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Energy Cords Between Soulmates: What Is It & How to Heal It?

Energy is everywhere, and it’s never stagnant. It constantly moves and flows from one point to another, changes vibrations, and connects with all of life. We, ourselves, are composed of energy, and we’re all spiritually connected by an energy cord.

Soulmates share an energy cord (also called an etheric cord) that’s more powerful than a typical energy cord they share with other people. Because soulmates consistently absorb and transfer energy to each other, they must perform soulmate energy cord healing. You can heal your soulmate energy cord through meditation, crystal healing, reiki healing, or aura reading.

Although soulmate relationships are beneficial for spiritual growth, there are also disadvantages, such as energy drainage. Therefore, it’s of utmost importance to understand the nature of a soulmate etheric cord and reclaim your energy by healing it.

What are Energy Cords Between Soulmates?

energy cord rope

Energy cords are invisible threads that connect us emotionally, mentally, and spiritually with other people. Through this energetic tie, we receive, and at the same time, transfer energy to and from each other.

We share energy cords with our family and friends. You can also form one with a stranger and even your enemy. After all, the basis of the spiritual connection is emotional and intellectual attachment.

Forming energetic cords can be done consciously or unconsciously. Your energy cord with someone can root in feelings of mutual love, but it can also be due to negative emotions, such as indignation or resentment. In a nutshell, in one way or another, we’re all connected in a web of spiritual energy.

The more you’re emotionally or intellectually connected to someone, the stronger the psychic cord binds you. Regardless of time or distance, these energy cords will tie us together in the spiritual plane.

People from the same soul family or soul group, also known as soulmates, share the strongest energy cord. Before their incarnation on earth, souls from the same family made pre-agreements called soul contracts to meet once again. Soulmates are bound by soul contracts, enabling them to share a strong and unique spiritual bond.

An energy bond between soulmates brings numerous benefits. For one, your soulmate shares an empathic connection with you. Because your soulmate can feel your emotions as if they’re their own, they can be the best support system for you (and vice versa).

The energy cord you have with your soulmate is so strong it can leave a considerable impact on your life. The purpose of soulmate relationships is to help you with your spiritual transformation. Hence, your soulmate will accompany you every step of the way as you work on achieving your highest good.

As previously mentioned, energy cords affect your vibrational frequencies. A strong etheric cord (like the one you share with your soulmate) allows you to send, receive, and absorb all kinds of energy. Although this can be beneficial in some instances, it’s not the case all the time.

The energy vibrations you receive or absorb from your soulmate aren’t always positive. In other words, you might be at the receiving end of negative energy that can be harmful to you.

In addition to that, energy transfer and absorption can exhaust you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Due to this, soulmates must always take some time to perform energy cord healing (also called etheric cord healing).

Energy cord healing refers to repairing, replacing, and rebuilding the psychic ties that bind you and your soulmate. You can heal your etheric cords through meditation, crystal healing, reiki healing, or aura reading.

4 Ways to Heal Energy Cords Between Soulmates

1. Through Grounding Cord Meditation

grounding meditation

Grounding cord healing is a meditation exercise that will help you reconnect with the energy from Mother Earth. It will also help you release unwanted negative energy brought by the weakened soulmate energy cord. To center and ground yourself, you can follow the steps below.

  1. Find a quiet place where you can meditate peacefully. Although you can do this meditation exercise indoors, it’s best to choose a place outdoors where you can feel the earth’s energy better. You can do this in your garden or your backyard where there are trees.
  2. Sit and make yourself comfortable. Make sure to wear loose clothes while doing this meditation exercise.
  3. Take three deep breaths. Listen to your breath and feel your lungs expand. Afterward, close your eyes as you exhale for the third time.
  4. Envision roots (like the large roots of an old tree) crawling from your root chakra and descending towards the deepest parts of the earth.
  5. Allow the earth’s energy to reach your chakras. Embrace it, feel it. Imagine your grounding cord cleansing your energy blocks.
  6. Before you open your eyes, release all negative emotions that might be tainting your energy cord with your soulmate.
  7. To conclude the grounding cord meditation, offer words of gratitude to Mother Earth.

2. Through Stone or Crystal Healing

stone crystal

There are many numerous kinds of crystals, each with specific healing properties. To heal your etheric cord with your soulmate with stones or crystals, you must first know how to set intentions with them.

Take some time to reflect on the issues that prevent you and your soulmate from attaining spiritual growth and transformation. Afterward, hold the stone or crystal and state your intentions. You can carry it with you or place it on your altar.

Each kind of stone and crystal has a unique vibrational frequency. Because the numerous choices can be overwhelming (especially for beginners), it’s best to get to know their primary attributes first. When choosing a stone or crystal for soulmate etheric cord healing, you might want to refer to the list below.

  • Amethyst – for protection, healing, and purification of the soulmate energy
  • Bloodstone – for improving circulation of the soulmate energy
  • Citrine – for promoting positivity and clarity
  • Garnet – for healing the broken soulmate connection
  • Jasper – for protection against unwanted negative energies
  • Moonstone – for making a fresh start
  • Obsidian – for cleansing emotional blockages
  • Rhodochrosite – for letting go of past traumatic experiences
  • Rhodonite – for balancing your emotions and welcoming unconditional love
  • Rose quartz – for restoring trust and harmony in the soulmate relationship
  • Ruby – for restoring your energy
  • Tantric twin or soulmate quartz – for deepening the soulmate connection
  • Tiger’s eye – for gaining the courage to battle self-doubt
  • Turquoise – for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing

3. Through Reiki Healing

reiki woman healing

Reiki is a widely-used practice of energy healing that originated in Japan. Karuna Reiki, one of the many forms of Reiki healing, can be used for etheric cord healing.

The techniques used in Karuna Reiki can also balance your chakra, help you cope with unhealthy habits, and deal with karmic issues.  This form of Reiki also facilitates spiritual growth.

In Karuna Reiki, you’ll seek help from higher spiritual beings, such as your spirit guides, angels, or ascended masters. The higher spiritual entities that watch over you can provide you advice, guidance, and insight into how you can heal your energy cord with your soulmate.

4. Through Aura Reading

aura silhouette

As indicated earlier, everything in the universe is composed of energy. One form of it is what we call auras (from the Greek word avra, meaning breeze), which envelop both the living and the non-living. Auras are essentially vibrational frequencies, and they can be seen as colors that can be distinct, faint, or luminous.

Similar to all kinds of energy, auras are rarely stagnant (a unique case of a stagnating aura is when a person gets stuck in their mental or spiritual bubble, often in a negative manner). Your aura is connected with your feelings, moods, and emotions. Therefore, people have different auras.

Some people can feel the aura possessed by a person instead of seeing it. Others can perceive it as a sound. Regardless of how you sense auras, you can determine the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual state of a person if you interpret it correctly.

Energy reading, also referred to as aura reading, is the practice of viewing and analyzing the energy field that surrounds human beings. It provides us a phenomenal amount of information about the past, present, and future of a person. If you can read your aura, you’ll be able to gain a better understanding of your soulmate energy cord.

Reading auras and obtaining information from them can be challenging. Perhaps the most complicated part of the process is interpreting the newfound knowledge.

To read auras, you must first learn about the significance of aura reading and practice centering and grounding exercises. Centering and grounding are concerned with gaining self-awareness and balancing your energies, so you can find peace and be more in control of your emotions.

After learning about the whole process and making the necessary preparations, you can practice sensing your aura. To ensure a successful energy reading, you must be in the right state of mind and have the necessary knowledge to perform it. Because beginners in this practice can find it complicated, it’s advisable to ask a professional clairvoyant for an aura reading.

Final Thoughts

As indicated above, there are different ways to heal your energy cord with your soulmate. However, it’s significant to note that there are times when instead of healing your etheric cord, you must cut it.

If you wish to receive advice and gain insight into your soulmate relationship, it’s best to ask for help from a professional psychic. Psychic advisors on this website who specialize in energy work can guide you through the whole process of etheric cord healing and let you know when to heal a cord and when to cut it.


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