13 Sure Signs A Pisces Man Is Playing You (Telling Red Flags)

25 Sure Signs a Pisces Man Is Playing You (Major Red Flags)

Known to be the most romantic sign of the zodiac, Pisces men are creative, compassionate, empathetic, and nurturing individuals. They are generous, and they care about people deeply. Being loved by a Pisces man can be a once in a lifetime experience. However, because of their cunning nature and manipulative tendencies, it can be tough to spot the signs that a Pisces man is playing you.

Out of all the signs, Pisces men are the smoothest players. With their charming demeanor, Pisces men have no trouble captivating the heart of the woman of their liking. At the start of your relationship, he may do all the right things, wipe away your initial doubts, and pass all the integrity tests, but as time progresses, he stops making efforts and only does the bare minimum to get what he wants from you.

Almost all men have their arsenal of tactics, pick-up lines, and manipulation techniques employed to attract the person they like. In order to protect your heart from unnecessary pain, here are some warning signs that a Pisces man is playing you.

25 Signs a Pisces Man is Playing You

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1. He Gives You the Bare Minimum

Ruled by Neptune, the planet of illusions, dreams, and deep emotional connections, Pisces men are generally hopeless romantics. When they’re in love, they will do anything to make their significant other happy. They’re the type to spoil you with gifts and shower you with grand romantic gestures. When a Pisces man is only doing the bare minimum with you, this is a major red flag.

This is definitely a sign that a Pisces man is playing with you! When a Pisces man actually wants to be with you, he’d make it clear to you. He will make sure that you know that he’s invested in your relationship. If he doesn’t make an effort to bring joy to your life, this could be an indication that he has no intention of keeping the relationship in the long term.

If your Pisces man is putting minimal effort into your relationship, it shows that he’s simply not into you. If this is starting to take a hit on your self-esteem, walk away. You deserve someone who doesn’t make you question your worth. Life is too short for half-assed love, so stop accepting the bare minimum and start demanding better for yourself.

You are responsible for your own happiness. Stop settling for a mediocre love that doesn’t support your happiness in any way. Don’t wait around for a guy who can’t decide if he wants to be with you or not. Don’t waste any more time with a guy who only puts in effort when it benefits him in some way.

You’re strong enough to walk away. You deserve someone who’s all in. You deserve to be loved wholly, completely, and unconditionally. You owe it to yourself to give yourself the best this life has to offer.

2. He Only Hit You Up for Sex

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When a Pisces man is in love, he will proactively check up on you as much as he deems reasonable. He will call and text you, and you’d never have to wonder if he will still be into you after having sex with him too soon.

If a Pisces man only hits you up when he wants to have sex, this further shows that he’s just not emotionally invested in your situationship.

If you don’t hear from him for days without an explanation, he’s definitely not interested in taking your relationship any further. If a guy is into you, he will treat you like a queen and make an effort to make your day better in any way he can. He will ask how your day is going, and he will want to spend time with you even you’re on your period.

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When a Pisces man suddenly goes off the face of the planet after you have sex, this is a sure-fire sign that he just wants to satiate his sexual desires. Pisces men are romantic by nature. They treat sex as a meditative process. So, if your Pisces man is not making an effort to please you and only cares about his own pleasure, it’s highly likely that he’s playing you.

3. He Doesn’t Prioritize You

We all have our own set of ambitions, obligations, and goals. While it’s okay to maintain individuality in a relationship and not be their number one priority, if you find yourself constantly being ignored by your Pisces man, take it as a sign that he’s just not that invested in your relationship.

If he doesn’t make you a priority at all and only reaches out when he needs something from you, this is definitely a sign that a Pisces man is playing with you and only stringing you along for his own convenience.

Pisces men go out of their way for the people they love. If his actions make you feel like you’re not important to him, respect yourself enough to know when to walk away and don’t settle for anything less than you deserve.

4. He’s Distant

When a Pisces man is truly in love, he will want to share everything with his significant other. He will never make you feel alienated, and he will always set aside time to be with you. If a Pisces man is serious about you, he will make an effort to be open, vulnerable, and intimate with you.

Another telltale sign that a Pisces man is playing with you is when he avoids intimacy. By doing this, he’s setting emotional boundaries to let you know he’s not interested in taking this fling any further.

5. He Doesn’t Go Out with You in Public

When a Pisces man is smitten, he will show you off to the world. He will introduce you to his friends, family, and even his colleagues. He will brag about you every chance he gets, and he’s not afraid to express his emotions publicly.

However, if he avoids going out with you in public, this is an obvious sign that a Pisces man is playing you. If he seems to be hiding you, it’s quite possible that he’s already in a relationship, and he’s only using you. When a Pisces man is into you, you wouldn’t have to wonder because he will make it clear.

6. He Bails on You

If a Pisces man constantly blows you off, lies to you, and makes up excuses, he clearly doesn’t value you. Because they pride themselves on being “nice guys,” Pisces men will not tell you upfront that he’s not that into you. Instead, he’ll use manipulation tactics to give you reasons to end the relationship yourself.

One undeniable sign that a Pisces man is playing you is when he makes plans with you and then cancels at the last minute. Unless it’s due to last-minute anxiety or a legitimate emergency, this kind of behavior clearly shows that he doesn’t respect your time.

7. He Doesn’t Share Anything with You

Another sure-fire sign that a Pisces man is playing you is when he doesn’t share any substantial information with you. Your conversations tend to revolve around superficial matters, and he hardly confides with you about anything. He always keeps you at arm’s length, and you can’t seem to connect with him at a much deeper level.

Pisces men are generally kind, caring, gentle, and vulnerable to the people they love. However, if they don’t like you all that much, they can be indifferent and emotionally closed off. He will avoid any conversation regarding his private life or talk about the future.

If a Pisces guy is serious about you, he will show up for you, he will include you in his life, and he will make an effort to make you feel loved. If he doesn’t do any of this, he’s simply not that into you. It might be painful to hear, but it’s better to face the truth than waste any more of your time and energy on a person who doesn’t care about supporting your happiness.

8. He Doesn’t Ask About Your Life

Another sign that a Pisces guy is playing you is if he’s disinterested in your life. If a guy is into you, he will want to know about the things you care about, and he will use this information to add to your happiness. However, if a guy doesn’t make an effort to get to know you and shows no interest in finding out what sparks joy in you, he’s obviously not that into you.

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When it comes down to it, if a Pisces man is truly interested in having a relationship with you, his actions will reveal his intentions. He will hang on to your every word, and he will be eager to listen to what you have to say. He will remember the smallest details, and his actions will prove how much he cares about you.

A player might play all his cards right when he’s trying to get you in bed, but if he stops acting interested in your life after he gets what he wants, he’s definitely just playing you.

9. He Doesn’t Interact with You on Social Media

If a Pisces guy never interacts on your social media posts, and yet you catch him liking and saving other girls’ posts, there’s a high chance that he’s not serious about you. A man in love will secure his territory and will want to make it known to the world that he loves you. He will show you off and do anything to make you feel special.

When his actions show that he wants people to think that he’s single and available and never bothers to interact with any of your content, this is absolutely a sign that a Pisces man is playing you. However, if your Pisces guy is just a private person and doesn’t care much about virtual appearances, don’t read too much into it.

10. He’s Flaky

Although most Pisces men are extraordinarily kind and considerate souls, there are some who still have an emotional maturity of a 13-year-old. If you are dating a Pisces man who’s hot and cold with you, it’s highly likely that he’s playing games with you. If a Pisces guy is serious about you, it’s usually pretty obvious. If he’s sending you mixed signals, this sends out a clear message that he’s not that into you.

11. Dodgy Behavior

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If your Pisces man is exhibiting dodgy behavior like hiding the screen of his phone so you can’t see what he’s doing, it’s quite possible that he’s flirting with other girls. You may even notice that his stories are always changing, and the events of their day seem to be overlapping. When a man is being shady, it’s either he’s a spy, or he’s playing with you.

12. He Avoids Talking About the Future

Another obvious sign that a Pisces man is playing you is when he avoids making future plans with you. If you’re getting a sense that he’s not in it with you, you’re probably right. Pisces are hopeless romantics who love the idea of building a life with the people they love. If a Pisces man is serious about you, he’ll let you know, and he will share his vision of the future with you.

However, because Pisces men are also the smoothest players, they may lead you on by telling you all the things you want to hear. He may talk about getting a place together, the adventures you’re going to have together, and how many kids you’re going to have without meaning any of it just to get what he wants. Tap into your inner wisdom to distinguish if he’s being genuine or not.

13. Your Intuition Tells You

If your gut tells you that something is off, there probably is. Your instincts serve as guidance that comes from the deepest depths of your soul. It knows who you are at the core, and it can sense if someone is playing you or simply is not the right match for you. So, if your gut instincts are ringing all the alarm bells, don’t ignore it. There’s probably a reason for it.

14. He Doesn’t Honor Your Needs

When you’ve given a Pisces man plenty of chances and he blatantly disregards your wishes, this is a definite sign that he’s playing you. If you’ve given him countless opportunities to change his behavior and he repeatedly makes the same mistake, it’s time for you to put your foot down and simply let him go. Your priority should always be your own well-being. If he’s not adding value to your life, there’s no reason for him to be in it.

15. You Don’t Feel Safe Emotionally or Physically

A Pisces man goes out of their way for their partner. If he’s serious about you, he’ll let you know. If a Pisces man plays hot and cold and never makes any future plans with you, this is an obvious sign that he doesn’t want to have a serious relationship with you.

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16. He’s Never There for You

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Pisces men are naturally caring for those they care about. If your Pisces man doesn’t show up for you when you need him and only wants to see you when it’s convenient for him, it’s highly likely that he’s only in it for the sex.

17. He Doesn’t Match Your Energy

If a Pisces man doesn’t match your level of enthusiasm for the things you’re excited about and takes a long time before responding to your messages, this is a huge red flag. If you always find yourself out of sync with a Pisces man, this is your body’s way of telling you that something’s wrong and you need to get out of this situationship as soon as possible.

18. He Triggers Your Insecurities

This is a pretty common technique taught by dating gurus to keep someone hooked and lodge themselves in your mind. If a Pisces man constantly berates you, sends contradictory signals, or picks up on your insecurities, this is a clear sign that he’s trying to manipulate and play with you.

19. Love Bombing

Love-bombing occurs when someone overwhelms you with big romantic gestures, extreme displays of affection, and promises about the future. It’s possible that this is also rooted in their insecurities and they’re trying to overcompensate for something. Men will tell you anything you want to hear to get what they want.  If you suspect that your Pisces man is too good to be true, he probably is.

20. Your Conversations Revolves Around Sex

While some people have a tendency to steer the conversation towards a more sexually charged topic, a guy who truly wants a serious relationship with you will work on building a connection first. If a Pisces man doesn’t express true interest in you and your life, it’s highly likely that he’s playing you.

21. He’s Touchy Early On

If a Pisces man tries to touch you inappropriately early on, there’s a strong chance that he’s a player. Even if your Pisces man is an overly touchy person, if he’s serious about you, he’d want to make sure you’re comfortable first before getting into your personal space.

22. He Doesn’t Incorporate You into His Life

When a Pisces man is truly into you, he’d want to show you off to his friends and family. Unless he’s a hermit or has issues with his family, not introducing you to his social circle is a major red flag. Moreover, if he lacks emotional depth and doesn’t open up to you about his life, it’s possible that he’s a player.

23. He Doesn’t Ask You Out

Now this one should be pretty obvious. If a Pisces man doesn’t want to hang out with you in public and only hits you up for sex, he’s definitely a player. Moreover, if a Pisces man keeps flirting with you and never asks you out, this is a surefire sign that he’s already committed and just enjoys playing with you.

24. You Spot Some Girls Rolling Eyes on Him

Although they’re generally caring and empathetic, some Pisces men can be opportunistic, greedy, and selfish. If you see some girls giving him a look filled with ill will and disgust, there’s a strong chance that you’re dating a pig.

25. He Goes Days Without Speaking to You

When a Pisces man takes forever to text you back and ghosts you for a couple of days, this should be your cue to run. Pisces men are very loving, thoughtful, and communicative to the person they love. If he doesn’t care about how his actions affect you, it’s time for you to reconnect with your self-respect and walk away.

Final Thoughts

Pisces men can be wonderful partners, but they’re also the smoothest players. They will say all the right things and play all their cards right to get what they want. Even though they’re generally kind and warm-hearted, they can also be manipulative.

Moreover, because we live in a technologically advanced society that allows a minimal effort approach in starting relationships and gives us so many options to choose from, it’s all so easy to experiment, play around, and conduct mass tasting simply for the fun of it.

Even a nice Pisces guy is not immune to these temptations. When you have endless options laid out before you, the value of a single choice diminishes. Nevertheless, if a Pisces man truly loves you and wants to build a life with you, he will let you know, and his actions will prove it. If he’s exhibiting the behaviors mentioned above, take the hint and move on. You also have countless options.


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