Are You a Mintaka Starseed 35 Powerful Signs You Are One

Are You a Mintaka Starseed? 23 Powerful Signs To Confirm

Spawned from the exquisite utopian waterworld of Artuvia, Mintaka starseeds are thought to be the first soul race to travel on Earth. They are believed to be the original lightworkers who have been incarnating here for approximately 70 000 to 80 000 years.

Mintakans are said to originate from an eMintakalysian planet in the Orion constellation brimming with love, light, wisdom, and glistening diamond-like waters. This water even has healing properties. However, when reptilians decided to take over their planet, it was destroyed, and they were forced to migrate to another realm.

Mintaka Starseeds are characterized by their unwavering faith in the potential of other human beings. They are kind-hearted, nurturing, and loving souls. They are also spiritual, highly emphatic, and positive-oriented. Anyone who comes across these celestial beings would be lucky to have them in their lives.

In this article, we will be featuring some of the most common traits shared by Mintaka starseeds. Read on to know if you’re one of them.

23 Sings That You’re a Mintaka Starseed

1. You feel most at peace when you’re in the ocean

woman meditation peaceful

You’re not scared of what hidden creatures might lurk below the surface of the water. You love basking into the rhythm of the currents and marveling at its kaleidoscopic corals. You enjoy diving deep into the underwater world because you feel like you’re finally home and the briny cerulean waters are embracing you.

You’re deeply captivated by the sheer vastness and majesty of the ocean. When you’re swimming, surfing, or snorkeling, you feel like nothing else matters, and all your stresses melt away. Even just gazing out the open sea, listening to the waves, and feeling the gentle breeze can make you feel calm and invigorated.

2. You have an inexplicable longing for home

Your soul craves to go back to your home planet. Unfortunately, you can no longer go back because dark forces in the galaxy have destroyed your world. Your third-dimensional mind might not remember where you came from, but your soul does, and it aches for the comfort and energy you once had during your past incarnation.

3. You’re drawn to water elements

waterfall man

Every time you get into contact with water, you feel like you’re being caressed and healed. You love venturing out on sugary beaches, bathing in the rain, and visiting alluring waterfalls.

You also find yourself taking a bath more than an average person does. Moreover, your daily water intake is also way more than your fluid requirements because you feel recharged and refreshed every time you drink water.

4. You’re intuitive and connected to the divine feminine

You operate from the place of unconditional love and grace. You have a nurturing soul, and you genuinely take pleasure in helping other people reach their highest potential. You’re also deeply intuitive and have a peaceful demeanor.

5. You’re fascinated by mermaids

mermaid sea

You have an innate drive to devour mythology and folklore stories about these aquatic folks. You also often encounter enchanting mermaids and other water spirits in your dreams. There are times you even daydream about being a mermaid yourself.

6. You move around a lot

You don’t like to anchor yourself to any place, person, or career, so you tend to move around a lot. You don’t bother trying to fit yourself in boxes of social roles and societal expectations. You move through the space in between, untethered by the third-dimensional conditioning, doing things simply because you enjoy them, never staying in a place just to appease the people around you.

Adapting to transitions and new situations seems like second nature to you. You love traveling around, exploring different places, and listening to people’s stories. You’re not afraid to press reset in your life whenever you want and seek new avenues for growth, adventures, and experiences.

7. You have a recurring dream of swimming in pristine oceans

woman swimming

Swimming in the ocean is a recurring theme in your dreams. You might also encounter mermaids and marine animals in this dream. It could also be a scenario that happened in your past life that has been imprinted in your subconscious mind.

8. You often feel like you don’t belong

You constantly feel out of place. You have spent years living in your own bubble, isolating yourself in the realm of your own thoughts because you think no one understands you. There have been short periods of your life where you had friends, but these connections tend to be transitory. You never truly feel like you fit in any friend group, community, or even to the world.

Because you came from Mintaka, which operates on a much higher, lighter, and advanced field of awareness, you might find it hard to adjust to the dense energetic bonds on Earth. However, it is essential to remember that you were put here for a reason, and you have the power to create a new way of being using your evolved understanding.

9. You have a natural affinity with aquatic creatures

fish person underwater

You have an intense connection with marine animals such as sea turtles, jellyfish, orcas, manta rays, whales, and dolphins. You’re mesmerized every time you encounter them, and you can talk about them for hours. Because you don’t want to cause them any harm, you have a propensity to embrace veganism as a way of life. You might also find yourself in the field of marine biology.

10. You have a positivity-oriented personality

Mintaka Starseeds are known to be very positive, if you can see any of following traits in yourself then you might be one.

Positivity radiates through your soul like the sun. Some people might find it annoying and think that life hasn’t hit you yet, but actually, you have faced countless dark nights of the soul alone. And yet, you still choose to get back up and see all the treasure trove of lessons and great experiences life has to offer.

One of the important lessons life has taught you is that thoughts create reality. Focusing on the negative things will maximize and reinforce them. On the other hand, being grateful for every small pleasure of life and continuously choosing to see the good could increase the chances of it materializing in the physical reality.

11. You never make choices that will intentionally hurt someone

You are at peace with yourself. You have built an impenetrable wall of detached equanimity, so even when people try to hurt you, you never strike back. You don’t like throwing poison into the world and perpetuating the negative energy swarming across the world.

You also understand that people partake in deeply unconscious behaviors not because they’re bad or evil. They’re just being human. You know that their mind has been conditioned to overidentify with illusory ego structures, and so their value system tends to revolve around paper, plastics, and flesh.

You just feel compassion for them, for their mind, is still imprisoned by these abstractions and material identification. Because you’ve broken through the threshold of third-dimensional polarities, you tend to be less reactive and more proactive with your choices. If you have inadvertently hurt someone, it was simply because you want them to grow.

12. You tend to see the best in people

Because you came from a place with a unified field of awareness, you tend to see the highest potential in people. You easily forgive others, and you don’t try to bring up their past mistakes unless it’s absolutely necessary for their growth.

You don’t engage in gossip and talk behind people’s backs. You accept people as they are and help them be the best version of themselves.

13. You give too many chances

Because you want to believe in humanity’s highest potential, you tend to give out way too many chances. However, this could backfire on you and can leave you drained and taken advantage of. Even though it seems like an altruistic act to see the best in people and keep giving them another chance, you’re not really helping them learn from their mistakes and truly grow.

14. You despise monotony

You can’t stand having your life revolve around going to a job, doing repetitive tasks, and complying with society’s Sisyphean responsibilities. You don’t like the idea of living like a rat stuck in a never-ending wheel.

You’re constantly on the lookout for new adventures and more fulfilling experiences. You understand how essential building routines and cultivating discipline are for the accomplishment of your goals. However, you still try to inject as much novelty as you can into your daily life.

15. You’re a jack of all trades

You’re a multipotentialite. You have diverse interests, and you want to try out all of them. You have thousands of creative and innovative ideas in your head, and often feel fragmented and indecisive on which idea you should give all your attention to.

You’re also incredibly talented, so you end up being good at everything you try to do. The people around you may perceive you as irresponsible and inconsistent because you can’t seem to pick a lane, but maybe you’re not supposed to pick a single route. Perhaps you’re supposed to play out every interest that sparks your curiosity and let all your ideas germinate into reality.

16. You’re highly emphatic, intuitive, and clairsentient.

You tend to feel things deeply, and you quickly pick up on other people’s energy. People often call you a wise, old soul because you can see through the root of their problems immediately, and you have a proclivity to dispense spot-on advice that proved to be very helpful in their situation.

17. You tend to give too much of yourself to other people

Because you have an inherent drive to nurture people and help them reach their highest potential, you tend to end up disconnecting from your own goals and falling from grace. When you get lost in the quagmire of other people’s issues, it could leave you feeling exhausted and fragmented within yourself.

While trying to cloak yourself with layers of altruism and trying to perfect the external representation of yourself, you have veered away from your own growth. In order to truly fulfill your mission on Earth, you must invest time and energy into your own spiritual development as much as you give others.

If those traits suit you well, then you might be a Mintaka starseed.

18. You can be controlling

You have a penchant for perfectionism. You want to accomplish world-class high-level output. This perfectionist attitude tends to extend in your personal relationships as well. You have a predisposition to see people as projects you have to fix and mold into your idea of perfection.

These fear-based control issues can be hard to strip away. However, you can start by focusing your attention on yourself and doing things that bring you peace and spark your passion. When you’re at peace with yourself, you’re more attuned to the higher source of unconditional love, and even when people do questionable things, it’s less likely to bother you.

19. You are an expert in astrology, numerology, and sacred geometry

You’re naturally curious, and you love learning new things, particularly those related to the multidimensional field of awareness. You also love studying diverse healing methods, astral projection, and interdimensional travel.

20. You can communicate with supernatural beings

One common trait among Mintaka Starseeds is that they have the ability to connect and communicate with extraterrestrials, angels, ghosts, and even their ancestors. This way of transmuting information with each other can manifest in ways not conceivable with a third-dimensional mind.

21. You often find yourself in leadership positions

leader speaking

People look up to you. They trust your judgment. You have an undeniable charisma and captivating charm. You’re also insanely detail-oriented, and you get things done. Moreover, you understand that you don’t know everything, so you encourage others to speak up and give feedback on how things could be done better.

22. You’re prone to feeling depressed and anxious

You have a predisposition to feel depressed and anxious when you oscillate in the world of forms and begin identifying with Earth’s dense level of expression. The negative energy pulsations from these abstractions tend to embed themselves into the magnetic networks of your thought patterns, leaving you to feel heavy, dissociated, and apprehensive.

23. You’re open-minded and free-spirited

sunlight woman openminded

When you’ve discovered the truth of who you really are, you simply flow with the subtle currents of life and let yourself dance with the rhythm of your inner direction. You don’t bind yourself to any concepts, ideas, or moral codes. You don’t see things as right or wrong, good or bad, or any other polarizing thought structures.

You welcome new thoughts and ideas without identifying with them. You don’t let mental abstractions define you. You simply do things because you have a built-in urge to seek adventure and harmonize the vibrational frequency on Earth.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it all up, Mintakans are rare types of starseeds drawn to the aquatic elements and creatures. They are free spirits oozing with positivity, creativity, and nurturing energy. When out of alignment, they have a tendency to feel isolated, misunderstood, and depressed. They’re also natural-born leaders and kind-hearted souls.

Inside every Mintaka Starseed is an amalgamation of infinite, sometimes contradictory traits. They don’t really hold a steadfast image of themselves. They simply live their life as they are, seek out adventures and suck out all life has in store for them.


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