also helps. Offering a sincere prayer that demonstrates your determination to cut the soul tie can break the spiritual bond as well.

7. Seek the Help of a Spiritual Advisor

Dealing with unhealthy soul ties can be confusing, stressful, and overall overwhelming. Some people will find cutting soul links challenging, and at times, impossible. If you have trouble cutting a soul tie, have no idea where to start, or don’t dare to break it, you might want to seek the help of a spiritual advisor.

Signs of an Ungodly/Unhealthy Soul Tie

You Can’t Break Off from the Toxic Relationship

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One of the most telling signs that you’re in a soul tie relationship is when you can’t seem to cut your connection with the person, however toxic it might be. Healthy relationships are based on good communication and overflowing support for one’s partner.

A relationship becomes toxic when one or both stops being supportive, and there’s an apparent lack of communication. This instance can lead to disrespect, dishonesty, extreme jealousy, as well as controlling behavior.

Moreover, if you’re walking on eggshells around this person, the soul tie is likely ungodly. The soul tie strengthens the bond, which makes it harder to break off from the toxic relationship.

Even though you’re aware that your connection with this person harms you (either physically, emotionally, or spiritually), you’ll find yourself defending them or your right to continue the relationship. When this happens, it’s advisable to seek the help of a spiritual advisor immediately.

You Think About This Person Obsessively

If you tend to need excessive reassurance because of your low self-esteem, it might be a sign of an unhealthy soul tie. Other symptoms include obsessively calling the person, wanting attention all of the time, and being too focused on them that you have trouble focusing on your personal life (e.g., work, social life, etc.).

This Person Heavily Influences Your Decisions

You feel as if this person is watching every action you take, and this makes you anxious. You take into consideration what they would think, and their opinions heavily influence your decisions. Making choices that benefit another person but you can bring you harm when you least expect it.

This Person Brings Out the Worst in You

A healthy soul tie will encourage you to be the best version of yourself. On the other hand, an ungodly soul tie will bring out the worst in you (and the other person as well). You might also adapt their negative traits, moods, and behaviors and think they’re your own.

You’re Losing Your Center

Being centered means that you have a balanced physical, emotional, and mental state of mind. Losing your center might indicate that you’re in an unhealthy soul tie relationship. When this happens to you, it’s of utmost importance that you recognize the nature of the soul tie and break it as soon as you can.


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