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Feeling Soulmate Energy? 4 Clear Signs to Look Out For

Soulmate connections, just like every other soul connection, are of great importance because they help us in our journey towards spiritual growth. A soulmate connection transcends physical limitations, and once you meet your soulmate, you’ll feel it on an energetic level.

If you feel the soulmate energy, the next thing to do is confirm it by looking at the signs of a soulmate connection. You also need to determine the nature of the soul connection you have with this person (e.g., romantic, karmic, etc.). When in doubt, it’s advisable to seek the help of a psychic advisor to learn more about your unique spiritual bond.

More often than not, we meet our soulmates in not just one but several lifetimes. The bond we have with them is distinctive and extraordinary. If you intend to confirm the soulmate energy you feel, you must rely on your unconscious to help you recognize the signs of soulmate connection.

4 Signs to Recognize Soulmate Connection

1. Your Gut Feeling and/or Intuition Tells You that You’re Spiritually Connected

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Most people interchangeably use the terms intuition and gut instinct. Although they’re quite similar, gut instinct is more felt on a physical level. On the other hand, intuition is more of an inner knowing that can’t be rationally or logically explained.

There are times when both gut instinct and intuition will tell you that you’re indeed spiritually linked to this person. Once you meet your soulmate, you’ll essentially know that they’ll play a significant role in your life. Sometimes, you’ll even feel tingles (or some other physical response) all over your body during your first encounter.

Whether it’s your intuition or gut feeling that gives you the signals, you must listen to it. If you find it difficult to rely on your intuition, it’s advisable to spend ample time improving it. Meditation, grounding exercises, and centering exercises help significantly.

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2. You Feel an Overpowering Sense of Familiarity with Them

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Our soulmates are part of our larger soul group, with whom we have a soul contract. It’s believed that they reincarnate with us from one lifetime to the next to fulfill their duty of helping us reach a higher state of consciousness.

It’s not surprising that once you meet your soulmate, you’ll have a feeling of déjà vu. After all, it’s highly likely that you already encountered your soulmate from your previous lifetimes.

This feeling of overwhelming familiarity might leave you confused at first. However, you’ll eventually find yourself completely trusting this person.

Soulmate relationships don’t always have to be romantic. Your mother, brother, friend, or mentor can be your soulmate. Essentially, your soulmate is someone who will be with you in your journey towards spiritual evolution.

Regardless of the type of soulmate connection you have with this person, their purpose is to help you reach a higher state of consciousness and discover absolute truths. Therefore, you might see yourself slowly revealing your real self to them. They’ll also encourage you to go out of your comfort zone.

3. You Meet Them at the Right Time

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Meeting your soulmate isn’t a coincidence. You’ll only meet them once you’re ready to begin your journey towards achieving your highest good. If you get together with a person who helps you open a path that will enable you to accept divine love, then there’s a high chance that they’re indeed your soulmate.

4. You Share a Telepathic and Empathic Connection with Them

Soulmates share a deep and unique bond that allows them to communicate telepathically and to sense the emotions and feelings of each other. Sharing a telepathic connection and empathic connection with this person is a telling sign that they’re your soulmate.

You’ll be able to hear and share your thoughts with your soulmate even if you don’t communicate verbally. You’ll also be able to sense what they feel regardless of distance. Some soulmates are deeply connected to the point that they can perceive what the other feels on a physical level.

4 Major Types of Soulmate Connection

As stated earlier, soulmate relationships aren’t always essentially romantic (contrary to popular belief). After confirming that this person is indeed your soulmate, the next helpful thing to do is determine what type of soulmate connection the both of you share.

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Because there are many different types of soul connections, it’s easy to mistake one for another. It’s best to know what kind of spiritual bond you have because confusion can lead to unwarranted situations.

1. Romantic Soulmates

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When people mention the word soulmates (especially in popular media), they mostly refer to romantic soulmates. More often than not, your romantic soulmate is the person with whom you’ll choose to spend the rest of your life.

Although our romantic soulmate often becomes our life partner, this isn’t always the case. Moreover, the relationship you’ll have with a romantic soulmate won’t guarantee you a fairytale ending.

Similar to any other type of soulmate relationship, there will be challenges that both of you must face. Getting over these difficulties will contribute to your spiritual development. At this point, it’s also significant to note that it’s possible to meet more than one romantic soulmate in your lifetime.

2. Karmic Soulmates

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Unlike the relationship that we share with our romantic soulmate, karmic relationships aren’t meant to last. Moreover, karmic relationships are one of the most painful relationships you’ll experience with a soul partner.

The rationale behind karmic relationships is the universal law of cause and effect. Your karmic soulmate is meant to teach you lessons you weren’t able to learn in your previous lifetimes.

The purpose of our karmic soulmate is to help us put a stop to unhealthy patterns. Simply put, their objective is to help our soul evolve. This process can be very taxing and burdensome.

Your karmic soulmate might bring out the worst in you, for you to realize what things you should work on to become a better person. Because of this, karmic relationships can be extremely tough for both parties.

Karmic relationships are, in nature, mostly romantic. Meeting your karmic soulmate will make you feel as if you met the one, the person who will make you the happiest person alive for the rest of your life.

Such optimistic thoughts can be the reason for your pain and suffering once the relationship ends. Many confuse their karmic soulmate as their romantic soulmate. Hence, they usually bind themselves to this person mostly through marriage.

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Because karmic relationships don’t usually last (since karmic soulmates only come to our life to teach us life lessons), a marriage with them often ends in divorce. This is one of the many reasons why it’s crucial to determine the nature of your soul connection with someone. Discerning the type of bond that you have will save you from making unwise (and often life-altering) decisions.

3. Twin Flames

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A twin flame connection is the most divine type of soul connection. The relationship you’ll have with your twin flame is perhaps the most intense that you’ll experience. We can only have one twin flame, and they serve as the mirror to our soul.

If our romantic soulmate or karmic soulmate is part of our larger soul group and possesses the same kind of energy as us, our twin flame is, in the literal sense, our other half. A twin flame relationship may or may not be romantic. It can also manifest as a form of deep friendship.

4. Companion Soulmates

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It’s believed that our stay on earth is merely a small part of our soul’s journey. During this short-lived visit, we’re fated to meet our companion soulmates.

A companion soulmate can be a family member, a friend, a mentor, a student, a neighbor, or even an acquaintance at work. Their purpose is to aid and accompany us in our journey on earth.

Our companion soulmate can be with us only during a short period in our life (perhaps when we’re going through a rough patch) or for the rest of our days. Regardless of the time that we’ll spend with them, their purpose is to give us love, joy, and encouragement.

Finding a Psychic Advisor

The whole process of recognizing your soulmate and determining the nature of your spiritual connection can be quite confusing. If you have questions about your soulmate (or soul connections in general), you might want to seek the help of professional psychic advisors.

They offer soulmate psychic readings that will allow you to discern if you already met your soulmate (or if you have a soul connection with a specific person). Before consulting a soulmate specialist, you might want to prepare a set of questions in advance. You must also remember to keep an open mind to ensure a successful psychic reading.


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