Understanding Past Life Readings & How They Work

Discovering one’s past lives means discovering one’s own truths. Through past life readings, individuals discover their soul’s journey towards achieving a higher level of awareness.

Past life readings involve connecting with the subconscious mind to allow memories from previous lives resurface. Its purpose is to help individuals clear their karmic debt and learn spiritual and life lessons. Past life readings can be done by a past life therapist, a psychic, or by yourself.

In a past life reading, different methods and different techniques can be used. It’s of utmost importance to discern what each method entails and how different these methods are from each other before asking for a past life reading or doing a reading yourself.

Understanding Reincarnation

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Reincarnation, also called rebirth, transmigration, or palingenesis, is derived from the Latin word incarnare (meaning to enter the flesh again). Reincarnation is a process wherein the soul, upon death, leaves the physical body and is reborn into another form in another lifetime.

Through this process, the soul continues to learn karmic lessons. One becomes aware of the implications of the actions they did in their past lives and uses this knowledge to their advantage in their present life.

The origins of the concept of reincarnation remain ambiguous. Reincarnation, in itself, is a philosophy and belief system wherein one can attain enlightenment and healing.

Past Life Readings with a Professional Past-Life Therapist

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People who yearn for a deeper understanding of their past lives may seek help from a trained past-life professional. These professionals use past-life therapy to aid those who have an intense desire to destroy the limitations brought upon by their present self.

Past-life therapists help a person to ultimately connect with their subconscious to be more receptive to their past life memories. This type of past life reading is only for those who are courageous enough to discover and understand their psychological makeup in depth.

A person can choose which therapeutic approach will best suit them. One of the methods is hypnosis. There are several factors to consider when opting to use hypnosis for a past life reading.

Hypnosis is a complex phenomenon. The hypnotic past life reading approach (also called past-life regression) offers a vivid experience that stimulates the senses.

When in a hypnotic trance, memories tend to surface more rapidly. A memory from the past life can include trauma, and one should proceed with caution.

The basis of hypnosis is suggestibility. What the hypnotist suggests to the person being hypnotized will be their perceived reality. The past-life professional allows the client to set their own pace and guides them throughout the exploration.

It’s important to note that hypnosis doesn’t violate moral or ethical laws. For example, the hypnotized subject cannot be forced to steal or to kill even in a hypnotic trance unless the subject consciously thought of stealing or killing in their waking state.

If the idea of hypnosis sounds appealing, one can choose to join a group hypnotic regression. Here, the person can be introduced to past-life regression and learn whether they are susceptible to hypnosis.

There are several past-life regression techniques. Some past-life professionals use body massage as a regression tool, while others use drugs. In the end, it boils down to one’s personal preference.

Other methods include Guided Meditation, Dream Work, and the Netherton Method. Perhaps one of the most interesting techniques is the Netherton method, which relies on keywords or key phrases to remember the past life.

Past Life Readings with Psychics and Other Metaphysical Sources

One of the most prominent yet controversial methods of exploring past lives is consulting with a psychic. A psychic is a talented individual that can “tune in” to a person and eventually access their spiritual information.

Past Life Readings and Astrology

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Past-life exploration through astrology is one popular method. It’s believed that karma and astrology are connected.

In astrology, the lunar nodes (also called Nodes of Fate) in one’s birth chart signify their life purpose, which holds the key to unlocking valuable life lessons.

There are two lunar nodes in a birth chart, namely the north node and the south node. The former represents karmic paths, while the latter acts as reminders of the past.

The south node is a revelation from previous lifetimes. It can be seen as an armor that equips a person in their north node karmic destiny.

Past Life Readings with Discarnate Entities

A discarnate entity is a spirit or a being with no physical body. Their existence is beyond the physical dimension, and they can be singular or mass entities.

These spirits or entities communicate through mediums or channels who fall into a trance. Once in a state of trance, the medium utters, writes, or draws what the entity wanted to convey.

Discarnate entities can impart knowledge about reincarnation. They simply widen people’s already complex perspectives on the notion of reincarnation or past lives.

4 Methods to Remembering Past Lives by Yourself

1. The Resonance Method

The resonance method only requires detaching oneself from their conscious thoughts and sensing resonance. Resonance can be described as a tugging at one’s heartstrings, often without a logical explanation.

This method doesn’t require entering altered states of consciousness, which is best for beginners. To use the resonance method, one must try to feel a past-life resonance from any feature of human existence (e.g., countries, cultures, hobbies, climate, inanimate objects, etc.).

2. Dreaming Technique

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Dreams can be pictures of people’s past lives. They are a means to enter the subconscious, a person’s Inner or Higher Self.

Dreams serve as a guide as they open doors to different spiritual realms. They can show vivid scenes or images from a person’s past lives. Other times, they appear as symbols or emotions.

It may seem like it will be difficult to recognize a past-life dream. However, it’s believed that a person can immediately recognize that it’s about their previous lives. Dreams that leave a lasting impact or recurring dreams are signs of past-life dreams.

If the dream includes you wearing clothing that’s different from your own culture or age or you appearing as a different person compared to your present self, it’s most likely a past-life dream.

3. Meditation Techniques

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Hints about past lives can appear in dreams, but they can also surface when a person is awake. Philosophers believe that this is achieved through the method of meditation.

Before beginning to meditate, one must let go of their fears and anxieties. They should also proceed with caution and listen to their subconscious.

The unconscious mind is far wiser and more knowledgeable than a person’s current self. Therefore, they should not hesitate to seek counsel from their Higher Self.

Below is a simple way to perform a past-life meditation.

  1. Choose a place to meditate.
  2. Empty the mind.
  3. Slow the rate of breathing.
  4. Let go of all concerns and worries.
  5. Tell your Higher Self about your goal.
  6. Ask your Higher Self for protection.
  7. Enter a deeper state of relaxation.
  8. Visualize opening a door or entering a tunnel that will reveal your past lives.

4. Self-Hypnosis Technique

Unlike hypnosis with the help of a past-life professional, self-hypnosis is a gradual method of remembering past lives in flashes or highlights. If visualization doesn’t work, an alternative method is self-hypnosis through repeated suggestion. Here, a person will continuously repeat their request to see their past lives over time.

Remembering Past Lives with a Companion

Guided Meditations

Guided meditations are similar to individual past-life meditations. The only difference is that the person seeking enlightenment is guided by someone else, preferably a close companion.

Their chosen companion will either help them clear their mind or lead them on a journey intended to stimulate their imagination and creativity.

The Active Imagination Technique

The active imagination technique allows a person’s imagination to capture an image and develop it according to their intuition, all with the help of their chosen companion.

Finding a Past-Life Professional

Doing a past-life reading by yourself can be overwhelming and, at times, dangerous. It’s best to seek guidance from a past-life professional.

Professional psychics on this website who specialize in past life readings can help you in your journey towards understanding the meaning of life and in finding truths about yourself.

It’s also useful to ask family or friends for recommendations when finding a past-life professional. Another way is to do your research. Take into consideration the credentials of each professional by reading their reviews and evaluating them.


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