How Does a Virgo Man Test You? (13 Devious Ways)

Deemed as one of the most calculative signs of the zodiac, Virgo men are very discriminating and practical when it comes to choosing a romantic partner. They are hardworking go-getters, and so they don’t want to waste their precious time on a relationship that’s doomed to fail.

Virgo men have high expectations of themselves and the people around them. They rarely act impulsively and they always think through their actions. They strive for perfection in all aspects of their lives. When it comes to dating, they may conduct a series of tests to check if you’re compatible and if your values align with each other.

So, if you’re wondering how Virgo tests their romantic partner, here are some of the devious ways they use to screen out their dates.

12 Ways a Virgo Man Test You

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1. He’ll Ask About Your Vision for the Future

Virgo men have big dreams for themselves and they go after them with much gusto and tenacity. They’re highly focused and growth-oriented individuals. They strive to meet the best version of themselves and make their wildest dreams manifest into reality.

When choosing a partner, they want to be with someone who is also working on their own dreams. They want someone they can grow with, not someone who’d only hold them back. If you’re still figuring things out, it’s highly unlikely that a Virgo man would be impressed by you.

2. He’ll Check to See if You’re Compatible

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At the early stage of dating a Virgo man, he might ask you some personal questions about your beliefs, values, interests, and future plans to gauge your compatibility. Virgo men are very detail-oriented, blunt, and pragmatic. During your first date, he might ask a series of straightforward questions to know exactly what he’s getting into.

A Virgo man may also test you by checking your responsiveness to something he deeply cares about. He might ask if you’re familiar with his favorite band or make you watch his favorite movie. If you don’t respond the way he expects the girl of his dreams to react, it’s game over (unless of course, you’re extremely hot).

3. He’ll Observe the Way You Carry Yourself in a Conversation

Virgos are ruled by Mercury which is the planet of communication. When picking a partner, Virgo men don’t particularly care about someone’s looks but more about their personality and how they carry themselves in a conversation.

They’re drawn to women who can speak eloquently and who know how to lead the conversation. If on your date, he finds himself in a position where he’s always the one talking, this would likely put him off and cause him to disengage.

4. He’ll Engage You in a Debate

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Another way a Virgo man might test you is by challenging you in a debate. Virgo men are attracted to women who are knowledgeable about various topics and have a unique way of looking at the world. They want someone they can bounce their ideas with and who challenges their way of thinking.

Virgo men are very rational and argumentative. They’re also stubborn and always think they’re right. When looking for a partner, he wants someone who can match his level of intellect and competitiveness. A Virgo man might bring up certain moral or political issues to figure out if you have the same disposition and values.

5. He’ll See How You Handle Criticism

Virgo men are notorious for being brutally honest and blunt about their thoughts. They express their opinions without any filter and often without regard for other people’s feelings. They also have high standards and can often come across as judgmental and controlling. To date a Virgo man, you need to have thick skin.

Even though Virgo men are generally sweet and loving, they can be very condescending and hyper-critical. Oftentimes, they do this to catalyze you into action and challenge you to be the best version of yourself. Mediocrity is not an option for a Virgo man. If you’re going to be in his life, he’ll make sure that you’ll realize your fullest potential.

Nevertheless, if you’re dating a narcissistic Virgo man who constantly makes you feel bad about yourself, it’s time to tell him to fuck off. Stop wasting any more of your precious time on this man and move on.

6. He’ll Ask About Your Values

Virgo men are very pragmatic, analytical, and down-to-earth creatures. They’re also highly independent, and so they don’t commit to someone unless they’re absolutely captivated by them.

When picking a partner, he might ask about your philosophy in life and the systems of thinking you’re operating on. He might even go as far as to fabricate a situation to test your character and check the viability of your relationship.

7. He’ll Ask About Your Previous Relationships

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Virgo men are also very thorough and discriminating. They don’t like being blindsided. Before a Virgo man commits to someone, he’d want to make sure no evil exes would pop up to challenge him on a duel. He might also ask about your previous relationships to know if your preferences and values about sex and relationships are compatible.

Most of the time, Virgo men aren’t really interested in your detailed dating history and the number of people you’ve been with. They’re more curious about why it ended and how you talk about your ex. Of course, they’d also want to check for red flags and make sure you’re not transmitting any disease to them.

8. He’ll Gauge Your Strengths & Weaknesses

A Virgo man might also test you by figuring out your strengths and weaknesses. As calculative perfectionists, they want everything in their life to go right. Even when it comes to choosing a romantic partner, he’s still strategic and systematic.

In order to see if you’re a viable partner for him, he might put you through a series of mental and emotional tests. The first date with a Virgo man will feel more like a job interview. He’ll try to see if you have a strong work ethic and if you handle your finances well. Because these men are goal-oriented, they want to date someone who is as driven, organized, and ambitious as they are.

9. He’ll See if You Know How to Set Healthy Boundaries

Like how a child tests their parent’s patience, a Virgo man might test your boundaries to explore your limits and see how much he can get away with. He does this by putting you in an uncomfortable situation, monopolizing your time, or invading your private space.

When dating a Virgo man, it’s important to communicate your boundaries to him as early as possible. Virgo men are more likely to respect a woman who values her time and who has strong boundaries.

10. He’ll Investigate if You Can be Trusted

Another way a Virgo man screens you out is by asking probing questions. When you’re telling him a story about your past, he’ll see how you portray yourself in your narrative. If you’re constantly projecting yourself as a victim or a hero, this is a major turn-off for him. In most cases, this reveals that you don’t take responsibility for your actions.

A Virgo man might also ask you very personal and intrusive questions at the outset. He might also bring up your old conversations and ask for more details. If you say anything or act in a way that makes him question your credibility, he’s likely to back off.

Virgo men don’t like wasting their time. They are highly ambitious and focused individuals. If they recognize any red flag with your character, they won’t hesitate to walk away.

11. He’ll See if You Take the Initiative

If you’ve been dating a Virgo man and he suddenly pulls away, this could be a sign that he’s checking to see how much you care about him. This is especially the case if he’s always the one planning out dates and texting first. If you can’t match his level of commitment, he’d likely to pull back.

12. He’ll Introduce You to His Social Circle

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If you’ve been dating a Virgo man for quite a while, he might invite you to meet his family and friends to see how you interact with the most important people in his life. Virgo men don’t really care much about the opinions of others but he might still use this opportunity to assess how you fit in his life. Simply be yourself, enjoy their company, and let your relationship grow organically.

13. He’ll Test Your Emotional Intelligence

Another important criterion a Virgo man looks for in a woman is emotional intelligence. Virgo men mainly operate based on logic and reason. When choosing a partner, they’re typically drawn to women who know how to express and handle their emotions in a healthy manner.  

When it comes to testing emotional intelligence, a mature Virgo man wouldn’t dare to push your buttons just to see how you’d react. Instead, he will astutely observe how you navigate challenging circumstances.

Final Thoughts

In the final analysis, dating a Virgo man can be quite challenging. When choosing a romantic partner, they’re very picky and systematic. They have impossible standards for themselves as well as the people around them. It takes an extraordinary person to get a Virgo man to commit.

Virgo men often come across as cool, collected, and detached people. But deep down, there is still a little child residing within who craves to be understood and loved. Virgo men are known for being loyal and nurturing in their relationships. They might be tough to please, but when a Virgo man is serious about you, he’ll be all in. 


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