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99 Powerful Soulmate Affirmations to Attract Your Soulmate

A soulmate connection is a special bond between two people that transcends boundaries. Soulmates help each other grow spiritually, and forming a relationship with them is part of our karmic destiny. There are many ways to attract a soulmate, and one of them is by using affirmations.

To manifest true love, you can use soulmate affirmations such as “I’m worthy to begin a healthy and long-term relationship with my soulmate” and “My soulmate is slowly but surely entering my orbit” as part of your daily practice. Affirmations can also be something as simple as “I’m meeting my soulmate” or “My soulmate and I are meant for each other.”

Manifestation is a remarkably powerful tool that requires setting intentions and beliefs, and soulmate affirmations are one of its many forms. Before making affirmations, it’s best to know how to make them as compelling as possible, as well as understand how the whole process of how manifestation works.

99 Powerful Affirmations to Attract Your Soulmate

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The governing principle behind making positive affirmations become reality is the Law of Attraction. This universal law ensures that what you desire and what you attract are in alignment.

When constructing affirmations, it’s vital to remember that you should use the present tense. Being precise, conveying gratitude, and making something that resonates with you also help in making the affirmations more powerful. Below are some affirmations to attract your soulmate.

  1. I’m thankful for the Universe for allowing me to meet my soulmate.
  2. I’m physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually ready to give and receive love from my soulmate.
  3. I’m worthy of establishing a deep and meaningful bond with my soulmate.
  4. My soulmate is attracted to me, and they feel my presence through our soul link.
  5. The Universe is sending my soulmate my way.
  6. My soulmate is attracted to my positive energy.
  7. My intuition will guide me towards my soulmate.
  8. I trust that my spirit guides will direct me to my soulmate.
  9. I’m worthy to begin a healthy and long-term relationship with my soulmate.
  10. My soulmate is slowly but surely entering my orbit.
  11. I’m meeting my soulmate.
  12. My soulmate and I are meant for each other.
  13. My soulmate and I possess an indestructible bond.
  14. It’s my divine privilege to meet my soulmate.
  15. My soulmate and I are gradually developing a positive, gentle, and loving energy between us.
  16. I can recognize my soulmate the instant I meet them.
  17. My soulmate is starting to sense my existence and our special bond.
  18. I can easily attract my soulmate.
  19. The bond between me and my soulmate will vibrate once we cross paths and meet.
  20. I trust the Universe to put me in the right place to meet my soulmate.
  21. I cut all the chords that hinder me from meeting my soulmate.
  22. Pure love is flowing through me and my soulmate.
  23. I’m unconditionally loved and treasured by my soulmate.
  24. I’m open to a deep, loving relationship with my soulmate.
  25. My soulmate is on their way to meet me.
  26. I’m happy and blessed that I live in the same lifetime as my soulmate.
  27. My soulmate is attracted to my warm, joyful aura.
  28. I breathe and embrace love.
  29. I choose to be happy with my soulmate.
  30. I’m letting go of the negative energy that prevents me from attracting the love I desire.
  31. I allow myself to be loved.
  32. I release everything that’s blocking me from receiving the love that I want.
  33. I am whole on my own, yet I gracefully embrace the gifts the universe has to offer me.
  34. I attract healthy and loving relationships.
  35. I release the pain from unpleasant experiences in love.
  36. I am a magnet for genuine and loving people.
  37. I have an unlimited reservoir of love within me.
  38. I allow miracles to enter my life.
  39. I am certain of my ability to manifest anything I desire.
  40. Love is flowing in all areas of my life.
  41. I radiate loving energy and attract love effortlessly.
  42. I am ready to meet my soulmate.
  43. I trust the universe to show me the path that will allow me to experience all the wonderful things this life has to offer.
  44. My life is filled with adventure, passion, and romance.
  45. Giving and receiving love is my birthright.
  46. Every time I say no to mistreatment, disrespect, and bare minimums, the more I attract the love I desire.
  47. I am magnetic and irresistible to my soulmate.
  48. I am ready to love and be loved.
  49. I am worthy of a deep, fulfilling soulmate love.
  50. I trust the universe to align my path with my soulmate.
  51. The more I love myself, the more I attract love from those around me.
  52. I deserve the best loving experience this life has to offer.
  53. Everything will work in my favor.
  54. I deserve an awesome partner.
  55. I am stepping into divine alignment with my soulmate.
  56. I am consciously aligning my vibrational energy to gracefully attract my soulmate.
  57. I am ready to welcome my soulmate into my life.
  58. From now on, I release all of my self-inflicted limitations and allow the universe to shower me with the love and abundance that I deserve.
  59. I choose to enjoy every moment of my life regardless of whether or not I’m with my soulmate.
  60. I give myself permission to be happy.
  61. I loosen my grip on the heaviness that’s weighing me down, and create new space for new love and growth to enter my life.
  62. My relationship with my soulmate is a source of true fulfillment, laughter, and joy.
  63. I don’t have to chase for my soulmate; I only have to let love come to me and through me.
  64. I welcome joyful surprises from the universe.
  65. I allow the universe to lead me to my soulmate. I choose to cultivate an unshakable sense of optimism from now forward.
  66. I have faith in the universe to deliver to me everything I need and want.
  67. I am being divinely guided to my soulmate.
  68. My soulmate is drawn to my positive, radiant, and loving energy.
  69. I have a divine and magical connection to my soulmate.
  70. The more I tend to my own personal development, the more I attract my soulmate.
  71. I am a magnet for the love I seek.
  72. Abundant love surrounds me.
  73. I am worthy of love and it is my birthright to receive love in abundance.
  74. I am aligned with the divine frequency of love.
  75. I am attracting my true soul connection.
  76. I am letting go of any fairy-tale expectations I have of my soulmate and embracing their glorious imperfections.
  77. By becoming the best version of myself, I attract a soulmate who matches my vibration.
  78. I intend to pursue my biggest dreams before my soulmate arrives because finding them is merely icing on the cake and not the foundation for my happiness.
  79. The right person will make me feel loved and valued.
  80. I release anger and bitterness from past relationships.
  81. I let go of all my negative and limiting beliefs about love.
  82. I love and respect myself and won’t settle for emotionally toxic relationships.
  83. I give out more love each day and receive more and more love every day.
  84. I send my love to my soulmate.
  85. I am confident of my soulmate’s impending arrival into my life.
  86. I am already deeply connected with my soulmate. Our bond is unbreakable.
  87. My soulmate will be manifested in my life at the right time.
  88. Harmonious relationships are natural in my life.
  89. I claim my inherent birthright to experience only what is worthy of the growth of my spirit.
  90. I am worthy of a genuine and loving connection.
  91. My soul is radiant and effortlessly attracts the best opportunities that life has to offer.
  92. I open my heart and soul to accept the presence of my soulmate.
  93. Every day and in every way, I am becoming a better version of myself.
  94. I am healed from all emotional wounds. I am ready for my soulmate to arrive in my life.
  95. My soulmate is loving, thoughtful, respectful, supportive, sweet, responsible, wise, intelligent, kind, emotionally mature, and funny.
  96. I allow my soulmate to grow until it is the right time for them to enter my life.
  97. I radiate the energy I want to experience in a harmonious relationship.
  98. I am open to miracles, magic, and serendipity today.
  99. I am ready for the challenges that come with being with my soulmate.
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Some Tips on How to Strengthen Your Affirmations

Commit to a Routine

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The key to affirmations (and any practice in general) is consistency. Saying affirmations once a week, twice a month, or only whenever you feel like it won’t work because the law of attraction doesn’t work that way.

The law of attraction will only work if you’re fully committed to making your wishes or desires happen, and you can only do that by making affirmations part of your daily practice or routine. What you say every day will eventually be rooted in your subconscious. By the mysterious force of nature and the Universe, you can make your desires turn into reality.

Adding affirmations into your routine isn’t supposed to be complicated. You can say them while you water your plants or while you walk your dog in the morning. It can also be as simple as chanting them while you shower.

Embody Positivity and Believe in the Power of Affirmations

When making affirmations, never focus on the negative. If you want to attract true love, never say something along the lines of hoping to meet your soulmate soon.

Using the word hope already implies that there’s a possibility that you won’t meet your soulmate. Instead of planting doubt in your affirmations, you should infuse them with positivity. Moreover, you should reframe not just your words but also your thoughts and feelings.

Mean What You Say

Words carry energy, and your affirmations can be meaningless if not supported by your feelings and willpower. The more you show your resolve, the more powerful your affirmations will be. Tuning into your emotions and desires while making affirmations will yield the best results.

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Voice Out Your Affirmations Clearly

Voicing out your affirmations isn’t necessarily required, but it makes them more powerful. Saying words out loud expresses your conviction, and the Universe will return the same energy you put into your affirmations. Writing them down also works.

Visualize Making Your Soulmate Affirmations become Reality

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The human mind is immensely powerful. What we persistently visualize or what we earnestly put forth in the Universe often becomes our reality. The mental picture in your head holds energy, and it gives divine forces a more transparent image of your wishes and desires.

Love Yourself

They say that one won’t be able to truly love another person unless they learn to love themselves first. The Universe works in mysterious ways, but its constant principle is making energies balanced.

As mentioned previously, the energy you throw to the Universe will return to you. If you don’t love yourself, it’s highly likely that you won’t receive the love you want to attract.

Free Yourself from Negative Emotions

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Past trauma from former unhealthy or toxic relationships can hinder you from attracting love. It’s best if you learn to let go and forgive yourself as well as the person who caused you pain. Resentment vibrates low, negative energy, and it won’t help you attract your soulmate.

Some Signs that You’ve Found Your Soulmate

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Your Gut Feeling Says So

Our intuition will never fail us. If your gut feeling tells you that someone is your soulmate, it’s highly likely that the said person is indeed your soulmate. You might feel comfortable around them as if you’ve known them all your life, or you just realize that everything makes sense after meeting them.

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You Experience Things that You Reduce to a Mere Coincidence

One telling sign that a person is your soulmate is if they complete your thoughts or if they know what you’re thinking even without you telling them. There might also be times when they suddenly call you when you’re just about to phone them.

Soulmates possess a deep, unique bond that goes beyond the physical. Things like the ones mentioned above are usually signs that someone is your soulmate, and it’s best not to downplay them as mere coincidences.

You Feel Their Emotions as if They’re Your Own

Because soulmates possess a special connection, it goes without saying that they’ll experience things that are only possible because of that bond. If you feel a person’s emotions, feelings, and moods as if they’re your own, they might be your soulmate. Some can even feel their soulmate’s physical pain.

How to Know If Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

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You Feel Unexpected Emotions You Can’t Explain

As indicated previously, soulmates are more empathetic towards each other because of their unique connection. If you feel euphoric without knowing why, or you suddenly feel depressed, your soulmate might be thinking of you.

Soulmates share energies most of the time, and their feelings and emotions can resonate within your bond. You can even sense a sudden boost in energy if your soulmate purposely sends you positive energy.

You See Them in Your Dreams

Dreams are fascinating phenomena because they occur at the subconscious level. Dreaming of your soulmate is a telling sign that they’re thinking of you. This occurrence happens because soulmates are naturally linked telepathically.

You Sense Their Presence as If They’re Near You

Sometimes, soulmates can sense the other as if they’re in close physical proximity. This usually happens when one tries to soothe the other’s soul. One might also hear their soulmate or feel their touch.

Final Thoughts

You might feel like you’re not doing the affirmations correctly because you still haven’t met your soulmate, or you might be finding it hard to identify them. Professional psychics on this website who specialize in love, relationships, and soul connections can guide you through the process of attracting your soulmate as well as help you determine if a person is indeed your soulmate.

Psychic advisors can answer almost any question about love and relationships through psychic readings. They can help you discern how your soulmate perceives you or let you know the things that could be preventing you from meeting your soulmate.


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