Light Green Aura Meaning: Everything You Need to Know

All matter, including humans, are enveloped by an energy field called the aura. Auras can be in different colors, and each reflects different moods, traits, and behavior patterns.

A light green aura is associated with understanding, forgiveness, and sympathy. People with this aura color have an urge to go (or are already) on a journey towards healing, learning, growing, and enlightenment.

It’s significant to note that there are many shades within each of the aura color’s spectrum. In other words, there are a multitude of shades of red (blood red, crimson, etc.), blue (bright blue, pale blue, etc.), and so on. The same goes for the green aura color, and it takes time and practice to understand the significance and differences of each shade.

Meaning of the Light Green Aura

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In general, green is the color of growth, health, harmony, and safety. This color offers balance, revitalization, relaxation, and encouragement. It’s also mostly associated with nature, and it gives a sense of healing and renewal.

In color symbology, light green represents life, knowledge, wisdom, and justice. Bearers of this aura color usually wish to seek personal healing for them to have the capability to heal other people. After all, a green aura signifies an individual’s healing potential.

Those with a light green aura color are compassionate individuals. They see taking care of the overall well-being of others as their life purpose. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most people who possess a light green aura work in the healthcare industry as doctors, nurses, and the likes.

Although bearers of the light green aura color live to heal and serve other people, their priority is their personal growth and development. They believe that before one can take care of others, one must start by taking care of oneself.

Those with a light green aura also enjoy activities that nourish both the mind and body, such as yoga. They like trying new things that widen their perspective and help them grow as a person. In a nutshell, their goal is to seek growth and healing in all aspects, may it be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual.

Meaning of the Other Green Aura Shades

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Blue-Green Aura

A blue-green aura represents some of the traits of both the blue and green aura colors, namely, perception, humanity, and kind-heartedness. Those who possess this aura color are usually teachers, healers, and therapists.

Bright Green Aura

A bright green aura color denotes vitality and good health. People with a bright green aura always share positivity and have a sunny disposition. They give little to no value to material things because, for them, the most precious thing in life is the relationships they built with other people.

Dark Green Aura

Jealousy, envy, and pride best describe the dark green aura color. Those with this aura color find it difficult to achieve personal growth because they tend to blame others for their shortcomings. They lack self-control and can’t accept constructive criticism.

Dirty Green or Muddy Green Aura

A dirty green or muddy green aura is associated with envy, dishonesty, and deceit. If a light green aura indicates a person’s compassionate nature, the opposite is true for this aura color. People who possess a muddy green aura are apathetic and overly cautious of the people around them.

Emerald Green Aura

An emerald green aura color signifies empathy. Bearers of this aura color are charismatic and magnetic individuals. They have the inherent ability to bring joy, comfort, and warmth to other people, most especially their loved ones.

Mint Green Aura

People with a mint green aura are very optimistic in life. They’re also experts in finding a balance between work and play. They can be spontaneous, energetic, and lively, and at the same time, they can be calm, composed, and responsible.

Yellow-Green Aura

A yellow-green aura is associated with creativity and positivity. People with this aura color are known for their creative thought process. They not only enjoy expressing themselves through art, but they also find unique ways of solving their problems.

The Green Aura and the Seven Auric Layers

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As stated earlier, both living and nonliving things are surrounded by auras. However, the human aura is the most complex because it has seven layers.

Each of the seven auric layers has a distinct function and meaning, and each can also be in different colors. Therefore, it’s best to analyze the correlation between the auric layer and its specific color or shade to draw relevant information about a person.

First Layer: The Physical or Etheric Plane

The physical or etheric plane is the auric layer closest to our physical bodies. Consequently, it’s the auric layer that represents our physical health and well-being. This layer is also the easiest one to see, especially for beginners in aura reading.

A green aura in the first layer signifies being grounded and connected to nature. It can also imply one’s good health or the feeling of comfort they feel at home (or the material world in general).

Second Layer: The Astral Plane

The second layer from the body is the astral plane, and it’s concerned with the functions of the emotional body (e.g., emotions or feelings of love, satisfaction, pain, grief, fury, etc.). A dirty or muddy green color in this auric layer might mean that the person is jealous or envious of someone.

Third Layer: The Lower Mental Plane

The lower mental plane represents one’s thought patterns, perceptions, principles, and values. This auric layer primarily radiates around the head. People with a green aura in the third layer are considerate and intuitive individuals who value finding balance in life.

Fourth Layer: The Higher Mental Plane

The higher mental plane corresponds to how we see, value, and think of ourselves. In other words, this auric layer represents our self-worth and self-confidence. A bright green aura color in the fourth layer suggests one’s high regard and love for oneself.

Fifth Layer: The Spiritual Plane

The spiritual plane tells us about our connection to our environment as well as the wider universe. A person with a light green aura color in the fifth layer means that they’re on their journey towards spiritual growth and enlightenment.

Sixth Layer: The Intuitional Plane

The sixth auric layer, also known as the intuitional plane, is concerned with our intuition, dreams, memories, and spiritual awareness. A green aura color in the sixth layer denotes sensitivity and feelings of peace and harmony.

Seventh Layer: The Absolute Plane

The absolute plane holds and connects all the auric layers. It represents our spiritual path. A green aura color in this layer signifies the soul’s journey of healing oneself and other people.

How to Balance a Green Aura

1. Listen to Uplifting Music or the Soothing Sound of Nature

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Music and sounds, in general, affect our aura. For bearers of the green aura, listening to classical music, Celtic music, or the soothing sound of nature (e.g., chirping of birds, the sound of waves, the rustling of leaves, etc.) can help uplift their energy.

2. Understand the Significance of Energy Balance

Many factors can affect our aura and energy levels. Some external factors are the people around us and our immediate surroundings. In general, negative energy can harm our auras (and chakras), and it can cause energy blocks.

Once you feel that your green aura is unbalanced, it’s best to determine the cause and address it. Engage in activities that would give you a sense of peace and balance. It’s of utmost importance to remember that aura balancing is vital for spiritual healing.

3. Take Care of Your Physical, Emotional, and Mental Health

The body, mind, and spirit are all deeply connected. What you eat, the amount of sleep you get, and your thoughts and habits affect your aura. If you wish to maintain your green aura, you must maintain a healthy lifestyle and be cautious of the things that can negatively affect your overall well-being.

4. Experience Nature with Your Senses

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Go out and enjoy the beauty around you. Simple activities such as basking under the sun while going for a morning walk with your dog can help you reconnect with nature. Even listening to the sound of thunder during a storm can help you maintain and balance your green aura.

Finding an Aura Reader

As previously mentioned, each shade in a color spectrum has a different and specific meaning. If you’re new to aura reading, seeing your aura and determining its meaning can be quite confusing. It takes time and patience to see one’s aura color vividly.

In addition to that, it’s significant to note that a person’s mood, state of mind, and immediate environment can change their aura from one color to another. In other words, aura colors are never stagnant.

You can have a light green aura at first and then a dirty green aura color the next. Such changes offer different insights into yourself. Therefore, it’s best to seek help from professional aura readers to avoid confusion.


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