What Does It Mean When a Dragonfly Lands on You

7 Spiritual Meanings When a Dragonfly Lands on You

Dragonflies are spirit animals associated with change, joy, transformation, adaptability, lightness, and self-realization. The metamorphosis they go through is quite similar to that of butterflies. They represent an encouragement to live your life with joy and gratitude.

A dragonfly landing on you symbolizes good luck. It represents the right moment to adopt some changes and see things from a different perspective.

It also suggests that you trust your instincts and follow your gut feeling when making decisions. A dragonfly landing on you denotes that the universe is giving its blessing for the decisions you have come up with.

Dragonflies are linked to various meanings. Knowing this information may be useful to properly discern the underlying message behind your encounter with these beautiful creatures.

What Does it Mean When a Dragonfly Lands on You?

dragonfly indoors

1. Set Goals

A dragonfly landing on you is a cue from the universe prompting you to make a list of what you want to achieve in the next couple of months or years, and break it down into small, specific, and concrete actions. This encounter also mandates you to let go of your bad habits, unhealthy coping strategies, and limiting belief systems. Putting up a solid system in place to achieve these goals will skyrocket your chances of success.

2. Let Go of Fear

From an esoteric perspective, dragonflies signify transformation, new beginnings, and fresh starts. When a dragonfly lands on you, this is a cosmic sign prodding you to let go of your fears, self-doubt, and negative thinking patterns. This also serves as a divine message urging you to rise up to the challenge of living and dive headfirst into the unknown.

3. Be Here Now

A dragonfly landing on you reminds you to ground yourself in the present moment and be more intentional with the memories you create with your loved ones. This encounter also prompts you to let go of your obsession with efficiency and allow yourself to savor each and every moment of your life.

4. Be Open-minded

Another possible reason a dragonfly lands on you is to remind you to keep yourself open and receptive to life’s infinite possibilities. It’s also a spiritual sign prompting you to live more boldly, try new things, and dare to make the impossible, possible.

5. Reconnect with Your Inner Child

If you’re struggling with creative block, a dragonfly landing on you serves as a reminder to reconnect with your inner child and allow it to lead your creative process. Take this as a sign to indulge your curiosities, pick up new skills, sing in the shower, dance in your underwear, take a leisurely walk, and do things merely for the sake of doing them.

6. Reassess Your Priorities

A dragonfly landing on you means you need to reevaluate your goals and priorities. If your efforts are channeled on the wrong things, this could have dire consequences on your personal life and overall fulfillment. Be completely honest with yourself about what you actually want to get out of this life, clarify exactly what steps you need to take to achieve them, and make sure to prioritize your growth and well-being along the process.

7. Make the Most Out of Your Life

Dragonflies have a very short lifespan. Some of them live for only a few weeks, while others live up to a year. When a dragonfly lands on you, this is a reminder from the universe urging you to stop wasting your life preparing for it and start showing up for your life right now.

Dragonfly Meanings and Symbolism

dragonfly meaning reflection

A dragonfly is a reminder for you to embrace reality rather than focusing on illusions. It encourages you to reflect in your inner light and motivations in life. A dragonfly asks you to be more expressive and speak your truth and be authentic with yourself.

A dragonfly also symbolizes maturity, expansion, spiritual pursuits, and determination. They also represent the significant balance of yin and yang energies or the feminine and masculine in your spiritual and waking life.

It is believed that dragonflies appear before you when you are undergoing challenging situations in life and that they provide spiritual guidance. The energy of a dragonfly near you may bring positive energy flow and inspiration.

The spiritual journey of humans is compared to the life cycle of a dragonfly. These beautiful creatures signify the beginning of spirited periods in life, introspection, and one’s journey in finding spiritual passion and core values.

Dragonflies are believed to carry the spiritual energy of the number four because they possess four wings. This is the same reason why they are associated with balance, strength, completion, perfection, and harmony.

The Symbolism of Dragonflies in Different Cultures

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Ancient cultures generally considered these fascinating insects as messengers from the spirits. Cherokee Indians associate seeing dragonflies with victory when they appear before a battle. The Mayans used a dragonfly to symbolize the goddess of creativity while some ancient pagan cultures associate this creature with evil. Similarly, in Europe, dragonflies are linked with black magic or the devil.

The Japanese consider dragonflies to be symbols of courage, rebirth, happiness, victory, and strength. The Chinese used dragonflies to symbolize summer. They also associate them with happiness, change, instability, and new beginnings.

The Navajo tribe of Native Americans viewed dragonflies as a symbol of pure water while the Pueblo and Hopi tribes believed that these creatures are medicine animals and are associated with healing and transformation. The Zuni tribes considered them as a sign of plentiful harvest while the Plain Native Americans viewed dragonflies as a representation of protection and invincibility.

In Swedish folklore, these fascinating insects signify a tool used by the devil to weigh people’s souls. Some Swedish also believed that dragonflies are an omen of injury or tragedy. On the other hand, a lot of Christians believed that dragonflies represent the rebirth of Christ and his ascension to Heaven.

Meaning of Encounters With Dragonflies

A Visit From a Dragonfly

dragonfly hand woman

A visit from this lovely creature is generally a good sign. It symbolizes prosperity, good luck, fortune, and harmony. A visit from a dragonfly encourages you to optimize your full potential and cherish every blessing that you receive daily.

Seeing Dragonflies Repetitively

This is a sign there will be significant changes in your life and that you have to look at a different approach. Seeing these colorful insects over and over again is a sign that you need to adapt, adjust, and be flexible with the changes that are coming your way to becoming successful.

Seeing dragonflies often may also be associated with the need to stay calm, open, and optimistic about life’s challenges.

Attracting a Lot of Dragonflies

It is believed that a person who attracts a lot of dragonflies possesses pleasant energy and high vibration. This is a sign that the person is compassionate, optimistic, and is undergoing a spiritual transformation.

A Dragonfly Inside Your House

Seeing this gentle creature inside your house signifies that good things are about to happen. The presence of this spirit animal in the home, while you are experiencing struggles, represents that these issues are going to be over soon. This denotes a new beginning and the need to embrace brighter perspectives in life.

Seeing a dragonfly within your abode could be a sign of happiness, peace, self-awareness, protection, and domestic harmony. It is associated with a loving relationship and blessings in life. When this fascinating creature enters your home, it is encouraged to thank it for the spiritual blessings it brings. It is suggested to keep the door or windows open for it to voluntarily leave when it is ready.

A Dragonfly Laying Eggs

Seeing this beautiful insect tap on the surface of the water to lay eggs is a sign of efficient and graceful communication. This process of a dragonfly giving birth symbolizes the creation of an idea and its graceful execution.

Seeing a Dead Dragonfly

dead dragonfly

A certain situation where you see a dead dragonfly is usually a bad omen. This may represent some visitors that are difficult to get rid of or people you do not enjoy being with. This could also denote that something will be ending soon such as a relationship, job, or a certain phase in your life.

Seeing a dead dragonfly inside your home could signify a self-sabotaging behavior or a toxic relationship that hinders your success.

Different Colors of Dragonflies and Their Meaning

A Red Dragonfly

red dragonfly

The presence of a red dragonfly is believed to be associated with the soul of a departed loved one. They ironically represent both love and death. It is believed that seeing a red dragonfly is a way for our loved ones to send us a message to take good care of ourselves and let us feel that they are watching over us.

A red dragonfly is also associated with good health, vitality, manifestation, financial security, and domestic harmony.

An Orange Dragonfly

These beautiful creatures signify creativity, joy, confidence, emotional stability, self-empowerment, sensuality, and wellness. Seeing an orange dragonfly is a reminder to reflect on the aspects of your life that need nourishing. This may be related to your career or relationships with colleagues, friends, family, and romantic partner.

An orange dragonfly suggests that you adopt some changes that will lead to a healthier version of yourself. It is also a sign for you to follow your gut feeling and trust your instincts.

A Yellow Dragonfly

Seeing a yellow dragonfly denotes the need to utilize your youthful strength and energy to fulfill your goals in life. It is a reminder for you to capitalize on your intellect and willpower for positive changes to happen to you and the people around you.

A yellow dragonfly reminds you that despite all the struggles in life, you are bound to succeed and do good work on earth.

A Green Dragonfly

green dragonfly

The color green is a symbol of emotions, fertility, growth, renewal, and nature. Seeing a green dragonfly is associated with security and financial abundance. A green dragonfly suggests that it may be a time to enter into a new relationship and nourish the existing ones that you have. At the same time, it encourages you to reconnect with special people in your life that you may have not interacted with for quite some time.

A green dragonfly is also a sign of new ideas, spiritual growth, self-acceptance, acceptance of others, and stability from a strong community.

A Blue Dragonfly

Blue is a symbol of loyalty, faith, trust, and wisdom. Seeing a blue dragonfly asks you to reflect on your communication and interpersonal skills. It suggests that you need to be conscious and responsible whenever you convey a message.

This spirit animal reminds you to be authentic and to observe the truth in words and action. A blue dragonfly also represents meditation, sharing ideas, control, and releasing social anxiety.

A Purple Dragonfly

purple dragonfly

Seeing a purple dragonfly suggests the need to improve your spirituality through prayer and meditation. It reminds you that you are capable to seek out greater things in life. It also signifies inner knowingness, taking action with a higher perspective, and spiritual growth and awareness.

A Brown Dragonfly

An encounter with a brown dragonfly denotes the need to stay grounded and to stay with basics. It is a call-out for you to value honor and identify the genuine aspects of your life. It may also be a sign to pay attention to your home and evaluate the need to maintain a positive atmosphere and harmonious vibe within your surroundings.

A Black Dragonfly

black dragonfly

A black dragonfly is a reminder that you need to value your privacy and let others do the same. Seeing this black creature signifies the need for deep introspection and addressing the issues in your life. It encourages you to explore the other areas of yourself and develop self-awareness.

A black dragonfly also symbolizes ultimate happiness, inner strength, and spiritual enlightenment.

A White Dragonfly

Seeing a white dragonfly means that a departed loved one is reaching out to you. It encourages you to let go of the pain and other unpleasant feelings that may be associated with the loss of a special someone. This gentle creature asks you to continue to love and focus on celebrating life.

A Black and White Dragonfly

The presence of a dragonfly with a combination of black and white colors denote overall spiritual significance, divine creation, balance, masculine and feminine, transformation, and duality.

A Golden Dragonfly

Seeing this rare color of dragonfly represents action, self-awareness, abundance, creativity, self-expression, and success.

Meaning of Dragonflies in Dreams

Seeing a dragonfly in a dream is a sign that change is coming. If you saw a dragonfly landing on you in a dream, this represents positive changes are about to happen. On the contrary, seeing a dead dragonfly is a sign of negative changes that will unfold.

Dreaming of a dragonfly that is moving fast from one place to another is a call-out for you to live your life fully and seize every possible opportunity. This is a reminder to let go of the things that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

It is also important to take note of the emotions you felt when you saw a dragonfly in your dreams as it is a way of our subconscious to communicate with you. If you were anxious in your dream, it could be a sign that you need to address the reasons behind this emotion in your waking life.

A dragonfly dream may also mean that your spiritual guides are trying to let you know that they are watching over you. It is best to pause from time to time to effectively hear their guidance.


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