16 Biggest Libra Man Weakness That He Is Afraid Of

16 Biggest Libra Man Weakness That He Is Afraid Of

Libra is an air cardinal sign represented by the scale. If your birthday falls between September 23 and October 22, you belong to this zodiac sign. Libras are known to have a strong sense of justice, leadership skills, and exquisite aesthetic taste. They’re also regarded as intellectual, captivating pacifists.

But much like every other sign in the zodiac, Libras harbor facets of their personality that can be considered negative and unhealthy. The most prevalent weaknesses exhibited by libra men include being indecisive, vindictive, self-centered, shallow, manipulative, promiscuous, and lazy.

Being aware of these negative traits might help you better understand, manage and improve them. So without further ado, let’s get right into it!

  1. Superficial

Because they have high regard for beauty and aesthetics, libra men are susceptible to being easily bedazzled by luxury and mere spectacles. They are obsessed with looking good that they often forget how to be a good person. Because of this, they might find themselves stuck in a rat race of working blindly to obtain things they don’t need for theatrics.

Instead of devoting so much time and energy to accumulating stuff, making carefully curated social media posts, and climbing social ladders, it’s imperative to start learning how to live simply and appreciate the true beauty of every sliver of precious moments life has to offer.

  1. Indecisive

Libra men have a proclivity to become irresolute in making decisions. Due to their desire to consider all facets of a problem, they take longer to reach a conclusion. Even if they come to a decision, they tend to vacillate between different options. They can be wishy-washy and on the fence on certain issues.

While being indecisive and having a scattered focus allows you to explore your options, it can take up so much of your time and cognitive bandwidth. Having clarity is crucial in order to set a clear path, reach your goals and have a more harmonious life.

  1. People-Pleaser

people pleaser

Libra men are also prone to having sycophantic tendencies. They want everyone they interact with to like them, so it can be hard for them to say no to others. They tend to censor and alter certain aspects of themselves in order to avoid conflicts or seek other people’s validation.

Most of the time, this is due to some inner turbulence. It could be a defense mechanism from childhood neglect or something that forced them to internalize their thoughts in the past.  If you have a libra man friend who tends to engage in people-pleasing behavior and constantly puts himself in a position of being a doormat, instead of judging him, provide a safe space for him to become his authentic self.

  1. Self-Righteous

Due to their strong sense of justice, some libra men can be extremely moralistic, relentless, and stubborn in seeking fairness. It’s important to remember that all belief systems are BS, and having an open and compassionate mindset can make the world a better place.

  1. Perfectionist

Another weakness of a libra man is the need to fit certain things into an ideal mental image. Attempting to control everything, overthinking, and pigeonholing it to fit a certain standard can exacerbate your struggles by not allowing things to flow as they’re meant to. This attachment to perfection can be debilitating and can turn reality into an exhausting battle.

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Instead of aiming for perfection, you must allow the terrifying, enraging, exhilarating, and imperfect aspects of life to flow through you and take steps that are intentional and intelligently assessed. As Leonard Cohen puts it, “Forget about your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.”

  1. Inadvertently Flirtatious

Because of their cunning wit, amicable demeanor, and dashing charisma, libra men have a propensity to be inadvertently seductive. Libra men are intelligent extroverts who enjoy talking about deep and meaningful topics. They also pay a great deal of attention and look into the eyes of whoever they’re interacting with. This can be easily mistaken as flirtation.

  1. Self-Centered

magnifying glass me

Another dark side of a libra man’s personality is their narcissistic tendencies. Because they are known as perfectionists and people-pleasers, they tend to obsess about their self-image. At the surface, it may manifest itself as a grandiose sense of self, but according to a new study, narcissism is primarily driven by fear and insecurity.

According to Mary Kowalchyk, the lead author of the aforementioned study, this inflated sense of self-importance and egotistical behavior is a way to overcompensate and cover up their low self-worth.

If you have a personal relationship with a libra man that displays a heightened sense of superiority and struggling to understand his behaviors, it’s essential to recognize the scared little child under that egocentric facade.

It takes a certain degree of emotional maturity to look beyond the ego and to hold space for people’s humanity. Nevertheless, you should still look after yourself and be wise enough not to drown in the quicksand of their toxicity.

  1. Weak-Willed

When a libra man loses a sense of balance and harmony in his life, either by loss or some life-altering event, he might also lose motivation and sense of direction. During these moments, it’s crucial to take time to process your grief, let it flow through you, and release the tensions that are holding you back from moving forward and start anew.

Build healthy habits and stick to them. Surround yourself with people or things that bring you joy. Reconnect with the highest version of you. Remind yourself of the person you want to be and the goals you want to accomplish.

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Allow yourself to feel and be kicked down by life over and over again and get up and try again. In time, you’ll realize that everything happens for the evolution of your soul, and with your experience, maybe you can also help others see the light during their darkest days.

  1. Veer Towards Palliative Solutions

Libra men have a propensity to avoid conflicts and frequently adopt a more palliative solution to their problems. Instead of treating the root cause of the illness, they merely cover it up with a band-aid.

While palliative solutions work on some occasions, most of the time, it just doesn’t. As the renowned author Phillip Dick puts it, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

True healing doesn’t happen just by covering your pain with a band-aid, dousing yourself with bath salts, or using endless distractions as a solution.

Healing comes from facing your problems head-on, unbinding yourself from dismal thoughts, and building an extraordinary epic self and an awesome life you can be proud of.

  1. Indolence

lazy man

Libra men often vacillate between being overly active or extremely lazy. Libras are generally deemed to be full of energy and can’t sit still. For a Libra to elicit sluggish behavior can be a symptom of a deeper problem — mental turbulence, lack of clarity, or physical sickness. They may have lost their sense of purpose and refuses to engage in meaningless activities.

If you have a libra man friend going through an indolence phase, you can start helping him build healthy habits, regardless of how small they are, and keep them accountable. You can also help by reminding him of what he used to be passionate about and guiding him in following this trail. Libra men tend to be obsessive and not hesitant to take action when they find meaning in their work.

  1. Hot-Headed

hot headed hulk

Libra men are also predisposed to having a short and violent temper. They’re known to express anger to get things done in their own way. When a Libra man is jealous, he might start being rude and hostile towards you. 

Feeling angry is not necessarily a bad thing, but repressing it can be destructive. Anger is usually a healthy response to injustice and can drive someone to accomplish things out of spite. With proper management, it can be a powerful emotional tool. Allow yourself to feel it, but don’t let it dictate your actions.

  1. Manipulative

Another toxic trait of libra men is their propensity to manipulate. In order to avoid conflict and to get on other people’s good side, libra men tend to employ manipulative tactics. They often do this by gaslighting, making you feel intellectually and emotionally inferior, shifting blame, or groveling.

Libra men are cunning manipulators and skillful communicators. They can easily distort events to fit their narrative. Some libra men use these manipulation techniques in ways to improve the quality of other people’s lives. However, they often have a self-serving motive for doing so.

  1. Vindictive

Libra men are also inclined to hold grudges and seething contempt that can drive them to engage in vindictive behaviors. Libras usually let themselves be human punching bags and are infamously perceived as people-pleasers and pushovers.

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When someone did them wrong, they fail to communicate their genuine response to offensive behavior. And so, they hide their contempt and use subtle strategies to inflict vengeance upon those who wronged them.

Moreover, they often find it hard to trust people anymore. Most of the time, they are stuck in a negative feedback loop of reliving painful memories to validate their feelings of being victimized.

While it’s healthy to process these past feelings, it can be crippling to give so much energy to the past instead of moving forward and living your life. It may be hard to trust other people, but you have to trust yourself that you are going to be fine no matter what they do.

  1. Controlling

puppet master

Libra men also have a penchant for exerting subtle pressure and shame on your behavior and decisions to make you question and alter them. They have no qualms in asserting what they think is appropriate and right and tend to get petulant and angry when they don’t get their way.

  1. Afraid to Be Alone

Since Libra men have an inherent desire to connect with other people, they constantly require company. In terms of romantic relationships, Libra men are infamous for being smooth players. They may find it hard to commit but easily slip through another relationship without pause.

They also often find themselves stuck in codependent relationships. It’s usually because they can’t stand being alone and would settle for anyone to boost their ego and validate their existence.

  1. Self-Indulgent

In their quest to obtain the finer things in life, Libra men tend to lose self-control and engage in self-indulgent behaviors. They are constantly on the lookout for the next big trend and don’t hesitate to buy anything that strikes their fancy. This is usually a defense mechanism to cover up insecurity, boredom, or loneliness.

Becoming conscious of why you want something can be an effective way to avoid indulgence.

Final Thoughts

Having explored the negative facets of the Libra men’s personality, it should be remembered that everyone is a product of social conditions and institutionalized domestication. Despite their flaws, Libras are loving, peaceful, and caring souls. Each one of us harbors several distasteful vices, but that doesn’t make any of us any less worthy of being loved and respected.


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