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Libra and Aquarius Soulmates: How Compatible Are You?

Heavenly bodies such as stars and planets are the basis of study in astrology. Interpreting their movements and positions are vital to identifying traits and characteristics that relate to their respective zodiac signs. These identities are what astrologists utilize in order to make inferences on the outcome of interactions between people with certain signs.

A mutualistic soulmate relationship can form between a Libra and an Aquarius. They can function independently from the other which leaves their individuality purely unaffected by one another. Despite this, their respective strengths bring out the best in each other and solidifies their bond as a couple.

There are a multitude of factors to consider in determining the interactions between star signs. From the sun, moon, and planets, to seasons and elements; all these are part of what define a zodiac sign and the nature of any relationship they decide to make.

Compatibility of Libra and Aquarius as Soulmates

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Libra (September 23 to October 22) is represented by the scales. Theirs is the sign of balance and equality. It reflects their affinity towards achieving peace in any conflict along with a strong sense of justice.

They are deliberative of the situations they face and form sound judgements in response to the circumstance. The decisions they make rarely results in misfortune and their actions translate their good intentions properly.

This strong sense of justice along with a harmonious nature is also a trait of the Aquarius (January 30 to February 18). Their similarities are what appeals to each other due to their like-mindedness. Aquarius’ are also radical and curious yet maintain a good sense of rationality.

Libra’s are quite sociable and often approach other people for assistance in order to achieve their goals. They are pleasant in working with other people, minimizing any disagreement and are always willing to compromise.

When an Aquarius works with a Libra, they rarely fight on anything as long as they wish to achieve the same goals. This however is rarely the case since the two have similar visions and ideals most of the time thus, the work is eased by their partnership.

The resulting harmony in this relationship is greatly appreciated by each other which becomes the reason they become drawn to one another. They cherish the peace and productivity either person provides to their partner.

When a great innovator is paired with a great deliberator, the outcomes of their endeavors results in a relationship with high chances of success. As long as they provide their full cooperation to one another, their relationship will be that of a fruitful one.

1. Compatibility Based on the Signs’ Ruling Planets

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Libra is governed by the planet Venus. Meanwhile, the planet Uranus rules Aquarius. These two planets are quite physically distant from each other.

This distance is reflected by the respective person’s individuality. They are self-sufficient and independent from one another.

Libra’s motto of “no person is an island” greatly coincides with Aquarius’ “there is no me, only we.” The two best works in tandem due to their mutual nature.

The individuality between them does not clash with their cooperative nature at all. With their personalities being a harmonious collaboration, this highlights their partner’s strengths and personality therefore making them even more potent.

2. Compatibility Based on the Signs’ Elements

ruling element air

The four basic elements of nature, namely fire, water, air, and earth, are what govern the affinities of the twelve signs in astrology; both Libra and Aquarius are kindred signs affiliated with the element of air. They are a whimsical yet wise bunch.

The element of air represents fidelity and composure. Air signs have such a vast perspective of life which is why they are notably wise people, they can impart great wisdom and freely communicate this with others.

Libra’s air is that of a harmonious breath of fresh air. They are the invisible catalyst for peace and balance; a calming yet resolute aura radiates from them and restores tranquility to any disarray.

On the other hand, Aquarius’ air is that of a refreshing breeze. They inspire productivity and innovation among themselves and others as the bearer of rejuvenating energy.

With these two together, they create a prosperous bond overflowing with wisdom and serenity.  The relationship between them is mutualistic in nature which leads them towards reinforcing their own strengths and empowering each other.

3. Compatibility Based on the Signs’ Modalities

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Zodiac signs can also be further identified by their modality. Modes, or modality, is split into three groups, cardinal, fixed, and mutable. These modes determine a sign’s background and nature.

Libra has a cardinal mode. This means they are highly initiative and enthusiastic. Full of energy and motivation, cardinal modes such as the Libra like taking matters into their own hands.

Fixed mode is what the Aquarius falls into. A sign of endurance and reliability, the fixed modes such as Aquarius excel in the long term and are quite persevering.

With the initiative of the Libra and the persevering nature of Aquarius, these two together can accomplish almost anything no matter how distant into the future their goals are. Libra and Aquarius soulmates create a strong complementary bond with each other.

Moon, Venus, and Mars in the Signs: Libra and Aquarius Soulmate Compatibility

Studying the positions of cosmic bodies is a core element of astrology which can help guide people in determining their sign’s compatibility and effects of their interactions with others. Comparing synastry charts and natal charts is one way of determining compatibility between signs.

These charts focus on the sign’s Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars alignments. Though not an absolute mark of success, being compatible in most aspects is at least a great indication of two people being destined soulmates.

At the end of the day, relationships are built upon the couples efforts, affection, and commitment to one another. Other personal factors such as behavior and mannerism are also important in deciding whether two people are meant for each other.

Libra Moon Compatibility with Aquarius Moon

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The Moon is deterministic of a sign’s reactivity. A sign’s moon is deterministic of a person’s emotional and subconscious thinking.

People with a moon in Libra are natural pacifists. They prefer a tranquil environment free of any conflict. This works well with those with a moon in Aquarius due to their aloof nature. Libra’s provide them with the peace of mind they need in order to properly deal with their somewhat uncontrollable emotions.

These two help provide each other with emotional support whenever their partners need it. Needless to say, this emotional supportiveness can lead to a successful relationship between the two in the foreseeable future.

Libra Venus Compatibility with Aquarius Venus

Love and desire are what the planet Venus represents. The deity associated with the planet is one famed for her benevolent yet just nature.

Libra’s affinity with Venus is righteous in nature. They prioritize fairness every time they settle arguments. This morality is what drives them to become better people moving forward.

This works well with the Aquarius’ Venus of sociability. Being very open and non-possessive, their relationship with Libra’s will rarely result in any conflict due to their mindfulness and understanding of each other.

These traits work greatly with one another in forming a relationship in which both people are free to be whoever they wish to be yet considerate of their partner’s feelings. Most of the time, the couple will have common goals in mind that they will be happy to work towards with each other.

Libra Mars Compatibility with Aquarius Mars

mars planet

Passionate and strong-willed. These are the defining characteristics of Mars. The aggressive nature of the Roman God of War is reflected in a sign’s affinity with the planet.

Mars in Libra equates to very confrontational nature. Leaving no issue unresolved and will do everything in their power to reach a compromise where no person is left unhappy. Though good in intention, it will inevitably lead to at least a loss for someone.

The Mars in Aquarius is a great means of achieving said compromise. With a very unconventional thought process and creative ways of solving problems, they can provide insight whenever the other reaches a point in which they seem to have found themselves in a tough situation.

The combined willingness of both these signs to achieve resolutions in which they can achieve the best possible result is what makes them a great team. The morality and virtuousness in their actions make them such strong couples.

All in all Libra and Aquarius can be the perfect Soulmates.


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