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Parrot Dream Meaning & Spiritual Messages Explained

Parrots are fascinating bird species known for their cheeky but lovely personalities. They’re expressive creatures that can imitate human speech. Therefore, parrots symbolize friendship, playfulness, happiness, and self-growth.

A dream about parrots suggests that you must utilize your knowledge, be independent, or start creating your legacy. This dream might also be a message from your subconscious mind or spirit guides telling you to inspire others, attract abundance, or be open-minded.

If you wish to interpret your parrot dream accurately, it helps to recall important details, such as the animal’s appearance. Your interaction with the parrot, where you see it, and its actions are also worth noting.

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The Symbolism and Meaning of Parrots in a Dream

Encountering a parrot in a dream symbolizes the need to express yourself more openly and honestly with those around you. It is an indication that you must reevaluate your communication style, and embrace the colorful and vibrant aspects of your personality.

It may also signify the potential for gossip or repeating information without fully understanding its implications. Experiencing this dream is a reminder to be mindful of your words, maintain your authenticity, and practice active listening.

Spiritual Meanings of Dreams About a Parrot

parrot dream meaning

1. Put Your Mind at Work

Parrots are intelligent creatures. They can form judgments, understand probability, and use logical thinking, particularly when solving puzzles. They’re also famous for mimicry, allowing them to have a vocabulary of at least a thousand words.

Dreaming of a parrot indicates the need to squeeze your brains to solve your problems. This dream urges you to determine the underlying causes of the issue instead of acting impulsively. Your previous countermeasures won’t work this time, so find alternative solutions.

2. Learn to be Independent

illustration of a woman flexing her arms

Parrots aren’t only clever, but experts say they also have emotional responses similar to toddlers. They can be overly emotional and fussy if things don’t go their way. Naturally, parrots held in captivity and animal shelters or kept as pets are affectionate to the humans around them.

These intelligent birds can be excellent companions as they form deeper bonds with their caretakers. If you dream of a parrot, the circumstances in your waking life might’ve led you to depend on someone.

It’s worth emphasizing that being dependent isn’t always destructive. There are instances in life you can’t control that might force you to rely on other people. However, dependency usually becomes unhealthy in the long run, so finding a way to be independent is advisable.

3. Make Your Mark in the World

Unknown to many, parrots have a relatively long lifespan (an average of 25 to 50 years). If you see a parrot in your dream, perhaps it’s a message from your subconscious mind to live life in a way that you can make a significant mark in the world.

Old or young, creating your legacy might as well start now. It’s worth remembering that each person in this world has their strengths. Determine yours and focus on developing and utilizing it.

When you build a legacy, remember that it isn’t about yourself but other people. You do your best to learn and improve for your benefit and to help others. Be an inspiration to others and surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

4. Be an Inspiration

To dream of a parrot suggests that you attract other people’s attention. Parrots are unique, from their intelligence, social nature, and cheeky personalities to their beautiful and colorful appearance. Like these animals, you might be the center of attention in your waking life.

If you’re timid, gaining attention might make you uncomfortable. However, it’d help if you looked at it differently. Perhaps the reason for this sudden rise in popularity is to give you a platform to be a good example and inspire others.

5. Attract Abundance

silhoutte of a man with open arms

Abundance is coming your way, and your dream involving parrots means you can expect positive news regarding your business or career. You might notice a sudden growth in your revenue or get acknowledged for your strategies at work.

Although a dream of parrots signifies prosperity, doing your part to attract it through manifestation is advisable. First, change your mindset and see the world without limitations.

The world sometimes gives a sense of scarcity, especially to ordinary people. However, it’d help if you believed that there are opportunities at every corner. If there are none, you need to create chances for yourself.

Second, visualize your desires becoming a reality. Once you have a clear picture of how abundant your life is, live as if your dreams have already come true. Lastly, practice gratitude, relinquish your expectations, and surrender in divine timing.

6. Your Dreams are Turning into Reality

Dreaming of a parrot is a good omen, especially for goal-setters. You’re about to attain your goals and fulfill your life’s desires. Perhaps you’ll soon graduate, marry the love of your life, start a promising business venture, or buy a house.

Whatever goal you’ve set, this dream involving a parrot tells you you’ll reach it sooner than you might think. Maintain the momentum and only stop if you need to take a breather. Your future belongs to no one but you, so believe in your ability to make it bright.

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7. Open Your Mind

door to the mind

You give more importance to your thoughts and fail to consider other people’s opinions carefully. You’re stubborn to accept ideas that contradict your own. This dream warns you that your narrowmindedness will lead you to failure.

Be considerate, objective, and decisive if you’re a leader or a part of a team. Listen well to what others have to say before providing feedback. You might have trouble communicating your thoughts or intentions, so do your best to work on that.

8. Be Mindful of Your Words

Another interpretation of a dream about parrots involves conflicts, arguments, and debates. Trouble is brewing, and it’ll shake the foundations of your relationship with your family, friends, or significant other. Think before speaking to avoid throwing hurtful words you’d regret saying.

Remember that the tongue can be a powerful weapon that can harm or heal. You’ll need to face the severe repercussions of saying anything you don’t mean. Learn to choose your words wisely if you don’t wish to hurt people needlessly.

9. Be Careful Who You Trust

two woman sitting and hugging

Most times, betrayal comes not from your enemies but from the people you cherish the most. Therefore, experiencing betrayal can be a painful experience. Dreaming of a parrot means you must be careful who you trust and keep close.

If the thought of betrayal overwhelms you, remember that someone’s loyalty is beyond your control. You can’t dictate how people will value and treat you, but you have the power to surround yourself with people you can trust.

10. Protect Yourself from Malicious People

Because parrots are talkative, many believe that a dream involving them means someone (or a group of people) spreads ill rumors about the dreamer. You can view such a dream as a warning that you must distance yourself (or completely cut ties) from people who wish to harm you.

It’d be best if you didn’t rely on ill-intentioned people because they’ll use your vulnerability to gain power over you. Remember that they’ll try to make you pity them by telling sweet lies. Therefore, don’t easily believe them and note that not everyone is willing to change.

Detailed Interpretation of Dreams About Parrots

Dream About Green Parrot

green parrots

The parrot’s color in your dream is crucial information in dream interpretation. For instance, a green parrot represents a significant person from your past. You might cross paths with them and reminisce about your shared memories.

Dreaming about this might also indicate the end of a particular phase in your life. The learnings and experiences you acquired during this journey made you realize many things. You’re now ready to start afresh and turn the next page.

Dream About Purple Parrot

The purple parrot in your dream urges you to take back the power someone in your life stole from you. It’s time to regain control of your life. Your lighthearted approach to life before cost you to be too unsure of yourself, but things are different now.

Tune into your Higher Self to find your greater purpose. Ask your spirit guides for guidance and support if things get rough for you. Other people can try to bring you down, but it’s up to you if you’ll let them or not.

Dream About Red Parrot

red parrot

A red parrot in your dream represents someone coming into your life when you least expect it. They’ll bring you joy and fill your days with excitement and fun. You’ll develop a bond that’ll turn into a long-lasting friendship.

Dreams involving red parrots might also symbolize jealousy and bitterness. Feelings of insecurity and aggression might be holding you down. Determine the cause of it all and address them to the best of your abilities before something grave happens to you.

Dream About Orange Parrot

Associated with the color orange are warmth and enthusiasm. Meanwhile, a darker shade of this hue symbolizes distrust and betrayal. A dream about an orange parrot is similar to the latter because it’s a reminder to set boundaries against people trying to dictate how to live your life.

You’re struggling in your waking life because you’re afraid to speak your mind. You refuse to communicate because you tend to overthink everything. Avoid jumping to conclusions and be more confident in yourself.

Dream About Yellow Parrot

yellow parrot

Dreaming of a yellow parrot means someone around you envies you. Jealousy blinds this person, making them think and do unspeakable things. They wish to covet what you have, including your job, money, and relationships, so you must be careful.

Another possible interpretation involves trusting your intuition and opening yourself to high vibrational energy. You can regard this dream as a sign to find clarity, explore life, learn more about yourself, and create opportunities on your own.

Dream About Blue Parrot

blue parrot

Blue is typically the color of security, trust, and loyalty. However, a dream about a parrot with this color symbolizes the opposite. This dream signifies that someone you love, respect, and trust will disappoint you in ways you don’t expect.

Experiencing this might lead to trust issues. Therefore, it’s advisable to take some time to digest the situation and initiate emotional and spiritual cleansing. Your feelings are valid, so don’t let anyone else make you think otherwise.

Dream About Pink Parrot

pink parrot

A dream involving a pink parrot signifies the need to distance yourself from people who want to take control of your life by putting negative ideas in your head. They might look like they only worry about your well-being, but they subtly try to rob you of your peace of mind in reality.

Alternatively, a dream about a parrot of this color might signify the need to recall something significant. It can also be a warning of the blockages in the path ahead. Although the road is rocky, focus on your goals, and you’ll eventually attain them.

Dream About White Parrot

White symbolizes purity, simplicity, clarity, cleanliness, and innocence. A white parrot in your dream represents the good and positive things that’ll occur in the coming days. It guarantees you a promising future and happier times.

If you’re currently trying to solve some problems in your waking life, try approaching the issue with a fresh perspective. Doing so might help you find more efficient solutions. Don’t question your abilities and focus on addressing the conflicts.

Dream About Black Parrot

Many view the color black as ominous, but only a few know it represents strength, power, and authority. If you dream of a black parrot, something will happen in your waking life that’ll make you become the center of attention. Utilize this chance because it’ll bring you prosperity.

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On the other hand, the black parrot in your dream might indicate boredom or your tendency to hold back. Don’t let your fears dictate your decisions. Be open to new changes and begin your journey toward attaining spiritual development.

Dream about Gray Parrot

Gray is a neutral color that brings a sense of balance and control. It can be soothing and stabilizing, but it can also be pessimistic and unemotional. A dream about a parrot with this color indicates that you have the resources, knowledge, and skills to turn your dreams into reality.

Dream About Colorful Parrot

multicolored parrot

To dream of a multi-colored parrot means you must prioritize your private life for the time being. You pay so much attention to material things in life, including your career, that you forget to nurture yourself and your relationships with those you love.

Dream About Sick Parrot

Sick birds in dreams usually denote unhappiness or the dreamer’s inability to protect themselves (emotionally or spiritually). Suppose you specifically dream of an ill parrot. In that case, you feel lost in your waking life and walk without a destination in sight.

Dream About Dying Parrot

Dreaming of a dying or injured parrot means the people who do everything in their power to bring you down will receive their well-deserved karma soon. This experience will serve as a lesson for you not to trust people immediately.

Dream About Dead Parrot

Dead animals in dreams have negative connotations most of the time. To dream of a dead parrot means you tend to suppress your feelings and emotions to please others. Take some time to reflect on how continuing to do this will negatively impact you in the long run.

Even if asking for help from others will make you seem vulnerable, it’s best to seek emotional support from people you can trust. You don’t have to keep everything inside. Doing so will only make things more difficult for you.

Dream About Small Parrot

small blue parrot

Parrots are naturally adorable, but they can even be cuter when small. A dream involving a tiny parrot seems to have a pleasant meaning, but it’s a wake-up call to put yourself first. The daily grind overwhelms you, yet you choose to ignore its harmful effects on you.

Dream About Big Parrot

A gigantic parrot is a good omen in dreams. Opportunities will rush to your side, so make sure to seize them. However, before you do so, it helps to develop a clear vision of what your heart desires first and foremost.

Setting goals is one step toward success. Keep up the momentum by taking consistent action. If the opportunity doesn’t instantly present itself, remember to remain optimistic and open yourself to positive energies.

Dream About Multiple Parrots

multiple parrots on a branch

Seeing two parrots in your dream means you’ll regain the balance you need in your life. If there are more than two, expect to find stability. Meanwhile, to dream of a flock of parrots suggests that you’re putting more things on your plate than you can handle.

Dream About Parrot Resting on Your Shoulder

A parrot resting on your shoulder in your dream might seem innocent and random, but it’s a call from your spirit guides to be more independent. You unconsciously depend too much on others, hindering your emotional and spiritual growth.

It doesn’t mean you must distance yourself from those who care for you. This dream only suggests that you must learn to stand on your own and explore the world alone. It’s worth emphasizing that relying on others when you need help isn’t the same as being too dependent.

Dream About a Parrot Flying

parrot flying

A dream about a flying parrot is a positive omen. It signifies an incoming milestone (e.g., graduating, getting married, having a child, kickstarting your career, etc.). This dream suggests that you’re about to fulfill your purpose, attain your goals, or turn your visions into reality.

Dream About a Parrot Biting You

Dreaming of being bitten by a parrot means you underestimate the potential dangers surrounding you in your waking life. Tune into your intuition because doing so will help you notice whatever poses a threat to you. Be wary of people who might backstab you.

Dream About a Parrot Attacking You

The parrot attacking you in your dream represents someone in your waking life who plans to betray you. This dream can also denote unfocused energy. You lack motivation and excitement and fail to control your thoughts and emotions.

Dreaming of multiple parrots attacking you means several people have malicious intentions toward you. This occurrence is more common in the workplace. You can choose to ignore them, but this would only encourage them to continue their misdeeds.

Dream About a Parrot Flying Away

parrot flying away

Your dream about a parrot flying away is a warning. Someone or a group of people wish to take advantage of you, and they’ll harm you if you don’t protect yourself. Remember not to fall for flowery words because ill-intentioned people have nothing else to offer but that.

On the other hand, the one being manipulative might be you and not someone else. Your feelings of hatred might be the reason why you do this. Don’t let yourself lose control, and be more mindful of your actions.

Dream About a Parrot Talking to You

A dream about a parrot talking to you symbolizes compromise, settlement, or reconciliation. If you’re facing several issues in your waking life, you can finally release the breath you’ve been holding. The situation will slowly improve, so don’t feel too helpless.

If the parrot mimics random words incessantly, you’re pursuing something worthless. If the parrot mimics random words incessantly, you’re pursuing something worthless. Meanwhile, people are slandering you in real life if it blurts foul words. Try to recall what the parrot says because its terms might relate significantly to your current situation.

Dream About a Pet Parrot

You can interpret your dream of a pet parrot as a sign of feeling a sense of companionship. Someone in your waking life will help you and make you feel loved and cherished. This person may or may not be someone you already know.

Dreaming of a parrot as a pet can also have a negative connotation. For instance, you might be struggling because of your poor self-perception. You seek validation from other people, which degrades your sense of worth.

Dream About Catching a Parrot

If the parrot in your dream represents the person who betrayed you, catching it means you’ll see them in the act in your waking life. Meanwhile, if its color is green, it means you’re indecisive. You tend to spend most of your time daydreaming instead of facing reality.

Dream About Feeding a Parrot

feeding parrots

Feeding a parrot in your dream is an ill omen because it means someone you thought you could trust with your life might betray you. They’ll tell others about the secrets you told them to keep and backstab you. You’ll find yourself at the center of rumors because of their betrayal.

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Dream About Killing a Parrot

Your dream of killing a parrot indicates your desire to win arguments. You don’t hesitate to speak whatever’s on your mind, even if you know your words can create avoidable conflicts. Remember that this attitude can be your downfall, so be careful of your words and actions.

Dream About Holding a Parrot

holding green parrots

Holding a parrot in your dream might seem trivial and even delightful. However, this dream’s meaning is far from endearing. It implies that you’ll receive something you must keep a secret from everyone.

This possession can be material or immaterial. Although whatever you receive makes you feel important and unique, it’ll lead you to destruction in the future. Therefore, you must be cautious about falling into temptation and remember that all that glitters isn’t gold.

Dream About Saving a Parrot

Saving a parrot in your dream means you must learn an important lesson. New ideas will pop into your head, and you’ll initiate to eliminate thoughts and outdated beliefs that no longer serve you. It’s best to nourish your soul during this time of discovery and renewal.

Dream About Hearing a Parrot

If you don’t see but only hear parrot sounds in your dream, you might be feeling annoyed in real life because of your past partner who can’t seem to accept your break up. This person crosses boundaries and doesn’t respect your decisions. Be firm, and don’t let them get under your skin.

Alternatively, this dream might indicate someone in your waking life who blocks your path toward happiness and success. Cut ties with them before it’s too late. They’ll do anything to stop you from attaining your goals if you don’t do anything about it now.

Dream About Kissing a Parrot

woman kissing a parrot

Parrots are adorable animals, and you might see yourself kissing them in your dream. A dream of you doing this means you enjoy creating or spreading gossip. You might argue that you’re only inherently curious about people, but this doesn’t justify your negative actions.

Dream About Buying a Parrot

Buying a parrot in your dream is your subconscious mind’s way of making you realize that loneliness is slowly consuming you. You might feel the need to find a companion or a romantic partner to fill the void inside you. Be honest with yourself and open up to other people.

Dream About Selling a Parrot

Your dream of selling a parrot implies that someone intelligent, charming, and kind-hearted will sweep you off your feet. You’ll experience love at first sight, which is terrific news if you’re single. If you’re already a committed person, remember to stay away from temptation.

Dream About Stealing a Parrot

A dream about stealing a parrot is an ill omen. You’ll soon face the consequences of your destructive actions in the past. Instead of being afraid, face the situation courageously and take responsibility.

Dream About Someone Stealing a Parrot

Someone stealing a parrot in your dream denotes that a loved one is trying to hide things from you. They tell you white lies because they don’t wish to hurt you. However, they don’t know they’re making things worse for you.

Dream About Teaching a Parrot

parrot on a man's arms

As stated earlier, parrots are wise creatures. They’re also adorable pets you can easily teach tricks and commands. Teaching this animal in your dream suggests you might be assigned the task of guiding a recruit or leading a team for a new project.

Alternatively, training a parrot to speak means you’re having trouble in real life, making you incredibly anxious. Solving your problems won’t be easy, but you must do your best and try. After all, you can’t disregard or hide from them forever.

Dream About Gifting a Parrot to Someone

Giving a parrot to someone in your dream as a gift suggests that you worry about the people you cherish the most. This person can be a family member, a friend, or a significant other. Although you can’t help but be concerned, give them time to digest things themselves.

Forcing them to open up will only worsen things, so be more patient. Your mere presence is already comforting enough for them. They know they can count on you whenever and wherever and will ask for your help when they need it.

Dream About Someone Gifting You a Parrot

A dream involving someone gifting you a parrot means the people around you are worried about you. They notice how you keep to yourself and avoid them when they try to reach out. They already gave you the space you need, yet you continue hiding from them.

Dream About Parrot in Your House

You’re about to experience drastic life changes, and dreaming of a parrot in your house marks the beginning of it. It might initially be disorienting, but you’ll soon get used to it. Trust the natural process, surrender everything to divine timing, and let go of your expectations.

Dream About Parrot in a Cage

cat looking at parrot in a cage

You might find yourself at the center of malicious gossip spreading among your circle if you dream of a parrot inside a cage. The people aiming to tarnish your reputation won’t stop until they see you pushed to a corner. Don’t allow their harsh words to make you doubt yourself.

Another interpretation of a dream about a caged parrot relates to your limited freedom in real life. Your parents might be overprotective, or you might be in a relationship with someone insecure. Because of these people’s expectations, you feel burdened and pressured.

Dream About Parrot in a Zoo

If you dream of a parrot in a zoo, take some time to reflect because the happiness or success you currently enjoy might result from another person’s suffering. Although this circumstance might not be your fault, it’s best to empathize with others’ misery.

Dream About Parrot in the Wild

parrot on a branch

You might be planning a trip or a vacation in your waking life because seeing a parrot in its natural habitat in your dream means you’ll go on an adventure. Stay excited because you’ll finally find an opportunity to go on a trip you’ve always wanted.

Final Thoughts

A dream about parrots has several possible meanings and interpretations. Still, most times, it carries a positive connotation. Tune into your Inner Self and listen to your intuition to determine what your dream means in your waking life.

If your parrot dreams are recurring, consider asking for a dream interpretation from a professional psychic advisor. They can help you discover parts of yourself hidden in your subconscious, allowing you to understand yourself better.


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