Are You an Andromedan Starseed 17 Undeniable Signs & Traits

Are You an Andromedan Starseed? 17 Secret Signs & Traits

Andromedans are seeded from our galactic neighbor Andromeda, which is a spiral galaxy also known as M31, Messier 31, or NGC 224, only 2.537 million light-years from Earth. The name is derived from the Ethiopian princess Andromeda, the wife of the Greek mythology hero Perseus and the daughter of King Cepheus and Queen Cassiopeia.

Known as sentinels of the cosmos, Andromedans are said to be members of the Divine Healing Team, whose primary mission is to purge the dark, negative energies planted by the Greys that have been penetrating the auric field of planets, star systems, and galaxies across the multidimensional realm.

Andromedan Starseeds, who are incarnated from the Andromedan star race, are infamous for being rebels, iconoclasts, freedom fighters, and revolutionaries. In most cases, they dedicate their lives to questioning archaic ways of thinking and deconstructing antiquated systems and structures. They are truth-seekers, and they don’t like to draw attention to themselves.

Once they have awakened to their true nature and recovered the knowledge and experience they gained from their previous lifetimes, they will naturally commence their multidimensional lightwork mission and help elevate the vibratory signature of humanity.

Their cosmic assignment on Earth is to guide them towards a higher sense of awareness and remove all the hostile extraterrestrial presence that has seeped through the dark corners of the planet and have been blocking the astral cord linking Earth to the infinite realm.

To determine whether or not you’re a member of this star race, here are some common traits and behavioral patterns shared among Andromedan Starseeds.

17 Sings You’re an Andromedan Starseed

1. You are a paradigm buster.

You constantly question everything. You don’t gulp down ready-made ideas and frameworks. You challenge them. You disrupt established paradigms. You are profoundly dissatisfied with the current educational system, which has resulted in citizens that are uninquisitive, subservient, mindless, and clerical.

You are not bound by any moral code, creed, and principles. Static classifications and sophisticated jargon don’t impress you. You are continuously looking for new ways to expand your conscious awareness and shed the layers of illusions and dogma you’ve been indoctrinated with throughout the course of your life.

You never pay attention to the collective delusion, societal expectations, and people who urge you to follow the well-worn path. You have broken free from the dream state slumber, and you are now attuned to the infinite splendor of life.

2. You are a freedom seeker.

free person

You place a high value on freedom, true freedom. Freedom from societal ideologies, ethical codes, norms and laws, community, institutions, relationships, any external agents, or even your own internal limitations.

You don’t want to be controlled in any way, so you tend to run away from relationships and institutions that make you feel like a monotonous mechanical robot slave.  You are continuously relocating, changing jobs, and changing relationships. You never feel comfortable staying at one place or with one person for a long time.

Being in a relationship and working in a cubicle for hours often makes you feel trapped and stuck. You have a propensity to walk out in situations you find generic and dull. You want to maintain your autonomy in all aspects of your life. You always crave novelty and new stimulation.

However, it’s important to remember that true freedom comes from letting go of the desire to seek freedom and being at peace with oneself, regardless of external or internal stimuli.

3. You’re quite adept at technology.

Navigating new technological equipment comes naturally to you. Your friends, family, and colleagues usually go to you when they’re having trouble with their devices. Andromedan Starseeds tend to work as data scientists, information security analysts, software developers, or doctors.

4. You lead a simplistic and non-egoistic lifestyle.

Although it seems virtually impossible to squander one’s ego, you try not to be controlled by it. You are overflowing with gratitude and contentment with everything you have. Your life is not geared towards the pursuit of the glorification, salvation, or aggrandizement of the self.

You lead a simple life, and you try to help without expecting recognition for it. You’re not the type of person who gets caught in the prison of your mind. You allow the melody of life to play its tunes without attaching yourself to it.

5. You feel lost and confused about almost anything in life.

confused person

Compared to the other Starseed types, Andromendans take the longest time to adapt to Earth. Because they’re accustomed to living in the 12th dimension, they have difficulty adjusting to Earth’s heavy and dense frequency.

This is why many Andromedan Starseeds experience bouts of anxiety and are confused about which path to take in life. This is not necessarily a bad thing since confusion makes you less susceptible to blindly ingesting other people’s ideas and opinions about your future.

Remember that you have an unlimited reservoir of wisdom stored within you, and you can draw upon it anytime you want.

6. You love injecting as much adventure as you can into your life.

friends together

You take pleasure in feeding your soul with exciting adventures. You’re not scared of the unknown, and you’re eager to see what this life has in store for you. You revel in hearing other people’s stories, immersing yourself in other’s cultures, exploring new places, seeing incredible things, and gormandizing exotic foods.

You want to experience it all. Like Thoreau, you want to “live deep and suck the marrow of life, to live so sturdily and Spartan-like as to put to rout all that was not life.” You want to see all the magical places on Earth and let its wonders permeate through your pores.

You’re a true nomad. You despise the thought of living a boring, routine existence. You love embarking on impromptu excursions and creating adventures out of the beautiful little things that surround you.

7. You tend to freestyle your way through life.

You don’t really like constricting yourself with an itinerary plan, whether it’s in your adventures or life in general. You want to explore places most people rarely traverse to and discover hidden gems found in the darkest nooks of existence.

You’re not afraid to make mistakes or be lost. You know that, no matter what happens, there will be a lesson to be learned, and the universe will always have your back.

8. You are naturally endowed with the ability to heal yourself and others.

Andromedan Starseeds are natural-born healers. They have the ability to access the metaphysical realm of the energy field and calibrate it in order to accentuate a body’s ability to heal itself. They also have a strong mind-body connection which allows them to heal themselves.

With their arsenal of knowledge and wisdom about traditional healing arts such as herbalism, reiki, or star bathing, they could help bring out emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony to anyone suffering from a disease or mental imbalance.

9. You see people as they are, and you don’t tolerate any form of bullshit.

You can detect emotional manipulation, and even though you understand why people are the way they are, you still set boundaries with them. You are not willing to put up with guilt trips, gaslighting, or any other form of emotional abuse.

Even though you care about people and empathize with them, you don’t want to propagate their toxic behavior and give it more energy.

10. Flaky is your middle name.

You have often been regarded as flaky, irresponsible, and unreliable. You easily drop out of things, situations, and relationships that do not provide you with any value or fulfillment. You don’t like explaining yourself to anyone. You place a high value on your freedom, solitude, and privacy, and you don’t really give much thought to how people perceive you.

You live your life unapologetically. You do things that you find fulfilling, and you do it with childlike exuberance and unbridled courage.

10. You are drawn to ancient and lost civilizations.

You are deeply fascinated by myths, legends, folklore, and conspiracy theories involving lost lands and ancient civilizations. You are particularly drawn to Ancient Egypt, Sumeria, and Atlantis. You’ve probably watched hundreds of documentaries and read dozens of books on these subjects.

Moreover, you might experience a strong pull to go on a spiritual retreat in places with a highly charged celestial field such as the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, Oracle of Delphi in Greece, or Machu Picchu in Peru. A possible reason why you’re drawn to these locations is the possibility that you have had previous incarnations in these civilizations.

11. You exude a childlike exuberance.

children sunlight

You make it a point not to take life too seriously. You approach things with a sense of wonder, innocence, excitement, trust, and faith. This modus operandi is deeply embedded in your soul. You enjoy learning new things, even if they are not directly related to your academic or professional pursuits.

You love asking questions, and you’re not afraid to show vulnerability. You try to look at things with the eyes of a child, devoid of misconstrued perception, predisposed notions, and limiting thought patterns. You create scenarios in your head, and you participate in its manifestation in the physical world. You gamify life and try to make it as epic and fun as you can.

12. You have a strong affinity with the living things on Earth.

woman hugging tree

Because you ooze a non-egoistic, free spirit and childlike aura, animals of all kinds, whether they are terrestrial, avian, or aquatic creatures, are naturally drawn to you. You also have a deep connection with nature, the ocean, and all the living things on Earth.

This is why it is highly recommended for Andromedans to hug a tree, feel the Earth beneath their feet or simply listen to the sounds of nature while meditating in order to recharge their energy and create harmony within their chakras.

13. You know how to balance creativity and logic.

You have mastered the art of striking a balance between the creative right and logical left hemispheres of your brain. You are bursting to the seams with unique innovative and creative ideas, but you’re also fascinated with scientific discoveries and logical reasoning.

You have a knack for mixing the two, infusing logic and reason in your art, and incorporating creative ideas in your field of work. Your artistic and analytical sides are in perfect harmony, making you a unique and valuable asset for your company and the world.

14. You have an introverted personality.

People tend to classify you as calm, reserved, quiet, and introverted. You’re not afraid to speak up when something needs to be said, but you prefer processing things on your own without the need to vent or project your issues to anyone.

You like observing people and listening to their stories, but you’d rather spend time alone, read books, reflect and recharge. Being in constant company with other people has the tendency to sap your energy reserves. You also need solitude to nurture your creative and spiritual side.

15. You’re highly emphatic but guarded.

You are extremely sensitive and attuned to the energy and emotions of the people around you. Because of this, you can easily pick up their pain, stress, and negative energy if you don’t establish boundaries for yourself.

You tend to love, nurture and care for people around you deeply. You pour yourself out to the ones you love. However, people tend to take advantage of this, so you are very picky about who you let in your life, and you don’t let anyone have any power over you.

16. You have a natural talent for guiding and teaching others.

teacher with kids

You have an intense innate desire to guide and make a difference in any way you can as much as you can. You are a natural-born leader. You love inspiring others, pushing them to grow, expanding their level of awareness, and reminding them of their potential.

You’ve often been regarded as “wise beyond your years” and “the therapist friend” in your immediate circle. You take delight in sparking other people’s drive and making them question their ways of thinking. You have an unlimited depository of wisdom ready to be unloaded and shared with others.

17. Your feminine and masculine energies are in perfect harmony.

Star races who reside in the 12th dimension are naturally endowed with a harmonious balance of feminine and masculine energy. This means that as an Andromedan Starseed, you’re less likely to swing into an extreme in the feminine-masculine pendulum.

Masculine energy is often associated with discipline and pragmatism. Feminine energy, on the other hand, is nurturing and full of potential. The key is to find the balance between the two in order to navigate life seamlessly.

Common Career Paths of Andromedan Starseeds

  • artists
  • creative freelancing
  • spiritual healers
  • activists
  • web developer
  • software developer
  • data scientist
  • information security analyst
  • doctors
  • physicist
  • bioengineers

Final Thoughts:

Andromedan Starseeds are truly beacons of wisdom, harmony, and freedom. If these traits ring true with your soul, you might be one of them! It’s time for you to unlearn all of your limiting cognitive commitments, grace Earth’s soul canopy with your brilliant light, and join the Divine Healing team in getting rid of cosmic disturbances.


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