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Lavender Aura Meaning: Everything You Need to Know

Human beings are surrounded by auras (from the Greek word avra, meaning breeze), which are energy fields usually invisible to the naked eye. Auras appear in different colors, and each has a specific meaning.

People with a lavender aura are intuitive, creative, and imaginative. Their childlike nature often makes them caught up in their dreams and fantasies. Lavenders are also drawn to higher dimensions and the mystical, and hence, they tend to explore realities and possibilities that transcend physical limitations.

Aura colors reveal numerous information about people, including their thoughts, feelings, and current wellbeing. If you wish to learn more about the lavender aura color, it’s best to relate it to different life aspects, such as social life, career, and personal growth.

Meaning of the Lavender Aura

Lavender is one of the many shades of purple that leans on the lighter side. Its soft, gentle hue exudes an optimistic, innocent, and childlike feel. Many also regard lavender as a unique color that represents elegance and sophistication.

Lavender has a refined edge to it. It’s a feminine and delicate color, and it brings inspiration, enhances creativity, and promotes tranquility. This color encourages one to be patient and take their precious time when handling things in life.

On Lavender Aura Personality and Behavior

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Bearers of a lavender aura are inherently imaginative, creative, and idealistic. At times, they get too caught up in their dream world to the point that they have difficulty adjusting to their real lives.

Although people with a lavender aura prefer living in their dreamland, they have this unique ability that enables them to turn their fantasies and dreams into reality. In other words, they have the power to make the (seemingly) impossible possible.

Lavenders also think outside of the box, and they’re curious about the things that go beyond the material world. This curiosity, combined with their strong intuition, allows them to connect with higher spiritual beings and higher dimensions.

People with a lavender aura are sensitive and despise conflicts. Therefore, they prefer staying in their comfort zones because it helps them protect themselves from the harshness of reality.

Because of their sensitive and imaginative nature, Lavenders enjoy things that calm them and, at the same time, stimulate their imagination. Meditating, enjoying soft music, and lighting scented candles are some of the activities they love doing.

When empowered, those with a lavender aura can express themselves without limitations (all the more if they listen to their intuition and ask guidance from their spirit guides). They can explore infinite possibilities and inspire other people in the process.

On the contrary, when their energy is unbalanced, bearers of the lavender aura have difficulty in digesting analytical concepts and structured beliefs. They also tend to escape reality and resort to more daydreaming.

People with a lavender aura are the least centered and least spiritually grounded. As previously mentioned, their thoughts are scattered, and they find it hard to function in the real world. Therefore, the challenge for them is to find balance when it comes to navigating their dream world and reality.

On Career and Finances

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People with a lavender aura color thrive in professions that require creativity and imagination. Therefore, it’s hardly surprising that most Lavenders are writers, artists, designers, directors, dancers, actors, and the likes.

Because they’re also highly attuned to higher spiritual frequencies, some Lavenders become spiritual advisors or healers. In general, bearers of this aura color prefer working in quiet, low-stress environments.

People with a lavender aura color aren’t born leaders, and they usually don’t do well in professions that require teamwork. Most of them don’t have the physical and emotional capacity to be responsible for other people. Despite all that, the real strength of Lavenders is their courage and unwillingness to conform to social norms.

When it comes to financial matters, Lavenders have a straightforward attitude. They don’t see being financially capable as a yardstick for measuring success. To them, money is merely something they need to spend to acquire something.

On Love and Relationships

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Socially, Lavenders tend to be lone wolves. They prefer living in their heads and seldom get the opportunity to share their thoughts and express their feelings. Many people think that they’re aloof and stuck up because of this side of theirs.

People have this notion because it’s common for Lavenders to be mentally absent when they’re in social gatherings. It doesn’t help that their dreamy nature sometimes makes them forgetful as well.

In general, people with this aura color detest societal expectations and societal pressure. They challenge social norms and prefer expressing themselves without bounds. Lavenders despise structure, which is why they prefer to build a reality of their own.

In matters of the heart, bearers of a lavender aura need a partner who can understand and be patient with them. Because they tend to be ungrounded, they need someone who can offer the stability they lack for the relationship to work.

Lavenders are innocent, a little childish, yet gentle, and that’s what makes them attractive. They believe in fairytale endings, and hence, they can be emotionally fragile, especially when there are conflicts. Those with a lavender aura color are perfect for people who can appreciate their gentle nature and are willing to handle most of the responsibilities in the relationship.

Compatibility with Other Aura Colors

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Lavenders with Reds

Lavenders and Reds are complete opposites. The former prefers basking under the sun and making out shapes from the clouds, while the latter enjoys energy-consuming activities. Although they can compromise to meet in the middle, it’s difficult for them to build a strong foundation for a romantic relationship.

Lavenders with Oranges

As stated earlier, Lavenders enjoy solitude. Oranges, on the other hand, value independence. Oranges can give Lavenders all the space they want or need to the point that sometimes there’s no opportunity for romance to bloom between the two.

Lavenders with Yellows

Lavenders and Yellows both have a childlike nature. The latter has the unique ability to urge the former to come out of their bubble and play. Both feel safe and comfortable with each other, making them one of the most compatible pairings.

Lavenders with Greens

Greens and Lavenders are an interesting duo because the latter can be the thinker and the former the doer. Greens acknowledge and respect the creative ideas of the Lavenders. Consequently, the Lavenders admire how the other can bring their ideas to life, making this combination better off as business partners than a romantic couple.

Lavenders with Blues

Although Lavenders and Blues can connect emotionally, the relationship might not work out because both are too dependent on their partners. Both crave and need stability, and hence, they need a decisive partner who can take the lead.

Lavenders with Indigos

Lavenders and Indigos are mentally and emotionally compatible. Indigos finds beauty in the Lavenders’ unique personality traits, unlike the others who usually find them unusual. The foundation of this couple’s relationship is emotional security and freedom.

Lavenders with Violets

Lavenders and Violets make a great pair. Violets are goal-oriented, and they can take the lead in the relationship. They have the mental and emotional capacity to understand Lavenders, including their need for solitude.

At the same time, Violets can encourage Lavenders to get out of their dreamland once in a while and face reality. They can coach the Lavenders to make an effort to center and ground themselves.

Lavenders with Lavenders

Similar to a Blue and Lavender pairing, a Lavender couple will expect their partner to take charge. Because no one between them can initiate and coach the other to find balance in navigating their dream world and reality, their relationship might not have a direction.

Lavenders with Magentas

Both Lavenders and Magentas are known for their creative thought process. These two understand that both of them can’t commit emotionally and prefer individual autonomy. Hence, they can build a relationship that will work for the two of them.

Lavenders and Physical Tans

Physical Tans are quite similar to the Reds because of their pragmatic nature (which doesn’t appeal to the Lavenders who are dreamers). Lavenders might be drawn to the Physical Tans’ mental strength, and an infatuation might bloom from there. However, the Physical Tans will find it hard to relate with Lavenders, and the lack of communication might be a problem for the two.

Lavenders and Mental Tans

Unlike the Physical Tans, the Mental Tans find the Lavenders’ unique thinking process attractive. At the same time, the Lavenders admire the meticulous nature of the Mental Tans. If both don’t confine each other to a strict role in the relationship, they can have a lasting partnership.

Lavenders and Crystals

Lavenders and Crystals make an ideal couple because both are gentle souls that see the best in each other. Lavenders find solace in the inner quiet the Crystals bring. Consequently, Crystals are often in awe of how the Lavenders’ mind works.

Meaning of the Other Purple Aura Shades

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Purple or Violet Aura

The purple or violet aura is associated with spirituality. Spiritual advisors, psychics, religious figures, and empaths often possess this aura color.

Bearers of the violet aura are sensitive, compassionate, and humanitarian. Unlike those with a lavender aura color, individuals with a violet aura are proactive and aim to make a change, help save other people, and improve the planet.

Violets desire to inspire and educate, so they can also be great teachers, leaders, or politicians. Moreover, they’re passion-driven and aim to achieve what an average person can’t.

The purple aura is also associated with the seventh and final chakra, the crown chakra (also referred to as Sahasrara). This chakra point represents our connection to higher spiritual beings and the Divine. Most times, a purple aura indicates an open crown chakra.

Dark Purple Aura

Unlike the lavender aura and violet aura (which have mostly positive associations), a dark purple serves as a warning. More often than not, those who possess a dark purple aura experience energy blockage.

All shades of purple indicate the ability to connect with higher vibrations. A dark purple aura color signifies an energy block that hinders the person from accessing their psychic abilities. People with this aura color must seek help from spiritual healers to cleanse their aura and clear all energy blocks.

Finding an Aura Reader

As mentioned earlier, you can know an immense amount of information about a person by reading their aura. If you wish to learn more about your aura color, it helps to consult an aura reader or a clairvoyant.

Aura readers or professional clairvoyants on this website can tell you about the state of your work or career, your relationships with other people, your romantic life, and more. In addition to that, they can help you find and clear psychic blockages that can be hindering you from achieving your highest good.


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