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Soulmate Dreams – 7 Secret Signs & Meanings Explained

One reason why dreams are fascinating is that it’s one way of gaining access to our unconscious. Dreams are highly significant, especially when they offer guidance or show signs that prove to be relevant in our waking life. Dreaming of your soulmate can mean many things, and interpreting them will lead to incredible discoveries.

Soulmate dreams can be a sign that you’re about to meet them in your waking life. If you’ve already met your soulmate (or are currently in a relationship with them), dreams about them can be a message from your subconscious. These messages usually offer insight into the current state of your relationship.

Interpreting dreams, especially dreams concerning your soulmate, can prove to be more valuable than you think. Normal dreams are mostly triggered by the condition or environment you’re in, but soulmate dreams (and psychic dreams in general) convey knowledge that you should know.

The Meanings Behind Soulmate Dreams

1. You’re About to Meet Your Soulmate

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One can have soulmate dreams before meeting their soulmate in their waking life. If you dream of getting together with a person you’ve never known, and yet you feel a deep connection with them, then it’s highly likely that your soulmate is about to come into your life.

A soulmate dream is one of the Universe’s many ways of helping you in your preparation to meet your soulmate. These dreams are quite more common than we may think.

A telling sign that what you’re dreaming of is indeed about your soulmate is the sense of familiarity you’ll feel about the stranger you see in your dream. That person you don’t recognize might be someone from your past lives. This occurrence isn’t impossible given the fact that everyone in our soul group (including our soulmates) is with us in most (if not all) our lifetimes.

Soulmate dreams might leave you feeling warm or thrilled. You might even feel transformed, like having the desire to change the direction of your life. How you feel after you wake up will give you a clue about the meaning of your dream, so it’s best to take note of it every time (in full detail).

Another sign that it’s a soulmate dream is when you dream about this person several times. If you feel happy and content in the dream, it’s your subconscious telling you that the said person will bring a significant change in your life.

Sometimes, you can see how your soulmate physically looks in the dream. However, there are also times when you can only sense their essence or very being. Perceiving a person’s essence can only be possible because of your intuition.

Soulmate dreams can also be telepathic. If you dream of communicating with someone you’re unfamiliar with, your soulmate might be telepathically conversing with you.

One thing you need to be cautious of is mistaking a person to be your soulmate just because you fell in love with them in your dream. The human mind is powerful, and so it can also make an entirely new character based on something that you currently feel, encounter, or experience.

If you’ve wanted to attract love for some time now, and you suddenly dreamt of a person that you think can be your soulmate, you should think twice. It’s highly likely that you’re only dreaming of a concept of a person you want to attract in your life.

2. You Need to Discover Unknown Information about Your Current Relationship with Your Soulmate

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One can also experience soulmate dreams while they’re in a relationship with their soulmate. When this happens, it’s the Universe or your spirit guides’ way of telling you something about the current condition of your relationship.

Soulmate dreams like this can also be prophetic. Such dreams can tell you something about issues that might arise in the future. They can also tell you about the direction your relationship is going (e.g., what your future together will look like).

3. Your Soulmate Wants to Tell You Something

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Not all soulmates end up together. Soulmate dreams can also occur after separating from a soulmate, and this kind of dream is quite common as well.

As previously mentioned, how you feel after waking up from your dream is crucial in interpreting soulmate dreams. If you feel regretful or upset after having such a dream, and it involves your former lover, then they might have something they want to tell you.

However, it’s important to note that not all soulmate dreams with exes will leave you with negative emotions. They can also be comforting, depending on the context.

Soulmate dreams can also occur when your soulmate passes away, and they have a message they want to send you. Human beings are bound in their physical bodies, but the souls can communicate in the astral plane.

Types of Psychic Dreams

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Before interpreting soulmate dreams, it helps to know and understand psychic dreams first. Most of our dreams are only our unconscious mind’s way of processing what we experience in our waking life.

Psychic dreams, on the other hand, can give us information and guidance from the Universe as well as our spirit guides. Here, we can receive information that goes beyond the physical. Psychic dreams can be divided into three categories.

Precognitive Dreams

Precognitive dreams are dreams that show events that can occur in the future. Here, we’re only talking about possibilities. Unlike how precognitive dreams are portrayed in popular culture, these dreams rarely forecast disasters or tragedies (although this is possible as well).

Clairvoyant Dreams

A clairvoyant (derived from the word clairvoyance, loosely translated as clear seeing) is a gifted individual who can see truths by receiving psychic information through visualizations, symbols, images, and the likes. Many clairvoyants receive information through vivid dreams.

Our Inner Selves, spirit guides, angels, and other higher spiritual beings mostly communicate with us through the symbols we see in clairvoyant dreams. Such dreams provide insight into future events as well. Clairvoyant dreams that show glimpses from our past lifetimes are called past life dreams.

Telepathic Dreams

Unlike clairvoyant dreams where we receive psychic information through metaphors, symbols, and images, telepathic dreams enable us to communicate directly with other beings (e.g., angels, ascended masters, spirit guides, another person, etc.). If you remember your soulmate talking to you in your dream, it’s a type of telepathic dream.

Telepathic dreams between soulmates are only possible because of the deep connection they share. Soulmates can convey their thoughts and feelings through such dreams. The intensity brought by these emotions makes telepathic dreams very vivid.

How to Interpret Soulmate Dreams Better

Record Your Dream Right After You Wake Up

The key to interpreting dreams is writing everything you can remember from the dream, even the most insignificant details, as soon as you wake up. After recording all the details, you can go through them and contemplate their potential meanings.

Take Note of the Context

Context is very crucial in dream interpretation. As previously mentioned, if you see the same person in your dreams multiple times, then it’s highly likely that they’re your soulmate.

If you dream of a past lover who’s your soulmate, and yet you felt comforted and at peace after you wake up, it’s a sign that they’ve already accomplished the role they were destined to fulfill in your life. Experiencing a soulmate dream while you’re in a relationship, and you see symbols such as a black swan, might mean that the two of you will have many worries and quarrels in the future.

Listen to Your Intuition

Intuition is derived from the Latin word intueri, which means “to look upon.” Our intuition helps us discover the truths about ourselves, about the people around us, and the world at large. It can also help us open new doors as well as guide us in making the right decisions. When interpreting soulmate dreams, trusting your intuition will prove to be useful.

Signs that You’ve Made a Soulmate Connection

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1. You Share the Same Dreams

One of the most telltale signs that you’ve made a connection with your soulmate is when you share the same dream with them. Soulmates usually first telepathically communicate through their dreams.

2. You Have Strong Intuition When It Comes to Them

You know and understand the thoughts and feelings of your soulmate even without them personally telling you. Because of your deep, unique connection, you can easily interpret their body language and other nonverbal cues.

3. You Feel a Strong Pull Towards Them

The attraction you feel towards the person is unexplainably intense. You might even sense that they’re part of your previous lifetimes.

4. There is Deep Understanding Between the Two of You

Because a soulmate connection occurs at a deeper level, soulmates possess an earnest understanding of each other. One will instantly know what the other is thinking, and both will feel the most comfortable with each other’s presence. The reason behind this is that their souls know that when they’re with each other, they can be their true selves, and there will be no judgment.

Final Thoughts

Dreams mean differently for different people, especially when it comes to soulmate dreams. The soulmate dream meanings stated above are general, and your dream might require an interpretation unique to you.

When in doubt, it’s best to seek the help of professional psychics who specialize in dream meaning and interpretation. Professional psychic advisors are knowledgeable and experienced in soul connections and will help you with anything related to soulmates, including knowing if you’ve met your soulmate as well as determining if the soulmate connection you both share is authentic.


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