Soul Family 5 Definite Signs That You've Met Them

Soul Family Meaning: 5 Definite Signs That You’ve Met Them

What’s the meaning of a “soul family”? Each of us belongs to a soul family. Also called a star family, a soul family refers to a group of like-minded individuals whose souls are connected in a higher spiritual realm. Souls in the same soul family eventually meet at a certain point in their lives on earth.

You’d know that you’ve met someone from your soul family when you inexplicably share an intuitive understanding with that person. If, after getting together, you start to learn, grow, and heal, then it’s a definite sign that you’re indeed part of the same star family.

Souls from the same soul family reunite in the physical realm because they share the same divine purpose. They help each other to complete their spiritual mission. Hence, it’s significant to determine whether one is part of your soul family or not.

5 Definite Signs That You’ve Met Your Soul Family

1. You Share an Intuitive Understanding of Each Other

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Being misunderstood is one of the most harrowing experiences for many. It inevitably leads to feelings of hollowness and despair. After all, it’s human nature to crave acceptance, appreciation, approval, and understanding from others.

To be completely understood by someone is rare. However, it’s possible if the person is part of your soul family. Your soul family knows you on a deeper level, and they can see you for who you are.

People from the same star family are similar in different aspects. As a result, they can intuitively understand each other, even without being upfront about their thoughts and feelings.

Moreover, because you feel understood, you’ll also start to understand yourself better. As mentioned earlier, a soul family shares the same divine purpose. Part of this purpose is achieving self-discernment.

2. You Know You’re Finally Home

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Another revealing sign that you’ve met your soul family is when you feel overwhelming happiness because you instinctively know that you’re finally home. You’d be engulfed with a sense of familiarity and belongingness you’ve never experienced before.

You’d welcome them wholeheartedly in your life, and they’d do the same to you. Your soul family would love, respect, and care for you more than anyone else.

3. You Sense that You’re Part of Something Bigger

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All of us come from one Source. Originating from the Source are millions and billions of soul families and soul groups.

Souls from the same soul family have individual consciousness. However, since each of us shares the same divine ancestry, we also share a collective consciousness.

When you finally reunite with your soul family on earth, you’ll have a renewed sense of purpose. There will be a sudden realization that you’re part of something bigger—something divine.

4. They Empower You in More Ways Than One

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Because a soul family has a similar spiritual purpose, it’s only natural they empower each other to fulfill it. As the famous saying goes, no man is an island. Your soul family exists to accompany and help you in your life’s journey.

Once you meet your soul family, you’ll feel motivated to accomplish more and reach further. You’re not just each other’s home. You’re also each other’s best support system.

5. They Help You See the Bigger Picture

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There are times when people tend to focus on themselves and disregard opinions other than their own. After all, it’s natural for humans to be inclined to think about themselves first in every situation.

Members of your soul family will help you realize that sometimes you need to take a step back for you to see the bigger picture of things. Their presence will influence you to be more soul-centric than ego-centric.

Misconceptions about Soul Families You Should Know

You Should be the One to Find Your Soul Family

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Many wish to know where and how to find their soul family. In actuality, members of the same star family get together once the Universe allows it. It’s not a question of where and how but a question of when.

Soul families experience synchronicities before reuniting in the physical plane. Although you’re bound to meet members of your soul family, it doesn’t mean you should sit idly and wait.

Certain conditions must be met before members of a soul family can get together once again. Firstly, their vibrations must resonate at the same level. In other words, they should be at the same point in their spiritual journeys.

Your intuition will naturally guide you towards the right path where you’ll meet your soul family. There are several things you can do to prepare yourself before meeting them.

First, you must connect with Higher Self or Inner Self. Only when you look further within yourself can you get a better understanding of who you are.

The next thing you can do is to become what you wish to attract. Everything starts with oneself. To attract your soul family, you must put forth your energy to the Universe.

Lastly, it’s significant to remember that being open to new experiences and opportunities can do wonders. You must open your mind and release low vibrational frequencies that can hinder you from getting together with your soul family.

Soul Family and Soul Group are the Same

Many use the terms soul family and soul group interchangeably. Although these concepts have something in common, they’re not necessarily the same.

You can view your soul family just like your biological family. Your immediate biological family is like the core family unit, while your other relatives are the soul group. Your bond with your soul family is deeper.

In addition to that, your relationship with your soul family can last a lifetime. You’ll meet them at the right time, and they’ll usually stay with you for the remainder of your life. However, it’s also significant to note that there are cases when this isn’t the case.

On the other hand, you’ll get together with the members of your soul group when there’s a significant change happening in your life. They’ll help you during this period, but you might part ways eventually.

Your Soul Family is Your Karmic Soulmate

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As mentioned earlier, the purpose of a soul family is to help each other in their spiritual journey. They exist to understand, love, nurture and guide you in your life on earth.

On the contrary, a karmic soulmate is someone with whom you’re tied because of karmic attachments. You meet your karmic soulmate in the physical plane to resolve conflicts that you weren’t able to settle in your previous lifetimes.


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