6 Spiritual Meanings of Dreams About Lions Chasing You

Dreams involving animals are common. The interpretation of such dreams varies depending on the animal, its characteristics, and the overall situation. Generally, however, dreaming about an animal insinuates something significant about one’s behavior patterns.

In most instances, a lion appearing in your dream signifies inner conflict and obstacles that might come your way. If the lion chases you, you might be harboring secrets you can’t tell or have wronged someone. Alternatively, you might be running away from yourself.

To understand what your dream involving a lion means, you must first assess your environment and current situation. A dream involving this apex land predator is usually a warning, so it’s best to determine what it represents in your waking life.

Spiritual Meanings When You Dream About Lions Chasing You


Lions are one of the land’s most terrifying yet majestic creatures. As apex predators, they bear the symbolic essence of strength, power, dignity, and authority. Learning about this animal’s symbolic meaning will give you more information for accurate dream interpretation.

Some believe that as nocturnal animals, lions govern people’s subconscious thoughts. Others consider them symbols of balance and sound judgment. Meanwhile, many cultures think that lions are messengers of crucial warnings.

Many religions use the lion as one of their symbolic figures. For instance, in Christianity’s early era, the lion was an emblem of Christ. Meanwhile, in Hinduism, this animal represents Vishnu, one of the deities within the Trimurti.

Looking at their regal poise and stature, many regard lions as symbols of royalty. They’re also a significant character in divination practices such as Tarot and Astrology. Moreover, a lion is a typical totem representing assertiveness, domination, and instinct.

In dreams, a lion can possess different characteristics. Its varying details have specific cultural and spiritual meanings. For instance, a lion’s spirit denotes inner strength, pride, and vigilance, while a lion’s head signifies excellence.

Dreaming about lions can be dreadful or exhilarating, depending on the situation you find yourself in within the dream. They can be terrifying if you feel preyed upon without anything to protect yourself. Below are some possible dream meanings of a lion chasing you.

1. You Have a Secret You’re Afraid to Tell

man shushing

Every secret has its worth. Some secrets are incredibly destructive that they can eat you from the inside out. On the other hand, some secrets are too dark that you tend to hide them deep within your soul.

These dark secrets can manifest as terrifying elements in your dream, such as a lion chasing you. Alternatively, if you know someone’s secret, you gain power over them. It’s worth noting that power, in whatever form, can be destructive.

You can reveal this person’s secret to the wrong people, enabling you to ruin their reputation, destroy relationships, and more. Perhaps you’re too conscious of your power and the secret you’re hiding that it bothers you even in your sleep.

It’s also possible that you have an urge to spill a secret that isn’t yours, but you fear the potential consequences of this action. The lion chasing you in your dream might represent this worry. It’s best not to do anything you can’t be responsible for to avoid having regrets.

2. You’ve Wronged Someone

Dreaming of a lion chasing you can imply that you’ve offended or wronged someone. You might’ve said a thoughtless comment, betrayed a friend’s trust or abused your authority. Whatever you did in your waking life, your conscience, through your dream, urges you to act.

Regardless if you’ve wronged them intentionally or not, the best course of action is to acknowledge the situation and put yourself in their shoes. Listen to your inner voice and do what’s right.

3. You’re Running Away from Yourself

woman hiding behind her knees

It’s human nature to run when afraid. People can be fearful of numerous things, including themselves. A dream about a lion chasing you suggests you might be scared of using your power and strength to move forward.

Similarly, you might not be aware of your skills and capabilities that you refuse to take any responsibility. Your irrational fear hinders you from attaining success in an area in your life. Gain confidence and remember that you’re a talented and competent individual.

4. You’re Terrified of Someone or Something

Deadly animals like lions appear in dreams as representations of intense fear. The root of your apprehension can be a single subject or an accumulation of various things. For example, you might be afraid of a specific person in your life or of general issues such as facing life changes.

Dreaming of a lion chasing you is a crucial warning to gain courage and look forward. Step out of your comfort zone and accept the transformations in your life. This dream also advises you to make wise decisions and be proactive when faced with challenging situations.

5. Your Traumatic Past Haunts You

woman getting chased by her own shadow

The lion chasing you in your dream might represent your past traumatic experience still hunting you today. This dream is a significant sign to begin your healing journey. Otherwise, you’ll get stuck in your nightmares, even in your waking life.

Identify the cause of your trauma, and slowly try to accept that it happened. It might be agonizing, but you can’t heal and move forward unless you embrace acceptance. Afterward, consider the positive side of things and contemplate what this unfortunate event taught you.

6. You Can’t Control Your Feelings and Emotions

Having your emotions feel out of control in your waking life can manifest in your dreams as a lion chasing you. Contrary to popular belief, an imbalance in emotions has less to do with your feelings than your habits.

For example, trusting your thoughts and faithfully believing them can negatively impact you. You’ll slowly lose control of your emotions once you condition your mind that everything you think is meaningful or helpful.

Another bad habit is judging yourself over how you feel. Your emotions are valid, even though they might seem irrational at times. Criticizing yourself will make you insecure, and your insecurity will make you even more anxious, creating a snowball effect.

Common Lions Chasing Scenarios and Their Meanings

Dream about a Female Lion Chasing You

female lion

A dream about a female lion chasing you can denote something positive or negative, depending on your current life path. For some people, it’s a good omen signifying clarity and the presence of divine protection.

For others, it’s a warning about facing the consequences of their dishonesty or irresponsibility. Think of your current circumstances to ascertain which of these two possible meanings resonates with you.

Dream about a Lion Playfully Chasing You

Seeing a lion chasing you in your dream can be terrifying, but if it gives a playful and non-threatening impression, it means you’re in luck. This mischievous giant cat doesn’t wish to bring you harm.

On the contrary, it reminds you to try to enjoy your life more by having some fun from time to time. Note that if you’re too serious in life, you’re more susceptible to being overwhelmed with stress, anxiety, and boredom.

Dream about a Lion Chasing You in the Wilderness

lion hiding behind another lion

The wilderness is both fascinating and dangerous because it can make you feel alive and, at the same time, eat you alive. Suppose you dreamt of a lion chasing you while exploring in the wild. It means you must be careful and evaluate if you’re in a risky environment in real life.

Whether you enjoy taking risks or not, remember that it’s better to be safe than sorry. Meanwhile, think twice if you think you’re safe and there’s nothing to be cautious of in your waking life. This dream is a warning, and it’d be best for you to consider its message.

Dream about a Lion Chasing You in the Metropolis

It’s almost impossible to see a lion in the middle of the city, but if you see one in your dream, there’s something you must realize. Someone you know might be acting strangely in your waking life. For instance, your usually sweet and bubbly friend suddenly acts timid or indifferent.

Suppose you think your friend’s sudden behavior change negatively affects you or your relationship. In that case, it might be best to determine the cause, so you can find a way to make things go back to normal between the two of you. 

Dream about a Lion Chasing and Attacking You

lion roaring

As previously mentioned, the lion symbolizes strength and can also signify assertiveness. Dreaming about a lion chasing and attacking you means negative thoughts fill your mind when you’re conscious.

You’ve been keeping things to yourself for quite some time now, and your dam of emotions overflowed. Your Higher Self wishes to tell you to focus on the positive side of things. Let go of energies with low vibrational frequencies.

This dream suggests that you’re allowing your hardships to get the upper hand. You have the strength to overcome the problems that come your way, but you lack the willpower to see things through. Therefore, believe in yourself, and don’t let external energies impact you negatively.

Dream about a Lion Chasing and Biting You

Perhaps you used your power to harm others, and the consequences of your actions are about to bite you like the lion chasing you in your dream. Reflect and assess what you might’ve done (intentionally or not) that caused someone else’s pain.

This dream is a reminder and a warning. Make amends and do what’s necessary to right your wrong. Otherwise, you’ll suffer and receive twice the distress and misery you brought to other people.

Dream about a Lion Chasing and Eating You

lion licking the top of his mouth

Seeing a lion chase and devour you in a dream can be unnerving. Your subconscious is reminding you of some unresolved trauma or resentment. A lion eating you will most likely lead to your demise.

You can interpret death as a symbolic representation of transformation and change. Perhaps it’s time for you to heal yourself from whatever caused you immense despair then and now. Embody the lion’s characteristics and gain strength and courage.

Dream about a Lion Chasing You and Attacking Someone Else

Dreaming of a lion chasing you and suddenly changing routes to attack someone else represents your helplessness. You feel powerless amid everything you’ve been through, and you have no idea what to do to improve things.

An intimidating person might make you feel insignificant, leading to a lack of self-confidence. Don’t allow other people to push you to lower your self-worth. Reclaim your power, set boundaries, and never let others step on you.

Dream about a Lion Chasing and Talking to You

lion looking at the camera

A lion chasing you to talk to you will feel surreal, even if it’s only in a dream. This animal represents a spiritual being trying to reach you and send love and divine guidance. If you need answers to your questions, you’re in luck because your spirit guide is with you to help you. 

Dream about Fighting a Lion after It Chases You

More often than not, a dream involving a lion means something worrying. However, if it chases you and you see yourself fighting it, you can view your frightening dream as an encouragement. You might feel terrified and lonely now, but you can persevere and overcome all the challenges.

You’re braver than you think. If you’re a person who tends to face their problems instead of hiding or running away from them, you can solve whatever’s on your plate right now.

Meanwhile, you might be in bad luck if you kill the lion while fighting them. Someone or something hinders you from manifesting your dreams, wishes, and desires. You have the energy and the power, but your path to success remains blocked.

This situation can be very frustrating for you, leading to self-sabotage. Remain calm and control your emotions. Although there are blockages in your path, your inner strength will help you obtain your every desire.

What to Do After Dreaming about a Lion Chasing You

illustration of the chakra system

Because dreams about lions often have ill meanings, it’s inevitable to feel overwhelmingly anxious or insecure. Therefore, it’s crucial to regain your composure and confidence after dreaming about them.

One way to reclaim your inner power is by strengthening your solar plexus chakra (also called the third chakra). Above your navel lies your solar plexus chakra. It corresponds to your sense of self, including your willpower and self-confidence.

This chakra point is responsible for helping you access your inner strength and live an authentic and fulfilling life. An unbalanced third chakra will lead to low self-esteem, depression, and anxiety.

To strengthen and balance it, you can use crystals, such as carnelian, citrine, and orange calcite. Bloodstone and tiger’s eye are also effective.

Sound therapy, yoga, and aromatherapy also greatly help. If you wish to do aromatherapy, cedarwood, lemongrass, rosemary, lavender, and bergamot are most effective for balancing this chakra point.

The simplest method to balance your solar plexus chakra is through daily affirmations. Below are some positive affirmations you can incorporate into your everyday routine.

  • I’m worthy.
  • I’m fearless of the future.
  • I’m brave, strong, and powerful.
  • I’m motivated to achieve my goals.
  • I’m confident in my talents, skills, and abilities.

Final Thoughts

Although dreaming about lions can mean something alarming, there’s no need to fret. Remember that knowledge is power. Once you know what your specific dream means for you, you can organize your thoughts and plan your next steps.

It’s worth noting that your dreams contain messages crafted explicitly for you (either by your subconscious or a higher spiritual being). If you wish to gain more understanding about them, consider seeking help from a professional spiritual advisor specializing in dream interpretation.


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