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6 Soulmate Tarot Spreads With Examples (+54 Questions)

A soulmate connection is a deep, unique bond between two people that goes beyond physical limitations. Many are fascinated by its very concept, and most have questions about soulmate relationships that they hope to be answered. One can find answers through a tarot reading.

The tarot cards are an exceptional tool for gaining insight, and therefore, they can provide answers to questions such as how to know if someone is indeed your soulmate. To answer queries about soulmate connections, one can use the Find My Soulmate spread, Flames of Desire spread, or the Magical Love spread.

The soulmate tarot spreads indicated below help you gain clarity, see things from a different perspective, and make better decisions. It’s best to choose the right spread that can give you more in-depth insights for a more successful soulmate tarot reading.

6 Soulmate Tarot Spreads

1. Finding My Soulmate Spread

finding my soulmate spread

The Finding My Soulmate spread is a nine-card spread that can help you in your preparation for finding your soulmate. It calls unto the uniting source that will guide you to the love you want to attract.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 to 3 – What three qualities or characteristics do my soulmate possess?
  • Position 4 – What things from my previous relationship should I let go of so I can be more open to attracting my soulmate?
  • Position 5 – What should I expect from meeting my soulmate?
  • Position 6 – Where will my soulmate and I meet?
  • Position 7 – What qualities or characteristics do we share?
  • Position 8 – What does our future look like together?
  • Position 9 – What should I do before I meet my soulmate?

2. Flames of Desire Spread


There are many signs that you might see or experience if you’ve established a connection with your soulmate. This ten-card spread might be of help in discerning why you can’t seem to get someone out of your thoughts or why you feel unexplainable attraction or desire for them.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Why am I feeling attracted to this person?
  • Position 2 – Where will my desire for them bring me?
  • Position 3 – Is there a possibility for us to have a long-term relationship?
  • Position 4 – Are they my soulmate?
  • Position 5 – What’s my intuition or subconscious telling me?
  • Position 6 – What do my spirit guides want to tell me about my spiritual connection with this person?
  • Position 7 – How can I build trust with this person?
  • Position 8 – What should I be cautious of in this situation?
  • Position 9 – What does the future look like for us?
  • Position 10 – What spiritual knowledge will I get from this relationship?

3. Magical Love Spread


The Magical Love Spread can be used to gain a general insight into the current situation with your soulmate. This 11-card spread can also help you discover the many factors that affect (or will affect) your relationship.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Is this person my soulmate?
  • Position 2 – How does this person feel about me?
  • Position 3 – What’s our connection?
  • Position 4 – What attracts us to each other?
  • Position 5 – What drives us away from each other?
  • Position 6 – What does my attraction towards this person signify?
  • Position 7 – What draws this person to my orbit?
  • Position 8 – What are my past karmic soul relationships?
  • Position 9 – What are their past karmic soul relationships?
  • Position 10 – What are the possibilities this potential relationship will bring?
  • Position 11 – Where should I put my energy?

4. Past Lives of Lovers Spread


Soulmates usually spend almost all of their lifetimes together. They might not stay with each other, but they will meet at one point in their lives to fulfill their karmic destinies. The Past Lives of Lovers spread can give you a glimpse of your previous lifetimes, including your relationship with your soulmate.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What consequential things should I know about my past life in connection with my soulmate in this lifetime?
  • Position 2 – Who was my soulmate in my previous life?
  • Position 3 – What kind of relationship do we have?
  • Position 4 – Did we end up together?
  • Position 5 – Is my soulmate in my previous life the same person as my present soulmate?
  • Position 6 – What brought my soulmate and I together in our past lifetime?
  • Position 7 – What lessons did we learn from our previous relationship?
  • Position 8 – What should my current soulmate and I do for us not to repeat the same mistakes we did before?
  • Position 9 – What does our relationship look like at present?

5. Soulmate Tarot Spread

soulmate tarot spread

The Soulmate Tarot spread provides a holistic insight into your relationship with your soulmate. This 7-card spread is best to use if you wish for concise answers for different questions that encompass a variety of topics.

In a similar vein, the twin flame tarot spread goes a step deeper, revealing the intricate dance between two souls that burn brightly together, destined to converge in both passion and purpose, guiding them through their unique spiritual journey.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – What qualities does my soulmate possess?
  • Position 2 – What kind of relationship do my soulmate and I have in our previous lifetime?
  • Position 3 – What duties does my soulmate need to fulfill in our current lifetime together?
  • Position 4 – What do the higher spiritual beings tell me about my soulmate and my soul contract?
  • Position 5 – What lessons do the higher spiritual beings want me to learn?
  • Position 6 – How can I deepen the bond between me and my soulmate?
  • Position 7 – How can I help my soulmate in their spiritual journey?

6. Is He/She My Soulmate Spread


Contrary to popular belief, not all soulmate relationships are romantic. There are different types of soulmates, including companion soulmates (e.g., a friend, mentor, family member) and karmic soulmates. The Is He/She My Soulmate spread will help you determine what kind of relationship you and your soulmate will have in this lifetime.

Guide Questions

  • Position 1 – Is this person my soulmate?
  • Position 2 – What kind of relationship will we have?
  • Position 3 – What can I expect from this relationship?
  • Position 4 – What role will they play in my life?
  • Position 5 – What role will I play in their life?
  • Position 6 – What should I prepare for before I meet my soulmate?
  • Position 7 – What does my soulmate need to fulfill before finding me?
  • Position 8 – What doors will this potential relationship open for both of us?

Finding a Good Tarot Reader

If you have questions about who your soulmate is, what their qualities are, where you’ll meet, or what difficulties you’ll face together in the future, a tarot reading will provide you with in-depth insight. In normal circumstances, one can read the tarot for themselves. For soulmate tarot readings, however, it’s advisable to ask a professional tarot reader because they can offer a more holistic reading.

Professional psychics who specialize in soulmate tarot readings can help you find answers to your questions about your soulmate and the connection between the two of you. Choosing a good tarot reader is crucial in getting a successful reading. It’s best if you book a tarot reading with a professional whose area of specialization is about love, relationships, and soul connections.


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