Why Aquarius Man Pulls Away When in Love #Explained

Why Aquarius Man Pulls Away When in Love? #Explained

Aquarius men are an eccentric bunch. They are quirky, enigmatic, and highly unpredictable. When they’re falling in love with someone, they have a tendency to withdraw themselves from the budding relationship.

If you’re dating an Aquarius man and everything seems to be going great, but then he suddenly pulls away, it’s possible that he’s falling for you but is terrified of losing his freedom and being consumed by his feelings. He may also be stressed out about something personal and is not ready to share it with you.

Aquarius men are ambitious, altruistic, and highly analytical. They have big dreams for themselves, so they’re not the type to dive headfirst into a romantic relationship. They weigh their options carefully, and you’d have to be pretty extraordinary to get them to commit.

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Common Why Aquarius Man Pulls Away When In Love?

1. He’s Afraid to Let You In

Although they’re one of the zodiac’s most brilliant, charming, and intelligent signs, Aquarius men tend to have difficulty navigating heavy emotions such as love, sorrow, and grief. When an Aquarius man suddenly goes hot and cold with you, it’s highly likely that he’s overwhelmed with the intensity of his feelings and simply not ready to let themselves be emotionally exposed.

As an air sign, Aquarius men can be overly logical and pragmatic. They’re generally driven by reason, and they rarely let their emotions drive the steering wheel of their lives. Vulnerability can be daunting for an Aquarius man, so he may retreat once he realizes he’s falling for you.

2. He’s Dealing with Personal Issues

Another reason why an Aquarius man pulls away when in love is because he’s stressed out about something that has nothing to do with you. Aquarius men have a penchant for shutting down when they’re upset over something.

Even if an Aquarius man is in love with you, he still won’t ask for your help. They prefer sorting out their problems on their own. Aquarius men are extremely guarded. It might be tough for them to open up and share their problems with anyone. You may not even hear from them for a while unless their personal issue is resolved.

3. He’s Scared of Falling Madly in Love

Aquarius men also have a propensity to withdraw themselves when they think they’re getting too emotionally attached. They tend to walk away when overwhelmed with the whirlpool of emotions that comes with being in love.

If an Aquarius man has been betrayed in the past, he may be extra cautious with who he let in his life. When an Aquarius man pulls away, he may be apprehensive about laying himself bare and scared that his love will not be reciprocated.

4. He’s Afraid of Losing Himself in the Relationship

As one of the most cerebral signs, Aquarius men tend to get frightened with unfamiliar emotions. When an Aquarius man is falling in love, there’s a high chance that he will need to take a step back to examine his feelings and assess if this relationship is worth investing in or not.

Aquarians are goal-oriented visionaries. They have big plans for themselves, and they like to dedicate their lives to the service of humanity. An Aquarius man might hesitate to enter into a serious relationship for fear that it might distract him from his personal goals and humanitarian mission.

5. He Values His Freedom More

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Aquarius men are highly ambitious. They think they can change the world, and they work hard to make it happen. They organize their lives in alignment with their goals. Because of this, they can be very selective on what they spend their time on. For Aquarians, solitude is necessary to revitalize their souls and come up with innovative ideas.

When an Aquarius man feels like he’s losing his individuality, he’ll likely pull back and retreat. Much like any other human being, Aquarius men crave connection. However, they tend to veer away from entering a serious relationship as they feel like it restricts their movements and their thinking.

6. He’s Not Ready for a Serious Commitment

Another possible culprit why an Aquarius man pulls away when in love is because he’s not ready for a serious commitment. Aquarians generally don’t like being tied down and interweaving their lives with a single person. They have adventure-seeking souls that yearn for exhilarating experiences, personal fulfillment, and all the amazing things life has to offer.

Aquarius men place a high value on their freedom. For most of them, being in a committed relationship is not worth giving up their autonomy and the limitless possibilities that come along with being single. Unless you share the same values and on the same wavelength, it’s doubtful that an Aquarius man will stick around.

7. Your Friendship Is More Important to Him

For Aquarians, friendships are more important than romantic relationships. If you’re already friends with an Aquarius man and he’s falling in love with you, he will more likely restrain himself than pursue an intimate relationship with you. He wants to keep you in his life for as long as possible, and being in a romantic relationship might mess things up.

8. He Feels Unappreciated

An Aquarius man may also pull away when he’s jealous or feels unappreciated. When he feels like he’s giving too much of himself in a relationship but not getting appreciated for his efforts, he may take a step back and reevaluate the whole relationship.

No matter how captivated he is to you, he will not waste his time on a one-sided relationship. He will stop making an effort and slowly detach himself from you. If someone doesn’t see his value, he will simply walk away.

9. He Has Different Priorities

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People born under the water bearer sign pursue their dreams fearlessly. They’re men on a mission. This is another reason why an Aquarius man pulls away even when in love. They tend to close themselves up from romantic relationships for fear that it might distract them from their goals.

To optimize their productivity and contribute more to society, Aquarius men prefer to avoid the drama and constant demands of relationships. Even if you’re perfect, the opportunity cost of losing his freedom is too much to bear. They prefer living a solitary lifestyle and not having to answer to anyone but themselves.

10. The Relationship is Going Too Fast

The beginning of any relationship is often characterized by butterflies in the stomach and an overflowing chemical rush. However, if an Aquarius man feels like the relationship is moving faster than he wants it to be, he might get overwhelmed and retreat.

This is especially the case if he’s with a clingy and needy partner. The moment an Aquarius man feels suffocated, he will back off and detach himself from you. Aquarius men like get to know their partner deeply before seriously committing to them. They place a high value on their freedom, so they need to know if being with you outweighs the cost of losing the perks of singlehood.

11. He Might Be Playing with You

With their dazzling charm and wit, Aquarius men can be the smoothest players. When an Aquarius man pulls away, it’s possible that he was just testing if he can make you fall in love with him. Once you’ve fallen to his tricks and gotten what he wants from you, he might grow distant or drop off the face of Earth.

12. He’s Afraid That He’s Not Good Enough For You

One more reason that an Aquarius man pulls away when in love is that he’s feeling insecure, inadequate, and unworthy of your affection. If he feels that he’s not good enough for you, he will let you go and let you find someone better. It’s possible that he’s only taking a step back to work on himself, and once he gets his life in order, he will come back.

13. Unresolved Issues with His Ex

An Aquarius man might also pull away if he still has lingering feelings for his ex. Even if you seem to be hitting it off, if an Aquarius man hasn’t gotten over his ex, it’s highly likely that he will come crawling back to her if the chance presents itself. If you notice a sudden change in his demeanor and suddenly become cold and distant, his feelings for his ex might be resurfacing.

It’s also possible that his last relationship left him feeling betrayed and abandoned that now he’s having trouble letting himself be vulnerable to anyone and opening his heart again. If an Aquarius man thinks he’s not ready to be in a new relationship, he might just walk away and let you find someone who will love you the way you deserve to be.

14. Your Values Are Incompatible

If you’ve been dating an Aquarius man and he suddenly pulls away, it’s possible that he doesn’t think you’re compatible. Aquarius men don’t compromise their values even when they’re in love. If you don’t share the same beliefs, goals, and sense of humor, your relationship is not likely going to work out.

If an Aquarius man doesn’t think you’re on the same wavelength, he might withdraw and take some time to reevaluate the relationship. He might stick around for a while, but it’s highly unlikely that he will commit to you for the long haul.

15. He Needs to Reclaim His Masculinity

Aquarius men also tend to withdraw when they feel like they’re losing themselves in the relationship. When an Aquarius man pulls away, it’s possible that he just needs some time to do the things he truly enjoys doing and get in touch with the masculine aspect of his personality.

Most men tend to conceal some parts of themselves to fit into society’s expectations. Much like any human being, an Aquarius man might need to take some time to put his own needs first and reconnect with his most authentic self.

What To Do When an Aquarius Man Pulls Away from You

1. Give Him Space

If you find your Aquarius man pulling away from you, the best thing you can do is to give him the space he needs. This may sound counter-intuitive, especially if you want to keep him in your life, but if you continue to nag him and beg him to be with you, it may drive him away even further.

If he suddenly pulls away without even explaining himself, let him be. Don’t chase after him. Don’t go begging for closure. Don’t give him any power over you. A guy who loves you and cares for you will not leave you wondering why. If he truly wants to be with you, he will make it happen.

Even if you think you have the proverbial spark and strong chemistry, you need to be honest with yourself if this relationship is right for you. Do you really want to be with someone who just leaves you hanging without so much as an explanation? If someone is into you, he will make an effort, and if not, you need to stop investing mental energy in him and redirect your attention to your goals.

2. Confront him

If you really want to know why he’s pulling away, the only way to know is to confront him about it. He may be dealing with some personal stuff he’s not comfortable sharing with you yet. Before you assume and obsess over why you are not hearing from him, it would probably save you a lot of time if you’d just ask him what’s going on.

Ghosting in the modern dating culture has become the norm. Because Aquarius men are terrible in the emotional department, they tend to take the cowardly way out and avoid confrontation. Have an open, calm, and honest conversation and truly listen to what he has to say.

If you reach out to him, and he doesn’t answer you, he’s probably dead, kidnapped, or simply doesn’t care about your feelings. In this case, you have to give yourself your own closure. They have already made a choice to remove themselves from your life. It may be a hard pill to swallow, but there’s no point in going after someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

3. Focus on Your Own Goals

When you start feeling a deep connection with someone, and they disappear off the face of Earth, it can take a toll on your self-esteem. You’ve finally allowed yourself to be vulnerable to someone, and they choose to walk away from you without so much as an explanation. That can be deeply dismantling.

You opened your heart, and they didn’t even have the decency to give you closure. But you have to remember that sometimes people just don’t have the emotional maturity to take responsibility for how their actions might be affecting others. Instead of wasting more time analyzing this person’s actions, it might be best to redirect your energy towards your own life.

Refocus yourself on your goals and try to fill your days with surreal moments. Go out with friends, take a vacation, read the books you’ve been meaning to read, do the things that make your soul dance, and soak up all the beauty this life has to offer.

Yes, it sucks to be ghosted, and it will probably suck for a while. But you have to remember that you’re the only person who’s responsible for your happiness. You’re only given a limited time on this planet. Do you really want to waste it building a wall of anger, bitterness, and resentment when you could be devouring new experiences, opportunities, and adventures?

Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that Aquarius men tend to be evasive when dealing with their emotions. They can be pretty unpredictable and flighty. When they’re in love, they may pull away simply because they don’t know how to navigate these intense emotions. Because they place a high value on their freedom, an Aquarius man may also pull away when he feels like his independence is being threatened.

No matter what his reasons are, the fact of the matter is he walked away. He chose to detach himself from you. How you choose to respond to their actions is entirely up to you. You can reach out, confront them about it, and demand some answers. As much as it hurts, their actions have already given you the answers. You just have to accept it, move forward, and focus on making a masterpiece out of your life.


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