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8 Common Signs of a Soulmate Connection Spiritual Awakening

A soul connection is a significant link between two people that occurs at an energetic level and transcends physical limitations. Such deep bonds aren’t all essentially romantic, and they serve a higher purpose. One type of soul connection is the soulmate connection.

Soulmate connections are one of the most powerful soul connections because it involves starting the journey towards spiritual growth and accessing one’s Inner Self to discover absolute truths.

Some signs that you have a soulmate connection with someone include feeling a sense of familiarity with them (as if you’ve known the person all your life) and having your intuition tell you that you have a spiritual connection with the said person.

Soulmates play a vital role in each other’s lives. They help one another transform into their higher selves and learn how to reach their true potential. Such endeavors are only possible because of the deep, meaningful connection that exists between soulmates.

What is a Soulmate Connection?

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One can envision a soulmate connection as an energetic cord that binds two people. This cord allows one to see the other from one lifetime to the next through the process of reincarnation.

Contrary to popular belief, we may have more than one soulmate in our lifetime, and not all the relationships we establish with them are supposed to be romantic. One of the purposes of soulmate connections is to provide healing, and this is the very reason why one meets their soulmate only when they’re ready to be transformed and to accept higher forms of love.

However, soulmate relationships aren’t all rainbows and butterflies. The purpose of a soulmate is to help us achieve a higher level of consciousness and discover the truths about ourselves. Soulmates also encourage us to embrace ourselves and seek our inner power.

The journey towards self-discovery and spiritual growth, however, can be challenging, and our soulmate might cause us pain in the process. This process entails patience, dedication, and time, which is one of the many reasons why soulmate connections are unique.

8 Spiritual Awakening Soulmate Signs

1. You Can Feel the Spiritual Connection Between the Two of You

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Knowing in your gut and having an inexplicable feeling of being spiritually linked to someone is the most telltale sign that you have a soulmate connection with them. For some, it’s in the form of an intense attraction towards the person. Others feel the connection only upon deep introspection.

Soulmates also often communicate with their eyes. If you draw each other’s attention by connecting your eyes and you feel the spiritual cord between you vibrate, it’s a sign that you’ve met your soulmate.

2. You Experience Déjà Vu

Soulmates usually spend their lifetimes together. Therefore, one telling sign that you’ve met your soulmate is when you feel as if you’ve known and been with this person before.

You might feel a sense of familiarity towards them that might leave you confused or pleasantly surprised. You might also think that the same encounter happened in the past, just in a different setting.

3. You Trust Them Completely

When you’re with your soulmate, you’ll find yourself venturing out of your comfort zone and dropping pretenses. You’ll also feel confident and comfortable baring yourself to them because trust is instantly established between the two of you.

4. You Meet Them at the Right Place at the Right Time

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The Universe works in wondrous ways. A person will meet their soulmate when they’re ready to begin their spiritual journey and accept love in their life. Here, love pertains to all kinds of love, including divine love.

5. You Share a Telepathic Connection

Because of the deep, unique bond between soulmates, they can communicate with each other telepathically. The first telepathic communication between soulmates usually occurs in dreams.

You’ll know if you’re telepathically linked with someone if you know their thoughts even without them verbally telling you. Signs also include being able to complete each other’s sentences and sharing the same thoughts.

6. You Have an Empathic Connection with Them

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Another common sign that you have a soulmate connection with someone is being able to feel the person’s feelings and emotions as if they’re your own. This sharing of emotions is only possible because of the unique bond that binds soulmates.

You might fail to realize right away that the emotions you feel aren’t your own but your soulmate’s. You might also downplay this soulmate connection sign as merely mood swings. Soulmates that have a stronger connection can feel even physical pain.

7. You Have a Strong Reaction After Meeting Them

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Some soulmates feel as if they’re the missing puzzle piece of each other right after their first meeting. There are soulmates, however, who experience the opposite.

Other soulmates feel intense dislike (and sometimes even hatred) for each other after having their first encounter. This occurrence is quite common, and these negative feelings will eventually make sense once both parties are spiritually awakened.

8. They Expand Your World

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Soulmates help each other grow in all aspects. If the person aids you in connecting your mind, body, and spirit to determine your higher purpose, it’s a sign that you have a soulmate connection with them.

Your soulmate can be your mentor who guides you in reaching your true potential, your parent who supports all your endeavors, or your friend who stays with you through thick and thin. In a nutshell, our soulmate will expand our world, open doors of opportunities for us, and accompany us in our journey towards attaining enlightenment.

Types of Soul Connections

As mentioned earlier, soul connections are precious bonds between two people. We have souls we agreed to connect with, either in this lifetime or in our past lives.

There are different types of soul connections, as stated below. It’s significant to take note that one can have more than one soul connection, and these relationships can overlap. Whatever kind of soul connection exists between two individuals, the primary purpose of this bond is to help each other heal and grow.

Soul Ties

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Soul ties are a type of soul connection that usually emerges after two people engage in a sexual act. However, it can also come into being as long as one has experienced an intimate emotional and spiritual connection with someone.

It’s easy for a soul tie to become unhealthy or ungodly, and it can bring harmful effects on one or both of the people involved. A healthy soul tie will bring out the best in you. An ungodly soul tie, on the other hand, encourages emotional dependence that leads to toxicity and obsession.

Karmic Soulmates

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Karmic soulmates are two souls that meet lifetime after lifetime to fulfill their karmic destinies. One isn’t expected to stay with their karmic partner forever. The purpose of one’s karmic soulmate is to help the other learn the lessons they weren’t able to learn in their previous life.

Our karmic soulmate is supposed to enter our lives to change us for the better and then eventually leave. This is one of the reasons why karmic relationships that involve romance usually never go well.

Romantic Soulmates

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Romantic soulmates often end up being life partners. However, relationships between romantic soulmates aren’t all wine and roses either. They are similar to karmic soulmates when it comes to learning life lessons, but the difference lies in the message that needs to be known.

Our romantic soulmate will also challenge us to heal our wounds from past relationships, and this process can be unpleasant or overwhelming. Despite this, a romantic soulmate relationship will always be worth it in the end.

Companion Soulmates

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Companion soulmates are the most common type of soul connection. A relationship with a companion soulmate is often essentially romantic, but a companion soulmate can also be a friend, a teacher, a family member, or even a neighbor.

Similar to karmic relationships, this type of relationship isn’t meant to last. Our companion soulmate is only supposed to accompany us for some time in our long spiritual journey to serve a specific purpose.

Twin Flames

A twin flame connection is the rarest and most divine soul connection that exists. Twin flames are two parts of one soul. Our twin flame is our mirror, and just as they reflect the good in us, they also reflect our flaws.

It’s in one’s destiny to reunite with their twin flame. Only when you reunite will you determine your higher purpose in life. Once you meet your twin flame, you’ll have the courage to face your demons and learn to love yourself.

On Kindred Spirits and Other Soul Groups

There are times when people mistake kindred spirits as their soulmates because of the misconception behind the true nature of soulmate connections. A kindred spirit is a person you might instantly build a positive bond or friendly rapport with.

Some signs that someone is your kindred spirit include having complementing personalities and sharing similar interests. Aside from soulmates and twin flames, one also has other soul groups they belong to, such as the Source, the Soul Community, the Soul Tribe, and the Soul Family.

The Source

Everyone and everything that exists in this universe is part of the same energy Source. This soul group serves as a reminder that we are one, and our actions affect and shape all existence.

The Soul Community

Your Soul Community is composed of people who need to learn the same life lessons as you and those with whom you can exchange your thoughts and creative ideas. They can be a romantic partner you share the same philosophies with or a mentor who inspires you in your craft or passion.

The Soul Tribe

Your Soul Tribe is your support system. These people are the ones who will accompany you in your journey of fulfilling your visions and desires.

The Soul Family

The members of your Soul Family are the people with whom you’ve agreed to incarnate in every lifetime. They’re the ones who challenge you to overcome your weaknesses and discover your greatest strengths.

Final Thoughts

The nature of soulmate connections (and soul connections in general) are quite complex. It can also be difficult for you to notice its signs, given the fact that people perceive soulmate connections differently. To understand soulmate connections better, you might want to seek the help of soul experts.

Professional psychics on this website who specialize in soul connections can help you answer questions about soulmate relationships. The soulmate psychic readings they offer can assist you in dealing with intimate soul relationships that leave you feeling confused, lost, or overwhelmed.


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