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21 Symptoms of Soul Ties You Can Recognize

A soul tie is a spiritual link between two people, and it’s usually formed when both parties engage in an intense emotional and physical intimacy. Because soul ties can be either healthy or ungodly, it helps to recognize its signs.

Common symptoms of a soul tie include sharing an empathic connection with the person, having your mind flooded with thoughts of them, and being eager to bond with them better. A healthy soul tie will make you feel more confident and empowered. An unhealthy soul tie, on the other hand, can lead to obsession, addiction, entrapment, or manipulation.

Soul ties have significant effects on a person’s life and overall well-being, and one can have this bond with several people in their lifetime. Therefore, one must understand its nature and recognize the kind of soul tie they share with another individual.

The Nature of Soul Ties

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Individuals who share a soul tie are connected not only in soul but also in flesh and mind. Psychologists refer to this concept as mind links, soul-links, or mind control. In Christianity, the Scriptures mentioned a similar concept, which portrays the knitting of souls together and becoming one flesh.

Some of the common ways in which soul ties are formed include engaging in sexual acts, building closer relationships (through marriage, friendship, etc.), and making pledges in the form of vows, agreements, and commitments. Moreover, soul ties can be classified into three categories: namely, intellectual, emotional, and physical soul ties.

Intellectual soul ties (also called platonic soul ties) are formed when the relationship is based on shared beliefs, principles, and understanding. An example of this is a relationship between mentor and disciple or between colleagues.

Emotional soul ties are based upon emotions or intense feelings of love, pain, or fear, which are common between spouses, friends, or parent and child. On the contrary, physical soul ties are formed through engaging in intimate, sexual acts.

Healthy soul ties improve one’s life and overall well-being because they vibrate love, strength, and positivity. Ungodly soul ties, on the other hand, negatively affect one or both of the people that share the bond. Unhealthy soul ties are usually a product of sinful acts such as harassment or rape.

Symptoms of Soul Ties You Need to Look Out For

Common Symptoms of a Soul Tie

  • You Share an Empathic Connection with Them

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More often than not, individuals connected on a spiritual level can sense and understand the feelings and emotions of each other. Soul ties are no different. Those who have a stronger and more powerful bond can even feel not only emotions but also physical pain.

Similar to soulmate connections, soul ties can be recognized through empathic connections. Because both spiritual bonds share the same symptoms, some might be confused as to what type of soul connection they possess.

To avoid confusion, it’s crucial to note that soulmate relationships are one of the highest forms of unconditional love. It’s pure, divine, and always vibrates positivity. Soul ties, on the other hand, can start healthy and then turn ungodly.

  • Your Mind is Flooded by Thoughts of Them

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Another common symptom of a soul tie that you can easily recognize is not being able to get them out of your head. Most people who are spiritually linked can communicate telepathically. You might find yourself finishing the person’s sentences or calling them when they’re already about to contact you.

  • You’re Eager to Bond with Them

If you have a soul tie with someone, you’ll feel excited and eager to get to know them better. You’ll wish to connect with them on an emotional or physical level, and you’ll often catch yourself feeling both giddy and nervous.

  • Undeniable Connection

Your souls just click like some kind of magic. Your stomach flutters with joy and excitement when you see this person. You share the same sense of humor and other similar interests. You also feel connected to them on so many levels.

  • Non-Stop Conversations

You can spend hours talking to this person without getting restless or bored. Time seems irrelevant, you feel deeply understood, and excited to spend as much time with this person over and over again. 

  • Deja vu

When talking to them, you feel like you’ve known each other forever. You discover strange coincidences and uncanny parallels in your past and present experiences.

  • Synchronous Experiences

When you’re soul is tied to someone, you might mirror their mood and experiences. You may even get sick or get your period at the same time as them. You might also go through similar afflictions such as depression, addiction, or trauma.

Symptoms of a Healthy Soul Tie

  • They Make You Feel More Confident

A soul tie with the right person will make you feel more confident about yourself. They’ll help you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and their presence will give you the vigor you need to face the challenges and difficulties you’ll encounter in life.

  • They Help You in Your Spiritual Journey

Our universal goal is to attain higher consciousness to discover absolute truths. A healthy soul tie will accompany and help you in your spiritual journey to accomplish this universal goal.

  • Growing Together

Another symptom of a healthy soul tie is when you’re able to grow together as a couple. You challenge each other while at the same time giving unconditional love and support when needed.

  • You Constantly Learn From Each Other

Each time you interact with this person, you always come out feeling like you’ve learned something. You’re always left in awe of their brilliance and feel inspired to become a better version of yourself.

  • You Feel Secured Around This Person

This person knows you more than you know yourself, and yet you never worry about feeling judged when you’re around them. You feel like this person is a safe place for you to share your deepest secrets, raw emotions, and embarrassing moments.

Symptoms of an Unhealthy or Ungodly Soul Tie

  • Your Affections Turn to Obsession or Addiction

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Ungodly soul ties can lead to obsession. It might start from not being able to control your thoughts and emotions when it comes to this person, and then eventually develop an unhealthy attachment to them.

This incident often happens between two people that already went separate ways but were still bound by the soul tie. Such an unhealthy soul tie doesn’t essentially need to be romantic. It can also happen in a parent and child relationship.

  • You Feel Trapped in the Relationship

Toxic relationships are usually a sign of unhealthy soul ties. If a healthy soul tie is supposed to help you have a renewed sense of appreciation for life and make you feel free, an ungodly soul tie will do the opposite. The other party might be obsessive and abusive, and you might feel trapped as if there’s no way out.

  • You Feel Manipulated

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As mentioned earlier, people tied spiritually have a deeper bond, and they can sense each other’s thoughts and emotions. Thus, it’s easier for one to control and play with the feelings of the other. Manipulation in soul ties isn’t always done with malicious or evil intent, but it doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be addressed.

  • You Change for the Worse Because of Them

Soul ties are powerful links that occur at an energetic level. If the other person resonates with negative energies, it’s highly likely that you’ll be filled with negativity as well. When this happens, it’s possible to adopt their unpleasant traits and even their addictions.

  • You’re Always Walking on Eggshells

You may have strong chemistry but if you feel like you have to hide certain aspects of yourself in order to keep them attracted to you, then you’re building a relationship on a very shaky foundation. Moreover, if you feel like you need to tiptoe around your partner’s ego or avoid your friends to prevent them from getting jealous, your relationship will likely not last.

  • Unhealthy Attachment

When you’ve found someone you have a deep connection with, you might feel compelled to keep them in your life as long as possible. However, this often leads to unhealthy attachment and jealousy. Furthermore, if your decisions are contingent on their approval, this is a sign that you have an unhealthy attachment to your soul tie.

  • Staying in an Abusive Relationship

If the other person has made a habit out of hurting you emotionally, verbally, or physically, and you still make an excuse to stay with them, this is a sign that you’re in an unhealthy soul tie. No soul-tie relationship is perfect, but if your partner is hurting you more than loving you, you need to get out as soon as possible.

  • You Have No Boundaries

When you want to be around someone all the time, it may be hard to establish some boundaries and actually enforce them. This prevents you from investing time in other areas of your life, which ultimately cause you to feel resentful towards your partner.

  • You Keep Rationalizing Their Bad Behavior

Because you have a deep-level connection with your soul tie, you understand why they do what they do. You’re normal standards of behavior go down the drain, you frequently compromise your values, and you’re willing to put up with anything when it comes to them.

However, because you keep rationalizing their bad behavior, you end up building a wall of resentment between the two of you. Moreover, this leniency often causes them to lose respect, take advantage of you, and repeatedly make the same mistakes.

How to Break an Ungodly Soul Tie

Acknowledge that the Soul Tie is Ungodly

To break an ungodly soul tie, one must first acknowledge its existence. Those who are in toxic relationships, for example, tend to feel entrapped and in denial of the situation.

One’s “loyalty” (which is strengthened by the strong spiritual bond) to the other person prevents them from breaking free from the relationship. Therefore, the first step in cutting soul ties is to acknowledge that it’s unhealthy.

Reach a Decision and Take Action

Set your intention and take the necessary action needed to cut the soul tie. As mentioned previously, soul ties can be formed through vows, agreements, or commitments. To cut a soul tie, you must verbally undo or renounce all the pledges you’ve made with the person.

If your feelings for the person turned to obsession or if the relationship involves manipulation and deception, you must take courage to end the relationship. It also helps to dispose of everything the other person gave you (e.g., gifts, keepsakes, etc.) because these can keep a soul tie in place.

Seek Help from a Spiritual Advisor

Breaking soul ties can be difficult, painful, and confusing. It’s advisable to seek guidance from a spiritual advisor or talk to a professional therapist. They can guide you through the process of cutting unhealthy soul ties and moving on.

Final Thoughts

A soul tie plays a significant role in a person’s life, and it can be healthy or unhealthy and mutual or one-sided. Just like in many other types of soul connections, it might be difficult to recognize its signs and symptoms.

Professional spiritual advisors are knowledgeable about soul connections and can help you recognize soul ties, determine if it’s healthy or ungodly, and guide you in the whole process of attaining emotional and spiritual wholeness. They can also help you discern how soul ties develop and what must be done to break them.


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