Falling Elevator Dream 10 Unexpected Meanings & Signs

Falling Elevator Dream: 10 Unexpected Meanings & Signs

Dreams that feature elevators usually have something to do with the ups and downs of the dreamer’s personal or professional life. It also reflects the turbulence of the dreamer’s emotions as well as their desires, innermost fears, and secret fantasies.

To dream of a falling elevator means that you might be struggling in your waking life, and you feel like you’re losing control. Perhaps you got demoted, fired, betrayed, cheated on, or dumped. Other interpretations also suggest that you need to ground yourself and reconnect with your highest self when you have this dream.

The meaning and symbolism of dreams about elevators have certain parallelisms with that of a staircase. However, since there’s not much effort on your part in running an elevator, having dreams about a falling elevator signifies that there’s not much you can do in changing a certain event or circumstances in your life.

Spiritual Meanings of a Falling Elevator Dreams

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1. Ground Yourself

One prominent spiritual meaning of a falling elevator dream is to ground yourself. This dream foretells that the negative aspects of your personality might override your positive nature if left unchecked. Once you’ve fallen into the trap of the ego, you might get more greedy, narcissistic, judgmental, and manipulative.

When you dream of a descending elevator, your celestial guardians are reminding you to come home to yourself and remember to smell the roses. Stop wasting your precious time and energy on people, things, and events that don’t bring you fulfillment and growth. Carve out time in your day to do the things you genuinely enjoy, spend time with the people you love, and learn to cherish the now.

2. Turbulent Times

To dream of a falling elevator might also indicate that you’re riding a roller coaster of emotions in your waking life. Every single one of us goes through this process. The crests and troughs of life are simply inevitable. No matter how hard you try to plan out every detail of your life, life will simply trash it out, knock you down, and shake you to your core.

However, these challenges are meant to facilitate your growth, strengthen you, and force you to unlearn your limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

When life throws you deep into the abyss, you are being given the space to tend to your wounds, question your conditioning, and gain clarity on what exactly it is that you want to get out of life. The universe is giving you time to reboot your machine and reroute your energy to the things that will make you feel that you have lived your life to the fullest.

If you’re experiencing a lot of turbulence in your waking life, dreaming of a falling elevator means that you need to take a moment to tap into your infinite reservoir of unconditional love and shower your soul with gentle kindness and light.

3. Lack of Control

According to some dream interpreters, a falling elevator dream might reveal that certain circumstances in your waking life caused you to feel like you’re losing control of your own life. When the universe decides to take the steering wheel of your life, they’re usually rerouting you towards a path that is will be most valuable for your soul’s evolution.

Sometimes, you need to make way for the flow of the universe, allow things to fall where they may, and carve out a space for new and exciting miracles to happen in your life.

4. No Emotional Support System

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Dreams of a falling elevator might also be reflective of the lack of emotional support in your life. Perhaps you grew up in an environment where no one actually talks about their feelings, so you’ve learned to compartmentalize your emotions and not rely on anyone for anything. Maybe your relationships with your friends have grown stale, or you’ve never really had a close network of people in your life.

Having dreams about a falling elevator might be a sign that you might be on the brink of self-destruction and in desperate need of a shoulder to cry on. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, reconnect to the things that bring you joy, train your mind to put things into proper perspective, and remind yourself that you have it in you to give yourself everything you need.

5. Missed Opportunity

Falling elevator dreams also symbolize missed opportunity or a major career setback. Perhaps you’ve decided to pass out on a job opportunity because you didn’t think you were capable of doing it. Or maybe you didn’t pursue someone because you think they’re out of your league.

To dream of a falling elevator implies that you’re letting your life pass you by because you’re too afraid to take risks, dive into the unknown, and embrace the challenges of life.

6. Feeling Stuck

Dreaming of a falling elevator might also signify that you’re feeling demotivated and stuck in life. Perhaps you’ve lost motivation to do anything, chosen the path of least resistance, locked yourself to your comfort zone, and found yourself in an endless cycle of scrolling through your phone and watching Netflix all day long.

To get out of this rut, your celestial guardians are prompting you to open your doors to new possibilities. If you’re unsure which path to take, simply pick one thing that you’ve always found fascinating. Keep trying out things until you find something that speaks to your soul. So go out there, allow yourself to fail time and time again, then pick yourself up and try again.

7. Fear of Abandonment

Falling elevator dreams also represent the dreamer’s fear of abandonment. This dream is usually triggered when the dreamer gets into an argument with their loved ones and feels anxious about this connection getting severed.

8. Self-Sabotage

To dream of a falling elevator might also signify that you’re engaging in self-destructive behaviors. This might come in the form of procrastination, substance abuse, isolating oneself, committing self-harm, and other ill-adaptive coping mechanisms.

9. Stop Doubting Yourself

A falling elevator dream might also be a message from the spiritual realm that you need to stop doubting your abilities. Your thoughts create your reality. If you continue to belittle and criticize yourself, you’re never going to get anywhere.

However, if you genuinely believe you’re capable of achieving the unachievable, the universe will start sending the things, people, and events you need to get where you need to be.

10. Impending Danger

According to some dream analysts, dreaming of a falling elevator is a sign of impending doom. It means that something terrible is about to happen, and you need to brace yourself for it. It could be in the form of disaster, financial loss, or severe illness.

Common Falling Elevator Dream Scenarios

Dreaming about an Elevator Falling Slowly

To dream of a falling elevator moving slowly means that someone will soon uncover the dark secrets of your past and reveal them to everyone you know. On another note, this dream might also signify that you will gain wisdom from the challenging events you’ve gone through. It also suggests that you will soon gain clarity of purpose and will be more in tune with the infinite resource of abundance.

Dreaming about an Elevator Descending Rapidly

If you dream of an elevator descending at a rapid rate, it means that you will meet a person of high authority. This person will be a valuable asset in reaching your goals and becoming the best version of yourself.

Dreams of Watching a Falling Elevator

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If you find yourself watching a descending elevator in your dream, it means that you will be able to dodge potential trouble or financial disaster.

Dreaming about a Free Falling Elevator

Dreams about a free-falling elevator might be a reflection of the dreamer’s anxiety. Perhaps you want to accomplish so much so fast, and you feel like time is crumbling beneath you. Having this dream also means that you’re trying to outrun time, making you feel physically worn out with a mind still hurtling faster than the speed of life.

Dreaming of an Elevator Taking You to a Basement

If the falling elevator in your dream leads you to the basement, it denotes that you’re about to tap into the repressed traumas of your past as well as the untrammeled territories of your mind. It could also mean that you’re keeping a secret for a close friend or a family to help them keep their reputation intact.

Dreaming about a Falling Elevator Malfunctioning

If, in your dream, the elevator suddenly broke down, this might be a sign that you’re losing confidence in yourself. Perhaps you’re falling short on your promises to yourself and not accomplishing as much as you’d like. It also signifies that you might be feeling stuck in the gridlock of your emotions, and you’re struggling to get yourself out of it.

Dream about Dying in a Falling Elevator

This dream might be a sign that you’re avoiding making a major life decision that could significantly impact the trajectory of your life. According to some interpreters, a falling elevator dream also suggests that you’re having doubts about your relationship and thinking about ending it soon.

Dreaming about an Elevator Falling Through an Abyss

If, in your dream, you find yourself inside an elevator falling through an abyss, it signifies that someone you care about has betrayed you and crushed your spirit. This dream might also be a reflection of your state of mind. Perhaps the actions of people around you have left you questioning your worth, sent you into a depressive spiral, and added to the store of memories that affirm your sense of worthlessness.

Dreaming of an Elevator Crashing

If, in your dream, an elevator crashes while you’re in it, this means that you might get demoted or even fired in your career if you don’t step up your game. It also foretells impending crises and unfortunate events coming your way.

Dreaming about a Falling Elevator Suddenly Stopping Midway

If you dream of a falling elevator suddenly stopping midway, this might be a reflection of the lack of closure in your past relationship. Perhaps someone ghosted you or played with your emotions. This dream scenario also suggests that you might encounter a person or a circumstance that will veer you off course from your goals.

Final Thoughts

To wrap it up, falling elevator dreams might be reflective of your fear of abandonment, self-doubts, and self-destructive tendencies. It may also allude to the turbulent period you’re going through and the opportunities you failed to grab.

The interpretations mentioned above only serve as guidelines. To decode the meaning of this dream, you need to tap into your inner guidance system and take into account your emotions and the other elements of your dreams.


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