INFJ Psychic Intuition: A Powerful Gift or a Sham?

Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers developed the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to make the psychological types outlined by psychoanalyst Carl G. Jung more comprehensible. The MBTI proves to be useful in understanding how people differ in using their perception and judgment. One of the 16 distinct personality types indicated in the MBTI is INFJ (an acronym for Introversion, Intuition, Feeling, and Judging).

INFJs (also called “The Empaths,” “The Counselors,” “The Mystics,” and “The Advocates”) are known for their strong intuition and empathic abilities, which help perpetuate the idea that they’re psychics. They possess what’s called Introverted Intuition (Ni), which is their dominant function. Introverted intuition is a powerful gift that allows INFJs to comprehend general occurrences and foresee possible events.

The INFJ personality type is believed to be one of the rarest, given that only two percent of the general population falls in this category. To better understand this ability that INFJs possess, it’s best to compare it with its opposite dominant function called Introverted Sensing (Si).

Understanding INFJ Psychic Intuition

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Both the level and type of intuition varies for each personality type. Some people use extroverted intuition as their dominant function, while others use introverted intuition like the INFJ. Their introverted intuition is what helps them see, perceive, process, and navigate the world.

Intuition is a natural ability that everyone possesses, but for those who are under the INFJ personality type, theirs is more focused inwardly. They can perceive the hidden meanings, intent, and rationales behind people, circumstances, and events. Simply put, they can see what’s beyond the surface.

In addition to that, INFJs tend to assess the information they have at present to foresee possible outcomes in the future. This ability is what makes them stereotypically labeled as psychics, which is accurate for some people. However, it takes more than a developed intuition to become a psychic that does energy work.

To better grasp the meaning of introverted intuition, it helps to understand its opposite, which is introverted sensing. Introverted sensing allows one to process information perceived from previous sensory experiences. Introverted intuition, on the other hand, is focused on combining perceptions from current experiences and unconscious reasoning to envision or predict possible future events.

The INFJ is adept in discovering patterns to make conclusions, although their hunches or forecasts aren’t always accurate. Aside from the INFJ’s dominant cognitive function (their Ni), they also rely on their auxiliary function (Extraverted Feeling or Fe).

Those with Fe are sensitive to people’s feelings, emotions, and moods, hence the INFJ’s nickname “The Empath”. The INFJ can sense even the slightest changes in the behavior of the people around them. They’re hyper-aware of other people’s body language, and they can determine people’s feelings and intent based on their facial expressions and vocal tones.

How Introverted Intuition (Ni) Works

Introverted intuition allows the INFJ to view things from many different perspectives to discern its true nature or its hidden meaning. After the INFJ processes what they know and experience consciously and unconsciously, they’ll come up with visions, symbols, images, or patterns that hold great significance.

According to Carl Jung, Ni works with the inner object, or what we refer to as the unconscious. To understand this, we must first know that the human psyche consists of three different but related systems, which are the ego, the unconscious, and the collective unconscious.

The ego (which is the English equivalent for the Latin word ‘I’) pertains to the self. In psychology, Sigmund Freud used this term to refer to the conscious mind. Your thoughts, feelings, emotions, attitudes, behaviors, memories, and motives are all part of your conscious mind.

Simply put, the ego refers to your identity. The INFJ doesn’t usually concern themselves with conscious or ego-driven data. They’re more concerned with the unconscious, which is the second system of the human psyche.

Our unconscious mind consists of the things we’re not aware of because these take place on a deeper level of mental operations. It’s where forgotten memories, dreams, fantasies, and desires are stored. Our intuition is also part of our unconscious mind.

The collective unconscious (also called the “objective psyche”) is the third system defined by Jung. It pertains to the notion that the deepest part of the unconscious mind is molded by a collective experience. Jung states that the collective unconscious is the one responsible for numerous ideologies and behaviors common across cultures all over the world.

The Ni types are more concerned with the second and third systems of the psyche. As stated above, the INFJ can easily detect trends to make predictions. Ni-users synthesize information and see visions or symbols to foresee possible outcomes or events, and all of these occur in the unconscious.

Benefits of Being an Introverted Intuitive

Their Words Hold Power

The Ni types are more comfortable with silence and are known for being great listeners. They only contribute to the conversation when they have something insightful to say. Therefore, when they speak, people tend to listen, and their words are always considered wise and astute.

Introverted intuitives tend to look at the bigger picture, and thus, they share different ideas and varying perspectives. They can discover patterns and recognize trends, which are advantageous when solving problems.

Their Developed Intuition Helps Them in Many Different Ways

Ni-users prevent making mistakes and avoid unwarranted scenarios just by listening to their intuition. Their intuition also helps them build deeper relationships, reduce stress, become more creative, recognize possibilities, and even find their life purpose.

They’re Not Swayed by Their Ego

Because Ni types aren’t ego-driven and focus inwardly, they tend to accept and give more value to the perspectives of other people. They’re great empaths and can recognize the needs of others. When making decisions, they tend to ask everyone’s opinion, which leads to better outcomes.

How to Harness Your INFJ Intuition

Sit in Silence

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It’s easy to get caught up in the responsibilities, commitments, and tasks of everyday life. With all the chaos, distractions, and disarray in the surroundings, it’s inevitable to feel detached from your intuition. To better hear your inner voice, it helps to sit still, bask in the silence, and enjoy solitude.

Connect Your Mind, Body, and Soul

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Our thoughts and feelings affect our physical body, and at the same time, what we do with it influences our mental state. Therefore, to strengthen your intuition, you must be in the right physical, emotional, and mental state.

There are many ways to improve the mind-body connection. These methods include meditation, yoga, relaxation/breathing exercises, and music and art therapy. Because these exercises work differently for different people, it’s best to choose the method that best fits you.

Ground Yourself

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As previously mentioned, INFJs are sensitive to the energies surrounding them. They have the innate ability to sense and understand other people’s feelings, emotions, and motives. Because they tend to act like sponges that absorb the energies around them, it’s easy for them to get physically and spiritually drained.

When you feel detached from the present because of unbalanced energies, your intuition will weaken. To avoid such instances, you must find balance and get in tune with the Earth through grounding.

There are many ways to ground yourself spiritually. One of the most used methods is to do spiritual grounding meditation, which entails aligning your chakra energies. You can also practice physical grounding (immersing in nature, eating high-vibration foods, exercising, etc.) or connect to the Earth by using grounding crystals or stones.

Final Thoughts

Introverted intuition is a trait that not many people have. For the INFJ, the abilities that come with this trait can be overwhelming, and at times, frustrating. It can take time to fully understand and embrace your psychic intuition as an INFJ.

It’s important to note that introverted intuition is a gift, and despite it being complex (and somewhat strange), it can help one overcome challenges and live better lives. Intuitive advisors can help Ni-users (especially the INFJ) develop their intuition and use it to fulfill their life purpose.


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